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  1. But it does say "and has additional measures in place that we are ENCOURAGING visitors to follow to keep everyone’s experience safe."
  2. Thanks. (I'm still none the wiser lol).
  3. Not sure if this has been covered yet but I have a question about the lateral flow tests. As far as I'm aware the lateral flow test is based on the pcr test. If this is correct, do we know how many cycles it is equivalent to on the pcr test (if that makes sense)? I wonder if the sensitivity of the lateral flow test can vary depending on how many cases are happening in a certain area at a certain time?
  4. What would be the normal number of people under 50 on ventilators this time of year in that hospital in previous years?
  5. I'm not following what you mean there sorry.
  6. Nope, never been tested. I don't need a test to tell me whether I'm poorly or not lol.
  7. I've not seen that. Do you have any links? Thanks.
  8. I have seen videos and talk of magnets sticking to the injection sites of 'vaxxed' people for a while now but completely believed they were fake. I have since tried it myself on my partner and my parents who have had the jab. It does stick to their arm/shoulder. In fact it actually sticks to both arms! ?? I tried it on myself and can get it to stick mildy on one shoulder (I've not had the jab). Its sticks to one shoulder on my 15yr daughter (not had jab). It doesn't stick to 10yr son (again not had jab). What is this about? I'm assuming it is a natural phenomenon but unsure yet as to why. Try it on yourself guys (assuming most of you have not had the jab).
  9. Surely this is a bullshit video that they are using to gauge peoples opinions of whether they can actually get away with it or not.
  10. How does terrain theory explain catching a common cold off someone close to you?
  11. Corvadt does sound similar to covat. https://covatnow.org/
  12. Top job. I just checked myself and it is still up on bbc iplayer (for now).
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