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  1. Yeah I fold. Good Job ?
  2. Thanks for the comment, I'm glad I didn't slate you I would like to stay where we are personally with a few tweaks hopefully. So a vote for sign up here (and I wont XD)
  3. Fake '80s huh. Raise you power move Cool adds by the way. Still listening to the last
  4. If it becomes necessary to wear a mask to eat then I will write in thick marker : GENTLY CARESS THIS STEAMING PILE OF MEADOW MUFFIN on the front hehe
  5. Why might it be, that despite much heated opinion here, the current forum is going to disappear soon. Money? Time? Interest.. I would say that this Ickebook thing has its place. It's not a bad thing in itself even if I personally hate the idea and refuse to make do with it.. What IS a bad thing, is diluting and convoluting the forum aspect, blocking non members from even seeing what's in it, AND getting rid of the one already here. Oh, not to mention misplacing the whole backup, twice ? I know I don't contribute that much here but I've been around over 15 years, I learned a lot from DIF, and as has been said by others the conversation helped me feel less alone sometimes. . I'll miss it. Thanks to everyone who ever put time in to share information, to run things in the background - and tried to keep something going here and now. I hope to find a few of you again either on www.whatthetruth.uk, crows, grumpys or wherever else.
  6. Thanks for the response. Outta likes. LOL
  7. I'm thinking about trying to delete this account- I am computer savvy in some ways but not in terms of this. Please could someone confirm whether or not shutting it down (or even if I can completely) would prevent automatic migration to IckeBook? I don't consent to those 'buddy' terms for the sake of principle. Principle reaching further by the way than just what's being spoken of at the moment - and I don't know for sure if there's anything I can do about it. Any info shared clarifying this point would be kind.
  8. Not cool to see things imploding here. It doesn't look good for a change of mind on where this forum is going, and I'm not going along with it. It's a damn shame. Geniuinely I feel sad.
  9. I suppose it's fairly useless to say that I do NOT want to be automatically moved over if mods can't even get hold of admins, but I'm doing it anyway.
  10. I'm behind on this thread and so maybe or maybe not this post is dated but- Sad news. I don't think I want any part of that either. Please keep this place too as I'm not throwing my toys out saying that I'm not interested, I'm genuinely sad and disappointed that if I read correctly- my convictions will bar any viewing let alone interaction with the new site.
  11. Yes.. I did. That's how I saw the notice at the website. As I said your other share here worked and this did not leading me to believe I had done nothing wrong. Anyway - if it works for others please say so here. And I'll try another browser.
  12. It is the notice I get when going to the link. It isn't there. I tried your other link to check, that worked.
  13. I'm afraid that video will just make her think I mock her and the situation at the same time. Does not seem a good idea to share it. She is one of those who cannot be reasoned with. Sometimes I wish I didn't care about her it would be easier to dismiss entirely, than watching the repercussions of her programming. Actually, she shared a fact with me. Here it is. 50,000 more people died this year than last year. So what did they die of if corona isn't real, she asked. Seems like I cannot share the pic. It was a graph from the office for national statistics - deaths registered weekly in england and wales - followed up by they wouldn't lie.
  14. I think I had it in december. Or at least the flu they're calling this virus. It lasted nearly a month in total with a partial recovery in between, and felt more like a year.. I think it was this virus because I had chest tightness and shortness of breath amongst the usual flu symptoms amplified, and it was the worst flu I can remember. And a couple of family friends were told they had it when they became very ill a couple of months ago - don't ask me who told them. Doctor probably
  15. Was going to mention RLS. but it's RSS
  16. Don't forget about paedophilia. I remember saying in 2008 trying to make the point that you don't choose what you're attracted to, and that it must be tough if kids turn you on. Still, the next big thing will be to diminish responsibility and pity those who fancy children I got hammered. Outrage. Just for pointing it out. I was told I was trying to equate homosexuality with paedophilia.. Well 8 years later the mirror is reporting it. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/lifelike-child-sex-dolls-created-7177869 It's taking longer than I thought it would. I still think it'll get there though
  17. smoking clogs your arteries
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