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  1. In breeding in ex-president george bush's house, gone wild. I've been saying it for years and now finally the truth has come out and i have been proven to be right, george bush is a motherfucker.
  2. Put it all together and it spells Buuullllshiiiiitttttt Except for the sheep, then it spells Heaven, as long as they can pull themselves away from kissing their boris johnson photos, wanking off over bill gates and spunking over those satanic whores holly and phil, pair of bastards posing with their fake vaccination pics, bowing down to satan in their lodges, getting married to zionists.
  3. I do agree with most of what you say, we are being absolutly battered from all angles by the nwo, food poisioned, water poisioned, rights being stripped away, it applies to everyone from all countries and my sympathies go out to all of humanity who is suffering. The thing about afghanistan is the government over there cares for its people and has destroyed all vaccines face masks etc that the west has sent them, refused 5G and does not have a rothschild bank at its heart bleeding the country dry. A similar thing happened to iran during the 70's, they overthrew the shah who was a mason and heavily backed by the american government, and took back their own country. With no bank, the iranians were not paying billions of dollars every year to those two-faced fascist bastard, and all the country's money was being pumped back into the country and the country was growing strong, in fact it was set to be a superpower in the middle east, which terrified the israelies and hence the iran iraq war started which was designed to destroy iran and ruin its chance of becoming this superpower. It's the banks and all the zionists around it which is the problem. Destroy the banks and their ability to artfically create wealth and the world will be a better place. Afghanistan has that chance, with no foreign bank controlling the country.
  4. Mandates are not law, and mandates do not mean shit in real life if no one listens to them, First put forward your evidence that covid even exists, which you can't, then fuck off back to your masonic lodge and suck satan's cock some more.
  5. Got a wedding ring on its finger, who on earth would be desperate enough to shag that thing - maybe satan
  6. They are a poor country and are kissing arse to get the economy going, people are suffering starvation, you can't blame them for trying to take care of their own people It is understandable. Our governments over here in the west are taking care of us but in a very much different way. Least the afghans destroyed all face masks and vaccines, no 5G either. Got to give them a little credit for doing the right thing.
  7. Looks like george bush. Inbeeding gone wild.
  8. The fda approved thalidomide The fda is heavily influenced by the faucci's The fda is funded by your tax dollars, but does not care what you say.
  9. Every angle. Attack the people from every possible angle and bombard them to death with overwhelming terror, fear tactics, and i do mean to death.
  10. Where is the freedom and democracy in invading peace loving afghanistan and building an oil pipe line to make billions of dollars of profit, charging the people £20 million a day for keeping troops in afghanistan, and also lets not forget the crazy elitie celebrating their murder of 5000 civilians when they bombed their own twin towers. Now they are flooding the msm and warning us we are all in danger, the world is full of crazy terrorists. Who exactly is the terrorist here? Oh by the way don't bother asking the sheep who are too busy crying buckets of tears over the tv screen at the " bad afghans " who are the only ones in the world who have told the nwo to go fook themselves, who has destroyed all the face masks and vaccines sent to them, who have fooked off the 5G, who do not have a rothschild bank controlling the country. The real and only threat to the nwo is afghanistan, that is where the revolution will start, and the nwo know it.
  11. But don't you think the reason that arry jumped ship is because the gravy train is done being milked. The queen has lost her throne, the nwo has stated they don't need royals in this new world they are trying to create, so this duo consisting of parasites and scroungers have legged it to america to find more impressionable suckers to feed off. I mean the first thing they did was hook up with that paedo winfrey and talk a load of crap, then thay had the podcast that no one was interested in, then arry started talking about his alleged mental problems, stating that royal life was too much for him, sipping champagne and eating caviar living in mansions and palaces having butlers and servants wiping his arse all day disappearing off on luxurious expensive holidays whenever he feels like spending billions of pounds of taxpayers money, it was all too much for this poor fragile soul. I haven't tuned in much to what the two paedo and satanists are doing, last i heard they purchased a house costing £60 millions pounds for archie, paid for by the taxpayer, of course. And they were going to be refurbish it at a further cost of £60 million to the taxpayer. £120 million spent, next time you pay your ever increasing council tax you know who to blame. But i still don't think little willie looks like diana, looks like a young version of that paedo phil, who dropped dead recently. I know it is against freemasonic law to shag your own wife, just look at wacko jacko, he never shagged any women and the closest he came was bashing the bishop into a test tube and shoving it up debbie's hairy burger. With so much overwhelming evidence i don't think charlie, or cheryl which is his weekend name, ever strapped a saddle onto diana and rode that whore all night, daddy dearest must have stepped forward after watching some milfs on pornhub and buggered that bitch. Although i have heard persisting rumours charlie did actually go ass to mouth on diana to earn his brown star. So much of royal life is a mystery, we may never know who DP'ed diana, and where exactly did horse face camilla come from, must be some serious beastiality business going on there.
