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  1. Maybe it's all for the best. Sorry for sounding a little like bill gates-esque but if peeps are too stoopid to get out of the way when a roaring runaway train comes charging in their general direction, or an unexploded WW2 bomb is found and they all race forward to prod and poke at it, maybe stoopid peeps have no place in this world, maybe the less stoopid peeps the less supporters the royals and politicians will have, and the less peeps to harrasses the unvaxed and maskless good honest people of the world. Maybe we're better off without stoopid peeps.
  2. The williams brothers / sisters are forever making masonic symbols in tennis. Nadal and federer are besties with bill gates Cockovic, i'm not sure about, he likes the one eye My thinking is that the masonic athletes are exempt from drug testing, which gives them a massive advantahge over everyone else. Therefore ensuring that influential sports figures are controlled, and push the nwo narrative
  3. Arry may have signed a four-book deal after his memoir book became the UK's fastest-selling ever in its first week of publication As reported by the general msm Spare has sold 750,000 copies across all formats - hardback, audio and eBook - since its release last Tuesday. The book details how ginge and the rest of the nazis are fantastic people who do nothing but endless charity work and worry all day about the british people. Arry states: “I’m writing this not as the prince I was born but as the man I have become,I’ve worn many hats over the years, both literally and figuratively, and my hope is that in telling my story — the highs and lows, the mistakes, the lessons learned — I can help show that no matter where we come from, we have more in common than we think.” As he quaffed down another bottle of champagne and turned up the heating in his free taxpayers funded mansion. Markus Dohle, the CEO of PRH, added in a separate statement that same month. “Prince Harry has harnessed his extraordinary life experience as a prince, a soldier, and a knowledgeable advocate for social issues, establishing himself as a global leader recognized for his courage and openness. It is for that reason we’re excited to publish his allegdly honest and moving story.” According to the synopsis, the memoir will be a “raw, unflinching” look into Harry’s life. “Spare is a landmark publication full of insight, revelation, self-examination, and hard-won wisdom about the eternal power of love over grief,” the description read. A few ponts have been made over this self-promoting statement, because it seems to be not that raw or unflinching as claimed. No mention is made of randy andy and his payout to sex victims. No mention is made of their best friend jeffery epstein and visits to paedo island No mention is made of charlie's infidelity whilst married to diana, and charlie later marrying a horse No mention is made of how much taxpayers money the royals spend every day. No mention is made of their german background. No mention is made that these people are self appointed royals However the royal family claims to be shaken up about the book, that Charlie and William are "particularly concerned about what Harry will reveal" in Spare. "They haven't received a copy yet and don't know what to expect. It's making them very nervous." a secret second source revealed that Harry and Meghan are changing "direction" when it comes to how his father will be portrayed in their upcoming projects. "They've both agreed to reach a neutral ground by softening the parts on Charles and adding intimate details about [Queen Elizabeth II's] legacy," the insider said
  4. It goes beyond that in ways to ruin people. Euthanasia is regularly done in british hospitals. My sister used to work as a nurse, she is horrified at all the scams that occur in there. They kill people. If they don't like you, if they think you are not going to make it, they will kill you and save themselves money. They save up blank wristbands and use them fool parents into taking the wrong baby home with them. Most people in britain are living with the wrong family. If they did a dna test of all the people in britain the government would have some serious questions to answer. They steal organs and sell them on the black market. They steal taxpayers money. They promote vaccines and disease outbreaks to prop up big pharma. They buy all the drugs and equipment they need to run the hospitals at 10 times the rrp from their mates, then split the profits - the nhs is hospitals / cocentration camps are naughty
  5. Good point. It's a cover. It's really all coming out of israel. Israel controls the us and most of other countries in the world through the banking system. Make US UK Europe etc the scapegoats, so peeps do not look at the middle east and where the real evil oppression is being put together.
  6. Good point. Especially as there is such thing as a vaccine. They knew the side effects especially as all the lab animals the satan juice was tested on died. Also their own patent documents filed at the patent office back in 2009 state that the mrna satan juice is a posion and toxic - They knew
  7. It certainly gave the jews a big platform, now they have holocaust sympathisers everywhere, holocaust memorial days, anytime anyone says anything skeptical about the jews, the jews burst into tears and says: Haven't we suffered enough, look at the horrors we have been through, look at the six million dead At the same time they beat palestinians to death in the streets, fire missles into palestinians homes and buildings, drive palestinians out of their homes with new laws, destroy the world through their banking system the IMF and world bank
  8. Thanks. No i haven't heard about the underwater nukes, do you have a link. The earth is mostly water, so for them to be building something out there where we do not normally go is entirely feasible. The underground bunkers is definetly a thing, even BJ had one built a few months ago when he was in power, cost you the taxpayer 6 million quid, can get a lot of food and water into a hole in the ground for 6 million
  9. Yeah but the jews knew they could not cause any trouble living in africa, but they knew shoving themselves into the middle east where they are hated would cause more wars and problems, so they dived in there. That was the sole criterion
  10. Who knows in this fucked up world we live in. I think everything that is going on is to do with the antichrist. He's on his way, and they are preparing the planet for his arrival, that's their point of view, i dunno much about it. They want everyone dead so then they can have the world for themselves, with the antichrist as their king Then on the day of judgement when god comes for them to make them account for their evil deeds, they are going to fire all the nukes in the world at him and blow god up. Again their point of view / opinion. That is why they are building so many nukes, china has thousands, usa has thousands, russia has thousands. It would take about a dozen well placed nukes to end all life on this planet, the thousands are to end god's life.
