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  1. I absolutely despise it, but I spent 180 minutes with a neighbor lacking friends, he spent around 100 pounds on me, I spent around 21 pounds on him. It turns out though that just showing up and spending anything on him made a difference. The few people he knew didn't show up or share anything making me automatically 10 steps up. . I would have liked to have spent more, he's all into brands and prestige, unlike me, but you know things aren't going well for anyone these days.. I couldn't splash out to impress him. You've heard of the thought that counts? give those you know a thought that counts. I explained how my tat might help him, and he saw it. I was cringing at my effort but in the end it was taken as it was given, a positive change and a chance to build from. I really hated facing him, with my tat shat from the back, and thinking this is all another man made ploy he's suckered into, but in the end genuine human interaction worked out alright. Happy new year.
  2. I am a terrible mod because I ignored all the posts, and want to share not the best movie ever, but in terms of the best straight to vhs movies ever Soldier is an unwarranted, unwanted contender. I need whipping. And harshly. WoW 666 too!
  3. Time? hwroar, goodgod, what is it good for? absolutely nothing sayitagain SHAFT!
  4. It seems as if some people seek out others perceived as less than them to enjoy taking advantage of them, to make themselves feel greater. in some cases, that never ends until someone 'less than' ends it. DaleP: you're probably right but I would like to think I did more harm than good. Uh, I got that the wrong way around, But - more good than harm doesn't chime off so nicely so I'll leave it.
  5. No beast so fierce but knows some touch of pity But I know none, and therefore am no beast
  6. Don't like Tom, Don't like leave your brain in the cloakroom (?) alongside yer coat action movies, but I watched that and thought hell, if adrenaline's your addiction, and you still have a thing called testosterone, what a time he must be having. I stopped jumping oil drum/8x4 plywood ramps on a raleigh chopper at 11 years old, he's still going x100 in his 50s, I have to that
  7. I had dreams and daydreams about what I would do if I had been called upon to go and kill for my country as a child. I imagined refusal, and facing the single pistol or firing squad, or perhaps agreeing, getting tooled up and then going awol, maybe trying to hide in a pile of bodies, hoping the bayonets missed me so I could wander home after a few hours of shallow breathing.. pretty dark morose thoughts for a child, I know. And I also considered the flipside of those actions getting home being called a coward, a traitor, a failure. This might be tricky to some but- The difference in my opinion, is intent. I do not believe it is acceptable to deliberately take a life no matter what side you are on or what justification there is, nor how futile it may seem to refuse. This poor girl found herself in a tight situation that didn't command personal physical action to kill, and it's undoubtedly grey, but I think that sentencing a 97 year old lady for doing what she needed to in the horror that she found herself growing up in is a hell of a stretch to try and keep alive the horrors of naziism and falsely stoke the relevance of it in 2022. Pathetic.
  8. Sorry I may have misunderstood I read he asked it to be taken down? That would change my opinion, however just think for a moment if you don't give a **** and you've been hammered for your opinion multiple times for decades already, you're aging and less relevant by the day- how about flipping your script and seeing how that turns out? it's all a game. A useless game that nobody needs to follow.
  9. He knows how to keep himself relevant. Jeremy Clarkson is a F***er was the slogan for messing about on the farm, this is his latest. While I wouldn't want to play the same games, I respect his mastering of the games.
  10. Might seem a little too warm coming from mods only.. But welcome harder than last time now go post something pertinent
  11. Point this at whichever you prefer... I know who I'd prefer to sit down for (hot) lunch with - NSFW
  12. Be silent and witness my epic pecs.
  13. Meh tried to find a better newer version but it wasn't, this is proper 86. Ban me, Ill dump you with my mod powers.
  14. This is all like dreaming that you're experiencing a fever dream while somehow being able to be succesful at deliberately taking drugs in your fever dream, that you know you're dreaming. Mate. Aww. Fkn Anime ppl matter.
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