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  1. So... My local council have now issued covid tests (lateral flow) to all teaching staff. We were "strongly, strongly recommended" to have the bi-weekly tests and send the results off to Test and Trace NHS app and to the council. I'm the only person in my workplace to my knowledge to refuse. Not that I want a medal or anything. Maybe just a clap at 6pm ...joking... Anyway...even those who think this is nonsense are still doing the tests. Mind boggling really. I told staff I won't be having it and showed them a BMJ article which basically states both tests are usele
  2. Contactless payments upto £100. Step by step by step.
  3. You can see the MSM are ramping up the supposed debate on vaccine passports etc. Drip by drip they are increasing the amount of time spent with this topic in the news...getting people ready for the inevitable. Makes my blood boil.
  4. Sport has been rigged for years. Increasingly in football too I suspect.
  5. Depends on your belief system. According to the Bible, no. Only humans.
  6. Personally I think this is just a stepping stone. I won't be having the vaccine. They'll have to hold me down to give it. This is going to be done in steps. This is the first major step towards people becoming used to receiving a jab with restrictions linked to it. I'm not sure when, but we will then see us go cashless and that's when we really need to panic. The appearing of the antichrist is a little further down the road in my humble opinion.
  7. Yep...I did. He was almost creaming himself. What a stroker. I can't help but think how mental this all is. Sadly, a family I was friends with were killed by a wreckless driver many years ago. 4 were killed, including two teenage boys. If you knew the story, you'd be horrified what happened. You'll get more time for lying about where you went on your holiday than what he got. Let that sink in.
  8. Hi everyone. Just wondering if any of you know any good alternative news apps? Save me getting high blood pressure from looking at the BBC
  9. I'm a very, very patient and easy-going guy...but the following really get on my pip: Next slide please. Social distancing. Stay safe. Key workers. Ring of steel around the elderly. Protect the NHS. If you go out, people will die. Dishy Rishi. Covid secure. Any of the absolutely patronising and totally irrelevant sporting analogies by Penfold aka JVT at the press briefings. Light at the end of the tunnel. Anything by Matt Hancock. Thank you for that very important question (at press briefings). All in this together.
  10. I know a few hardcore Q believers and feel for them. One friend of mine is new to all of this and has only been awake for a fairly short period of time. Speaking to her now, she is feeling so low because she pinned all her hopes on this. She is still clinging onto something in the future where Trump has said he will be back. My other mate has been banging on about Q in the local community and on social media so much, he has lost all his credibility now. The problem is, if you don't know where we are headed...you won't be able to make sense of what is going on today. Tru
  11. BBC again promoting the symbol of The Great Reset.
  12. Do you see this vaccine - or more precisely, the mechanism for buying/selling being THE mark of the beast?
  13. Sadly, this is the way things are going to go. I for one will do everything I can to avoid having one. However, many, many will be queuing up to have one to stay "safe". I'm not sure if this is the ENDGAME and beginning of Biblical prophecy with regards to what Christ said, but I never thought I'd see something like this in my lifetime. Hope you are keeping okay.
  14. Interesting topic. My own experience over the last few years towards believing in a flat earth came from stumbling upon different videos and then looking into things for myself from a Biblical point of view. Celebrate Truth have some very interesting videos from a Christian/Bible perspective on YouTube, but also show experiments that 'prove' a flat earth. There is one documentary by them in particular which answers things that many on here have asked re: seasons, sunrise and sunsets etc.
  15. Just wondering what news agencies you guys look at. I've pretty much stopped all viewing of msm news. How about RT? Is that usually good? C-SPAN? Any recommendations welcome.
  16. Anything really... I am interested in anything to do with what's going on at the moment - be that NWO, politics, flat earth (don't judge me on that lol), general conspiracy theories... Personally I'm very dubious about Q-Anon but could be convinced, and I'm very dubious about the deep space programme theories. I'd find the topic of the ruling elite interesting I think. Hope this helps.
  17. Thanks guys. ? I know there are lots out there, but unsure which ones are worth listening to.
  18. Just wondering what podcasts/radio shows you guys all listen to online about politics/nwo/conspiracy matters. At the moment, I only listen to Ritchie Allen on YouTube and was wondering what other useful things are about to listen to. Thanks!
  19. Keep your chin up? It's very hard on times being awake and not knowing anyone in the real world, or very few...who know what's going on around us. My best friend has been my mate since I was 7. I'm 40 now. He is by far more a academic than me...yet, he falls for so much that is churned out on MSM. He has been fooled by the BLM...hook line sinker. It's hard to see. Especially with your family. Despite all of this, I don't lose hope. For me, I have my faith. That keeps me going. I know no matter how much man plots to kill, destroy and plunder...ult
  20. I agree...I've seen him speak live and he is a very reasoned, and well spoken guy who doesn't go off into wild speculation but sticks to what he knows from his own research. His documentaries on this are very good. As are the Manchester bombing and Jo Cox investigations.?
  21. Marcus Rashford on BBC news just now. Seems a very sincere young man who obviously had it tough growing up (talking about food poverty). However, when Sally Nugent asked what his views were on the protests etc. he said...(after a bit of a long-winded response that didn't mean a whole lot)..."I think it's right we put our foot down"... Now I'm not saying he is condoning violence or anything, but it seems like this new movement is allowed to get away with saying anything. Really starting to get on my nerves now.
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