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  1. LoL alec Ppl can't you imagine a situation where you have a gun and point it at ppl for a laugh, and then you fire, more than once, and the people you point at die?? It's not on purpose ffs it's just hollywood
  2. I reckon I should keep quiet here and just read but I had a few mood alterations tonight which leads me to say Do any of you agree with me that you're not sure WTF you're doing here? Surely you are more advanced than to accept this Saccharin existence and wonder why this is a fringe opinion that is being squashed by design on so called free platforms.. I struggle to believe I have any purpose in this man made synthetic prison, but then again the odds against us may be the point in being here. I think too much. If only I was a useless eater I'd be enjoying myself 3 jabbed despite the conditions. Remember Cypher in the Matrix. Would you give up like him? I don't think I could. I'd rather take the bullet from my so called allies for cowardice than submit and take a quiet death from the manufactured enemy.
  3. Everyone I know aside from one has taken it, but one of them only had one dose before changing their mind on it. (I'm surprised he didn't catch on it was best to leave alone beforehand, listens to icke videos and knew things are going a certain way) My mother has just had the booster and told me she was going beforehand, you can imagine the anxiety as to if I'd seen the last of her - so far so good though but early days isn't it. . I don't know of anybody with serious side effects unless you count someone who seems run down in every way possible all the time, tired weak and with stomach problems - but you have to know he was one of those who constantly tell anyone he can catch about every little problem before the jabs anyway. The one person who hasn't is the last sort you'd think would ignore the telly, quite gullible but also christian therefore relates this to the mark of the beast. She'll never take it voluntarily
  4. such a kind soul to others with dedication to preservation however one fatal mistake: The EARS THE EARS! covid will find them like flies on S***
  5. I don't really think my Max rant had any place here honestly but I did it anyway. He went to Mexico. Truthfully I'm going a bit mad with all this and I know I shouldn't be letting somebody elses decisions that have nothing to do with me, affect me. I don't know the guy so why am I getting so upset could be a valid question. I've been listening to him for years and thinking much like others no doubt that I'm not alone in all this would be the answer I guess, but as far as your question am I jealous NO. I promise that. That is what's so egregious to me. I assumed he was like me. And he's proven different that's why I'm pissed off. He sees that he can't travel soon without complying and his answer is to skip off before they catch him but everyone else is in the same position there, and hardly anyone has the opportunity he did. That's just a bad example in my mind. I guess it could be framed as your heroes letting you down and typing that out isn't comfortable. I can't prove I wouldn't skip the area given the chance to avoid either getting locked in place or forcing vaccination but I can tell you I would not- - and that's without any thousands of followers listening to my news/advice.
  6. So Max didn't really offer anything up as to why he abandoned his sheeple other than he's old, he can't fight, he got a couple scary messages and the writing on the wall was the ships on fire.. so he jumped. Oh and his best trait is his voice so dump the dogs and peacocks to carry on bleating out what you plebs ought to do somewhere else. And hopefully he can save his son too later down the line? ? But the problem is for me that if you can't practice what you preach then why the F would your words continue to mean anything? I can't fight either and I'm not far off half his age. So it seemed he's trying to excuse that by saying just look people, if I want to scuttle off in the dark and have temporary freedom somewhere else, that's how bad it is! "Do as I say, not as I do folks". imo that was said as a patch to hopefully heal any faint twangs about his integrity to his true followers but I still say fuck him, he's just playing damage control while trying to live out his golden years in comfort instead of being one of the first to suffer because of his stature. . He's smart as Richie said. He surely knows running will get you nowhere in the long term, but eking out a few more years in comfort and scrapping his people in the majority is the way he's chosen. Posting this because I'm sick and angry from multiple people I respected crapping out and shitting the bed. And I'm disappointed he didn't have anything better to defend himself with.
