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  1. Last week when AstraZeneca announced they were withdrawing their Covid vaccine from the market for "commercial reasons" they quietly published their Clinical Trail data showing the long term effects (up to 2 years) after injection. The data shows that AstraZeneca was dangerously unsafe and ineffective - and should have never even been injected into a dog. 10 in 34 people injected suffered a Serious Adverse Event, defined as either: death, immediately life-threatening, hospitalization, persistent or significant disability or incapacity, congenital abnormality or birth defect, or an important medical event. 3 in 9 people injected suffered a Medically Attended Adverse Event, defined as; Adverse events leading to medically-attended visits that were not routine visits for physical examination or vaccination, such as an emergency room visit, or an otherwise unscheduled visit to or from medical personnel (medical doctor) for any reason. Dan Andrews told people they must inject this substance into their body and forced them to do so with coercive mandates and threats of being sacked and excluded from society. The evidence from this trial demonstrates this was a criminal act. Everyone politician, B-grade celebrity and government bureaucrat that pushed AstraZeneca must come out and publicly apologise and should be jailed. Further, the trial results show no evidence whatsoever that AstraZeneca "saved lives" there were only 119 people in the study over 85, and these people had the AstraZeneca vaccine pushed most aggressively upon them. criminally, the Queensland Labor shut down the QoVax which was designed to be the largest study in the world to monitor "the short, medium and long-term impacts of COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccines". They wanted to hide the data.
  2. The U.S Gov't paid off retail pharmacy chains to not fill valid ivermectin prescriptions? Now why would they want to do that?
  3. MURDER. Proof from front line staff: Several whistleblowers have provided explosive testimony during an official inquiry, revealing that hospitals were euthanizing patients during the pandemic and blaming their deaths on Covid. The patients were reportedly given a lethal drug combination before their deaths were listed under “COVID-19” in an apparent effort to boost the number of fatalities from the ‘virus’. The bombshell testimonies were provided during the ongoing Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry. The independent inquiry has now been ongoing for almost two months. The panel is investigating failures in Scotland’s response to the pandemic Hopefully someone will be going to prison for this
  4. Amazing U-Turn compilation of laughable explanations - But will the sheep buy it ? And how long can the msm presenters cross their hopeful fingers and keep a straight face, as they shit their lying pants off
  5. More strange behaviour from the nazis. Pray tell, exactly which war did they fight in, and where did all of these glorious medals come from Why is it that the guy in the middle who did see some action ( allegdely ) is the only one not allowed to wear a uniform - strange signalling
  6. No way could simple fireworks cause that much destruction. £billions worth of damage. 200,000 people homeless. The place was violently smashed with a nuke. Here's the proof :
  7. Well, i guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder ... I still would not shag anyone associated with the nazi paedophiles who have commited some of the worst crimes in human history To those who would shag her : She's already dead , If you're into that kind of thing
  8. Kate’s been found ! She’s putting her trash out in bins !
  9. Sounds like you have a very good friend in your cousin. I find the same thing, that you need to spend time and perservere on a person to wake them up, usually a quick conversation is not enough to peel away all the years of rust and decay the BBC has encrusted on your soul. The people around me at work and the ones i see on the streets don't hang around long enough to allow me to explain much of anything to them, but seeing as he is your cousin he probably had one foot in the door already as far as trust is concerned
  10. These kind of blessed people are few and far between - unfortunatly Most people are like this :
  11. Wasn't there well ( ness ) camps in australia, where civilians were imprisioned, starved, humiliated, bullied and raped by other prisioners - to keep you safe.
  12. £10, small price for selling your soul, reminds me of the free doughnut to entice the sheep into taking the satan juice
  13. It's the AI Governance the letter mentions that i wanted to highlight. AI Governance ? What does that mean ? Are we going to be ruled over by computers ? robots ? is it a joke
  14. Good point, But i would not feel sorry for her in any ostracisim in any way, sitting there covered in £millions worth of bling while the good honest british people suffer the cost of living crisis, stuffing her face at free banquets while the british people scrounge from foodbanks, living in 50 bedroom palaces and castles while the british suffer increased taxes and new taxes to pay for these parasites and scroungers
  15. People did wake up a lot to brand when he started calling for the one world government, and this puts his mates like neil oliver and chris brain under suspicion as well. What made me suspicious of brand right from the very outset is his prominence in the msm media . After watching the iraq war unfold and the way the bbc lied everyday, lie after blatant lie, saying the war was all about suddam hussain, about weapons of mass destruction, saddam's got nukes, and this was all proven to be soild lies, i've very quickly come to realise that whoever the msm praise is usually a p.o.s. and everyone the msm attacks usually has a valid point of view. This has seen me in good stead over the years, and a very good bullshit detector.
  16. Good point. But they did nuke lebanon so perhaps they are not so reluctant to employ nukes as we think, as long as it is small tactical strikes in high civilian areas such as smart cities...
  17. It's common knowledge, all over the net, obviously an open marriage, much like the last princess of wales diana + hewitt and chaz + horse face
  18. Intresting how there is no one trying to shoot andrew bridgen, neil oliver, australian malcom roberts , russell brand, or any of the other wannabe conspiracy theorists who are milking the gravy train
  19. Little Willy put Kate Middleton in the corner, and gave his shag buddy Rose a VIP seat next to Harry at a State Banquet.....holding back tears for kate But still no sign of kate as cancer is given the blame yet again, yet real cancer patients are out there running marathons and flying around the world on their bucket lists
  20. Anthony Albanese Australian Labor states he has been contacted by klaus schwab:- This morning, I received a call from Klaus Schwab. He expressed his congratulations on the successful passing of our Digital ID legislation. Mr. Schwab acknowledged our forward-thinking approach and the leadership we have shown in driving these advancements. " The World Economic Forum has a long and strong relationship with Australia, on key areas ranging from digital economy, sustainable development to quantum and Al governance. Here, I look forward to continuing to strengthen the Forum’s engagement and relationship with the Government under your leadership. I also look forward to the opportunity to meet you in person soon "
  21. We should have a covid day, much like there is a d-day, a holocaust day, a christmas day, we should have a covid day once a year to remind us lest we ever forget of the horrors perpetated
  22. Good point, reminds me of staff following me around their shop saying: Sir, where is your mask. You need to have a mask. I can't let you in without a mask." As they chocked out the words through the six face masks they were wearing I tried to argue with them, but...sheep will be sheep
  23. I hope you're right that people do start rejecting the msm , but i saw too many people line up for ukraine, line up to send donations to ukraine, line up wave the ukraine flag out of their windows, all because the bbc said so
  24. I do hope you are right, i have been reading about the anti-christ and what will be happening as the elites change the world for his coming, and it does say there will be a lot of wars and the number of men will fall to an all time low. The number of men in the world will be reducded by 90%. They must have some serious shit planned
  25. What was the turning point for you, what made you reject the satan juice, the bbc and its propoganda
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