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  1. I see Damar Hamlin making the "all seeing eye" and "666" signs in tonight's game of Buffalo and the Bengals. He recently collapsed with a cardiac arrest and his story of recovery was all over the news. What are people's views on this? Is he just a dumb young man making these gestures without any real knowledge of what they mean, or at least, the seriousness and evil that comes with them...Or...Is he part of the "big club" and the whole thing is a work?
  2. Stayed there at an Air BnB place in February. Absolutely stunning part of the country. As you say...really good for the soul
  3. Okay so quick update... I signed up with OVO after seeing there was barely any difference between them all. At first they said they couldn't take out the meter and replace it with a standard one, but could switch it off. Then they said they could take it out but couldn't work out how much it would cost. Then they said they could switch it off but asked how I would work out my readings? Would I be left with just their estimates? Where do I stand in all of this? Do those EMF boxes block out the radiation that they give off? If they do, I might opt for that. Any advice is appreciated guys.
  4. Hi all, Just bought a house that has a smart meter. If I called an energy company to begin a contract with them, is it possible for them to get rid of it and go back to a standard meter?
  5. If you watch the video by Richard on his site and read up on the emails back and forth, I can't see how anyone wouldn't say that he has been harassed by the BBC. They even travelled across the country to see him when he said he wasn't interested. Not much annoys me, but this does. It's big brother being a bully. I can't stand bullies and really hope he doesn't give in.
  6. Of course, they edit the video when she turned up as he stated multiple times to leave and he wasn't interested in talking as they have a track record of lying. The BBC is nothing more than a propaganda machine now for the elite.
  7. This is what I am wondering There were several people in my local stand in the park group that insisted people not pay taxes. All well and good when you're not caught. However I get the feeling they would crack right down on that given the slightest indication this is taking off among the awake. Plus, it might not be law as some argue. Neither was locking us down either, yet, they still fined and took people to task. What's lawful or not doesn't even enter their head. They are tyrants.
  8. Hi Alexa, This is genuinely very, very sad. I met with Richard in the summer at his stall and had a pretty good chat. It was a breath of fresh air being able to drive to Merthyr and have a cuppa chatting with him and learning from all his research. He is genuinely nice, polite and a good guy. However, this seems to be a systematic dismantling of people's research by claiming people are suddenly being traumatised by their investigations. The video of the BBC turning up at his stall, despite being told several times he wasn't interested in talking about his research as he will be misrepresented really shows how determined they are in getting rid of those like Hall. I fear the authorities will completely throw him under the bus and ruin him financially. I think it's already started.
  9. I've walked it before!!! Was lush to see the seals and to have our lunch on the rocks...however the walk back was really dicey as we picked a horrible day weather wise...won't be repeating that Hope all is good with you?!
  10. Probably the most beautiful beach I've ever been on. On a summer's day, sat on the beach with the waves really gently coming in to shore, you'd swear you were somewhere tropical. Absolutely amazing photos! Thanks Alexa!
  11. View from the top of the mountain overlooking my home town. I often go up there on a sunny day to chill out and look out over all the valleys and towns...and to pray in solitude too.
  12. Ogmore-By-Sea. One of my favourite beaches near me. Took this by chance on my phone a few years ago.
  13. What films etc would you guys recommend that might interest someone who wears a tin foil hat like myself?? Anything loosely associated with our beliefs e.g. Hunger Games etc would be fab... Looking to buy myself some for Christmas as a present to myself
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