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  1. I'll just put this in to make people think, this guy I'm talking about refuses to see his kids, grandkids and great grandkids in case they give him the dreaded covid death nail. WTF. He's 86 years old. A year so far he's lived in solitary. To survive. And where does it end? I swear I can't see the logic behind that. Even if this IS a killer virus. Christ knows how my mother got him to accept my presence in august. When he wouldn't and hasn't yet since allowed his own kids anywhere near him, it's a sad situation mental discombobulation. Fear. I hope the next time I see him he's breathing but I won't hold my breath.
  2. Only wore a muzzle once to appease my mother what can I say I can't help loving her, she is mistaken, but I played along for her and my own love of my 85 year old stepdad. I don't like it. And ultimately I wish I hadn't because this is such a play. I want to mention Mark Passio. The order followers are the ones to blame. And I followed imaginary orders to appease someone elses percieved rules, out of love. Something to bear in mind maybe they love it.
  3. Happy new year, you pigshit drinking pile of dessicated piss, ya. But hey at least you're on the David Icke forum. Plus one for that. Not like I'm aloof or anything. All the best really, lets see where the end of the road is. Thumbs up for kicking an order follower in the asshole?
  4. Blasphemy. MuMu land. I pity those that can't see the ice cream truth.
  5. Remember blokes? Maybe you don't. John Durrill the good guys and the bad guys. Look it up if you don't already know. Passes as music.
  6. Start off confident, make the moves I practiced, realise they aren't going across the way I intended, get confused, lose the room, just another day at the orifice. Quietly backs out.. Tries to forget it happened. Life skills by TZC
  7. Ah right, could never happen. Sorry I didn't read the rules correctly. I can't think of anything the crazies said would never happen. Thanks for the thread!
  8. Mandatory self immolation upon news of being a dirty, awful, nasty pusbag - more germs and bacteria than meat and bone. And don't get me started about chewing. Mashing that sustinence- DISGUSTING. And then there's that sexy thing. ULGH you people. Please don't forget to like this post. I'd like to win.
  9. Christ. Bill Hicks really let himself go. And now for your off topic consideration: " There was a fake virus from Earth, That tried to break down what you're worth. If you were a slave, You'd be sure to behave, And your kids would be fucked from their birth" TZC 2020. Thank you thank you, you're too kind. I should post this on all the usual bullshit instead of here, but I don't go there. Post it for me. And any friends of Bill HIcks, tell him to work on his stomach. Every day seems to be a chest day.
  10. DarianF put up some great ones but I'm just splitting the chain.
  11. It's bordering on aloof self grandeur saying things like that when all you're basing it on is your experience. You heard no doubt a few times in your lifetime how back in their day people were friendlier, more sharing, smarter or at least had more common sense, had more moral integrity faith etc as I and most will have done once or twice. It seems that the older I get the more I believe it. Which may or may not have been by design all along instead of just being personal aging nostalgia - however. The absolute ignorance and submission to this scary fairytale that will ultimately reduce everyone left to jellyfish, or perhaps a better analogy would be worker bees - as if we all weren't halfway there already before this grab that took less than a year - truthfully surprised and cemented it for me. So, I suppose my opening statement was critical but ultimately I agree with you. LOL This ought to be played every hour on BBC hell maybe it is already not like I'd know, what do I know. Maybe there's a killer virus after all and licking your hands clean after a pack of wotsits, after pushing a shopping trolley around morrisons and NOT disenfecting it, NOT washing your hands before inbetween or after actually negates it..
  12. We got one sitting down. Call the police
  13. Just go out and get your head smacked in by 6 public servannts. For the terrible offence of gathering in a built up area. Enough of that and the most shut down minds will have no choice but to think. Is this right? I've never worn a goddamn mask. To do so would be submitting. I've gotten away with it so far. Do what you can do and are brave enough to try doing.
  14. Carry on as normal is the standard they expect. BRING IN THE ARMY. It wouldn't make a difference if enough of us fought and died to maintain our freeedom. Do you actually think THEY are above you either in control or right. I am old. I will do what I can and die gratefully fighting for my own morals. This idea that you have to pick your battles is exactly why they win and YOU lose. There is no negotiation with Hate. You want to hope. I gave up hope. Curfews don't mean shit unless you folllow them.
