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  1. Ah passive aggressiveness, the mark of a coward. You didn't even have the balls to tell me to fuck off even though you wanted to. You're kind of right though about leaving the thread if I don't have any interest, I just don't like the way you went about saying it. I'll leave you guys to it.
  2. Isn't flat earth just another ludicrous theory/belief to discredit conspiracy research? "LOL they believe the earth is flat don't they!". It seems really obvious to me. Why is it when you blow a bubble even through a square hole it becomes spherical? Gravity. It's a distraction at best, people arguing whether or not the earth is flat or spherical while the cabal works flat out to destroy our lives.
  3. Has the Smartphone turned people into observers of a new twisted form of life as opposed to active participants in real life? They don't see with their own eyes, they look at the screen through the eye of the phone, like it's all some movie or tv show, standing there in a hypnotic stupor.
  4. What happened to the Hippocratic Oath? https://www.exeter.ac.uk/students/graduation/bmbs/hippocraticoath/ Hippocratic Oath Declaration of a New Doctor As a new doctor, and a member of the medical profession: I solemnly pledge that I will do my best to serve humanity – caring for the sick, promoting good health and alleviating pain and suffering. I will care for all patients equally and not allow prejudice to influence my practice. I will respect the autonomy and dignity of my patients, and will uphold their confidentiality. I will acknowledge my patients’ physical, psychological, and social needs and assist them to make informed decisions that reflect their own values and beliefs. I will respect, support and give gratitude to my teachers, colleagues and all those who sustain the NHS. I will reflect on my practice and recognise my limits. I will seek to increase my understanding and skills, and promote the advancement of medicine as both a teacher and a learner. I will work towards a fairer distribution of health resources and oppose policies in breach of human rights. I will look after my own physical, mental and emotional well-being in my personal and professional life. I shall never intentionally cause harm to my patients, and will have the utmost respect for human life. I will practice medicine with integrity, humility, honesty and compassion. I recognise that the practice of medicine is a privilege with which comes considerable responsibility and I will not abuse my position. I make this declaration sincerely, freely and upon my honour. Looks like the Hippocratic Oath was euthanised along with all those poor old people.
  5. Lead the world where? Into a living hell?
  6. The ping app reminds me of a scene from Resident Evil 4.
  7. Isn't this the era of "Me too" and "toxic masculinity", and divorce laws which greatly favour women and oppress and criminalise men? Isn't this the era of hookup culture where women are encouraged to be "empowered" by sleeping around with as many men as they can? Isn't this the era where normal interactions between men and women are viewed as sexual harrassment? Western women threw men under the bus a long time ago when they chose feminism that told them it was bad to be a wife and mother, and that they can "have it all". Maybe the men no longer give a shit. Maybe they no longer think women are worth fighting for. It's all by design. Drive a massive wedge between men and women, and destroy the family. Divide and rule in every facet of our lives. And it's worked as well. Marriage rates have tanked, birth rates have tanked. Western men have been undermined and disempowered for decades, and it's only getting worse.
  8. "Two weeks... two weeks... to flatten the curve".
  9. "Dr Bill Gates" He's definitely taking the piss.
  10. As far as tyranny is concerned the Russians have got previous. Now they're on board with the cabal salivating over the potential for a global electronic/medical/economic gulag system. They haven't won yet, but as the saying goes shit's getting real.
  11. I've been out and about and looking all around me since March last year and I've seen no evidence of a "virus". All the supposed vulnerable older folks in our street, pootling around on their mobility scooters, are still with us as well. You'd think there'd be bodies being taken out of houses, ding ding "bring out your dead", but no, nothing. All the supposed outbreaks and death tolls always seem to happening everywhere but our immediate vicinity. Mind you they showed a map of Britain on the news with some red bits on, that seems to count as evidence for some people.
  12. If June the 21st is "Freedom Day" then what are all the other days? Why are people even waiting, open up now, open up everything. If people give their freedom away to someone else or something else, like a government, to give and take away as that other sees fit, then people are not free at all. Every day is freedom day, and has been since the day we were born, express it, live it. I am free, you are free, we are all free.
  13. I'll know I've made it in life once I get a good shed of my own. I could just be a hunter gatherer, and build temporary shelters out sticks and leaves and wander the wilderness until the robot dogs catch up with me.
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