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  1. Right I waited a short while after suggesting/asking if this kind of thing existed already in the mega thread. If you'd like to share your experiences struggling with this nonsense in any way, Go ahead. Mental health is dwindling outside of the 'chosen ones' - that's you and me.. lol Relationships are falling apart and as I said in the megathread, talking won't fix it. But it might just dull the sharpness. I have had a very rough time lately and I know I'm not the only one visiting here. If you want to share here's a place you can if not, cool
  2. I swear I cannot understand how everyone eventually can't recognise they're getting shafted. If it takes 50 years, fair enough, better than nothing. I genuinely have memory problems but I somehow still managed to notice and remember everyone's getting shafted. It's like real life matters less than Neighbours or EastEnders, or to throw in a wider example- WWE. Some thick fucks would see more reality in that, Mind Boggles. Sorry. I have wandered into bad guy territory. I find this surreal. I cried earlier thinking of where these idiots will end up. For their sake. And their children
  3. I agree, my mother just told me how she's getting the satanmurderjabvaccine tomorrow, I'm sure she expected some kind of reaction. If you've been following the thread the last couple days you may remember I spoke of her viscious condemnation of me for caring about what happens to others to the detriment of myself (I like a drink), the call came anyways like nothing happened and yeah, felt like trying to rub it in to be honest. She said she'd just done her 3000 steps on the treadmill and a busy day tomorrow amongst getting jer jab. She's very active for a 65 year old. Does 10000 steps a day rel
  4. https://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/news/4344-24-february-2021-update?utm_source=iContact&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=benefits-and-work&utm_content=24+February+2021+newsletter DWP MAKES MOCKERY OF CALLS FOR CHANGE It sounds like a bleak April Fool’s joke come early. In the face of increasing pressure to end the avoidable, and often unlawful, distress they inflict on claimants, the DWP have announced they are going to . . . change the colour of their envelopes. Recent months have seen the families who have lost loved ones fighting in the courts to high
  5. Hey Breeze just trying to have a laugh if it hits the mark or not is another matter. No offence intended, I recently got through listening to my mother berate me as a useless lazy pile of shit that wants to look for the worst in the world for an excuse to achieve nothing. Congratulations on making your experience a misery. I'm selfish, self absorbed with a delusion of grandeur. And by the way- she started it, I stopped trying to manipulate her years ago. But she won't stop asking questions she doesn't want the answer to. I've tried to have a 50%
  6. Buddy. I got asked to make Boris attractive and that was my attempt. You're free to disagree as it has no white eye circles or big red nose but my stupid post probably would be best left to die.. Hi Basket case!
  7. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
  8. Ye asked Ye recieved. Cmon, if I couldn't be bothered to blend a fish, am I gonna spend 14 hours making Boris attractive?
  9. Ahem, not my best work I'm proud to say. Couldn't be arsed.
  10. Agent 47. It was dark humor, 47 is always busy killing someone for something, for someone. So the seat can never warm. Hitman. Computer game. If that's not enough google it
  11. Posted this a long time ago in the musical thread I had plans to put a video together to paint the covid picture behind it, there's potential there but I never was going to get a lot of views on it, don't do that social media shite. The first vid I posted on youtube got deleted in around 30 minutes.. My master race pc died lately, browsing the net on a clockwork potato is about all I can do at the moment. Maybe someone with a basic understanding of video editing who doesn't mind visiting facecopulation etc could see the benefits of putting this to the covid ti
  12. Reminds me of Kurdt Cobain driving a Volvo to be safe, while injecting who knows what he scored that week straight to the vein. We all have our inconsistencies I guess. Still laughed though
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