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  1. I only skimmed over that, but it said clothes shops will have to close, so they're saying clothes are not essential items now. The weather is getting colder as well. Why is anyone still listening to those lunatics?
  2. He's the epitome of a little shit. He's the definition of a shithouse. I didn't really read that speech, just skimmed over it. What I gathered is he was waffling on about wanting to put us all in a digital prison and little shitbags like him want to be our overlords. Fuck off Hancock.
  3. Where is the so called "virus"? I've walked around here and there, local shops, been on the bus a few times into town, and I've seen posters on bus stops reminding us of social distancing and masks, I've seen signs on the ground, arrows saying to stay 2 metres apart, I've seen people wearing masks and slathering hand sanitiser on themselves, but I've seen no evidence of a virus. If all these reminders were removed by morning tomorrow, if all the posters and signs were gone, then the "virus" would disappear along with them. It's been months, any so called deadly disease would have blown through all of us by now, I don't give a shit how much social distancing there is or how protected people think they are, it would have happened, but it hasn't. It's time to end this charade now, it's long outstayed it's unwelcome. We can end this now.
  4. The idea of gas lighting or being gas lit just makes me want to punch the shit out of the gas lighter.
  5. We are the higher power, certainly higher than a handful of parasites. We're the good ones, they're evil child violating scum. They don't get to tell me what to do. Get one of them in a room and they wouldn't even be able to look us in the eye. I'm not saying I'm this big tough bloke, but fuck those bastards. More people are waking up, it might not seem like it, but it's happening.
  6. It's a horrible situation. They are chipping away at us, but something tells me they're not going to like what they find when they've finished. With each tap of the chisel they're revealing a defiant, fearless man filled with love for God, Mankind, and Freedom. They're busy beavering away at their own demise. They're pitiful and weak. It might get ugly, these kind of things always seem to end up that way, but I don't obey evil, and I'll resist those bastards right to the end. We'll win this, we just need to stand firm and do what's right, for ourselves, for each other, and for future generations.
  7. If people can't afford the gym they should just go old school and get some home weights. Yeah there is a limit on weight and equipment and all that but it's better than nothing. I used to do press-ups and squats (without weights) a couple of times a week and it got me in pretty decent shape and I felt better and healthier. I haven't done that for a couple of years though now so I should get back to it, especially more so being in my mid 40's.
  8. Will we ever get back to that? What price will people be willing to pay to get back to that? The empty stadiums are disgusting. The kneeling for marxist terrorists is disgusting. The "virus" propaganda is disgusting. If only football fans could come together against the corrupt governments and their masters like they do for football. Imagine if every full football stadium in the world came together and sang from the same hymn sheet and kicked out the pedo's and globalists, we could take back the world and our freedom in an instant.
  9. @Messenger She wasn't my ex, just a family acquaintance. I don't think I wanted her to be interested in me as I found her conversation opener detestable. It's like she was weighing up whether or not to bother with me based on my employment status/income bracket. I wouldn't have lied to her, I don't see the point of lying, I've lied in the past, nothing serious, but lies eventually rise to the surface and then pop like a zit oozing everywhere and then you have a mess to clean up, usually with more lies!. Money just doesn't seem to be a big drive in my life. Maybe there is simply just something wrong with me. That's kind of you to say you have faith in me. I need my mojo back, or some of it back at the least. I used to like photography, I was trying to learn that in the past few years but I've lost the passion for it these past few months.I wasn't particularly great at it anyway but I enjoyed "the mission" and being outdoors. I've still got some decent cameras in the bottom of my cupboard. I'll find my way back, but I need to put the work in.
  10. Maybe I was doing both at the same time. Things don't always come across as intended on internet forums anyway.
  11. This is another thing that gets on my tits, you've got to make a woman laugh. What does it even mean? Do you crack jokes? "A man walks into a bar". Do you need to work on material like a stand up comedian? Women laugh when I pull my pants down, does that count? (only joking, they never laughed which was nice of them).
  12. It's like a psychological war of attrition. Well I'm a stubborn bastard, so they can take their "cases" and shove them up their arses. The whole thing is bullshit.
  13. There will probably be millions without jobs soon if the evil ones succeed. So you constantly date many guys? So do you take them out on dates and pay? That's an interesting dynamic... Guys without jobs are wrong? The final nail in dating's coffin.
  14. There is no new normal, it does not exist. There is only normal and abnormal, and this whole "virus" situation is abnormal.
  15. Translation; how much money do you make? That's the exact point dating ends for me, and it's one of if not the first questions. Only the bad boys, the ex convicts, the criminals get away with not having a good job. I saw a woman a couple of years ago that I hadn't seen for a few years, the first thing she said to me was not "how are you"? I haven't seen you for a long time" etc. it was "are you working"? I gave her a flat, cold, slightly angry "NO". And that was the end of that. I caught her glancing my way a couple of times during that night, but I looked away and drank a couple more beers and then went home. Like I said, I'm undateable.
  16. I'm about ready to walk away from football. It's an empty shell now, and I'm sick of the kneeling bullshit and propaganda. Watching overpaid men kick a ball around in empty stadiums isn't much to cheer about. Without fans football is nothing. My question is will football fans sell their souls and give away their freedom and future to get back into the stadiums to see their beloved teams? Will they clamour for a vaccine just for the privilege of doing what they used to do as normal? The removal of privileges and then the reintroduction of same privileges but with strings attached. I choose to walk away if that happens. Not that I go to the match, I'm an armchair supporter. I've been following my team for about 30 years. It's a religion in this city, it's woven into the fabric of the culture.
  17. I think it's Tantric sex, some hippy bullshit, Sting seems to be an expert.
  18. I don't do anything for a living. I have no income. I'm basically at the will work for food stage! Shrivelled and closed I think, but not too shrivelled and not too closed. I still love life even though it sometimes resembles hell. I'm a cryer. Which is a brutal affliction for a man. I cry at sad films, happy films, because someone else is crying, it's horrific! I'll never cry in front of a woman again especially not one I'm attracted to. I can be quite cautious and guarded, I could do with letting myself go more, let what's left of my hair down. I don't really know what this bit means. I'm always looking around on my walks. I like to see animals and birds and things, I saw a Fox a few months ago in the early hours, twilight, he/she stood across the road looking at me, we both stood still and I said something daft like "Hello Fox" or something. It was a great moment and one I'll always treasure. Yes. But I think I am a failure in a way, because I don't seem to be living the life I would like to, and I'm poor. Money. It always comes down to money! Nah, I have no children so... We'll see what happens. I hope when the time comes I'll have the balls to face it all like a man, and at least go down swinging if it comes to that. There are very few empty moments, I like my own company and always find something to do and things to appreciate.
  19. Nah, I'm in my 40's now, and I look like hammered shit. I think I've been to too many funerals these past few years and it's all taken it's toll a bit on my health. I've had a couple of girlfriends back in the mists of time so at least I'm not a virgin. If I go more than a week or two without a five knuckle shuffle the wet dreams start, and waking up with sticky sheets at 4 am pisses me off! I won't be speaking to women at least not for a while. My confidence is in the toilet anyway. I know the solution to my problems lies with me, and only by my effort alone can I solve them.
  20. Never. 10 years ago maybe, but not now, no chance.
  21. No woman on the planet wants a poor man, I don't care who she is. It doesn't really matter because it looks like pretty soon everyone will be poor if the evil ones get their way.
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