  12. I agree with some of what you are saying, and i personally know people who have willingly taken the vaccine, but i spent all my life being conditioned in the same way as the sheep listed to all the tv crap and were conditioned, i was exposed to all the hype and spin but when the pandemic was announced last year i cried: bullshittttt It takes a special kind idiot to believe the msm, i can't understand it.
  13. And you can't get rid of this virus because they all in breed amongst themselves. Where's isis when you need them. Find in strange that 'arry and little willie look nothing like diana, in fact they don't even look like brothers, there's no similarity you would expect from people who share the same genes. They both have the smackhead baldieness associated with drug taking though, that's the only trait they both share. And why are they wearing all those medals, exactly which war did they fight in. Or are are those medals set for world records acheived in the number of children they raped and murdered, or who managed to suck satan's cock the longest. Bastards the lot of them. I've never wished anything to befall children, but these in the photo...
  14. They are tring to kill all the old people off first as they see them as a burden on society. They themselves have admitted that the vaccine given to the over 40's is different from those under 40, as the way the virus affect the over 40's is different, if you can believe that. The cut off age for extermination is 40 and over. The under 40's will be sterilised.
  15. You think violence is a last resort, tell that to the nazi pigs who beat innocent protestors as a first and only resort. Try telling that to the sheep who have got their sleeves rolled up for the next 10 booster jabs, tell them about personal responsilbity, doubt you'll have much luck though they're too busy watching wiiloughby and schofield and crying great tears at all the sacrifices the satanic duo have made in brainwashing the people with their BS. Do you honestly believe the sheep know of satanism and psycho, when they are all glued to the tv and crying their eyes out watching the anniversary of 9/11 the biggest bullshit show ever made, broadcast by cunning satanists and psychos. They do not even begin to realise the bar stewards they are all cheering for murdered thousands of their own people and then went to afghnistan to murder millions more all in the name of an oil pipeline, raking in billions in profits. These people who make up the ovewhelming majority of our planet are thick, stupid, do not have a brain in their heads, gullible, and if you mentioned devil worshipping and satanism they would laugh in your face because all they know is the evolution bullshit the tv has taught them even though no one has ever put forward any evidence whatsoever that evolution ever happened. Buying goods? Have you even seen the sheep lining up outside asda and sainsburys, have you seen them putting in their ebay and amazon.com orders. The same companies who are fucking them up with arse, they are bowing down and worshipping. You proposals rely on the idea of some great awakening and people changing their habits, which as the evidence shows is not going to happen. The only people that are changing are the satanists, and their crueller and more oppressive measures they are rolling out almost on a daily basis.
  16. Hmm...Let's look at that in more detail> Which i am going to title: The evil government's opinion and action on the peace loving people: The people took to the streets to peacefully protest over covid 19. The government's response: Fuck you, and with two fingers still firmly raised they unleashed the first lockdown. The people took to the streets to peacefully protest over covid 19. The government's response: Fuck you and your mother, and murdered millions of defenseless people in the care homes. The people took to the streets to peacefully protest over covid 19. The government's response: Fuck you bastards, this is what we think of you cunts, and unleashed yet another lockdown. The people took to the streets to peacefully protest over covid 19. The government's response: Fuck you peasant, you want peace, I'll show you fucking peace: this is what we think of you, you can shove your peace up your fucking arse, and murdered millions with their vaccines. The people took to the streets to peacefully protest over covid 19. The government's response: Why don't you just go and die you working class pieces of shit, get off my planet, get away from me, and mandated the jab of slow death. The people took to the streets to peacefully protest over covid 19. The government's response: WE FUCKED YOU, NOW WE ARE GOING TO FUCK YOUR CHILDREN, Hail satan, and vaccinated the children. Which brings us to the present day. There is an argument being presented about repercussions, that we should keep peacefully protesting, nothing more than that. Bet the government would love it. Repercussions are nothing to worry about, because: Moving the army out onto the streets? It's going to happen anyway. Permanent lockdown? It's going to happen anyway. Mandatory vaccines? You betcha, and the dozen or so more boosters to come. Mass depopulation? An absolute certainty, you won't live long without food, water supply, shelter, then they forcibly shove you into a covid detention centre / concentration camp, and blast the world with 5-G all day long. What do you think about the alternative presented, lashing out? Hmm... some hope there. Might be a chance of taking a few of the zionists down with you, or maybe you could go and speak to your local taliban representative on guerilla tactics and how to take down the most powerful fighting force the world has ever seen, and make them into your bitches, who all of a sudden want to meet up for nice cups of tea and peace talks.
