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  1. I disagree. I enjoy the alternate opinion even if it does seem stretched for the sake of it in some cases, for instance By CT logic, the explosion will become longer away from impact on the videos the more they are downloaded and uploaded. Because of compression and loss of clarity.. Eventually if shared enough the video will end before you get to see the explosion. I haven't posted anything until now because I know it's not worth arguing, but I bring that up and comment now because I don't wish CT to be disappeared- not that it's on the cards or anything- it's haunting to see how many people here wish to cancel stuff/people they don't want to hear just like those nuts on the far left. IMO. There's the possibility of ignoring him.. either by will or by forum tool. Let's have some more comedy time now, trying to wiggle out of what I posted about the video compression lol
  2. There was some great propaganda posters from that, I wonder if david had a dream and thought V was real heh
  3. That's not a dick. Maybe I am too well acquainted with dick, but I can tell fake boobies too. Have a go at them and inform yourself of dick.
  4. I'm the one who doesn't care about others. Fuckem, and fuck you too XD Jokes aside I haven't ever been questioned in Wales yet. I was once in Bristol, it seemed good enough to hear I was exempt. It feels great walking around flaunting the (disregard of the) rules. But I will defo pull that one out for anyone trying it on about masks. A year ago nobody thought twice about going to work with the flu and killing a couple of grannies in the process. The programming works unfortunately
  5. changed for me looks like an update gone wrong. There's extra information in threads on the right squeezing everything a little and fonts and colours are different
  6. This one. Maybe EDIT here's the blank knock yourselves out
  7. I wonder what you say to this. Looks to me as if the plane shaped hole is created a little late. Can you explain that.
  8. Talking about Skynet they used dogs to sniff out Terminators . Yeah right, as if dogs were needed in a dystopian wasteland full of starving stragglers to sniff out golds gym olympians heh. My off topic knows no bounds. Last one, promise.
  9. They have a man sized doggie though, is that enough
  10. the hell is going on in the bottom right. kung fu cop? Maybe there's an anti vaxxer under his foot.
  11. If I find it, likely but not 100% I shall pm you the link kj. Relax
  12. It's on tomorrow so you have to wait a little longer
  13. I admit at one of the lowest times I wished I could go back like cypher, thinking about how easy it is for those blissfully unaware just living their lives, but that's impossible. And afterward when the hopeless despondency left I felt dirty for contemplating it too. You're not alone with family feeling pity for your 'mental illness' It's been asked after showing them facts "why do you look at all these bad things? And why share them do you want to upset me and be miserable like you?" I don't ever try anymore but still I'm questioned why - after a day with the bbc on visiting I can't hide my anger and contempt. I remind them they don't want to know why - so don't ask
  14. please could you share it here as I'd like to read but don't go to facebook links unless by accident. Apologies if that isnt't facebook, but I'm not going to click and find out
  15. Wouldn't that get your wee jimmy cranky?
  16. nsfw, look away lil jimmy https://thcf7.redgifs.com/GrouchyUntimelyJapanesebeetle.webm
  17. No, it is 120mg per ml. but I did vape the whole bottle across a couple of days so averaging 600mg per day for 2 days. I just read the instructions on the bottle I still have and it says you're meant to drip the desired amount into eliquid, and shake - Oops. I drained the bottle in a high powered mod neat in 2 days LOL I think I took enough if I was going to get anything from it But it doesn't say anything about full spectrum. Just pure. So I don't know I'd guess it helps some more than others. EDIT: Also there's the possibility that it was bootleg concentrated cat wee, or something, who knows
  18. Which then, give them the pedigree - or the sledgehammer?
  19. inquisitiveness. I pissed off everyone I ever came into contact with as a kid. Especially the teachers. Why? Why? Why?
  20. I was vaping 1200mg. Pure cbd 40 pounds per 10 ml. I finished one bottle and all it did was ruin the coil (I wasn't expecting any buzz or anything, but hoping it would help something else I'd rather not mention here - and it didn't) I'm holding the other bottle now still sealed, 1200 is quite strong I believe. If I needed to vape 80 pounds worth a week to help, I thought forget it I hear you about unsettling. It's not for everyone. I hope you can find use in the paste while experimenting with dosage. Out of interest how much does what you have cost?
  21. I've tried it and my opinion is, perhaps high doses work. But at affordable levels it doesn't do much if anything. The illegal stuff where it came from is much better! EDIT: I should say that my experience isn't the one and only perhaps affordable doses do work for some
  22. I'm surprised I got away with it in the gp surgery a few days ago. Nobody said a word but the two ladies in there wearing and waiting were extremely perturbed, looking over every 20 seconds or so then away, it didn't help I just rode 5 miles on a pushbike to be there. I was breathing heavy, bright red and literally dripping like a tap from my nose and wringing out my eyebrows with my fingers. They must have been terrified. Oh well. Don't blame me blame the damn TV.
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