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  1. its only "whacked out" if you fall for all the conditioning, automatically the word water "likely" makes you think of the stuff you drink or something you can visibly see, could you just be referring to a liquid as opposed to water, which is very different? What about water you cant see, like humidity? To that extent I guess we are "under water" Even deserts retain some humidity. You will probably find the atmosphere is saturated with water. Sadly human conditioning (ridicule )would have you believe, its not possible for us to be under or in water based on the perception that water can only been seen or touched and to be under water prolonged means using an breathing apparatus.
  2. did you know google tracks your purchases made off google? if you go to https://myaccount.google.com/purchases?pli=1 you will see all sorts. You have to systematically switch all that crap off or stop using them I imagine the other mail providers do a similar thing
  3. Just popped by to say the answer is in the eyes, her eyes says it all and thats before she opens her mouth
  4. Found this on minds which sort of mirrors what David has said
  5. I really like the artwork Neil Hague has provided for David's Books over the years, has anybody read any of his books? I am looking for reviews/recommendations please
  6. Get a bicycle, either a normal one or an e-bike and get out into nature as much as possible. You will meet a lot of like minded people. An hour or two every other day has really worked wonders for me. I have also bought a lot of physical books, regularly meditate and also star gaze (weather permitting)
  7. Has anybody watched this? I have just noticed it on Amazon Video
  8. interesting, is there a link to his original statement for comparison
  9. where do you guys find the energy and time to bicker so much? Chill out
  10. purposefully fired with intent to kill - could of easily been an accident
  11. Not seen zeitgeist, will have to watch it though @John Connor In terms of why the pyramids were built I am really not sure, I certainly do not believe they were built as tombs, at least not solely, as for how, I have always said they somehow used some kind of acoustic levitation and they must have also had the ability/knowledge to use sunlight in order to fuse the blocks together. I am not into the "ancient aliens" type theories although I have to admit i enjoy watching it for entertainment purposes. We all know that the system will do all it can it to make humanity feel as small and incapable as possible , hence the notion it was built by slaves
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