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  1. It's really important to me personally how my family is not what they were any more. I can say nobody died yet, they're still here but since their nonchalant takeup thanks to their ignorance they aren't what they were anymore. And if they knew my thoughts, they'd probably look down at me like the enemy to humanity and disown me. I get it this isn't my personal counselling session but I do wonder if people her feel the same. Vagus nerve stuff is useful Liberty.. to a ton of prospective candidates for the tzc mincer
  2. This has played out so well people are afraid of each other it's turned everyone into germaphobes, OCD imagine someone sneezed in their face now. it would be a sight to see maybe shutdown. Drop down blackout non compliance
  3. I got my shit backwards didn't I.. Oh well
  4. Just went back to gangsta rap myself, this stuff was heard before I woke up, listening to this. I wanted to use AI music separation to take off the vocals and put them on something new, nostalgic plus new. I found that I don't even want to hear a lot of the tracks any more. It's unclean. There's nothing positive in it. Goes against my feeling now, and that's a important fact actually. That I can see the excuses given around the time about a mirror of the real were not genuine, whether the instigators were aware or not. Also I say hip hop/rap was not always a bad thing I believe it was noticed as a threat and infiltrated as so many other things have been. Ice Cube though was a standout. Trying to push something useful amongst the popular mysogynism, cop and jew hate. Managed not to laugh at that but I've seen some shit. And I envy the fuckers that can laugh at that. Lastly to reference the first quote: In TZC land anyone answering 'not sure' would be: fed into the mincer feet first then incinerated. Anyone answering 'yes' would be given an opportunity to change their mind before being fed ino the mincer head first, and incinerated. Anyone answering 'no' would be given a fuckin great hug and left to their own devices.
  5. You're good at finding bad news mate. This is so transparent to me I hope it's as transparent to who it's meant to herd. As you say amazing Oh and to edit I hope all those pricks get what they deserve in the end trying to sell their status to something they know nothing about for a few more shekels
  6. I'm the last man standing clean in my family, mom sis stepdad n stepbrother all jabbered but at least they arent crippled or dead, looking on the bright side. I wonder what they will say once they eventually recognise I am wilfully declining it, probably something along the lines of being a human hater super spreader thing that needs to die out.. Bang to rights. There was a video shared a long time ago on the test kit showing fibres reacting to environment and nothing much came from it here, this is from yesterday https://brandnewtube.com/watch/nanotechnology-delivery-system-in-covid-tests_Gu4WyI26G18jXXp.html I tried to find the other one but it is nowhere to be found, it showed the black thing embedded in a mask, looking for somewhere to go.. animated. What if these 'fibers' in masks and test kits are supposed to go into you then interact with the 'vaccine'. Get a load of these up in your blood brain barrier testing for covid and wearing your mask, digging into you- then take the 'vaccine', then 5g sorts you out to be a proper good citizen, wanting to kill yourself for the sake of your grandchildren. AD: snuff yourself now to get free holidays for your spawn! act immediately to do the world a favor AND give your seed something to experience other than the fema camp! Act soon, limited supply EDIT: Before we kill you anyway
  7. Basically you can hug her once she's dead, or not. Just forget hugging anyone sentient or matter.
  8. When Marlboro is looking out for you, how can you go wrong?
  9. Uh hey, I happened to be on a live stream about bristol protests and the pack hate behaviour of police there, making up for last week and caught this gem before it was deleted. 'I heard this new scouse strain is bad. It will leave your car on bricks.' No offence like, just made it twice as good that it got deleted in a matter of seconds
  10. Little sis got it today, 35 yr old and was SUPER PISSED she didn't get a sticker to put on her phone. At least she didn't go spaz. I withheld the point that I could have gone with her too same time same day and got mine. Just decided to ignore it and keep quiet because as you can tell it wouldn't have gone down well if I told her far from wanting my sticker like a good boy at the dentist I'd rather waste their time. And ignore them. Fair enough. But 3/4 of the answer is less than some ppl get- I joined this healthy eating thing for my own benefit lately. And the questions asked of us literally have a slide TELLING THE WHOLE ANSWERS in front of us. Women in their 40s and 50's being spoken to like 5 year olds, being asked questions while the answers are completely displayed in front of them. And they are reluctant to answer. But look I understand, I bet at least half are disgusted that they'd even been asked while the answer is in their face, but won't speak up to the elephant in the room that anyone can answer these piss questions, because they don't want to sound out of turn. Reason I haven't mentioned it? Because I'm on it for my personal reasons and there's nothing to gain from rocking the boat. Maybe that's universal. What a joke.
