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  1. Repetition. It's all about the non-stop repetition. Truth-by-repetition: No matter how outrageous the deception, if lies are repeated enough they will quickly become accepted as the truth Research has shown that repeating a claim increases that claim’s perceived truth value. A new study confirms what politicians and advertisers knew all along: that TBR works on virtually any kind of claim, even highly implausible ones such as convid, global warming, russia / ukraine and any other crap they chose to make up. TBR could work on any kind of claim. While claims like, “The Atlantic Ocean is the largest ocean on Earth,” are false, many people lack the knowledge needed to recognize them as such. Similarly, the implausibility of fake news does not become obvious until you have been exposed to different sources, something fake news victims ( The sheep ) actively avoid because they are too stupid to read, have no common sense and are incapble of critical thinking. The “I Want You” poster became so iconic that it became a meme, yet remains understandable. It has not only been used by other countries as part of their mobilization efforts, but also to make political statements, like the one concerning the fake putin war, and the satan juice of slow death. Finally, propagandists have used repetition to both falsify and verify claims. During the Second World War, the Allies used posters as well as cartoons to cast doubt on information that was being shared by Germany and Japan. Topics ranged from the size of their armies to the technology of their weapons American propaganda in World War one repeated its principal themes, like a kind of drumbeat. The heroic image of the patriotic soldier risking life for country that needs to be defended from enemies, are two examples of images during this period that, through their sheer repetition, are generally regarded as unquestionable today, even though they are bullshit and all they really did was make the bankers rich and reduce the world's population of working class peeps, not the upper class snobs toffs and billionaires.
  2. But you are the nwo's enemy as well, as you are not a zionist or a paedophile or member of WEF or masonic. Who speaks for these oppressed people of the world? These people who are being deliberatly starved to death, living the most miserable of lives and are being systematically killed for their oil, minerals, gold, diamonds, or whatever else their country holds. I bet if you were in their helpless and humiliated position, you would like someone to speak up for you, instead of letting these crimes against humanity go unnoticed and very quickly forgotten by an uncaring world.
  3. Your bills are going up again: The energy price cap that determines gas and electricity prices for 22 million households, will be reviewed every three months. bills could rise by a £thousand in October when the next price cap adjustment is due - reflecting the impact of Russia's fake war in Ukraine - this is going to be bad. Ofgem said its proposals would enable greater agility: allowing bills to rise more quickly. "A more frequent price cap would reflect the most up to date and accurate energy prices and mean when prices rise customers bills could be adjusted much sooner. It has been admitted that this proposal would mean prices going up ahead of the recent April rise The energy price cap is largest driver of inflation which is to take a leap forwards this week when the figures for April are released. The price cap surge means the consumer prices index measure could exceed 9% - a 40-year high according to forecasts - from the current level of 7%. The Bank of England warned earlier this month that the impact of the growing cost of living crisis risked the UK entering recession by the year's end, with inflation topping 10%
  4. Kimmy boy trotting and baaing to the nwo tune, wearing his enslavement nappy, he slammed North Korea's pandemic response and ordered the army to help distribute medicine, state media propoganda, and make sure peeps wear their masks and do their lockdowns - or else North Korea has few intensive care units, respirators, and no Covid treatment drugs or mass testing ability - but kimmy boy is going to change all of that, no matter how much it costs, no matter how much it strips the peeps of the few rights they have left to them. North Korea is likely to need lots of dosh from the rothschilds banking system, which kimmy labelled as: " international assistance to get through the Omicron surge " "If assistance is not enough to overcome the outbreak, North Korea will ask the South, the United States or other international organisations in the end, Kimmy boy also omniously said the country will "actively learn" from China's pandemic management strategy - now that's how to shit in someone's cornflakes.
  5. Protestors attack new and ugly maggie statue only just put up, peeps make their feelings more than clear: The £300,000 statue was targeted by misslie chuckers within hours of the evil cocksucking face making its public debut. Mr Webster above arrived at the statue around an hour after it was lowered, armed with one pack of free-range environmentally-friendly salmonella-free eggs to give the evil bitch a good and solid pasting - calls are going out for statues of the scrounging royals, bald klaus schwab, bumbling biden, Bj and tranny sex-change jacinda hardon to be erected also as quickly as possible so peeps can make their feelings known about the other evil p.o.s. oppressors and nazi puppets from hell Unfortunatly the yolk was on webster as his instagram has been since then deleted as suitable punishment by the ever monitoring nwo
  6. The Shanghai government states it has ended the virus spread, but strangly millions of peeps are being forcibly held in lockdown, while some are being allowed to get back on with their ordinary everyday lives. See photos below for their new lives and how they are getting along: Below: Strict distancing and mask wearing laws, or you don't get any food, you can't buy anything that you need to live Enjoy exercising, in a nazi government approved way - or else, go inside and do your lockdown you unclean peeps Doesn't matter how old you are, or your medical history, you will strap a nappy to your face and breath all those toxins back in, for your own good Testing on every corner, so we shove poisioned satan juice swabs into your brain, all done to keep you and your family safe, thank your glorious leaders for moving so swiftly to brown tounge rothschilds Shanghai's implementation of restrictions has caused protests over the lack of food, medical care, freedom of movement and limited privacy rights.
