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  1. I know Rocking personally. Very intelligent guy. One of the good ones
  2. I agree. The big issue or problem so to speak, is that some do not see that people need to be educated in steps. When teaching, you don't start a kid off by getting them to do geometry or statistical analysis in Maths. You start them off by doing basic adding, taking away etc. If you go full-on like this guy, as right as he is, people can't take it in. Start with the basics. Step by step. You'll win more people to the cause that way. In my opinion.
  3. Just one issue. Planes cannot fly at anywhere near that speed at sea-level e.g. 1000ft up where the towers were. The air is too thick. The engines would choke and it would fall out of the sky. That's physics. There is not a chance in hell a plane hit the Pentagon.
  4. Imagine Drakeford strapped to that...he wouldn't last 10 seconds.
  5. Makes me sick. Meanwhile, in more important matters...Meghan and Harry do an interview in a £27m mansion and talk about being hard done by. Seems that's more important on the MSM.
  6. This movement will be in our faces for the next six months just like BLM. It's coming.
  7. Absolutely spot on. A circus. Nail on head. And people lap it up.
  8. The worrying thing is, some idiots actually get taken in by this kind of psy-op. People in work...intelligent, well educated people...are terrified of this virus and will no doubt be taken in by the propaganda of this latest load of cobblers. Whether or not this was totally staged, it's obvious the protests are a set-up. I dread to think how much the cult will get away with when the plebs are still too glued to X-Factor or Love Island to think for themselves.
  9. This is just the start. The Tribulation is going to be nuts.
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-56344258 The lunacy and utter nonsense in Wales has reached new levels. All of a sudden, 5 mile radius is different depending if you live in a city or not. I cannnnnnnot wait to write my opinion on my voting slip soon.
  11. I'm sorry you experienced this. I came on this thread as I've been struggling like a lot of us. Don't be hard on yourself. Seriously. What these people are doing has been trialled, researched and tested. They know exactly what locking people up does. Especially those who value freedom and autonomy. All I can say is to keep going. My faith (I know not everyone believes in God) is what's keeping me going this year. It's hard. I've recently had a CT scan for a stroke or tumor which to me is all down to stress with everything going on (there's a lot going on with my dad and grandmother in the family) and now I have tinnitus. You just got to keep going. Talk to people on here. Go for a walk in nature. Switch off the TV. Read. Do what makes you feel good...and human. Something as simple as a hot soak...just be good to yourself. And never give up.
  12. Following on from this morning, the member of staff that was off from work due to an allergic reaction decided to speak to her GP. They said it was either an allergic reaction or was one of the new strains of covid. Apparently, adverse skin reactions are one of the symptoms... Could it be that the new variants are on the swabs?! Thoughts? Also, on TalkRadio, they just said...shall we have war games (practice runs) to "prepare for future pandemics?" Another interesting and somewhat out of the blue statement. They all know what's going on.
  13. Member of staff off in work today after having to do a home test. Came out in horrible blotches literally everywhere. Not sure if it's related, but it's highly suspicious.
  14. A typical Twitter post would use the words "irresponsible"
  15. So... My local council have now issued covid tests (lateral flow) to all teaching staff. We were "strongly, strongly recommended" to have the bi-weekly tests and send the results off to Test and Trace NHS app and to the council. I'm the only person in my workplace to my knowledge to refuse. Not that I want a medal or anything. Maybe just a clap at 6pm ...joking... Anyway...even those who think this is nonsense are still doing the tests. Mind boggling really. I told staff I won't be having it and showed them a BMJ article which basically states both tests are useless. People didn't dispute this...however just simply went along with the demands. Everyone needs to take a stand now...we might be up against it, but let's at least fight.
  16. Contactless payments upto £100. Step by step by step.
  17. You can see the MSM are ramping up the supposed debate on vaccine passports etc. Drip by drip they are increasing the amount of time spent with this topic in the news...getting people ready for the inevitable. Makes my blood boil.
  18. Sport has been rigged for years. Increasingly in football too I suspect.
  19. Depends on your belief system. According to the Bible, no. Only humans.
  20. Personally I think this is just a stepping stone. I won't be having the vaccine. They'll have to hold me down to give it. This is going to be done in steps. This is the first major step towards people becoming used to receiving a jab with restrictions linked to it. I'm not sure when, but we will then see us go cashless and that's when we really need to panic. The appearing of the antichrist is a little further down the road in my humble opinion.
  21. Yep...I did. He was almost creaming himself. What a stroker. I can't help but think how mental this all is. Sadly, a family I was friends with were killed by a wreckless driver many years ago. 4 were killed, including two teenage boys. If you knew the story, you'd be horrified what happened. You'll get more time for lying about where you went on your holiday than what he got. Let that sink in.
  22. Hi everyone. Just wondering if any of you know any good alternative news apps? Save me getting high blood pressure from looking at the BBC
  23. No surprise that one of the big topics some students are studying now is "dystopia". Saw one of the main English themes for the academic year and pupils are now having to study what life would be like in a world that has changed beyond imagination and having to write about it. Even in schools now, the agenda is being shoved in our faces.
  24. I'm a very, very patient and easy-going guy...but the following really get on my pip: Next slide please. Social distancing. Stay safe. Key workers. Ring of steel around the elderly. Protect the NHS. If you go out, people will die. Dishy Rishi. Covid secure. Any of the absolutely patronising and totally irrelevant sporting analogies by Penfold aka JVT at the press briefings. Light at the end of the tunnel. Anything by Matt Hancock. Thank you for that very important question (at press briefings). All in this together. New normal. Hands face space. Strange times. Weird times. Uncertain times. Lockdown life. Lifting the spirits of the nation. Captain Tom. Get it into people's arms. Anything by BBC news. Anything by Good Morning news. Long covid. Cases. Following the science. Guided by the science. If I write anymore my blood pressure will hit the roof.
  25. I know a few hardcore Q believers and feel for them. One friend of mine is new to all of this and has only been awake for a fairly short period of time. Speaking to her now, she is feeling so low because she pinned all her hopes on this. She is still clinging onto something in the future where Trump has said he will be back. My other mate has been banging on about Q in the local community and on social media so much, he has lost all his credibility now. The problem is, if you don't know where we are headed...you won't be able to make sense of what is going on today. Trump is no saviour. We are headed for a one world government who will track our every movement. The antichrist will come on the scene and then things really will start getting very real.
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