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  1. 12 hours ago, Mr H said:

    I only really have a draft hypothesis but I do believe that the normalisation and subsequent heavy dependence on porn is an agenda to de-man, men as well as help facilitate the break up of normal men/women relationships.



    A few weeks ago I came to the conclusion that porn is wrong. I thought it, and more importantly I felt it. So I'm kind of wrestling with it now, I feel it's wrong, but it's the only time I get to see a naked woman!

  2. At this point in my life I'm undateable and have been for a long time. 


    Women are married to the government/corporations, and their side pieces are the bad boys. I can't compete with that.


    The levels of destruction that have been inflicted upon us over many years is staggering.


    Men are no longer the provider (although in truth I never have been. I've always been poor... I think I'm just fucked when all's said and done)


    It is what it is. 

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  3. 18 hours ago, Messenger said:

    The cabal feel that consciousness is a gift and if a person will not use that gift and take control of their mind and consciousness then they will.


    If they thought consciousness was a gift then surely they'd do all they could to encourage it and encourage free thinking etc? If they think it's a gift why do they work around the clock to keep people asleep and unconscious? If a person won't use the gift then maybe that's because it's being undermined at every turn from a vast array of angles. 


    18 hours ago, Messenger said:

    Also, they are not people. The Anunnaki are highly advanced entities who can create life such as they did with humans. Personally I think they are idiots, Enki or Enlil or whichever one of them decided that it was a good idea to create a worker bee-like species with such a easily corruptible and gullible mind. At least they could have given man and woman a better moral compass so that we don't have murderers and rapists such as hillary clinton, bill clinton, gerald ford, etc in such powerful positions. Henry kissinger, zbignew brzinski (and his daughter who works for MSNBC), etc.



    In my opinion the most advanced beings are the wisest and most loving. The ones who use technology for the betterment and benefit of mankind and not for enslavement.


    I don't believe we are a worker bee-like species at all, and if we do have such an easily corruptible and gullible mind then it's because at heart and soul level we are innocent.


    Man and woman do have a good moral compass, the Clinton's and the Kissinger's of this world do nothing but lie and exploit and take advantage of the good nature of people. It's not as if the average man or woman know that those freaks are evil but vote for them anyway.


    Are the Annunaki the cabal? If the so called Anunnaki exist then they're just dickheads, little more than a parasite race who can't do anything on their own or have the wisdom and grace to just leave people be to live out their lives in peace. They sound pathetic and pitiable. They sound like the young psychopathic child pulling the wings off flies and watching the ants devour them.


    18 hours ago, Messenger said:

    What people have done "wrong" is allowing their mind to be stolen/taken over by propaganda (TV/Tel-a-Vision) and their consciousness to remain low from bad "food" (aspartame, fructose, corn syrup, soy, cassava, starch, sugar, etc), violent movies (fear and death lowers the human oscillation rate), fluoridated water, vaccines (mercury/thimerosal, human fetus cells, aluminum, etc).


    People are not the wrong-doers, the cabal is and always have been. People haven't allowed their mind to be stolen/taken over, they've simply been brainwashed and poisoned from cradle to grave. Working to keep people unconscious and then saying "see, they're unconscious, they don't deserve the gift of consciousness"! It's bullshit and classic psychopathy.

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  4. 3 hours ago, BlueSky said:

    I was just reading this article on this sites main page https://davidicke.com/2020/09/15/the-abdication-syndrome/


    I'm trying to trust myself at least 🙂




    Interesting article although the writer lumps Trump in with historical dictators like Stalin and Hitler, not that I give a shit about Trump, I don't trust him either.


    I think it's becoming more difficult to take responsibility for one's own life because we live in a society set up for children. As civilisation becomes more infantilised where everything is controlled (even increasingly to the point of our very own thoughts and behaviour) and as everything becomes more automated especially traditional manual jobs, then it's getting harder to be self sufficient. 

    So I think it's not so much about a desire to return to the state of a child but more that the alternative paths of self sufficiency and self responsibility look like they're being closed off by the day. Everything is getting big, big pharma, big farming, big dairy, big goverment, and so on and so forth... I don't see how one can be a responsible and self sufficient adult if the very means of survival are ever increasingly owned and controlled by the very few.


    A cabin in the deep woods sounds very appealing to me these days! I'd have to hunt and gather though, not sure how good at that I would be.


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  5. Who did I trust and not now?...

