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  1. wtf? Sorry I accidentaly quoted something entirely different to the content I put up and have no idea what happened. Carry on.
  2. Jeez! I only huffed coke bottle bongs with a deconstructed plastic pen stuck in the side and blu tack sealing the hole with a raggedy ass joint stuck in the pen. I know I inhaled some plastic, that explains why I stick to the easy topics here. Don't do drugs kids. You might get clever. Then again you might get never.
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    Some Godfather type shenanigans going on in the owl community someones nest gonna be crowded next evening
  4. Any reply will do? I'll take that up. Once, I smoked wayy too many packed super skunk reefers in a matter of hours. But instead of turning white and spewing like normal, curling up in a ball and waiting for it to be over I figured out the meaning of the universe. That's right, I understood all. I could take a topic, whittle it down to its basic form over a number of segments/categories, kind of like looking at a family tree and running through the ages. I did this for 3 different tests/examples and was ecstatic that I understood all. Then I figured this is fleeting, and I'm not going to remember any of this once the thc wears off- And I was right.
  5. Look what the dad gets up to when not gonna take it kid gets tucked up with his teddy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mws8-dFTNks
  6. Holy shit did Mark Metcalf borrow Gary Buseys face for this video? Was it timeshare?
  7. Did I hear overwhelming support for bring back boris earlier on the news? Or was it a fever dream from eating a dodgy tesco sandwich, and subsequently having to decide which end to put over the toilet? My recommendation is by the way puke in the toilet, crap yourself and then discard the crapped pants at no.10 downing street
  8. how dare you relay an offensive quote. Don't you know yet you're not supposed to do that? /s
  9. I don't know anything about it but I empathise and welcome you to the social. Hopefully others can offer constructive ideas.
  10. I have an inherent belief that if you commit suicide you have 'done yourself' I feel peoples pain and I'll just say, don't do it. No matter how tempting it is, you don't want to keep coming back for more, now do you?
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    Do you or anyone else remember a song maybe around 12 years ago, about muslims roofs and gays? Far as I remember it was satirical not unempirical Used to have it on my HDD but I lost everything and a quick search doesn't bring it up, so best not bother trying to help if you don't know what I'm talking about in the first place. Your post reminded me and figured it was catchy I'd like to hear it again. CATCHY? pertinent
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    Oldie but goodie bet it's new to a few just to get away from serious quickly
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    Exactly my thoughts were the same as yours. I'd bet there wasn't a happy outcome there. And there could be easy confusion in her mind about what type of escalator that was. So I can't laugh at it. My comment 'stupid bitch' was a weak attempt to lighten my mood and possibly others after seeing something harrowing labeled as funny. It's not funny.
  14. So 65M sounds pretty cheap up to this posted down there but lol technology and time will get the sky popping, like DLP light projection. Nike swooshes and Cola lines up there before I die, probably. I won't get to see it in technicolor though
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    That'd be a lot funnier if there was confirmation of no serious harm. I don't mind laughing at stupid people but I draw the line at laughing about stupid people suffering. And that old girl may have had a lot more intelligence in her better days too. Or not, but that's an important point I believe or do we just devolve into the thing we object to? You know, thinking we're better and looking at the uneducated herd as useless eaters? Hope the stupid bitch is ok.
  16. I actually read it Does I get the prizes? Edit: you're right trekker just one of those things, I usually dismiss a text wall too
  17. I put in 1 hr 36 minutes last week on my ipad, and I can guess I was drawing on it at that time. Trying to finish a piece of art - though I wonder if they somehow, the watchers got that wrong because also I leave it on audiobook to go to sleep. Then again screentime doesn't include hours of offscreen audio I guess. The phone time I can't say because DERP phone hasn't told me but I never caught the all day every day bug either, it's better on proper computer. . How about forgetting it all and do what you do, while trying to reduce for something else. I need a haircut for instance. Wanna butcher my barnet?
  18. I'm ashamed to admit I was around 14 years old when I realised I was getting fleeced by Vince McMahon. But tell me what's more likely. A car floating around space looking unrealistic by the words of the oligarch who sent it, or kayfabe: (in professional wrestling) the fact or convention of presenting staged performances as genuine or authentic. Enjoy
  19. Even if so this hurt me. And I know this isn't the thread to say this in but this is the thread it's in so, tough. I had my beliefs about cap toms misguided support before- The fact is they're winning alexa. And I can usually see the funny side from the other comments. I missed out on so much knowledge from my aunts and uncles because I never thought to ask. That action is hollow and disingenuous, desecrating a good souls deserved memorial. A misguided soul maybe, but definitely a good one. I know we think differently but I believe we have the same heart, could you offer me something to strengthen my resolve at this time? I haven't yet and don't want to imagine the self imposed repercussions I could conjure on that.. person who seems to know exactly how to get five seconds of curdled fame and that's about all. Seriously PM me if it's better for the thread. Edit: If you would :)
  20. Give her a break she knows what an insufferable prick he is
  21. Talking of well spotted, the back of his head isn't. They forgot his bald patch. Amateurs. Can't get the staff
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    Yeah. creation with positive intent is art.
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