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  1. I hate mushrooms but I eat quorn because it doesn't taste of mushrooms. Same goes for crickets, mealworms, neighbors, whatever
  2. Keep out of the black and in the red, nothing in this game for two in a bed.
  3. It's something to be normalised. They're looking to inconvenience disabled drivers while catching rump steak and battery offenders. Maybe. You see security dressing up as police everywhere these days, even with the thin blue line badge. If the plebs don't ask it's gravy, push the boundaries. Assume the authoritarian tone demand details and see what you can get away with.
  4. I'm 3 hours behind in this thread and just wanted to say that I'm reading it to try and make sense of the options given in the poll that closed early. I'm not sure if I'm more pissed off that I didn't get the chance to vote after taking time to understand the point of it, amused at the infighting paranoia on display - or just saddened by the clusterfuck this seems to be. I'm supposed to have another 3 hours to make up my mind by my clock but whatever. I don't post much lately on purpose but I want to be heard, because I don't like being asked an opinion on something, given a timeframe to reply and then goalposts are moved and I lose my chance for not coming to conclusions quick enough. That's the way of the derp mob. Don't do it again. EDIT: by the way I want to be a sweet FA I'm great. EDIT EDIT: get rid of the red bar asking to vote ffs lol still there
  5. I was never religious in fact I rebelled against the things I was taught, I mocked god, and thought that this ultimately all means nothing. Help a thousand or kill a thousand - what's the difference in this defaced concrete jungle. I didn't need the scary stick of hell to force me to hold to what's right I wanted to do what's right inherently. I took offence to stories of people watching me ready to cut me down soon as I took a step wrong and didn't confess immediately. Fuck you buddy. But more and more through simple observation I am coming to a different opinion. I hope that all our actions mean something. I hope it makes a difference understanding so much and still acting with intelligence and reserve rather than thinking there's no recourse to stepping outside of it. Any good person can fall. This place seems designed to encourage it. I say good people hold your will. I used to laugh at the idea of lions feeding on christians. Because let's face it. They can be annoying. As can anyone else taken in by stories from the past. What really matters is your action and resolve. You don't need religion to get out of here unscathed, but it helps ;)
  6. Just twitched my Igan nerve here, the proof that satisfies me is that he is in mexico now. Wasn't he talking about standing and fighting before? Getting dangerously close to recommending violence? Yes, I watched him say it. The weak argument he put out to excuse his retreat about being a frail old man more useful to the movement while dodging the powers that be and continuing the message doesn't counterbalance the obvious fact that when things start to get hot he looks right into finding the fire exit. That's how I see it. In other words, I don't respect anyone who doesn't stand to their convictions or who suggest a dangerous way of behaving to others, when they have no real will or desire to stand to that advice themselves.
  7. I believe in Natural law, not because I read about it and liked the sound of it, no it seemed inherent to me when I was a child. I learned quickly that many people around me including my mother had no idea of what it was, later on I realised that nothing is new in this world and all anyone can hope for is to pin down a forgotten thought to capitalise on, if that's their goal. A long time ago people had structured my infantile thoughts into a system, I learned later on Watching what is unfolding in the world today, I hope I was right. This is all reaching breaking point surely. It shouldn't and doesn't in my mind matter if you understand it or you don't you will be sentenced by your actions. There is no solace in being ignorant when the jugement comes. You could have informed yourself. Edit: all that hoity toity shit and what's jugement lol close enough
  8. Sturgeon thinks it's a good idea to spend 4+ million hacking off a foot from fire doors in schools etc? To help fake covid to dilute in the buildings? Resulting in those that never were in danger of catching something that doesn't exist and even if it did, are in greater danger of getting caught in an inferno? (I know, unlikely but it's still worse than covid) Makes total sense to the retarded I guess. I hope I grossly exaggerate the amounts of retarded and this doesn't go forward
  9. Said it before but want to again. Early on, the ones that catch on and revel in the carrot and stick system of listen and repeat, are not necessarily smart. They just have the best capacity to remember and the most willingness to impress. EDIT: Just noticed Zig said pretty much the same, I didn't copy his work! honest
  10. I did mask for a short while with seemingly no choice, no tests no vax but I hope this picture gives people here a laugh at how hard I tried to shit up the normies while wearing it. P.S. I tried to avoid kids. EDIT: I went into a bank like that and nobody questioned it.
  11. Hey. I'd like to point out the opportunity to bicker with clutched handbags via the Private Message option. You see, it saves everyone else reading the thread skipping 16+ posts and missing something slightly important in the process - while also allowing two or more strangers their unimportant, smalltime ego battles. In my opinion they ought to already be above it from following Mr. Icke. . But regardless, if you're still there, thanks for considering PM. Now I'll catch up with the thread.
  12. Sad shit. No disrespect intended and I recognise his attempts to slim but he wasn't a paragon of health was he? I'm surprised he made it this long. James Whale has proven to be a polyps on society. That sad gimp that made a living beside him - name purposefully redacted should have never shown his unfortunate face, let alone backed the almighty talking anus. I used to listen to James and defend his style. He's lost the fkn plot if he ever even had it to begin with. Edit: Thought this guy had an understanding of how things were until covid proved he doesn't, to a useful degree - that or he's old and at risk of dying from brain cancer.. Don't judge me saying it.. Maybe his change of tune has something to do with that..