    No one, and I don't really trust any of the institutions, etc. we have in place in society. There are certain people I want to trust. I trusted things when I was a kid because I was a kid, once I got into my late teens I knew something was up.



  6. I only completed about 20% of secondary school, if that. I basically took myself out of the education system after junior school through epic truancy. Even when I was in school I generally just sat around and pretended to work. I don't know if there was any special reason for it, it just seems to be how I am. So I didn't go through the full programming thing. The schools I attended were shit anyway.


    I did try adult learning gcse courses once or twice but dropped out after a couple of months. One English course was a class full of women, led by a woman tutor, and the work she gave us was mostly feminist drivel. The first and last straw was giving us a Fay Weldon book to read, about a disgruntled middle aged housewife... Fuck off. I was out of there, and she knew it as well. After that particular lesson she said "come back next week!" and smiled. I smiled back and thought no chance. 






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  7. 25 minutes ago, Velma said:

    Our government, the cabinet and their chosen advisors are responsible for an unparalleled health crisis and I don't mean 'coronavirus.' Patients with acute conditions, needing urgent medical attention are denied it and referred to an NHS phone operator instead. In other words, sentenced to death, in some cases.


    An exponential increase in obesity due to redundancy, internet dependency, lack of exercise, with no facilities in which to stay fit, swimming pools, gyms, sports, dancehalls etc., not to mention the “eat junk to help out” scheme, compounded by a lack of vitamins and fresh air from confinement indoors and masks.


    Then there is the mental health crisis, which the 'elite' were promoting long before any lockdown. Remember that one? We're all depressed or going nuts! Well, we probably are now! Their solution for that seems to be, suicide. It saves them the job of killing you, like they are doing to the sick and eldery in care homes.


    TPTB are not accepting culpability for any of this, although it's all a direct result of the policies and arbritrary measures which they enforced, by making us criminals for non-compliance in their planned societal collapse. The writing is on the wall, literally. The Georgia Guidestones spell it out. Choose your side!


    (N.B. I do not advocate suicide as a solution to anything, there is always hope!)



    You can get fit anywhere. Gyms, swimming pools, etc. are nice to have but fitness can be achieved without those things. Confinement is a personal choice during these "lockdowns". 


    Situational depression is temporary. I think it's just a response to a bad situation, once you get through that you come out the other side stronger.


    As for suicide, the poor bastards who choose that probably have severe mental health problems to begin with. 


    I'm fucking all in on this situation now, they've fucked up. They'll get nothing from me except defiance, resistance, and righteous justified God given self defence. I'm all in right to the bitter end.


    Fear is betraying God.

    Cowardice is betraying God.

    Acquiescence to evil is betraying God.


    I'm not even necessarily religious but this is looking more and more like a straight up battle between good and evil, and I'm on God's side, and I'm on mankind's side, and I'm on freedom's side.


    I'm not having a go at you, I'm just having a bit of an angry morning! 


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  8. It's probably a number of things that have combined to repress young peoples imaginations etc. Social media, video games, education system... instead of being the creators of new movements and genres and things, they just seem to have become followers of empty trends. Maybe they're not spending as much time together any more.



  9. That James Howard Kunstler piece just says to me that previous civilisations were in many ways more advanced than we are now. 


    We may in fact be one of if not the most regressed and oppressed civilisations ever to walk the earth.


    I believe we'll get back to our true ways, it could take a while but we'll get there.

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  10. 3 hours ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    “The modern world will not be punished. It is the punishment.” — Nicolás Gómez Dávila, critic of modernity


    I looked up the definition of the word modern, and it says something like "relating to the present time, what is current" etc. Well as far as I can see most of the things that are described as modern, especially in relation to architecture and the like, is just shit. Bland, angular, cold, harsh, uninspiring buildings and such. By describing that stuff as modern, then aren't they saying that beauty and elegance and real art is outdated and the old way of doing things? How can beauty be outdated? It's bullshit.


    By that definition, then surely the Sistine Chapel in it's day was modern. The most beautiful buildings in the world were once modern.





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  11. Dating sites/apps just seem like a revolving door for sex athletes. "Lynn these are sex people!"

    They might not have necessarily started out that way, but they seem to have gone more towards the way of hookup culture these days. Serial dating for days out and meals etc. is a thing. It's a good job I'm poor! Try being a doley and a man on a dating site, I've done that in the past, it was soul destroying stuff. I started to become very bitter for a time, but thankfully I've made peace with the realities of "love and romance". It is what it is, nowt I can do about it.




