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  1. your comment was helpful. i do experience periods of incredible hunger where I simply can't eat enough to get full. it seems like my stomach is a bottomless pit. other times, I can go a day or two without eating anything pretty much. kinda a weird thing I'm going through. it was a bumpy ride for 6 months. i almost didn't make it. my mind was roasted.
  2. I'm going through ascension right now, and my solar plexus chakra is starting to open. I'm having GI issues of chronic gas. This whole process has been accompanied by dreams, visions, self-dialog, and about 30 lbs of weight gain.. so.. yer.. I'm getting a lot of the symptoms. I was just wondering if anyone had been through this process before and had the gas issue and knew how to solve it.
  3. I thought I would follow-up post this as I had more time: satan's rapture has started. All the global elite pedo fucks and the chosen among the royal lines and stuff, is getting taken by the Secret Space Program to the Mars base. The global satellite-based internet system/weapons system can be controlled directly from the Mars base.. so they can use unmanned aerial vehicles(UAVs), ground based missile systems, etc, to annihilate this planet from above. but all this started about 100 years ago or so I mean, Jesus had a kid with Mary Magdalene, and she moved to France. The catholic military orders, starting with like the Knights Templar, screwed around in Solomon's Temple, and found the secret. So they followed Jesus's bloodline and set up shop in France. Then, it moved to Germany and bred into the line of Dagobert and became the Merovingians. At that time the Teutonic Knight network came into existence and coalesced around the Merovingian bloodline and the nucleus of the Germanic secret society network was set up -- namely the Rosicrucians and the Order of the Golden Dawn -- and the Rosicrucians would eventually go on to found modern freemasonry. There's a reason the Bavarian Illuminati came from Germany/Russia.. it's the Merovingian bloodline and the Teutonic Knight network and the Secret Society network that coalesced around it. Around 100 years ago, 14 foot tall white Draco reptilians(the fallen angels) were released from their prison, and they contacted the Germanic orders, and the Germanic orders made an alliance with them. Eventually after WWII, a lot of the big time SS that were connected with the germanic orders, moved, and set up shop, an HQ, with these beings, in Antarctica.. that was the 'core' of the nazi-reptillian alliance.. these reptilians helped us build our high technology society.. i mean, our technological evolution, as a society, was pretty flat for 6000 years.. since the flood.. but it has exploded in the last 100 years or so.. And this nazi-Reptillian alliance has been out in the galaxy fighting other civilizations and conquering them.. to add planets to their dark alliance to utilize the combined militaries of all these planetary systems, for the reptilian entities to conquer their own home world so they can go back home.. they got booted out of their home and sent to earth(the war in heaven & subsequent expulsion).. earth is like a penal colony for them. See, the truth about the global satellite internet craze of SpaceX and Kaiper(Amazon) in the US, and Telesat in Canada, and OneWeb in Englandish, is that these are separate, private corporate owned ventures, running simultaneously to set up an 'internet' in space. Each separate company is going to have a 'cluster' of satellites called a constellation, and US Space Force, is going to have a cluster of its own satellites, that inter-connect all the separate constellations into one 'megaconstellation.' What this will do is provide US Space Force with a central command and control system for the global satellite-based weapons system. The global 'wifi' nature of this is just the trojan horse to roll in a global satellite-based weapons system under the guise of something else. There are 2 ports in California for our cargo imports. Long Beach and Los Angeles. It's no coincidence that the ports being jammed happened at the same time SpaceX leased space at the Long Beach port. At the time SpaceX had virtually no satellites in the air, and now, they have nearly 2000.. in a matter of months. My guess is that all cargoes were put on hold and all the ships moved around so that the dock could be used solely to move in all the materials to assemble SpaceX's fleet of new satellites to implement the DODs new weapons system. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://sam.gov/opp/04658bc6d1884a8f9b67f0cfdc5d6cbe/view#general https://www.airuniversity.af.edu/Wild-Blue-Yonder/Article-Display/Article/2673038/cots-and-space-based-missile-defense/ https://www.sda.mil/us-military-places-a-bet-on-leo-for-space-security/ https://www.cnbc.com/2021/02/09/telesat-building-5-billion-lightspeed-global-satellite-internet.html?fbclid=IwAR2SYL9fFiT4HhDqUuoBSF22BAkmkKvHffI5MRr0gO1n5VAv6S2z1g9e-d4 https://www.cnet.com/home/internet/starlink-satellite-internet-explained/?fbclid=IwAR1lXIyWLJqGSkHHXPeBbOjmoU46e6vY1pok9zRQQ2GlevcnnKQ0SCyGIWY
  4. It's sad when you see the trojan horse of 'global satellite internet' provided by Telesat, Kaiper, Starlink, OneWeb, etc as a global satellite-based weapons system. Each 'constellation' or 'cluster' of satellites provided by each company to be inter-connected by a cluster of US military satellites into a 'megaconstellation' bringing a command and control structure of militarized satellites owned by different private companies from within different countries under the singular control of US Space Force. SpaceX and Kaiser project(Amazon) both having leased port space at the Port of Long Beach... Basically, SpaceX is the largest provider, having quickly gone from no satellites to nearly 2000 in months. Basically, I'm seeing the reason for the port jamming off California as the fact that they shut down the port and redirected all other cargo ships around so they could get 'only the right cargo' to quickly assemble their global satellite-based weapons system.