  11. may be committing an offence by partaking in this gathering. I fucking hope so. What an offence it is. Hanging around the streets with strangers. God almighty what the fuck are they thinking. Don't they know their presence has killed 80 strangers??? It used to be stab happy rapists that got this kind of attention, now its any old fucker making their way home through a protest with their evening meal - and looking vulnerable enough to jump on, and with the correct ratio of pig to victim of course. You hear all the time from the usual suspects to remain civil and we don't condone violence, etc because if they said different they'd be shot off their platform quicksharp. But in my opinion. I'tll take a few hundred heads kicked in to make the slightest difference to where we're all ending up. I don't have a channel to save so I can say this. And if or when I get a knock at the door for saying it I simply will not answer. And just to answer the keyboard warrior trope, no I haven't ever gone about kicking in heads. Or bragging about the imaginary times I did. I'm not a dunce. But I'm saying peaceful protest will get you nowhere other than smashed up in a cell without any good memories of how you took it to them before you were accosted. Might as well make a few memories before you get there.
  12. I'd guess you're looking at it wrong man. Kid finds a way to answer inane questions with a bit of verve, smartassing it based on the current situation. It made me think of the shite answers I put down in school and it's backed up by the 'see me after class' I'm sure you'd laugh at my schoolbooks, the shite I put to paper just to piss off the teachers. I don't know if the questioned were thick or gave the clever answer for sure, but that made me smile anyway and hopefully they put covid as satire. I know I would.
  13. That cock n balls though . . Derrr. That's a funny coincidence. Tits! Arse! Where's the latest on that?!
  14. So for whatever reason I cannot put this above the multiquotes. And have to make do with underneath. I want to apologise for my post mocking Truthspoon last night : It was supposed to be a throwaway joke but I see the parralells to cancel culture. I'm sorry. Not that you or anyone else noticed it. Those kids had heart didn't they talking of above, this is all messed up. Lastly that film was a good watch, not common lately, have a look I'm sure you won't have anything better to do for an hour and a half soon. And after looking it up I see it's 17 years old at this point hardly recent, christ. I got there late. If you can't be bothered to find and watch it here's the sippy cup hush little baby version your mummy would have served you. If she hadn't abandoned you after birth. PS Charlie is showing up on Marti Blagboroughs channel lately getting love for being a fantastic guy. Maybe put a note in there for the old bastards, he was convinced 911 was legit by looking at lego bricks thanks to the BBC.
  15. Aquaboogie baby. Can't catch the rythymn of the stroke
  16. I'd say kiss my fourth eye long enough and you'll get my answer. And I'll be relieved to give it to you. Let them work that one out.
  17. Don't get it simon? ok, I thought everybody here would at least but no. And maybe I'm off with the base of it. Here's the context. I especially like the repeating of the screams when she realises she's eh, in a harsh situation.. . Now that's properly worth a
  18. I made this and I don't do social media. If you would, please can you share it? You never know it might just jolt a pleb into thinking. I'ts destined for lamp posts around here like my last one
  19. This is truth please make your plans for living the next few days, forget what you own, forget the long future in terms of holding what you have amassed. Take in nature, see whoever you can, make your final memories to hold. We are all fucked but it hasn't happened yet. LIVE WHILE YOU CAN. They don't want to nuke us. Someone who wasn't you brought up the point of why haven't they nuked us all a while back. Well, they know the consequences of that and how long it will take to recover. Why do that when the 'people' will gladly dig their own graves and leave the beautiful world to them based on spreading basically jokes? ? I have signed more than 6 petitions that just disappeared in the past. It is clear to me that there is nothing within the rules that we can do to stop this. It takes going outside of the rules to make a difference. Anyone can afford to LIVE. I have a small remaining family spread over the UK that are cucked to FUCK with this garbage and have maybe one more chance to get together with them coming in around a week. I will personally not start any conversation about this I will try to enjoy it. And when it's time I'm ready to die for this. I will never accept a covid test let alone the needle. I'll die starving in a ditch, or die after fighting off 16 pigs before I submit to this evil madness. You say that with the information and intelligence you have. Are you sure you are correct? Maybe you are and maybe you aren't. Go outdoors take in nature that's what I will do. And make peace with the idea you will have to make a decision some day soon. Will you accept whatever they ask to keep on living or will you die for a reason.
  20. Makes sense to who? I don't know if it was planted or not but I know I'd feel more vulnerable getting out Crazy days.
  21. First I thought that text was out of order. But then I watched the video and you're excused
  22. Yes well it's long overdue. I can't wait for the day I knock one out and make 2 dozen woke warriors then get to see everything about their lives down to the color of their socks on a wednesday. Not to mention not one of them showing a hint of my heritage.
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