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  3. The white police officer got down on one knee over George Floyd's neck because "black lives matter", but he didn't know this would kill him!
  4. Your grammar is also terrible, so you can't be doing all that well as a student!
  5. You sound like your brain has all ready suffered the effects of carbon dioxide due to wearing the facemask too long!
  6. In humans there is only male and female and you can't change from one to the other; anything else is just a state of a person’s warped personality of himself or herself...
  7. I just tried "bitchute.com" and it's working, but I did have connection problems for 3 days trying to open David Icke's website!
  8. David Icke said, "I would not trust Greer to tell me the time in a room full of clocks" (I think that says it all).
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