  5. Our planet is not cleansed of this evil. The reptilians as you call them are nothing but the serpents of sumerian/babylonian/christian/hindu beliefs. The "Greys" as you call them are actually the souls of the pure blood offspring of the serpents/reptilians. They're what the book/bible call the nephilim. They went to war with each other, killed each other off, and the serpents were trapped in the valleys of the earth for 70 generations. The souls of the nephilim, 1/10 became demons on the surface, and 9/10s became demons below the surface. That's why "The Greys" are the bitches of the reptilians. They're the souls of the pure blood nephilim(the children of the serpents). And trust me, they're not gone. They likewise were trapped for 70 generations. That's why 6000 years of life after the flood produced little technological progress, while technology literally exploded in the last 100 years or so. The "Greys"/demons were let loose not long ago, and now the "deep state" as you call it has "organized" around these beings. The pedophile guild that uses kids as currency to buy their way into the "deep state" to get access to "Grey" technology, have a stranglehold on this government. These demons and their serpent parents haven't got the kick in the ass. That's just what these people want you to believe to take your mind off the fact that the serpent seed master plan is alive and cranking. That plan is to use their new biological weapon(covid) to kill off everyone who isn't serpent seed, and to implement their transhumanist agenda, for post-human civilization by forcing humans to take a vaccine that rewrites their DNA. The CDC makes it a point to say, "Oh we're not really re-writing your DNA, that's crazy talk." But they're likely utilizing CRISPR/CAS 9 to re-write our DNA in stages with each booster. But I'm sure that they want to make us all better humans with their gene editing technology. I mean, you can always trust the elite. The serpents and the demons are by far not booted out of here. They're still here making moves.
  6. Another thing I was programmed to do as a presidential model sex slave was to cum on command. A girl would say "cum in me" and I would respond "I'm going to cum in you. You're worthy." Then I'd slam it in deep and shoot my load. All on command.
  7. I am incapable of seeing what others are seeing in their own minds with my own telepathy, though, I have known many others with this ability. I'm telepathic myself, and highly so. Once the screen is removed from my mind, I can use my photographic memory that was programmed into me to access my mind files, and "show" anything I'm looking at (something I read, something I witnessed with my eyes, something I watched on tv, etc) to a whole room full of people at once by projecting it into their minds. If I want to pull up a sentence from an article I read years ago, I can immediately pull it up in my mind and show it to everyone else so they can read it as well. Another psychic ability I had, that came in useful as a soldier, is the ability to put up a psychic shield. With this shield, you surround yourself with a blue light, and when bullets hit it, they penetrate a few inches and fall to the ground. They went all out on me turning me into a presidential model sex slave with a photographic memory and a supersoldier. I was a multi-use tool.
  8. Alright. I'm going to give up some information in this thread. I've been under constant attack for the past 4 months. I've had people breaking in without a key, putting me under hypnosis and mind control, and wrecking my life. The reality of my situation is that when I was 17 I was sold at a slave auction to a soulsucker known by lucifer in the intelligence community. Later, another teacher, an illuminati headhunter, took possession of me and sold me out again to the same soulsucker. This guy is connected to the pedophile guild that operates the deep/dark state, and now they watch me from above. He used me as a soldier and as a presidential model sex slave. They've screened my memory so that I can't show my memories to any telepaths, and when they put me under hypnosis and mind control they shadow themselves so I can't see who they really are. I've had and seen an assortment of eyes. I've had fighters eyes, fighters eyes with mind control eyes together, fighters eyes with military eyes, and hypnotic eyes with military eyes. This is important here because as a soldier I was part of a 5 man squad and we were shuttled around by UFO. I guess you could say that I was part of the Secret Space Program but only terrestrially. Now, there's a lot of people, Dan included, that think trump is fighting the deep state. Trump IS the deep state. All those sealed indictments against deep state members are a get out of jail free card for these assholes. He's covering up their crimes. A sealed indictment is an indictment where the names aren't released publicly. The cases will go to court, be thrown out of court, and the public will never hear about it again. He's giving them a free pass. Now, in the book of Daniel, in the bible, it says that the little horn reaches so high that it drags 2/3's of the angels of heaven to earth. These are the same "hosts of heaven" that come with jesus to fight the antichrist at the end of the world. Trump IS the little horn. His space force is out mucking in the galaxy and going to bring the wrath of the "angels" upon earth. That's the reason for the "disclosure." The Christians think they're prepping us for a fake alien invasion. It's a for real alien invasion. I feel my life contract is about to be terminated They've already left their calling card. Under hypnosis they told me they were going to get the rat of my house and left a rat somewhere in another bedroom. They said they left it in the ceiling fan. I tried taking the