  7. Dunno if this was mentioned yet haven't caught up but I was surprised to see Max Igan as todays guest on Richie Allen, and since it's both the Richie show I always listen to plus I have a bad feeling - because I know I shouldn't really judge anyone without the whole facts and I didn't listen to his last vid after all, I'm giving him at least one more listen. Maybe someone else might like to. https://www.podomatic.com/podcasts/richieallen/episodes/2021-10-21T11_37_04-07_00 Oh and sorry if that's not enough on topic
  8. I did wonder for a time which way it would go regarding vaccination, would those vaccinated be the new owners of the earth build back better part of the new world order because they acted like obedient wannabe slaves or - would those who thought for themselves eg showing intelligence be the ones who skipped the first and then second wave and as a result, kudos. You lot get to survive. You're not us but you're halfway there sort of thing. I lean towards the idea that you get what you're given and you deserve what you get now. Harsh I know.
  9. I had a moment where I wondered why I was mocking Max here but you explained it succinctly. I'll watch the video now. I'm just a guy that cringes at 50% of my posts due to excessive alcohol intake certainly nobody who expects others to follow, but if Max really had a backbone he'd be going nowhere am I wrong? I won't be going anywhere, and what will come will come.
  10. I watch and learn, it's a pity though that us supposed awake ones still get snagged in the spiders web, did I just include mysef? maybe lol I don't dare try and tell anyone what to do but if you like, listen to this : Timestamped : Squabbles here comes the moderators yo!
  11. I referenced my mistake in my edit, but ok. I swear I wouldn't sit there and watch a woman being violated. No matter how many guns or knives were brandished. I couldn't live with myself. So what this story reveals is there's a lot of fish swimming in the sea have no brain nor backbone.
  12. I'm trying something out as much as responding can you see these files, it would be great imo if people could sing that on their marches. This is a doctored version if it works two files mp3 one vocals, one song up above. https://easyupload.io/m/7u4mao
  13. Yeah ok mate, we all know who you're backing in the race lol I just want to observe. Wish I was a better orator I might get called names too. What a privelige. You know you've made it when people try to trash you.. By the way the moon is an alien spaceship.
  14. well i heard hes trying to scuttle out of the aus prison to mexico but don't take my word I just asked before you and got that answer.
  15. This is what it's come to, video a rape and do nothing. There's a second layer of zombie bubble now with the cellphones. I'm sorry I noticed this news. Edit: I was under the impression there was a video that I wasn't able to watch because of ip, it may not have been recorded, my mistake. But I can't imagine sitting on a train watching that and doing nothing, it's disturbing that it happened.
  16. Selfish species that, should get shadowbanned (blocked off in the zoo) with a nice big placard stating how the staff is sorry to block them but they tried to mask them and they refused jeapordising the health of every single guest that prolonged their incarceration via fiat currency.. Same goes for the snakes chinchilla gorilla godzilla I feel both pity and disgust that's a first
  17. I figured the war on the unvaccinated began in march 2020 and it was always going to come down to weeding out the dissenters who refused the then miracle hope of a vaccine. Remember- it was supposed to work back then ;) Not to try and sound smart, I would class myself as semi smart- but I have seen the buildings popping up across usa and uk, there were videos one which I mocked with a soundtrack of roy orbison, of people ripped out their homes by people in hazmat suits in china. That got deleted in about 40 minutes - my first ever youtube upload :) Not bad huh? (it wasn't for music copyright) There were a few videos, designed imo to scare people into the groove that weren't quite adamant enough to hold the line indefinitely. Every little helps right tesco? Even talk in the uk about demolishing buildings (ffs) that once housed the infected, do you remember?? I figured that one day we all will have to decide if when we are called upon, we walk off peacefully to get the shots or fight as best we can knowing it's probably a losing battle. At least on our own. There'll be plenty more steps in between yet though hence the detainment centers popping up.. Trying to make your life hell until you break and submit like an animal is the fun way to proceed. But I hope to burst a few blood vessels of the thick and sick ones that are set that target and comply before I go, I'm actually looking forward to it
  18. I could have edited my post but im a selfish greedy bastard that knows I have a better chance of gaining something by making you read another seperate post - What's going on with max anyway anybody know more than I, living in the hotel now, he get a threat about smiling or something?
