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  1. Fully agree with the bible reference, the koran and the torah say the same. The whole world is in aggrement. As for the beatles, they were working in the music industry so must have been heavily involved in the occult, there is no other way they would have been allowed in without proving themselves
  2. No, i just look at bill gates and all the millions he killed in africa with his aids and heavy metal tainted vaccines. I look at all the millions that died from the satan juice over here in the west,and the millions more that are going to die
  3. I feel they do the same in our warehouse... They try to kill us with consistent slow music from the last century... After few hours I'm achieving OOBE Kylie's screeching / music is killing me she did say " Better the devil you know " wonder what she meant by that, her ugly face is giving me nightmares, can't get a hard on, my girlfriend is giving me shit, fuck sake i hate that minogue bird
  4. He's a busy guy, he has more pressing issues these days. Yes, waiting for the ani christ then they can both fuck us up
  5. Okay i can do that do you have a link
  6. Is it possible to make your own high efficency solar panels? I've watched a few youtube videos on diy solar panels and they seem easy enough
  7. The waring windsors, with arry and mega set to destroy the royal family. Claims in the latest msm reports are that arry and mega want to end the monarchy: Appearing on the Channel 5 documentary Harry & Meghan: Is America Turning Against Them? Over the past year, the arry and mega - who are now based in Montecito, California - have launched a series of attacks on the Royal Family which has gained that much publicity and million dollar books deals and netflix appearances. In their Netflix docu-series which they were paid £88 million arry accused his family of being racisists and said william shouted at him Earlier this year, Prince Harry alleged in his biography that william attacked him in the luxurious multimillion dollar Kensington Palace grounds and also shared private texts showing charlottes dresses which were wonderful to look at and were paid for using taxpayers money Royal experts discuss the Duke and Duchess' plummeting popularity in the US and the state of their relationship with the Firm. What's more, the expert believes that the royals believe Meghan is determined to 'destroy' the firm from which she made her fortune The ever smiling royals show their masonic clothing, multi milion dollar tiaras, necklaces, and their belief that nothing but the best is good enough for them: Mega urges to you to join in the conversation and discusses more in her instagram account where she gets paid £24,000 per post
  8. No vaccine has ever helped anybody with anything. The entire vaccine theory has never been proven. Inject the body with some chemicals to produce an immune response? Absolutly impossible
  9. I actually have the minutes to this meeting. Charlie boy says: " Drink up you guys, those stupid sheep are paying all the bills. Take a few bottles home with you, why not, i always do." Scho: " Nothing like the classics, you old paedo bar steward. Put any ol' bullshit on the tv and the sheep actually believe it all. Viruses. Lockdowns. What's next ? We're going to war with china ? HA HA !!!! You lost your job to a bot, johhny five metal mickey wall-e bender c3po r2d2 has taken your place and is shagging your girlfriend right now
  10. Good point. kind'a disagree. The olds are out there going to the shops, buying things, paying their gas electricity bills, paying for goods and services, so are contributing to the flow of money through the system, so are stimulating the economy
  11. They do seem to have a insane love affair with the banks, these continual bank bailouts they keep doing, yet the richest people in the world the bankers keep coming back every few months with the begging bowl in their hand demanding more, claiming poverty !!! Have you seen how the rothschilds live ?
  12. Skycovion? Sounds a little like skynet from the terminator movies
  13. I kind'a disagree. They did cull the elderly, but the elderly had worked all their lives and were living off their pension money, which ofcourse they had rightly earned and certainly belonged to them. So to class them as useless eaters is wrong, they were self-sufficent. They were all murdered, then sunak proudly declared he made £5 billion, as he no longer had to pay the carehome residents their rightfull pension. The only useless eaters are the ones who coined this term in the first place: Bill gates, the royals, politicians, wef, un. The people steal so much taxpayers money, the system cannot support this. There is very little over consumption by the ordinary everyday working class people, who are dropping in on foodbanks because they can't afford to eat, who can't pay their bills and are having their gas and electricity cut off. On the other hand look at the royals, who live in fifty bedroom castles, with a dozen cars in the garage, and are always disappearing off on luxurious expensive holidays – whenever the feel like, all paid for by YOU. Look at the £2 billion they spent on their jubilee a few months ago. Look at their private jets, stately homes, thousands of butlers and servants, billions of pounds of taxpayers money they spend every year - there is only one group putting a strain on the system. Look at the elites, and how they have caused the country to become massively in debt to the banks. Liz truss went to the banks and borrowed £180 billion, then gave the money away to her mates in the gas and electricity companies - the elites borrowed the money, spent all the money on themselves, then sent you all the repayment bills. And they will go to the banks tomorrow and borrow another £180 billion, then quickly send you all the repayment bills. Then they will go to the banks again, and again, and again, borrow more billions, enjoy the money, spend the money on themselves: new houses, new cars, then send you all of their bills - there is only one overconsumption happening. It is not that there are not enough workers, the british people pay a lot more into the system than they take out, it is the elites who are really taking the serious money out and putting nothing back
  14. It is a good point. A small island off the coast of france, which is surrounded by water, is having a water shortage? Now I'm just waiting for water expert bill gates to chirp in with his experienced words of doom - Well he seems to be an expert in everything else
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