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  1. I think I've always been a bit at odds with the world, like I've always felt a sense of emptiness. It's quite difficult to explain... I look at the rows and rows of identical houses in identical streets, and the rows of shops, and all the cars trundling along all the roads and I sort of just sometimes think, is this it? Is this life? I've also thought is it me with the problem? is it me who's empty?. I've always felt a bit out of phase with things, a bit out of step. I haven't quite got into the whole job, car, mortgage, wife, kids thing... basically what I think I'm trying to say is that I haven't bought into it because I've always felt that there's something wrong with it. Or maybe I'm just fucked, a nutcase, a coward, hiding myself away, which is what I've done for most of my life. It might turn out that I'm just a miserable bastard! What I don't understand is why the masses, the mask wearers, trust the government and the media. I don't get it. They used to talk about Tory Sleaze, and how slimy Blair was, and how out of touch and incompetent they are, and so on and so forth... they lied to us about weapons of mass destruction. They lied about and covered up Hillsborough for 30 years! They've left old people to freeze to death every winter. They make promises they never keep. And on and on it goes. Suddenly everyone is like "oh we've got to do what the government say, they know best, they're trying to protect us". What!?! It's baffling and frustrating. I do have hope though that we'll get through this thing and come out the other side into a better world. A world in which doctors become healers. Teachers will share knowledge and not just deliver a state sanctioned curriculum, they will inspire kids and ignite their imaginations. Governments will be smaller and will go back to serving the people... The people will make our own decisions about things and take more responsibility for our own lives. I think I'm just waffling now. Whatever happens, I don't think we can go back to normal. The establishment have shown their hand and many of us can see it as clear as day. We'll never forget this moment in time when the governments of the world in collusion with a bought and paid for biased media launched a coordinated attack on humanity. They're committing a huge crime and breaking laws that go beyond the laws of man. More and more people are waking up to what's going on, and I think we won't stand for the evil and the bullshit for much longer. I'm trying to follow my heart more, and listen to my intuition, but I'm angry and that is difficult to deal with. I'm looking at myself in the mirror and there are things there that are difficult to face, but I feel I have to face all of myself and heal wounds I didn't even know I had. I think this can be a time of healing for all of us. It's a time for courage also. I'm no tough guy, I'm quite sensitive which I've always though was a weakness, but maybe it's a strength, I don't know. We have to stand strong. Now I really am waffling on. It's late, and sometimes I find it hard to convey in words what I'm thinking and feeling. If the world can change for the worse in a very short time, it can also change for the better in just as short a time. We'll reassert our freedom and remain human.
  2. Fear + low iq + spinelessness = the phone booth people. Will that new fashion accessory protect them against malnutrition as a result of a gigantic economic crash? Morons. They look so happy. It's hilarious and sad at the same time.
  3. So they're rewarding him for killing a white girl? Is that what they're doing now? If that was my daughter, I'd serve justice myself.
  4. That sounds quite evil. It sounds like something the paedophile establishment would come up with to get in the way of justice. Where is the point of forgiveness? Is it after the child has been raped and killed, or during the act? What about the perpetrator? Does karma wait until he or she dies or do they reach some conclusion on their death bed and feel all guilty and cry and then forgive themselves? Where is the point in space and time where forgiveness occurs. Karma sounds like a perpetual cycle of evil, cooked up from the primitive minds of certain people at some point in history.
  5. This. Where are the guardian angels for all the children the cabal and their paedophile rings do unspeakable things to? Those poor kids need guardian angels more than anyone, but they end up suffering in horrifying ways. Then there's the wars and all the deaths of innocent people, whole families wiped out through no fault of their own. I've had a few close shaves myself, inches away from being kicked out of my meat suit but escaping with grazed knees or a bump on the head. Quite incredible when I think about it... guardian angel or just dumb luck. I don't know. It's a nice idea, but it's difficult to reconcile what I wrote above with the idea of everyone having a guardian angel looking out for them, and if there's many people who don't have one, then why? Why them? Why me? I'm not even going to bother trying to understand how this whole life thing works, I'll only end up with more questions than answers. All we can do is our best, and also just hope for the best. We either have free will, or God/Angels intervene, not sure if we can have both.
  6. July was actually more like october/november, very autumnal. I don't think the temperature is that high, not the record breaking stuff we had a few years back... I remember walking around London in 38 degrees. The humidity and lack of air con in the uk makes it feel worse. it's 28.5 degrees in this room as I type. I was more worried about the low temperatures and grey skies in July. They probably didn't want people going out in a nice blue sky July summer, mingling and wondering where the big bad virus is. The control freaks want to control every last thing they can, including the weather, it's utterly pathetic.
  7. I understand what you're saying, if someone threw coffee (or any other beverage) in my face it would almost be a reflex action to throw hands, but at this time I think keeping a cool head is vitally important since a lot of people are shitting themselves and on edge, or just knobheads looking for an excuse like the coffee thrower. My position at this time is patience, fear control, and righteous self defence (not that I know shit about self defence really, nor am I a so called hard man). Even silence can be a good defence against verbal aggression I reckon, I used to deal with the occasional school bully with silence, they didn't know what the fuck to do and usually walked away puzzled. I'm not sure if the "woman" who threw the coffee did it stealthily or wether she mouthed off before hand, if she had have mouthed off first then I would already be standing up and watching her like a hawk. Evasion and deflection is usually better than conflict for me, I'm not what you'd call a scrapper. Fucked up times we're living in, it would almost be funny if it wasn't so serious, it's fascinating in a way. I bet the same "woman" tells people to "stay safe"... yeah safe from her coffee throwing antics.
  8. Looking at that brawl video I think some certain types of people will use the whole mask thing as an excuse to openly be arseholes. The thing that threw coffee in the guys face, well that's assault for one, and she seems like a very unpleasant person.
  9. I've seen Liverpool lift the league title now (I was too young to appreciate it the last time, 30 years ago) so I'm thinking football can sort of just fuck off now. If it doesn't exist in a free world, a normal world free of psychopathic control freaks and pedo's, and fake viruses etc. then I'll just quit watching the shit. (I say that, but I'll probably be watching as soon as the new season starts).
  10. I had to go out the other day to the local shop, I was the only one in the shop without a mask, even the woman on the till had one on. There was a guy in a mask and he asked if I was before him in the queue, very polite didn't seem arsed that I had no mask on. An old woman nearly jumped out of her skin and looked at me for a few seconds then looked away, she had a newspaper in hand ready to pay for her daily dose of terror and propaganda. I felt elated walking back home though... so weird, going to the local shop without a slave mask seems like a revolutionary act, I felt victorious, it's crazy. I Found myself feeling a bit nervous before I went out, like I was heading into battle or something. I think that part of the problem of mass mask wearers is that they think it's temporary, "it's only for now"... "once the virus has gone"... etc. I wonder how long the mask wearing will last "officially" and how long the general public will wear them. How long is too long? A month? 6 months. It has to be an energy drain to wear one, not just physically but psychologically. I'll never wear one, some kind of conflict seems inevitable, I just hope more and more people start getting pissed off with wearing them and stop doing it. I've already seen loads of discarded masks lying in the streets.
  11. It's a stunning and sobering video. It should be broadcast on prime time tv, but we know how the MSM works now and who it works for. I think the penny will drop soon, and we'll sort out those that need to be sorted out, it's centuries if not millennia overdue.
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