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  1. https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2020/11/30/the-proof-is-in-the-election-was-stolen/ If in any doubt that the election was stolen then read this essay.
  2. The government's advice regarding mask wearing at the start was masks do not work. Shame the public and media have forgotten, otherwise they might be asking questions of where the evidence is that they work.
  3. Do not worry in a future generation they will laugh with amazement at how stupid most of us are to believe the lies of the government and media. The way we laugh at totalitarian societies of the past. Nearly everyone laughs at those who believed Iraq needed to be invaded to protect us for example. If the government and media were incorrect with their propaganda campaign not so long ago why take them seriously? They have to earn that trust. We are always warned about scammers yet when the con artist is the government very few seem that bothered or go out of their way to defend them. The government says masks protect against the virus. What the same government who in the first lockdown said masks were useless and would do little to prevent infection? Does that not make the government responsible for the those who suffered with the virus in the first wave then by that logic? Not fit for purpose even for the pro lockdown supporters. Did Sweden, Belarus or Japan suffer with a collapsed health system without lockdown? Is lockdown now a type of religion where we have to have faith it works even though there is no evidence to say it would be worse without lockdown. Funnily enough last summer when fewest restrictions were in place there were the fewest cases and illness of the virus based on the standards used.
  4. Personally I believe there is a virus or rather many strains of a coronavirus that have been released on purpose. It is still a scam and no doubt the test is not reliable and other illnesses including flu and normal pneumonia have been incorrectly diagnosed as COVID. I think that the evidence that there is a coronavirus probably similar to SARS is that hydroxychloroquine seems to work well in preventing serious illness if given early enough especially in conjunction with zinc. This is not the case with normal flu. When SARS was around it was found that chloroquine ( similar to hydroxychloroquine) worked well. Also there seems to be a relapse when recovering from this virus in that symptoms sometimes return several days after disappearing. This is not the case with flu.
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