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  1. Ahem, not my best work I'm proud to say. Couldn't be arsed.
  2. Agent 47. It was dark humor, 47 is always busy killing someone for something, for someone. So the seat can never warm. Hitman. Computer game. If that's not enough google it
  3. Posted this a long time ago in the musical thread I had plans to put a video together to paint the covid picture behind it, there's potential there but I never was going to get a lot of views on it, don't do that social media shite. The first vid I posted on youtube got deleted in around 30 minutes.. My master race pc died lately, browsing the net on a clockwork potato is about all I can do at the moment. Maybe someone with a basic understanding of video editing who doesn't mind visiting facecopulation etc could see the benefits of putting this to the covid timeline in pictures, or video if able. It builds, like the feckin nonsense gov is spewing. Uhuh?
  4. Reminds me of Kurdt Cobain driving a Volvo to be safe, while injecting who knows what he scored that week straight to the vein. We all have our inconsistencies I guess. Still laughed though
  5. Just had my first interaction aside from staff about covid in a shop. A grandmother with a 9 ish year old boy walked up and stopped, expected me to dodge. Had to 'excuse me' to get my attention and asked if she could pass. I said sure go ahead and went back to my business Next there was tutting and sighing and I looked again, said go on. (there was room) she repeated can I pass? I said oh right I get it, you don't want to be anywhere near me. I'm diseased, correct? Gave a big smile, said I'd hold my breath as they passed to be safe.. Was finding it amusing genuinely.. She said NO! but she couldn't quite decide if she was more embarrassed or outraged, it was quite a sight. She sorta had a social malfunction because words stopped and noise happened.. And then she went on by dragging the boy by the arm. Am I a scumbag? maybe, I didn't feel great after that. I swear at the time it wouldn't make any difference if it was a granny or a 6'5 professional wrestler. I just wasn't in the mood for idiots. However, in my defence that woman is undoubtedly damaging that child by trying to reinforce the idea that anyone and everyone you come into contact with could result in your demise- unless they have a pathetic piece of cloth over their mouths. I think back to when I was 8 and getting shown the betamax video nasties, right? Murderers murdering.. that was scary. Had many a nightmare from driller killer and nightmare on elm street. But this? This shit is 100% more real. And I pity that boy and the rest of the kids that are living through this waking nightmare endorsed by unwitting family members. I might feel like a bastard, but she ought to wake the funk up too and stop terrorising her grandson.
  6. Fact check: Dangerous feral non deservers without the love of a partner, spread rumors of this documented courageous struggle against a covid denying anti vaxxer to be staged. This is shameful and wrong. Anyone disputing this evidence clearly has mental issues and should be examined and dealt with promptly. EDIT: Satire mate. Trying my hand at being a believable wanker. For free.
  7. Near three weeks later and the 86 year old I know had it is ok. It's not a death sentence His second is delayed. I think it was phizer first. Could be anything next. Anyway.. You watched watchmen? I would politely refer the people encouraging me to take the 'vaccine' to Rorsach https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTtETj3MtzA There's terrible things that could happen to ignorant people that decide to follow orders for a cheap trick. I'm just saying. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0uFXIflXC0 Ha just kidding, covid balls tingling. Come convince me the vaccines safe at my doorstep :) I promise not to maim you
  8. We live in hope.. Watching this shit play out waiting to eventually get rounded up for not playing ball feels worse at the moment. Especially after watching it get to Vernon. Wish I could give the old man in a chair a hug. I had my first challenge yesterday about no mask. The cashier said are you exempt? to my back. He repeated it and so I looked around and saw him looking at me - and said 'OF COURSE.' After staring a hole through him I turned back to the shelves. He looked a little uncomfortable and mumbled something about how he couldn't see my exemption lanyard. That was easy I thought, and then when I went to pay he actually apologized for asking!! Said it's his duty to ask. I said well I've had 10 months to notice everyone gimped up and hear 12 times a day about needing to wear one what do you think you're saying to me that you question me? You must think me an idiot to need reminding at this point.. Not to mention anyone can deem themselves exempt at any time.. That's not my character especially after hearing admittance of wrongdoing and that's why I shared it, this shite is changing me. That bus!! I swear they're trying to make people wake up just to get the excuse to squash the uprising. But how long and how much will they accept? "How about a 3" cotton bud up the ass, the new variant needs a big dry swab to catch enough material to test.. Surely they won't take that lying down" (heh)
  9. Any symptom existing is covid now what's holding you back from realising that? I'd also have said a year ago it's based on something, but it's been a long time. These days you stub your toe and its fuckin covid. Sort yourself out quick being on here and selling nonsense
  10. How about we just say heyyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa Worth a try
  11. I am aware of the consequenses or repercussions, it is as it should be. I have said too much, in this thread, and await your response
  12. That was a bit harsh actually I apologise. I just got told I'm going to hell in the past because I questioned doorstep dwellers, and that put the ones trying to spead their version of right in my personal category of 'lucky'. If I'm going to hell anyway, what's to stop me kickin' fuck outta yous I thought. Didn't say it. They were up the path and gone by the time I'd registered it properly. But you did claim DougASmall was unintelligent. And said they were finished. So, still waiting to hear why/how you have been given the authority to speak for the creator. And, for that matter, where you heard about him her they she it fuckin whatever the right thing to describe these days is. I'm sure you're busy so take your time responding. No problem.
