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  1. I don't know the model, but I think it's a
  2. I wonder if the combination of 5g plus the vaccine might be the precursory setup for a worse future 'covid' like bill gates was smirking about that really does do in anyone - young and old who's had their shots.. . That's absolutely unfounded and I ought to be locked up for suggesting it. And I might be, sooner than later
  3. Yeah a funny memory was having a "V" Annual. That was a thing back then, Annual this and that but lo and behold the Annuals only happened once. Defeating the object Only one A-Team annual surfaced around here, as did Star Wars and ZOIDS. Maybe more than one showed up for others, depending on location I enjoyed the stories though on that 'annual' concerning V. And as an aside, I was confused reading in the A-Team annual when Dwight Shultz aka Howling Mad Murdoch stated the thing he hated most was 'going bald'. Like in my young mind it was something that happened intermi
  4. They don't even realise the confoundery they are participating in the fuckwits.
  5. I said too much. I apologise for my distinct wrongspeak, please don't deplatform me. I am clearly wrong, Listen to your masters. Not me. I deserve whatever may come to me for this outburst of antisocial hate ;) P.S. come get me
  6. At this moment in time I am really hoping the plan is true, maybe I would be hesitant if I was in the USA but I'm not. And if I was you know I'd have an armoury in my outhouse/shithouse/palace whatever. That would make me feel much more comfortable than the tin of beans, baseball bat and super soaker filled with petrol I'm stuck with.. Sinister plots for front door booby traps and blood feuds on anyone who dares try to oppose my freedom. I have weighed up right and wrong now and those who sold out that try to come and take me they automatically deserve whatever might unfortunately happen to t
  7. Fucking loony. Dorset looks uncomfortable having to finish it out at least
  8. I see your cold stare in the avatar. I suppose part of the reason I've never so far been questioned is because I look like I'm ready to assault anyone or maybe even everyone, if they dare accosting me. Strolling through the aisles eyeballing everyone. projecting contempt.. I was blessed with a permanent grumpy look from birth let alone this shit so maybe there's a bit of luck there.
  9. Embarrassing. But here's another moment SPOILERssss
  10. Well I fucked that up well royal so just place yer bets mate, will i OR WON'T i? XD
  11. LOL used to work out to that on betamax AWOL/Wrong Bet/Lionheart is the main one though. Had a bit of a thing for JCVD. Didn't he look dreamy with his curly mullet in Hard Target. Maybe I oughtta keep quiet ;)
  12. Back in the day I was told to 'fuck off' by the guardians of the peace because I was rolling around with 3 kids with no particular purpose. And they already stopped me twice and saw my licence and registration twice. I took a breathalizer too and passed. It wasn't the result they wanted and after catching up the third time they hoped that maybe I would react to getting told to blatantly fuck off. I just turned the ignition and fucked off like they asked me to and they didn't get the outcome they wanted.. I still enjoy that one. Thumbs up to that kid, kept calm in a more heated situation than I
  13. Had a bad day, felt like exploiting authority, kid in car lets smash him, WTF he's got something to say for himself- throw it all on let's make him scared I been there long ago, they try to tempt you into something they can do you for listen to him twice threatening to make life miserable for what.. that's right not bowing to the authoritah and having something to say. Hope he gets what's coming to him
  14. Spoiler alert just watch The Victim, if you care halfway about funny kung fu films. If not maybe skip this entirely There was an arcade game I liked way back when it was dangerous to go look and you could do with a few kung fu skills to visit the arcade and come back without empty pockets and a bruise or two - - Final Fight. This film is the human equivalent 9 years earlier, good choreography Sammo ! Go Beardy!
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