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  1. my walk away was to get outta here, a litlle dark. We shouldn't do that I'm quite sure. I hope I can be proud of my decisions despite the circumstances, the choices. If they are terrible, bad or just barely acceptable, I hope to say mid finger to them and accept the concequences of doing so. It'd be great to think I wasn't alone but that should not be a factor in the decision
  2. I don't know where you're from but I heard vapers have a bad rep in usa. I'm in uk and cloud chasing, 200 watts+ vaping is a bit obnoxious. Big money to make a statement. 3-4 cigs is low I was on 20-30 a day before I woke up, it was a while after that that vaping became an option. I am in no way trying to sell you on vaping saying this whole thing coming up but some liquids can really affect your breathing. And some do not at all. As with anything else there are people interested in profit over anything else including safety. Some liquids years ago could seriously jeapordise your health but luckily the standards have been raised. Lastly, I would never reccommend anyone start vaping if they hadn't already had an addiction to smoking, there's just no point. Ok, if you're just wanting to do nicotine free inhales of watermelon candy whaterthe fug.. go for it but it's a pointless waste of money ultimately. At least in my case right now, I can scare the shit out of numpties with my poison cloud. Aahhhh. Feels good Edit: I bet it's why nobody has bothered me abaout a mask, see. They don't wanna get near cos of the vapes- I suppose that is a recommendation of sorts
  3. I vape, so not only do I present as one of those selfish bastards without a mask, they can also see my exhalation in a large cloud of danger. Cool eh? Imagine though, my exhalation though visible is no more that everybody elses. The fact they can SEE it is the trigger, I enjoy it, honestly. It might just force someone to have a little think for themselves. As for vaping it's many times better than smoking regardless of the risks it might still hold. Dependant on the stuff you put in it of course.
  4. It is surreal. I don't know if to laugh, cry, or just heh walk away This is advice. And it seems to be accepted. I despair
  5. I hope she remains safe and gets home soon.
  6. I saw the context of the joke after, I wasn't offended just confused. Didn't laugh though!
  7. Yeah, that's understandable but sad too. My mother would have rather not touched it too. And she didn't. And this whole sad situation is why it's able to continue, sick stuff, nobody wants to think about it for long. It's not to condemn you I say this. EDIT: nobody right in the head I mean And I don't know what can be done about it. It is soul crushing to think about or hear about for long you really do need to push it out - so do the victims, and that's why so much of it is overlooked.
  8. I don't understand this. And as a separate comment. I'm not sure if I put off conversation or not in the later thread on the same thing but there's been few posts after, when I put my perspective on the point she was making I was not raped as a child, but I was sexually abused. And it felt good. I didn't need to get groomed because it was my father, and I already loved him. Basically he taught me how to masturbate at around 7-8 years old. It felt good enough to try to reproduce on my own, so, what's the outrage from oprahs statements? Is my perspective. As far as I could see she was not saying sex with adults is good for them. Or that they'll be glad it happened. You could say there might be allusions to it.. but it wasn't what she said. I kept this personal experience secret because it obviously was not part of normal life. Nowhere else did anyone ever suggest touching your penis. It made it feel like a wrong secret and just tainted the whole idea of sex when it came to my teens. I don't have any good answers to fix what I'm talking about just stating honestly what it was like for me. And As I said in the other thread I have no interest in defending oprah, just the words. It felt good in my context. (being raped obviously wouldn't) And again that is an unfortunate psycological fact, it hazes things remember the age, you're not able to make sense of these things. I tried to subconsciosly raise an alarm about what happened in an incident one night beyond my control it didn't work. And the event was swept under the carpet by my mother and father because it was easier to ignore than look into. Well clearly one knew what it was and the other would prefer not to think about it.
  9. It's possible to regret inviting white people too. Well ok, he wasn't exactly invited. Just expected
  10. Jeez man you can write. I am partway though the trigger. Can you dripfeed this stuff a little more ? I'm a bad person because I just can't digest this much at once. That was a much nicer way to say the same thing I did earlier, hopefully Also, in my opinion, I accept that I haven't read the last couple of posts, you're just giving them ammunition. They don't give a shit about you. Or anyone else. I am genuinely sorry for your predicament but I don't think you will ever gain ANYTHING from this. I'll not say anything else in the thread. All the best, sincerely.
  11. I did get a little shirty yes, there's unfortunately a hint of programming here like as if you can't even talk on the dif without the groupthink labeling you as a paedo for daring talk about abuse.. and the deflection that comes next. Sorry. I will try to relax! I do not doubt Oprah has much to account for. I just wanted to share my experience and how it coincided with her words regardless of her intent.
  12. I tried to make it clear that I would not engage in dirty tactics if someone decided to disagree with my words and hadn't actually experienced child abuse themselves. But I can't see the correlation between your valid points and my testimony. I'm actually halfway through ajs bollocks for sake of thouroghness I'll check the link you posted after
  13. I had the feeling this guy was trying to manipulate me.. And yeah it really looks like he was.. The obvious lesson is fear, don't let it control you
  14. I couldn't give a shit personally of any affiliation, I have no interest in defending her in general I am only referencing her words on child abuse. It might be wrong to you but did you experience it? Maybe you did. And then we have to agree to differ.
  15. This is important. She said if the abuser is any good, the victim won't even know it happened or thereabouts right? Exactly. I get that she probably isn't the saint the plebs think she is but that is accurate. As I said I 'forgot' it happened for 10 years or so. And I liked it when it happened. Look, I will offer more detail if necessary let's talk about it because despite the evil villain millionaire side of it I, an abuse survivor, kind of agreee with the basic premise. I would like to hear from others if they agree or not. And don't be afraid that if you weren't touched up as a child that you can't disagree with me, I'm not interested in moral shields. Let's talk.
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