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  1. Most mental story I've heard so far... My mother went to her usual old-school women's salon today. Her hairdresser told her that the Covid Cops were around checking whether she is following the rules for the local council. When she asked if she can still make cups of tea for the customers to have a chat over when they are stuck under the hairdryer, they responded by saying hot water is permitted, but not cups of tea. I kid you not. They weren't joining either.
  2. Well, it's coming up to the end of what has been quite a mental year...I'm glad I'm not alone with everything going on. What do you think will take place next year? What three things will happen? Wondered what your opinions will be.
  3. Listening to the Leeds and Arsenal game tonight on 5Live. Even in the middle of a football match the commentator talked about evil conspiracy theories being part of the dark web online. You can't get away from it anywhere.
  4. I was just thinking...it would be good for us to have some sort of online get together perhaps, or at least have some kind of option whereby we could exchange ways to get in touch. We are becoming increasingly segregated now in society and even for a short social chat and way of encouragement...surely that can't hurt? Not sure if anyone would be up for that.
  5. It's quite frightening how much the powers that be have ratcheted up the censorship online and in the media...in-fact, it's bonkers. Thinking of 1984 and how that world seemed a way off in some respects has suddenly become reality for us all. Keep our heads up and fight this all the way.
  6. Very good post. I'm thinking along the lines of you too. For me, and I don't pretend to know as much as some on here - life as we know it will not go back to how it was. Now, I either comply and go along with the system and be part of the new "Reset", or I do what I can to try and live a way that doesn't conflict with my conscience. If I could buy us all a desert island and make do with that I'd be quite happy. Went for a walk this morning with some friends. All very intelligent people, but totally brainwashed into pinning hopes on this vaccine. It's like ba
  7. Apparently where I am, Covid likes hanging around the Gregg's mince pies in the staff room, but isn't too fussed about tinned sausages in the Foodbank box.
  8. Local council where I am are now insisting that children without facemasks are marked down as not having correct uniform. Also, staff are not allowed to bring in mince pies because of the deadly virus being spread by too many hands around the tin, but are encouraged to bring in tinned food for the local food banks.
  9. Absolute nonsense. Sorry, but has to be said.
  10. Do you lot think we have started to reach a tipping point in what the public are willing to put up with? I get the feeling more and more are being pushed to their limits here in Wales. Just interested in your thoughts.
  11. Keep your chin up and block out all of the nonsense you see on the news. It's enough to turn someone to the bottle when you see the madness and programming going on. Stick to concentrating on your kids, writing, spending time in nature etc. Do what's good for you. Stay on here. Where others can help and listen. Hope you're doing okay as I say and remember that you're on the good side
  12. That's interesting as I work within education and was told by a doctor to go get a test as I had a sore throat...it felt like just a really bad throat infection which you'd normally get antibiotics for. He insisted that this symptom was indeed linked to Covid and that I shouldn't go to work. He also wouldn't give anything for the sore throat, even though it was properly throbbing and I could hardly talk. I didn't bother with getting a test.
  13. Stuck LBC on this morning. A caller called John rang in. Said anyone not wearing a mask in public should be rounded up by the army and detained because they are a danger to society. He was serious. The presenter agreed, although said using the army was a bit over the top. It's getting absurd now.
  14. Do you see this vaccine - or more precisely, the mechanism for buying/selling being THE mark of the beast?
  15. Sadly, this is the way things are going to go. I for one will do everything I can to avoid having one. However, many, many will be queuing up to have one to stay "safe". I'm not sure if this is the ENDGAME and beginning of Biblical prophecy with regards to what Christ said, but I never thought I'd see something like this in my lifetime. Hope you are keeping okay.
  16. Interesting topic. My own experience over the last few years towards believing in a flat earth came from stumbling upon different videos and then looking into things for myself from a Biblical point of view. Celebrate Truth have some very interesting videos from a Christian/Bible perspective on YouTube, but also show experiments that 'prove' a flat earth. There is one documentary by them in particular which answers things that many on here have asked re: seasons, sunrise and sunsets etc.
  17. Just wondering what news agencies you guys look at. I've pretty much stopped all viewing of msm news. How about RT? Is that usually good? C-SPAN? Any recommendations welcome.
  18. Anything really... I am interested in anything to do with what's going on at the moment - be that NWO, politics, flat earth (don't judge me on that lol), general conspiracy theories... Personally I'm very dubious about Q-Anon but could be convinced, and I'm very dubious about the deep space programme theories. I'd find the topic of the ruling elite interesting I think. Hope this helps.
  19. Thanks guys. ? I know there are lots out there, but unsure which ones are worth listening to.
  20. Just wondering what podcasts/radio shows you guys all listen to online about politics/nwo/conspiracy matters. At the moment, I only listen to Ritchie Allen on YouTube and was wondering what other useful things are about to listen to. Thanks!
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