  13. Can you imagine it though, kids apologising in the bedroom and explaining covid lessened their manhood, you understand right they say lmao
  14. Covid Judas. Sell your soul? your dick shrunk already (yeah right tinky winky) your toes are full of it and it lasts LONG so why not you asshole. Join the club. Stop resisting and enjoy your finite luxury lol
  15. True believers. Kudos. I fancied my chances at satirising the mainstream horseshit on top of a well remembered video nasty trailer. I don't usually do fear porn but here goes. Points for anyone saggy enough to get the reference. And happy new year of course, whatever you can get out of it eh?
  16. I ought to mention that her 3rd jab did leave pain that seemed to travel right to her shoulder blade, yet that seemed somehow a bonus to her since the first two debilitated her mentally and physically much worse. I swear I don't know here. Why I can see the instuctions are obviously against the greater good and she cannot. Even after suffering twice, she accepts again and is happily surprised it didn't make her worse?? cliche alert, it's clown world
  17. I don't need telling mac I shared what happened to me because we never know who's reading this or what stage they're at. It shocked me honestly when I was told that the test I needed to do to visit at christmas and I did it, the result was dismissed because it didn't suit their outcome. She had her booster on xmas day and was SURPRISED it didn't make her ill. There's no helping some people. And I'm not happy to say it but we should consider them the enemy.
  18. Woke jabbed scum etc, I missed xmas because I'm ill now, I took a test (faked) just to have a chance to spend it with family I said I'd never jam that shit up my nose here, and I didn't but I faked it for the sake of the family believers. It turned out they said I DIDN'T have it. Bonus. Yet I was still too ill to visit for xmas. That's not all. The person who ordered this test to ensure a welcome REFUSED the outcome. So, I hope you can revel in that as much as I, They said: "well I don't believe that" to their pcr god. Somehow this has completely overwhelmed free thought and cognitive ability. The twat thinks ive got covid even when the covid gods says I haven't. I mentioned how only a couple years back people got ill sometimes. And that inevitably that'd lead to others dying - that's just how it is. They have succeeded in promoting hypochondria. Everyone is a health nut now. This place fuckin sucks.
  19. There's little festivity here so fuck horses unless that's your thing, (I saw a vid accidentally once and shared it on as a dirty grin) Merry xmas you fuckn nutters. Stop postin crack addict photos and master plan theories just hug me you bastards.
  20. We wish you a merely christmas and N.L.P new year
  21. Don't do it. Stop your business. I'll fold you up and stuff you in the nearest bush.
  22. Hey I waited 12 minutes in the queue for my prescription today - (controlled epilepsy) - that's been normal for a few weeks now as is overhearing that the staff don't know where customers drugs are even after asking them to come back in 3 days, it's as if communication and delivery never happened. The drug runner that gets whatever from wherever for the legal drug dealers to deal out strode in right pissed off because he's come back with nothing. Started moaning off in front the line about having nothing to offer. I've heard over the past 3 weeks people before me in line recommended to go try somewhere else so many times, I'm glad I don't actually take the shit I'm meant to X3. But anyway unmasked as usual, in the queue I reach viewing point. A lady I never saw before asks do I have a mask to put on, I say no. She says 'then I have to ask you to leave we've been ordered to refuse service to people without a mask' I say, seriously? She says yes, Omicron is deadly and you need to go find a mask. I say 'that's not good enough I am here to pick up my prescription' She says 'I'll bring it outside for you' and bewildered and taken by surprise I agree. I know I fuccd up I shouldn't have left but we're only human. It's not that long before she's outside handing me the bin goodies. I say to her so what's the plan going forward? How am I meant to pick this up if I'm not allowed in? I'm exempt She said, 'oh you should have said so, we don't discriminate! ! ? ! ?' I said well, the way you came across seemed to override exemption, fucking clownworld eh. I'll pick up my bin tablets the same as usual next week. Thumbs up for the illuminati rejects.
  23. It's tough knowing they all are triple jabbed sticking that shite up their noses every other day. I'm grateful they're still around so far but trying to prepare for the worst. If there is a rational explanation as to why you may need to jam a 6 inch nanoswab up into your brain, to see if you have something you can spread within 6 feet of breathing, I'm all ears here. Funny thing is, I'm not immune to realising that both sides lean toward the idea there's mental illness going on somewhere
  24. I mentioned that I may have visited my mother for the last time recently now C passports are here and I have developed a painful cough which may prevent spending a planned xmas day with my sister - depending on her wishes. I was told to get a test which I responded no I won't do that either, there was frustration and the suggestion I want to ruin things because - why not take a test? The thing is, she doesn't really want to know why I won't take a test she's just forgotten that. It's proven by the times I tried to show uncomfortable truths before covid, and as an ultimate result being accused of having no life and trying to bring everyone down to my level.. I snapped that day and told her what I thought of her too since she was unwilling to look for herself for fear of agreeing with me. This is quickly forgotten as you say when people that still love you but don't want any part of your .. I dunno, frequency? reset after thinking (or not) that because you stopped talking about things that are abrasive to their status quo for a while, you have reset too. But I haven't reset, I haven't forgot. I just want to make the best of the relationship like they do. Part of it still seems one sided though You can't make a horse drink. (no disrespect on you mum lol) And so the cycle continues. We're not without company here I'd bet. Although I think myself lucky at least I have ONE person that understands and agrees at least on this covid horseshit and the testing. Oh, she doesn't think there'll be another lockdown to top it off. As you said incredibly frustrating.
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