  13. Hi, Satan here, telling you your religion is a load of bollocks always has been, always will be. Good luck. What's so special about the west rideforever? Your god only cares about a few? In a specific area? I can't stand it when feckers try and dole out the wrath of God like they're something special. You do whatever you feel is right, and we will all see in the end. Meanwhile, STFU
  14. Who was an alien? I never knew anything about that when I started listening to him. Note listen, not follow every word He's one of 'them', obviously. 'They' love feeling important.
  15. This is going to sound weird. Alex is a palindrome. He helped thousands think (millions? I disagree) with those old documentaries and then kept them in a state of anger and righteous rage, without trying to share the tools to do anything about it. Following the pied piper. And look, the ranting thumb can sell you all you need to be healthy, safe and prepared for the ever stretching into the future apocalypse. It's not here yet, but it's just around the corner, same as 2 decades ago so, so - TANGY TANGERIINNNEE yourself the fuck up son, QUICKLY, while it's in stock. Makes sense until you've followed on for 15 years plus and think . . This millionaire paints us all with the same brush when he goes full retard and then you quote him to the useless eaters. Listen to this hateful comment. I wish he had died and Bill Cooper hadn't. But the fact that he's still rolling in 2021 and Bill's been dead for 19 years maybe should tell you something.. I dunno. I will listen to anything others deem important or useful from him still but otherwise find something better to do than looking forward to sniffing Jones ass and getting uppity about the flavor of the month he's pushing. I feel that's good advice. Kinda funny, because it seems like I'm doing the tinfoil equivalent of saying screw Jonathan Woss, watch Graham Norton, that's where it's at - from the normie point of view Whatever there's my rant. And does anyone know if David Knight is doing anything? The fact he got sacked by Jones is a big thumbs up to me, used to listen to him a long time back.
  16. Pff jeez who Auschwitzed? What was it Ghandi supposedly said? having a weapon is different to using it? Something like that.. I've got a big fuckin' weapon. And I don't want to use it but if you insist.. Amen I feel blessed seriously that I have never bought into this bullshit, so many people are living in fear of death right now. It's a case of do you sympathise or mock. I waver between the two.
  17. On MRSA - I'm a few pages behind- I'd like to share experience working for contracted NHS domestics. 20 years old, I found myself in a position that I need to take a job, any job outside my profession. That happened to be cleaning a hospital. I was originally on night shift, buffing corridoors and large areas nothing to do with wards. But soon after I was put on day shift and trained in the ways to clean wards effectively. That and do the daily tasks in the doctors apartments on site - bed change clean cooker etc. To properly clean a ward took at least 30 minutes. at least. But after a short time, targets dictated that the time shrank. Since I was doing my job, eventually I was called in to ask why I am slacking and not meeting targets. I told them. I do a good job. I am cleaning everything. But the boss didn't give a shit- I'm just taking too long. And if I didn't pull my finger out, I'd be looking for another job real soon. Think about it for a moment. A ward. They were trying to say that one person should be able to wipe over every bed, change all the sheets, clean the floor and empty all the bins in less than half an hour and move on. I can't remember if it was 20 or 25 minutes at the time. It just gradually becomes more and more ridiculous. When the fellow domestics came together in the smoking room on break, it was revealed to me how the rest of them also found the targets impossible. But the majority just pretended they did their job and got out of there because, you know, money. It's needed. Meanwhile MRSA is fucking real people up, losing limbs and dying needlessly, due to a company trying to maximise profits. That was the penultimate wake up call to me and god knows how bad it is today 20+ years later. saying that I just heard that shocking podcast from the fat earth. People wailing for help and getting ignored. It seems to me like the best place to go if you wanna end it all is hospital these days. This is almost hell.
  18. Well serious problems trying to multiquote here, quote singularily or think about quotes at the moment so I managed to copy paste the jist. That guy must have been the origin of text to speech, 65 of the first seconds - Tell me you re- listened and don't feel it. There was supposed to be a comment originally a little more deep and relevant about.. something.. but I'm doing a George Bush - too much time has passed faffing around with trying to get the quotes right so I'm changing the subject. Aren't flowers gay?
  19. I'd love to see the percentage of them in a graph, ha
  20. Wow. 20 ads! I didn't get one, ad blockers. Anyway Charlie said he feels like a doctor on a psych ward after the backlash and they both say it'll be all done by march 4th
  21. CHARLIE WARD SIMON PARKES WITH TIANA & DAVID RODRIGUEZ DISCUSSING THE INAUGURATION https://www.bitchute.com/video/dumif81Y9O2i/ Says anybody doubting are flip flopping underdeveloped people they wouldn't want to go to war with
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