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  1. I've been out and about and looking all around me since March last year and I've seen no evidence of a "virus". All the supposed vulnerable older folks in our street, pootling around on their mobility scooters, are still with us as well. You'd think there'd be bodies being taken out of houses, ding ding "bring out your dead", but no, nothing. All the supposed outbreaks and death tolls always seem to happening everywhere but our immediate vicinity. Mind you they showed a map of Britain on the news with some red bits on, that seems to count as evidence for some people.
  2. If June the 21st is "Freedom Day" then what are all the other days? Why are people even waiting, open up now, open up everything. If people give their freedom away to someone else or something else, like a government, to give and take away as that other sees fit, then people are not free at all. Every day is freedom day, and has been since the day we were born, express it, live it. I am free, you are free, we are all free.
  3. I'll know I've made it in life once I get a good shed of my own. I could just be a hunter gatherer, and build temporary shelters out sticks and leaves and wander the wilderness until the robot dogs catch up with me.
  4. She's not a Scouser, I thought she sounded more Manc, turns out she's from Clitheroe, Lancashire. It's a funny rant but the message might sort of get lost in the language she used. I don't know if she's necessarily controlled opposition, maybe she's more useful opposition, like they could give her airtime and people might end up associating her language and that with "dissenters" that kind of thing. I might be reading too much into it though.
  5. I've just typed Prophecy Gym Liverpool into google maps, and weirdly enough the gym is right next to Astrazeneca and Seqirus Vaccines.
  6. I think we're still in the infancy of it, we're in it but it's only the beginning. They don't have the numbers of goons to truly enforce the "rules" at this stage, they seem to be concentrating on intimidating old ladies and beating up gym owners at the moment. It may very well get worse before it gets better. But who knows what the future will bring, things can turn very quickly. I'm still optimistic that people won't take much more tyranny, and freedom will prevail.
  7. Skills are worth more than money.
  8. Sounds like a pretty good place to be. You've just got to do what's right for you really I suppose. If you have the means to get somewhere better, then go for it if that's what you want to do. I'm stuck here in England, I don't have the finances to leave the country, so whatever the future brings I'm here to stay for better or worse. Shite state of affairs but it is what it is. I sort of like the idea of being with my people and making a last stand against tyranny though.
  9. I thought the same thing. The tentacles of the cabal reach all around the globe, no nation is getting away unscathed really. You could buy some time by going somewhere with less restrictions, but I think the places with the least restrictions would be what are considered 3rd world places. I've often thought about just pissing off into the deep woods and living off fish, plants, and squirrels. A log cabin in the woods sounds very good to me, but it's not too realistic at the moment.
  10. Why even "report" that? Why even do a "survey"? Why even say it? Basically it's bullshit, "see, everyone wants it". I think they pull most of these supposed surveys out of their arses.
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2010/sep/14/about-this-site This website is funded by support provided, in part, by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The journalism and other content is editorially independent and its purpose is to focus on global development. All our journalism follows GNM’s published editorial code. The Guardian is committed to open journalism, recognising that the best understanding of the world is achieved when we collaborate, share knowledge, encourage debate, welcome challenge and harness the expertise of specialists and their communi
  12. Was always going to happen. It's amazing how that one "journalist's" opinion, fits in with the globalist agenda. A supposed "freelance" writer calling for Africa to "rein in" the Tanzanian President, using all the usual agenda words like "anti vaxxer" and "conspiracies" etc. That article is the words of the cabal. Newspapers aren't even fit to wipe your arse on.
  13. I've just been to the cash machine outside tesco, and the woman before me walked off and left a tenner in the machine, so I shouted "excuse me", she turned around and looked at me and I pointed at the tenner in the slot, she said "awww thanks love! my head's just fell off lately". I just smiled at her. She was wearing possibly the thickest mask I've seen so far, some pink designer thing. I feel a bit annoyed with myself for not at least planting a seed and telling her masks are causing a multitude of health problems, like poor concentration and that, but in the moment coupled with introv
  14. ^^^ WTF is that evil sick shit? Very disturbing.
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