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  1. Interested in what Simon Says* next. Glad I didn't have a bath to fill. Maybe the plan is to wait 4 years..
  2. I'll think about your response I will, but what the hell happened to my second link turned from big break intro to tila tequila hot for teacher- only available on youtube... odd, indeed
  3. I would like to hear why. Many years back I purchased for the cost of the hard drive what he called the 'ark'. 2TB of information books, videos radio mp3s etc. I have not followed him for years, and that is why I ask you to elaborate, why is he a douchebag? inform me. That video zarkov posted seems to make sense to me. Fill me and anyone else reading the thread in on why he's a douchebag please On a lighter note god bless mr chips tipping his hat with a wink as he..
  4. Eesh 666 likes, I fixed it for you. K, time to be quiet
  5. Well thanks but it was a dopey move posting without any idea what I was talking about wasn't it lol Sorry if I'm packing the thread with irrelevance. I don't post much of what I find, because there's many regulars here more on the ball than I am that I know will post within 10 mins anyway. But going back, is there a particular reason why Charlie is doubted that I haven't seen? As I said I haven't seen much of him. I watched a couple videos today from him, was there something particular that made people think, he's a bit
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if it was true, but it wouldn't change my opinion of him either. He makes a good living off spreading fear and hype, even if where he began from was a point of righteousness. And that's debatable too. But not here ;)
  7. I have. Don't I look dopey. I say 'look' Thanks. Better try and get informed. Nothing on yewtube in my notifications, my bad for relying on that.
  8. Well I take it Charlie and Simon got it wrong at this point, having not heard about a state of emergency. That's ok, to give the benefit of the doubt, maybe it's just taking a little longer than predicted ;) But I say I'm no fan of anyone after figuring out Alex Jones.. He reminds me of a dirty snake profiting off my labour in the past. And ask - what's the gossip on Charlie. I get why Simon might be looked upon as overabundantly cargoed with fertilizer but haven't seen enough of Charlie to make my mind up.
  9. Now that's what I call Balanced 2021 I wonder if there'll be an actual doom mod where you're 'shooting' covid deniers instead of former soldiers and cacodemons etc, John Romero (icon of sin) could be replaced by Trump, happy days
  10. 'You jew motherfucker, you' Better say I love jews. jews are the best ;) And just quoting casino : Don't shoot me
  11. Absolutely. 99% less chance of drowning in brisk water, after the jab. Any jab. Get out there and drown! er, sorry, exercise. Alone. After wanking on zoom alone. Next to whoever you wish you could touch.
  12. Going for a swim after the oxford vaccine
  13. Bob Carolgees though LMAO spit the dog.. Ahh, They're trying to make everyone a germophobe. Not a homophobe, xenophobe or what's the term, definitely not anti semetic. Be careful there. Especially carefull
  14. Maybe funny story, or maybe not. I set up a religion just before snuffing the world in civ6 to repent for what I was going to do.. eg murder everyone that didn't follow up in my circle that is, they'd all still live, hopefully happily. They had culture seeping out the ass. Ironic I feel that playing as the cunts in a videogame is helping me get through this, the world is insane. And I believe I am too Maybe I'm a wannabe Bilderburger? lol I would love to see the world turn, before the world burn.
  15. Please can you link the fake vaccine vid you posted a few pages back, I'm trying to consolidate a few links as a last gasp attempt to stop my stepdad getting the vaccine. It's going ahead Wednesday. I have already got a nice few to try and show my mother. It probably won't do any good - but I want to put out a final try. After all, if they can't be bothered to hear different, or think different- maybe they do deserve it. Mark Bajerski stated it well on Richie Allen Thursday - If you get the shot there's nothing I can do for you - and I hope that would make my mother think.. Link: (not to mark) https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/richieallen/episodes/2021-01-07T11_39_25-08_00 That's what I'm thinking. They both adore this shit, so I'm not hopeful but at least I'll try. 2face Blair, he withered
  16. I don't know if he's stupid or controlled opposition, but I know I don't give a damn what else he may have to say again (I watched the video) It seems like we're all fucked. Whatever we try to do we get to witness the cull. And be a part of it too I'd rather go out without bells palsy, thanks Nige. Also the narrative is the vaccination won't change anything, lol, so what difference is made if you have half of something that won't do anything? Does that sound smart? The world is shot away. And hopeful ideas that he's trying to subtly spread consideration to Blairs past doings - to me, amount to as much as those deluded people that 35 years ago showed up at my door saying repent or die because christ is just around the corner Trust no one.
  17. In future, everybody dies. Of COVID - - cue ominous dramatic music. And yeah, Nigel Farage is a cunt.
  18. I haven't watched the whole vid yet but if that's true then Nigel is a CUMU! (fun spell check version of the C)
  19. Serious question after reading the drink talk, do you think maybe the next group to suffer and be absorbed by the covid cult will be alcoholics? If availability is stifled due to the fact you shouldn't drink while taking a vaccine, and the vaccine is God - everyone needs to follow God - lets say a maximum purchase of one bottle of wine or a 4 pack a week - spirits banned?? Or even, details taken on purchase to monitor what you've had from where - how many extra deaths from withdrawl (COUGH - COVID) could that gather for the dreaded virus? Everything that dealt with anything BUT covid is already shut down. I feel for those suffering cancer or will be due to no testing. Knocking off a few alkies under the guise of public concern would be a nice little bonus wouldn't it. And most people would say fuckem, if they even thought about it or it was brought to their attention.. dirty addicts. there's plenty worse to worry about for individuals without a need for alcohol, to put before consideration for strangers, they're making sure of it. Well, I seem to be starting to think more and more like THEM. We will see.
  20. Don't try to fight it, it ends in defeat. Simply, go to your bedroom, wait for your free pittance and never see anyone you love again. As so eloquently described in this masterpiece of forewarning
  21. I was doing some research on why I struggle to add meaningful and coherent posts here and I found this. This I believe is 10% less of either of them, so enjoy as long as you aren't a child.. Just think, covid is anyone that isn't riki oh. And riki oh is you. (wtf?)
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