fan apart but am technically incapable of doing it but checked the room in all other places and could not find a dead mouse.. tho there is a dead mouse smell.. I am about to be set up, jailed, and/or killed. Now also, Hinduism says basically the same thing. That we're in the 4th of 4 yugas and the 4th yuga is characterized by sin and unrighteousness. That people no longer adhere to dharmic law. Now, kalki, the 10th incarnation of vishnu, come riding a white horse with a fiery sword to end the old age and usher in the 1st yuga which is a time of righteousness under dhamaric law and there's no disease, poverty, or unhappiness... same as jesus comes riding a white horse with the double edged sword of his tongue to usher in a new age of righteousness, without pain, sickness, etc.. As a presidential model sex slave, the illuminati headhunter took me to Yale(it was a female teacher) and turned the elite against me. She took me to a dinner party, where I told the elite how bad they sucked to their faces, and their kids attacked me and I killed them. I made some real powerful enemies in the illuminati itself. This female teacher acted as my handler, and I had many beautiful girls brought to me so I could sleep with them with fighters eyes. Fighters eyes didn't allow me to remember it. I blew my wad in them and got them pregnant. I couldn't tell you how many children I have with the elite, but they bred themselves into my bloodline. They used me as a breeder. I'm practically a full blood hybrid. When my abilities are activated under mind control and/or hypnosis, I can make my eyes turn completely black. What happens when that happens is a process of 'scanning.' Your eyes become an x-ray machine. You can see a persons internal organs. If someone has stints in their heart or blockages in their heart or whatever, you can see them. You can see inside their body. These people can take a sample of blood and run it and tell you if your blood has been "contaminated." In order to shapeshift you have to have pretty pure blood, and they know exactly what to check for to determine purity and whether or not you are capable of shifting. Now, I do something when my theta programming(psychic programming) is activated that I like to call "reality tv." I turn to a particular "channel." It could be a city, or to an apartment complex, or a building. What I'm doing is remote viewing a location, and going inside a room via remote viewing. In doing so, everything is on mute. Once I've locked onto a location, I astral project into it and turn mute off and can hear what's going on. This is what psychic spies do.
  9. I mean, we are starting to go down this route within our own gene pool with "designer babies." What if we were a space-faring race that had the gene pools of dozens of races at our disposal? Would we not isolate the genes in one race that provides some attribute we find desirable and then do the same for another and try to mix and match?
  10. In a way, I look at it like eugenics through genetic engineering. They're mixing and matching DNA from us and others to give themselves particular traits.
  11. There are a great number of men and women abducted by grays who say the grays are taking semen and eggs from them. Also there are a few women who report becoming spontaneously pregnant without sex, and then a few months later the fetus is taken out of them. Then, a number of years later, they're abducted and introduced to their hybrid offspring. I think the Grays are trying to "become" us. As Icke says. They lack our creativity. So, they are using the science they 'know' through us or some other race in the past "providing it to them" through creativity and innovation, and altering themselves genetically, to give themselves our creative gifts.
  12. A long time ago, Icke said that the Annunaki were reptilian. I've seen representations of them, on cylinder seals and such, and they are clearly human. Although, most of the "men" have beards. That's all fascinating to me. When you look at sculptures of the Greek gods, the men have beards too, and in Judaism and Islam, the "devout" all have beards. Also, the Egyptians depict some of their gods with tied up beards, and the pharaohs are depicted with tied up beards. It seems to be a pretty common motif. In any event, I think the "fallen angels" or "annunaki" as such were most likely human. I feel as though the Grays were more like the Johnny-come-lately race that hijacked our planet.
  13. I mean, in our world, who cares whether an engineer in China or an engineer in the US creates the world's coolest new gadget. It's the same way for these beings. Who cares if it's someone on Earth who creates the aliens cool new gadget or some other planet in our galaxy or another. All that matters is it's created.
  14. There's a lot of people who like to bring up the "what's so special about us" thing in response to the alien question. I find that most of those people tend to lean toward Christianity, and they think humans are special because the bible says so or try to defeat people who believe in aliens by asking why such highly technological beings would be interested in us. The ^ post explains it. We really aren't special. We're more than likely one planet in a multitude of planets inhabited by other beings they are exploiting for a particular purpose. I'm sure there are other races out there who have other "gifts" that they're utilizing, and they probably keep resetting their worlds too.
  15. The thing is, if these same beings are doing this to multiple worlds, then it's no big deal if Earth takes 10,000 years to progress to a level to be "helpful" to them again. Because for the duration of that 10,000 years they're leeching off other worlds already at the point of being "helpful"
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