  15. Fuel for rebellion. It's almost 30 years ago and one of the biggest influences on me personally before the proper awakening 10 years later, have a listen and see how ahead of the time they were. Back then it was cool. I didn't like authority. But it means more now than then. I want a proper rebellion that I'm unable to bring into fruition but I would be one of the first to die for it. Let's fuckin go. Forget peaceful protest, You'll just get kettled by automatons. Stick it to them. While you're stuck in that do no harm mindset they'll keep getting authority for smashing your head in with their little sticks. Get motivated. Listen to RATM.
  16. I won't do anything. Just had 2 many beers and let off steam here. Ultimately I agree oz but I'd rather pray for the dog to be honest.
  17. I was told to be nice by a mod and I did, now here's another mod - BAH HUMBUG Herry ChrXmas you dirty apes! Edit. I meant to say damn dirty apes. But I'm excused because I am one too. Don't want to really spoil anyones fun, Definitely happy new year for whatever that's worth. LOL
  18. I feel that Michael understood what he was a part of and that he tried to rebel. And obviously after years of torment he died early for it because the this is it tour would have been too much to bear for the handlers think Madonna tour inverse
  19. There's this neighbor here. She is certifiably insane. Been taken care of multiple times by the men in white coats (women, cysgender whateverthefuck) She's managed not only to fall out with the neighbours in the block but the whole street too. There were 20 plus people out one day cussing her and I actually considered trying to protect her. That's something to note. She's protected by police, fire service and RSPCA as if she can do no wrong even after starting 3 deliberate fires for attention jeapodising the lives of 7 people. A dog beating nutcase that gets away with preying on the weak- She stole 2700 pounds off my neighbor in increments before getting stopped by their friends not to mention getting the wifi password out of him for free internet. So she's not only mad, she's a piece of shit too. She chucks food bank deliveries into the car park instead of saying, no thanks give it to someone else or even thinking.. There's a bin there with my house no. on it .. and she has brought the cops out countless times for nonsense attention seeking just to refuse to answer the door meaning they knock mine and everyone elses to try and get an idea of wtf they are doing there. Lately I got warned by police to stay away from her afer a false accusation of racist comments. Which I greatly resent as they had no evidence either way and to me it doesn't matter what color you are I call a spade a spade (unfortunate reference but you know what I mean.) So there's the brief info and here's where I want your help. I'm sure I'll manage on my own if nobody is interested but if you ever knew the biggest CUNT. And want to share ideas how to stick it to them without actually taking a hammer to them here's the place. I want to send her a special Christmas gift. An anti cheer card. Something that says fuck you and die rather than eat drink and be merry. I want to print out a christmas card that balances the line between jolly tidings and invitation-scratch that incantation to hell. Any ideas? It's not really what I should be focusing on I know but fuckit. I am. I hear that dog through the walls in terror and agony and nobody officially gives a shit. Pisses me off when bad guys are winning. Put the most disturbing images up, give me a few choices for the XMAS card nobody ever wanted 2020 please, trust me. It's doing gods work.
  20. Watching 9/11 on tv and the huge shift in ignoring unanswered questions the next day for me. I'd heard things as a kid and questioned a lot myself before then but that was where I was convinced it's a big club and we aren't in it. I heard god knows from who, that barcodes were the mark of the beast. And after deciphering the numbers attributed to the lines I realised the mark for start middle and end were actually 6. Must have been about 11 at that time. So I started early! And paid for it too I can guarantee you.
  21. I'd kill for some good news about now.. Can't rely on the usual suspects jesus mohammed Vishnu Krishna etc. I never expected to live through this even knowing it was coming, I thought it would take a lot longer but the pedal's on the gas isn't it, and the world seems happy to bend over and take it outside of the not enough to make a difference. I Truly pity those born in the last few years, no chance for a life worth living. I never thought I'd say it because I was always averse to the religion that was tried to get rammed into me but it actually does seem like end times are ramping up. Like I said good news welcome. And I'm sorry to sound so negative, but the few people closest to me have abandoned me for being so 'unstable'. And I'm left with you people. My Vegan mother decided it's ok to get her shot of aborted human foetus because of social responsibility. What can you say..
  22. It could be either. I could help my gf by 'taking' her headache away for instance. Then I was stuck with it myself, I pinpointed where it hurt, and she confirmed after the fact - but she swore if we were together too long (say 2 weeks living together) she'd look worse! Apparently I was inadvertantly feeding off her, if you believe her side of it, or any of this kind of thing to begin with. I'm no expert either but I thought I'd share.
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