  19. Strangely, he did smile quite a lot in that video and I wish he hadn't, it was forced and well - saying disturbing is too strong but it was on the way to disturbing.. I had the idea watching it that he's much more comfortable with his own company. Not that that means anything important regarding his messages just saying. It was a little creepy. And I'd also put at the end here I love listening to him and checking the garden usually. Just don't smile, folks
  20. I can't see the original because I didn't show twitter my dick, this is serious? I swear that this would get cult status as a joke 20 years back. Basically I was better protected by ignoring the fashion - eating germs and deliberately trying to get covid. Meantime Anyone who followed the science is still at risk, so go out and catch the fucking thing you took who knows what to stop? lmao, it's got to be trolling official or not. I pity the ping pong pricks that still haven't figured this out. What a life eh.
  21. So the video was shocking, it seems like the worldwide urgency to inject humans is about changing them irrevocably but we didn't really need to be told that here and my problem with the original above was that it's not going to convince anyone who hasn't already wondered what's going on- more likely it's going to convince them it's not worth spending 50kcal of brain function, if they could even understand that, listening and considering such shite. I think we're fucked and it's only a matter of time. I hope I'm wrong. But even resisting this obvious play won't stop us getting altered eventually imo. There's other means to include us in this genetic experiment already at play and more in the pipeline to secure that. And at some point there will be such a small number of us resisters it will be like snuffing vermin to the righteous adjusted, it won't be something worth paying attention to, that we're being cattled and culled. They are lost and nothing will draw them back to reality much less aliens in your blood stories. Sorry to sound bleak but that's how I see it
  22. Holy shit hoss, end of days yall aliens inside yo ass and they look like the matrix.. I'm sorry but that video garnered mocking approval I saw there was another with original subs posted apparently so I'll check that. But this kind of thing gets no stars from me.
  23. Frank Bruno was once a hero now he's a C like the rest he got played, and now he's trying to play like the masters played him. I want to spout it out, fuck Bruno and everything he ever went through. And fuck his book too if you can find a crease. Do your best. Pump your seed all over that sumbitch. Then throw it in a ditch. This gentleman let me down in li if you haven't figured, theres only so much you can abide a n something seems to be up with my text lots of blanks, I wonder if a ks I'll leave it there
  24. When push comes to shove what will you do. I put that here because some here mock others peaceful attempts at resisting and pooh pooh people that are creating waves against this new genocide in the making. Judging and criticising, looking for the slightest reason to doubt, they're still in a make believe learned world waiting for the proper saviour to arise. Ultimately you're just spouting your knowledge to others who already have it too - being part of the club preaching to the choir and doing nothing. Except patiently waiting for your end - it could be said you're worse than the clueless sheep that you already decided you're intelligent enough to stand above because - you know what's coming yet you just sit and wait feeling a sense of superiority, mocking and doubting others who are clued up and actually trying. Whatever people may know or haven't had the chance to figure out yet it's the same outcome. creeping its way into right now. Just think. The people orchestrating this think exactly the same as you do. Sheep/Useless Eaters. Just a drain on the resources. They deserve whatever they're willing to take. If you think that way what is the difference between you and them? The difference is, they are achieving something. While you are feeling aloof posting theories dismantling the attempts to counter it and getting fuck all from it - except maybe a sense of superiority while you wait for the endgame and fall down eventually exactly the same as they will. Change your tune. It's vastly better for us to have convinced just 50 useless eaters to stand behind us than to have ostricised ourselves from them when the shit hits the fan. Otherwise we'll be off to the camps and they'll be cheering it. And don't forget we were all useless eaters once. Nothing will be fixed by waiting. And peaceful protest will ultimately see us euthanised. If you're happy enough to go out knowing or feeling superior for it, so be it. Back to the start what will you do when they come to force vaccinate. Stand and fight or try to run for a few precious hours more here. Just think, if you're the sort that would go out fighting, wouldn't it be better to have bought a few comrades to go out with.
  25. K hopefully back with another throwaway post about Chris Whitty. Anyone ever think like me, he looks like he took a light spritzing of whatever that was in the vat that Emil ran into while trying to run over RoboCop? I'm having lots of troubles posting tonight. But maybe this works, the guy looks like a stabwound to your paternal pride and he's a C*** to boot. Pity the makers incidentally I have seen his dad, but wtf does his mother look like
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