  11. Might sound controversial but i'm not a big believer of mental illnesses. I've met a few people with problems and once the doctors and instiutions get hold of them these people become slowly but surely ten times worse, talking like madmen, commiting suicide. Don't know what they do to them, but it fucks them up something big time. It like people get ill and big pharma tells them they have got aids, then they die but not from the aids but the azt drugs that eats them alive. I think the real reason is that, there are other creatures living on this planet apart from humans, some people call them ET's, some monsters but there's something going on, something i can't prove, but we are honestly not alone. I mean just look at zelensky making the devil's horns symbol with his hands, the one eye of the antichrist - so is there a devil? Why do they chant Hail Satan as they are paedoing kids at buckingham palace - something stinks
  12. Yeah but i'm not six years old and i can fight back, not like these pussies who sit there and let their kids get taken away by nazi paedophiles
  13. Yeah that might be a good idea, i mean the prisons are overcrowded as it is, costing us millions in taxdollars every year, maybe getting rid of some of them might be beneficial to the country.
  14. Tons of people with the msm approved disease of covid are travelling abroad to spend huge sums of money on the hope of life-saving treatments Apparently, according to BJ and Handcock, everyone on the planet has caught covid at one time or another, and also the deadly virus leaves residues, dangerous toxins and spores in your bloodstream that can make you really sick and increase your chances of caching covid again. Now, everyone's hero big pharma has stepped forward with the answer. Patients are getting procedures such as a blood filtering treatment and anti-clotting therapies to save their lives Because the WHO estimates many people continue to experience sickly symptoms for months after a Covid infection. In the uk Covid gives new or ongoing symptoms weeks or more after the start of the disease. The Office for National Statistics estimates the number of people with long Covid increased from 1.3 million in January this year to 4 million in May. Symptoms can include fatigue, shortness of breath, loss of concentration and joint pain. As well as affecting day-to-day activities, the condition can be severely limiting for some people. Because of this researchers, health experts and clinicians are scrambling to investigate possible treatments for covid and long Covid To give one example, Gitte Boumeester, a trainee psychiatrist in Almelo, the Netherlands spent thousands trying expensive big pharma treatments after developing severe long Covid symptoms. After undergoing treatment at The Long Covid Center in Cyprus at a cost of more than €50,000 (£42,376), she returned home, with strangely, no improvement in her covid symptoms. She received six rounds of apheresis, as well as nine rounds of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and an intravenous vitamin drip at the Poseidonia clinic next door to the clinic. Boumeester was also advised to buy hydroxychloroquine as an early treatment package in case she was reinfected with Covid, despite a review concluding that it is unlikely the drug has any benefit in the prevention of the disease. Boumeester said: I had to re-mortage her house, can't pay my bills and i am totallt broke, but i am grateful for the treatment because now i get a chance to live Dr Beate Jaeger, an internal medicine doctor, began treating long Covid patients with apheresis in February last year at her clinic in Mülheim, Germany, after reading reports that Covid causes issues with blood clotting. She told the BMJ she has now helped thousands in her clinic after patients shared their stories on social media and via word of mouth. Chris Witham, a 45-year-old long Covid patient from Bournemouth, England, spent about £27,000 on apheresis treatment (including travel and accommodation costs) in Kempten, Germany, last year. “I’d have sold my house and given it away, to get healthy again, without a second thought,” he said. The treatment did not improve his long Covid symptoms in the slightest, the BMJ reported. While some doctors and researchers believe apheresis and anticoagulation drugs may be promising treatments for long Covid, others worry patients becoming increasingly desperate are spending life-changing sums on treatments. Big pharma bosses disagree. Shamil Haroon, clinical lecturer in primary care at the University of Birmingham: “It’s unsurprising that people who were previously highly functioning, who are now debilitated, can’t work, can’t financially support themselves, would seek treatments elsewhere,” he said. “It’s a completely rational response to a desperate situation like this. But people could potentially go bankrupt accessing these treatments.” Marcus Klotz, co-founder of the Long Covid Center, told The BMJ: “We as a clinic do neither advertise, nor promote. We accept patients that have microcirculation issues and want to be treated with HELP apheresis … If a patient needs a prescription, it is individually assessed by our doctor or the patient is referred to other specialised doctors where needed.” Spokespersons for the various clinics said all treatments offered are based on medical and clinical evaluation by doctors and clinical nutritionist, diagnosis via blood tests with lab follow-ups as per good medical practice.