  17. A safe house for the evil zionsists to hide in so they can still run the country from underground bunkers no matter the public protests, we have to pay for it all. And the bill for the next 5 years of vaccines, we have to pay for it all. And the £7 billion B.J. gave to bill gates to fund his essential work, we have to pay for it all. And billions given to the banks this year and every year underwritten by the tax payer, we have to pay for it all. And the billions the parasites and scroungers the royals are demanding to continue their work, we have to pay for it all. And the billions required for mp's wages and never ending expense accounts, we have to pay for it all. And the billions given to the backstabbing nhs doctors and nurses who stabbed us in the back, we have to pay for it all. And the billions to pay the nazi police for beating us in the streets, and breaking up peaceful protests, we have to pay for it all. And the billions to pay the school college and university teachers to teach us that vaccines are safe and brilliant and push us down the road of destruction, we have to pay for it all. And the billions given away to support the zionist state of israel, we have to pay for it all. And the billions to drop bombs and murder people in afghanistan for twenty years, we have to pay for it all. And the billons given away every to support every freemasonic lodge, we have to pay for it all. Will we ever stop paying?
  18. Such an inspitational photo that brought immense glandness to my jubilant heart. Thanks for uplifting my day and giving me hope to continue my executioner training. There are some poor souls who do not like this photo and cannot understand why people like me would be doing cartwheels down the street. The reason is we must send out a firm message to all the tv hosts, pigs, politicans, bank executives, make them realise that they are going to lose this one and the people will rise up to drag the zionists from out of their underground shelters, shelters that they have already began construction on so they know they are going to lose yet still they persist because evil is as evil does. They love raping women, torturing children as epstein's island and all the other islands out there prove. Hurting people and worshipping satan is their sole driving force in life. And they will never stop, as long we let them live.
  19. Sports is very heavily controlled with the zionist players being given preferential treatment, no drug testing, plenty of financial backing, sponsorships etc all go to the devil worshipping williams sisters and their like, because the zionsist want their own kind in charge and at the top. Same as tv personalities, movie stars, music stars, politcians the lot of them, only zionists are allowed in, only people they have total and utter control over.
  20. No they cannot demand testing before release. But as you have seen all over the tv and newspapers, these nazis do whatever they want, you could take them to court and sue them but by the time it is done it will be too late, which the nazis know already The very best thing you can do is take a few friends with you to the hospital, pick up your mother and walk straight out of the hospital. If they say anything just ignore them and keep walking. There is absolutly nothing they can do about it. Keep your head down, tense up your muscles and barge right through them if it comes to that. I have done this so many times in similar situations, like when i go out shopping and some hitler approaches me and starts asking me where my mask is, i just ignore them and walk past. And they never do anything about it. A guy my size with all my friends behind me. They soon back down. What i have found in life, and this pandemic underlines it, is that people talk a lot but when it comes to a confrontation they back down. Some kind of human desire, some safety concerns kick in. If it ws me and i was in your situation that's what i would do.
  21. Mate, some people can't survive the first, look at all the care homes, murder, cold blooded, shame on all the staff members who watched it happen before them or participated. Each jab is going to target a specific group, they will go to the next group.
  22. Fear tactics. Big brother is watching you. Intresting thing, if everyone just walked out of their front door and went to work and got on with their lives there is nothing they can do about it. Empty threats that cannot be enforced against us. What are they going to do? Lock up million of people into a prison system that is already overcrowded as it is, drag millions of people through the courts, then have to pay millions in compensation. Ha Ha Jokes on you arden you loser, now go back to sucking the dajjals cock from that ugly smackhead mouth of yours you horse faced bitch, goofy teeth, dirty junkie loser, building underground shelters to hide in once the masses wake up to your whore deception tactics, we know where the boxwood trees are where you will live underground like the rat you are.
  23. What !!! Only triple? But what about the 5 year supply that B.J. sellout sajid and dr chris shitty have purchased from their pharma friends at £500 / jab. If a new jab is being required every six months that's 10 more jabs
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