  12. 1 hour ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    "Cover it all up! cover it up immediately! Mustn't inspire the people and make them feel good about themselves!"


    They call it "improvements" and "modernisation". I call it evil. I mean how broken and dark do you have to be to go around hiding beauty?

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  13. 2 hours ago, Jack said:

    hhm i wonder if this gets the ball rolling for it to be cancelled, just like Berlin, would hate to be proved wrong though


    I don't know... if you can cancel a protest then surely it's not a protest. I thought the whole point of a protest was to stand up against something that's detrimental to the health and well being of a people, group, or society, etc.

    It's like a bully saying "I've banned your right to defend yourself, now give me 50p", at which point you smack him in the mouth and then get a couple of good ones in when he's down for good measure.

    Are they going to cancel any BLM "protests" I wonder?


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  14. The way the cops were following him was a bit silly, there should have been a cop around the other side of the car in a pincer movement before he even got to the door, and that vest grab was pathetic, the officer was off balance. 

    A moron + incompetent cops... was never going to end well.

  15. 33 minutes ago, - TZC - said:

    I hope you're right. I will go through whatever and maintain but others have many concerns that I don't. You can't convince someone to forget about their kids welfare and do what's necessary.  Ironically though they might find their kid snatched anyway, it is all bleak and surreal at the moment


    I hope I'm right too! I know what you mean about others having concerns that you don't, I have no kids, no job to lose, or anything like that, there's people with jobs, kids, mortgages, rent, all that crap... all stuff that the orchestrators of this mess will want to weaponise. That could be a breaking point, if they try to take their kids away. 


    I think there's only two choices now, stand or fall. I think we will stand.

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  16. 1 hour ago, jonesthepost said:



    Yeah right; these mask wearing ignoramuses are just ‘scared’, or just conforming because they haven’t got a mind of their own; bugger that, they’ll get no support from me!




    What those idiots don't understand is by dragging people out of stores for being normal and free, all they are doing is arranging for themselves to be dragged out of their homes by the authorities at 3am somewhere down the line. They're doing their best to bring that kind of shit in, and if it happens the idiots will be dumbfounded and surprised. It's the kind of shit that happens in all tyrannies, the rabid mob doing the states bidding fuelled by state propaganda. It doesn't come from the police or the army at first, it comes from the people, and that is scary shit.

    I do believe more and more people are getting wise to the game though. The push back is there and when it gathers enough pace there will be no stopping it. Nothing will come between the people and freedom.



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  17. 3 minutes ago, Mr H said:

    Yeah it's surreal when I go outside now people started wearing them walking around and even as fashion accessories. Kinda like I'm in a computer game and there's loads of bandits around your town! Freaky!


    They're pissing me off! but I don't want to blame them too much, they think they're "doing their bit during the terrible crisis". If only they realised that they're doing their bit to damage (perhaps irreparably) their children's normal healthy development. They're doing their bit to plunge mankind into a fascist/communist/marxist technocratic living hell. They will wake up, but time is getting shorter.


    I'm doing my bit by not wearing a mask, reminding people that it's normal and healthy to not wear a mask. I haven't had any shit off anyone yet thankfully, but if that ever happens I'll be as patient as I can with them, I'll be as kind as I can, I'll keep things simple and try to lead them from their terrified overloaded brains into their gentle calm intuition. Easier said than done probably! 


    I've spent my whole life sort of avoiding people, I'm far from an extrovert, but there's probably no better time than now to connect with people and end the madness.

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    The more I see this mask shit, the more freaky and fucked up it becomes. It will never be normal, ever. The people wearing masks and even virtue signalling about it seem to be very far gone. I can scarcely comprehend the thought process of donning a mask and trying to enforce other people to do the same. These people are circling the edge of the pit, I hope they come to their senses before it's too late. It's a long way back from hell.

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  19. On 8/23/2020 at 1:37 PM, Cassady said:

    It is. I went off on one a few weeks ago to my best mate for 40 years and his response was ' I've got my own shit to worry about '. He has as we all have but how can people but what gets me is what is going on IS everybodys shit . Its not on a personal level as in job , family issues etc but on a collective level this is everybodys shit and its going to get shittier.


    That's like being on a boat with someone and pointing out a hole "is that a hole? Oh shit we're taking on water!" and they reply "I've got my own shit to worry about". 

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