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  1. Thanks for that I just felt I needed to expand the type of people I'm listening to, and also the content. Cheers
  2. Hi all, Please could you recommend the conspiracy-type podcasts you listen to? Currently I listen to Richie Allen a lot but wanted some more variety. Any suggestions welcome!!
  3. Thank you for an amazing testimony and speaking from the heart. The fact you said Jesus found you is absolutely spot on.
  4. Thank you Are you able to send a link so that I find the right site? I'll definitely look into it.
  5. Hi guys... I'm already taking oil of oregano on a semi regular basis and wondered what brand of oils are pure enough to take orally? I was wondering about clover as at the moment I have a bit of a gum infection near one tooth. Suggestions would be appreciated (brands and examples of oils that can be good for you)... Thanks
  6. So what you're saying is...you're on the fence
  7. Out of interest...how many of you guys are on Telegram? Seriously thinking of coming of it due to the amount of questionable content on there
  8. True. I feel that usually the truth is somewhere in the middle... It's definitely a problem though amongst us in the truth community that some indulge and love some of the fear porn out there.
  9. Is anyone getting to the point where they are tired of all the conspiracy updates and "MUST WATCH" or "Emergency Broadcast" videos by so-called "in the know" celebrities of the alternative news? I've come to the conclusion that there is so much nonsense spouted now that it's pretty much impossible to discern the absolute truth with any certainty. Merely have a good idea where the agenda is headed and that's about it. Maybe it's just me.
  10. https://youtu.be/hwc2d1Xt8gM
  11. Good to hear from you again Hope all is well with you? I'm with you to an extent...Normally a Reformed believer wouldn't believe in a literal End Times interpretation, yet I do. Most certainly wouldn't be in the Flat Gang Interestingly...the church I go to has about 7 people that are. That's what I know of. Been blessed that we didn't close and the vast majority didn't get the jab.
  12. Absolutely One thing I find sad is that especially on the globe side...people get very very emotional over this. It makes things almost impossible to have an open and enjoyable discussion over the topic. Would be glad to take part in one on here Hope all is well with you!! #flatgang
  13. It's interesting that I know an ex-speaker of AnswersInGenesis. He is in a Telegram group I am a member of. He was almost apoplectic that I would be a "FE believer" as a Christian. He called me out on it. However, when I asked him (in genuine curiosity and for an honest scientific answer) how we go from a non vacuum to a vacuum without a solid barrier he refused to answer me, ignored my attempts to have an open and humble conversation in PM and told me to look it up myself. His attitude was pretty shocking to be honest. I'm digressing...if you want to start a new thread on this topic, I'd be more than happy to participate...but on here it's steering away from the original question
  14. Reformed Baptist who would support the "Biblical Flat-Earth" model as set out in scripture (i.e. fixed, immovable with a firmament). Believes in a literal interpretation of End Times too. Although constantly learning
  15. It amazes me how willfully ignorant some people are about the consequences of the vaccine. I don't blame or judge those who are, for the want of a better word "asleep" to all this. Some are just blind. I won't shout at a blind person for falling or bumping into something. However, there are those who can see all of this unfolding...Christian Eriksen a prime example. And now, one fan and player after another dropping dead. I've probably been to the best part of 1,000 live matches watching football over 30+ years and can count on one hand how many fans needed emergency treatment in the stands. And players even more so. It's becoming a weekly thing now. Still people refuse to acknowledge...or maybe are scared to...that something very sinister is going on.
  16. I know Rocking personally. Very intelligent guy. One of the good ones
  17. I agree. The big issue or problem so to speak, is that some do not see that people need to be educated in steps. When teaching, you don't start a kid off by getting them to do geometry or statistical analysis in Maths. You start them off by doing basic adding, taking away etc. If you go full-on like this guy, as right as he is, people can't take it in. Start with the basics. Step by step. You'll win more people to the cause that way. In my opinion.
  18. Just one issue. Planes cannot fly at anywhere near that speed at sea-level e.g. 1000ft up where the towers were. The air is too thick. The engines would choke and it would fall out of the sky. That's physics. There is not a chance in hell a plane hit the Pentagon.
  19. Imagine Drakeford strapped to that...he wouldn't last 10 seconds.
  20. Makes me sick. Meanwhile, in more important matters...Meghan and Harry do an interview in a £27m mansion and talk about being hard done by. Seems that's more important on the MSM.
  21. This movement will be in our faces for the next six months just like BLM. It's coming.
  22. The worrying thing is, some idiots actually get taken in by this kind of psy-op. People in work...intelligent, well educated people...are terrified of this virus and will no doubt be taken in by the propaganda of this latest load of cobblers. Whether or not this was totally staged, it's obvious the protests are a set-up. I dread to think how much the cult will get away with when the plebs are still too glued to X-Factor or Love Island to think for themselves.
  23. This is just the start. The Tribulation is going to be nuts.
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