  7. Is the russia / ukraine scam coming to an end??? Ukraine forces are claiming they have pushed russian forces back to their border. It is not clear how many troops had reached the Russian border and where, and air raid sirens were still being sounded in Kharkiv. The Kyiv Independent tweeted: “Alright, people, we have the first Ukrainian unit coming up to the Russian border as part of the counter offensive action northeast of Kharkiv.” Ukraine’s Ambassador to Austria tweeted a video clip which appeared to show Ukrainian forces having advanced to the border with Russia. It messaged: ““Mr. President, we reached Ukraine’s state border with the enemy state. Mr. President, we made it!” And so the playacting continues. Is the war over? Or have the rothschilds not acvieved their propoganda quota for this month? Answers on the back of a postage stamp
  8. Jimmy krankie's twin brother has opened his mouth to spew more vile crap, claiming that the cop meetings held in glasgow must be followed through with solid actions to tackle climate change. What i don't understand is that the $1trillion of taxpayers money that our corrupt cocksucking leaders took from us during cop, to fund these climate change measurers, they actually gave all of that money to klaus schwab - which is not tackling the fictional disease of climate change, but enriching the lives of the evil nazis of the world and oppressing the beautiful hard working working-class people The ever smiling krankie said greener energy is already here, such sources of power are also becoming the most affordable- with the way she is raising gas and electricity prices, this is forcing peeps to embrace the nwo green world they are trying to create. The sum total of her pre-rehearsed dictator speech, which was passed to her from the rothschilds, means in other words: go green, get solar panels put in, energy efficent boilers etc, which we will supply at extortionate prices, and if you don't buy all of our crap we will take your homes away from you as being environmentally unsafe, then you can live on the streets and starve to death - what a bitch
  9. Ha! Ha! Done service alright, to polishing satan's cock, can you see the pained look on his face and the stiff way he stands, like he's just taken it up the arse, like he did in his private school days.
  10. It's a good question that you raise, could be kim is making money from the satan juice, he seemed so anti-west at one point, but i guess that's over and done with since his meeting with whitehouse staff.
  11. Good point, i just oven my chips, or do them under the grill. Spray a little extra virgin olive oil on them and you are good to go - happy scoffing
  12. Good photo of the royals, more evidence. Just turn up somewhere and wave, and that's about it, then their job is done and they can go back to their taxpayer funded castles and mansions and champagne and caviar.
  13. Take a look at china, that's what they want it to be like over here. Cameras on every street, every corner, every building you go into, every flight of stairs, every home. Do a search and see, you get dazzled from all that glinting silver hardware
  14. Most british farmers are being paid not to grow anything by the EU, From taxpayers money. IE Their own money is being returned to them. So they sit on their farm holdings and estates counting the money rolling in, not realising this is the taxes they pay, their own money coming back to them, just like they did with the furlough scheme. Their excuse for not growing more food is that there is already an EU butter mountain, beef mountain, milk lake etc, all costing millions to store, so don't grow anymore food because we don't need it. But what about the starving millions in africa asia middle east afghanistan ?? NWO: "Why feed our enemies? These coloured people don't even take the jab, throw away our vaccines, burn the face mask, and chant: Death to america " ME: "Well, you are placing sanctions on them, bleeding them dry through the corrupt banking system, dropping bombs on them, poisioning their food supply ETC shitting all over them, they may be a little pissed off
  15. It's the massive spending of tax payers money that i object to, billions of pounds, to celebrate and glorify a bunch of parasites and scroungers, with ridiculous slogans like : " It's bringing the people together" "Isn't the royals amazing" These parasites who just turn up somewhere and wave, and that's about it, then they go back to their 50 bed / 100 bedroom mansions with a dozen cars in the garage, and they're always disappearing off on luxurious expensive holidays whenever they feel like - and that's just for starters.
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