  15. It's like any old BS to get the royals into the papers, to keep them trending, the poor souls of the world who try so hard to help the people but just get savagely shitted on everywhere they go. IE : " Look at markle being savaged in the media " What savage? I've never seen anything but royal arsekissing to the N'th degree every chance they get. I mean who arrives into the country and gets straight onto the oprah winfrey show, onto the arsekissing papers, book deals, netflix And look at the slags and lowlifes they keep for company Meanwhile, as all this BS is going on, laughing clarkson and smiling markle high-five each other over the body of some child they are paedophiling
  16. Then there's all the rest of it: solar panels are supposed to be cheaper, but will they be? Cattle produce methane gas ( farts ) are slowly killing the planet, we must get rid of them, so no more meat except if you're a royal or politician or some other exempt person. Solar cars which breakdown all the time. When will it end
  17. . Steve Mason and other animals of the baaing and trotting nature, have got energy bills for about £7,000, after they accepted BJ's BS and replaced their heating systems with a £25,000 BJ approved green planet-saving heat pump. On the new system steve's bills have skyrocketed despite his thermostat being set at a mere 17 degrees. Grants of up to £5,000 are currently being provided to homeowners to get rid of their gas central heating system and hot water, and replace it with a BJ approved earth-friendly heat pump. Sheepfied steve a company director from Harlaxton who started using the system in July said: "The equipment cost £17,000, then there was the installation so add another £10,000 at least. I don't know where i am going to get the money to pay my energy bills."
  18. Good point. CO2 makes up 0.3% of the atmosphere, water vapour makes up 80% of the atmosphere. There's no way co2 with no proven greenhouse effects can do anything to cause heating not while being present in such small amounts at least: Now look at the profiteers calling for massive increases in taxes to pay for all of this crap: The unelected and unanswerable UN ( United Nazis against freedom ) biodiversity framework now calls for 30 percent of land and water to be conserved through government control , aka so they can the government and its buddies can have all the best areas for themselves, where the crops don't get poisined or gmo'd. Human rights advocates are skeptical, calling the agenda a “big green lie” on social media. “It’s a huge land grab, see what bill gates is doing." The Bezos Earth Fund has pledged $1 billion to these initiatives, with politicians all over the world shoving billions of dollars of taxpayers money into these self-satisfying schemes.
  19. Don't worry, they'll be dead pretty soon. As you can probably tell i lost all synpathy with the sheep a long time ago. If they want to worship the media, royals politicians and suck satan's cock then go ahead, then we can have the planet all for our selves and not have to put up with their annoying baaing and bleeting assaulting our ears every five minutes
  20. You don't have to wear one of those nano-graphene poisioned masks, it usually states " masks / face-covering " on the signs. If i ever went to a store that insisted on masks i used to just walk out and tell the blue-faced sheep to fuck off, if i really needed to go into the store i just pulled my t-shirt over my mouth then pulled it back down again once i got in.
  21. The temp is going to go up because it is cloudy. Proof yet again that carbon does not cause warming, it is the water vapour in the air ( clouds ) that have a warming effect, but they are not going to ban clouds because they can't make any scamming money out of it
  22. Here in the undeserved headlines we see the always-smiling royals with about a million dollars worth of clothes on them, arriving in their rolls royces and fancy limousines, they don't seem to be suffering from the cost of living crisis. This grinning paedo lot who just turn up somewhere and wave, and that's about it, then spend billions of pounds of the british people's money. They don't drink the evilly poisioned water or foods, this gives them extra energy for sucking satan's cock, raping kids and planning new evil on you
  23. They wanted to kill the oldies. Because the oldies don't pay taxes and the government can't make any money out of them. The care homes is slaughter central. Sellout sunak announced later that he had made 5 billion quid from all the pension money he does not have to pay out now, so some more money for his massive bank account, new cars, new houses, luxurious expensive holidays. Life's great when you are a cunt and don't give a fuck about anybody except yourself.
  24. Intresting how ol' pope'y boy knows so much about the future, almost like he helped plan it. Guess he can use this as a profit-churning excuse now to claim spiritiual divinity, that all this information is coming to him from some holy source from above and we should spot him, or go to his gofundme page
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