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  1. Aquaboogie baby. Can't catch the rythymn of the stroke
  2. I'd say kiss my fourth eye long enough and you'll get my answer. And I'll be relieved to give it to you. Let them work that one out.
  3. Don't get it simon? ok, I thought everybody here would at least but no. And maybe I'm off with the base of it. Here's the context. I especially like the repeating of the screams when she realises she's eh, in a harsh situation.. . Now that's properly worth a
  4. I made this and I don't do social media. If you would, please can you share it? You never know it might just jolt a pleb into thinking. I'ts destined for lamp posts around here like my last one
  5. This is truth please make your plans for living the next few days, forget what you own, forget the long future in terms of holding what you have amassed. Take in nature, see whoever you can, make your final memories to hold. We are all fucked but it hasn't happened yet. LIVE WHILE YOU CAN. They don't want to nuke us. Someone who wasn't you brought up the point of why haven't they nuked us all a while back. Well, they know the consequences of that and how long it will take to recover. Why do that when the 'people' will gladly dig their own graves and leave the beautiful world to them based on spreading basically jokes? ? I have signed more than 6 petitions that just disappeared in the past. It is clear to me that there is nothing within the rules that we can do to stop this. It takes going outside of the rules to make a difference. Anyone can afford to LIVE. I have a small remaining family spread over the UK that are cucked to FUCK with this garbage and have maybe one more chance to get together with them coming in around a week. I will personally not start any conversation about this I will try to enjoy it. And when it's time I'm ready to die for this. I will never accept a covid test let alone the needle. I'll die starving in a ditch, or die after fighting off 16 pigs before I submit to this evil madness. You say that with the information and intelligence you have. Are you sure you are correct? Maybe you are and maybe you aren't. Go outdoors take in nature that's what I will do. And make peace with the idea you will have to make a decision some day soon. Will you accept whatever they ask to keep on living or will you die for a reason.
  6. Makes sense to who? I don't know if it was planted or not but I know I'd feel more vulnerable getting out Crazy days.
  7. First I thought that text was out of order. But then I watched the video and you're excused
  8. Yes well it's long overdue. I can't wait for the day I knock one out and make 2 dozen woke warriors then get to see everything about their lives down to the color of their socks on a wednesday. Not to mention not one of them showing a hint of my heritage.
  9. I can't believe there's no sperm passport. I mean I can just go out tomorrow and impregnate anyone. (I'm not a rapist) What if I'm not worthy? There ought to be a standardised code of who can impregnate who. And cut white people out of it for a start. There's plenty of them already. Shame on them. Show your solidarity with the impoverished, white people abort your kids. It's simply the inclusive thing to do. This is where there might be a problem though since anyone vaccinated for covid 19 is a sterile cuck. Meaning this is a lot of fuss about nothing. Well I thought myself out of the problem, carry on. Unless you're white. Bastard.
  10. Did Biden really fall up the stairs twice or was what I saw a right wing amalgamation video. I recently bought a flask with no idea of the background, on reference and endorsement of a family member on borrowed time since astrazenica. Turns out they think Biden is the saviour of mankind since he overturned some Trump thing. They're all about putting less plastic in the ocean - absolutely, I'm on board with that but, well look for yourself and see if it curdles your soul - before you paid these people like I accidentally did. ###Bleurgh https://oceanbottle.co/?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=12058934387&utm_content=116608106335&utm_term=ocean bottle&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIuqLBj7XC7wIVBurtCh3aLApBEAAYASAAEgLYavD_BwE Is this off topic? I think it is. Oh well. It's as if there's two different species of human these days. I am intrigued as to how this was achieved. And I wish I never bought their fkin bottle
  11. What is that? Do you know? It reminded me of an ex girlfriends response to the question- if we had a million pounds what would you like. She said no joke, diamond encrusted hallway and walls. I was like.. What do I say to that. That a million won't cut it? That that would be a hideous way to spunk a million and we'd get a hovel behind the entranceway? Anyway what's the car, I like it. And unlike my ex it doesn't have to be made of fukin' vibranium
  12. I'm desensitized so it's funny. Only 1 thought permitted per hour. Anyone showing signs of multiple thoughts per hour will be liable for arrest. Any physical evidence of more that one thought per hour will be used against you in a court of guffaw.
  13. Don't know what it's like being a little ginger bullied fuckpig, so maybe I oughtta hold comment. But seems to me joining the police, you can get your historic backed up licks in while the pig swarm protects you, if that's your thing. But what do I know. I didn't take shit from anyone they were too scared of where my feet might go
  14. She seemed to be connected to the guy that got his head kicked in too, she was watching him. I don't know if it was connected but if I was a betting man I'd put a quid on it
  15. The number 777 symbolizes the expansion of your soul's consciousness as you spiritually evolve. 322 Skull and Bones, also known as The Order, Order 322 or The Brotherhood of Death is an undergraduate senior secret student society at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut.. 77 Brigade is involved in countering misinformation online relating to Coronavirus. 33 masons as you know.. In tarot, number 11 is linked to the Justice card, which symbolizes balance, decision making, and fairness. Thank you for asking have a nice day
  16. I'm not sure this link is what I intended it to be. It was supposed to be a playlist of old songs '88 to '17 hip hop vs police : Hip Hop vs. Police (from 1988 until 2017) | Real Hip Hop Lyrics Playlist ^ THAT. Look it up and hear if you like, or not. Might not be your thing, but listening to a few on the early playlist you can see how much is relevant still now and how much hasn't changed, if you want to. I have an idea for my own social PUNCH. And I'll put it up alongside the Bill gates prick of last night once I get the stickers. Something along the lines of don't call me sir I'm not a gentleman - and no you can't speak for 5 seconds, nothing you can say will make me obey.. Let's go
  17. That POS was well up for a ruck wasn't he. Like the few trying to kick off on the other side near the end. Overall though what a fine day. I was cheered up no end at the numbers.
  18. 777 protesters, 322 attempts at violence against police, 77 known Qanon and at least 33 arrests - 11 injured.
  19. I don't know how they found out, but I had thought earlier.. she didn't always look like a bloke doing a semi beleivable job of passing for a woman. Looking at the pre bill day photos she's okey dokey. Either time was harsh, Bill projected too much of what he wanted or
  20. There, procrastination overcome, I rebuilt this. I'll print it off soon as I get some sticker paper and sharing it here in case anybody else would like to as well. It'd probably do nicely for a3 posters too.. if not at least a4. EDIT: Thanks odds, your link got the writing in..
  21. You probably just found the picture, not the badges right? I'd like one. I am lazy. I'll look myself maybe try to get some stickers printed if I can find the relevant art, I'd like to put that image up n down the beachfront lampposts here.
  22. Word is she turned off the neighbors electric at 2am, then ran off with a drug dealer on new years day. Not seen since. Nice and peaceful now I hope she's ok
  23. I played my hand, unconscious bias. I personally wouldn't like a 12" spiked dildo demolishing my undercarriage Fair play to those who do though. Each to their own.. I am unable to express how sooo sooo sorry I am for tagging ass extermination with a bad outcome. please let me continue feeding my family??
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