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  1. It's fine. Just more msm BS. No doubt there will be a vaccine for this, available for free from the nhs, just as the covid vaccine was labelled as free when in fact it was purchased from big pharma for $3 jab and sold in some parts of the world for $1000 a jab, that's how much you paid through your taxes. That's why your taxes are going up every year, in the UK we are now paying well over £1 trillion a year
  2. A petition has been launched calling on the sadiq khan to erect a statue of the queen Liz on Trafalgar Square's Fourth Plinth, so we can never forget her. Campaign group, The Royalists, argues the central London landmark is an ideal setting to pay tribute to the late Queen, who is Britain's longest-serving monarch, and wealthiest woman in the world from £trillions of taxpayers money. Mr Khan said he would support the recommendations Meanwhile cash grabbing kate and wills have been to st edwards school in oxford to see where george will be staying at a cost of £47,000 a year to the taxpayer, that's almost £1000 a week. And chaz is at lavish sandringham to rest and recover, as just turning up somewhere and waving, has exhausted him, and also this trillionaire has just taken £347 million of taxpayers money to maintain one of his other properties, buckhimgham palace, for one year. With dozens of huge royal palaces and castles up and down the country and the massive amounts of gas and electricity they use, the bill to you the taxpayer is in the billions. Seems when the upper class consume fossil fuels it is all great. When working class people use fossils fuels it is : terrible, you murdering bar stewards, global warming uncaring scum
  3. Bird flu is back in the news, apparently children have died from bird flu after eating infected chicken and ducks: " A nine-year-old boy has died from a strain of deadly bird flu that has already made its way to the UK. The youngster’s 16-year-old brother has also now tested positive for H5N1 which has been found in poultry and wild birds around Britain. Although it primarily impacts birds it can jump from species to species including to humans through close contact with infected or dead animals. Despite the care and rescue of doctors, due to the serious condition of the child, including fever, shortness of breath, cough and fainting, the child died on February 8, 2024 "
  4. Ha ! Ha ! Ha! Thank you for this comedy gold moment. I laughed so hard i just shit myself. Maybe they should change the C in BBC to comedy, or conspiracy, or crappy crapshooting Intresting how bbc is actually controlled by the paedophile nazi royals, as are most institutions in britain: " The Royal Charter is the constitutional basis for the BBC. It sets out the BBC’s Object, Mission and Public Purposes. The Charter also outlines the Corporation’s governance and regulatory arrangements, including the role and composition of the BBC Board. "
  5. Do you know anything about this twitter thing. I'm putting up my conspiracy theory stuff and just getting a few views, while a silly video of some guy walking his dog gets thousands. How do they get so many views
  6. Fasting is brilliant for detoxing. Try a 24-hour fast once a week or once a month or whatever you can do. Digesting food is the most energy-intensive process in the body, giving your body a break from all of that work every now and again so that it can concentrate on cleaning itself out is a big plus in improving your health. Tumeric as you suggest is good as is high strength vitamin c, start on small doses until you get used to it then every week increase the amount. Sunshine is a very good detoxer, that's why people only get sick in winter time when there is little sun available. Get out in the sun, go on holiday, all boosts your vitamin d levels Exercise is an obvious one as is a diet high in fruit and vegetables, with as little junk food as possible - Try going organic if you can find a reputable supplier
  7. Good idea. That's the way i do it. Makes it simple, for a simple person like me. Why pay more for extra stuff you don't need
  8. It's only a 4-stage system so is the poorest, and to have hot water all the time will mean higher energy bills as the water will have to be heated 24/7
  9. Good point, the nazi self-appointed parasites pictured are faking it, the brits are genuinely suffering
  10. Well...it depends on how much water you drink and use for cooking. At 1.5 gallons a day a RV system would last you years, well worth the investment. Get a 5 stage system, or a 6. I got five years of continual daily use out of mine, then i replaced all the filters at a cost of £120. I will happily pay that again in another five years time just to get away from those awful colds and flus i used to get several times a year in the winter time, suffering in bed, puking up, feeling sick, head pounding
  11. I have owned a reverse osmosis system for years and they are the best, filters last for years if i make about a litre of clean water a day. Enough for one person. I wouldn't listen to anything the devious water companies have to say, these are the ones dumping dangerous industrial waste into the water supply as a way to increase fluoride levels. That is where the fluoride comes from, industrial waste, filled with heavy metals and toxins. We had a well in our area, the water tasted so fresh and clean. When the water company heard about it they quickly threw a dead cow down the well, labelled it a health hazard and sealed the well over. No more clean water. There's something in the water they are determined we drink. Could be a thing with the fluoride, could be a synergistic effect with a mixture of toxins. The one thing i can tell you as an unequivocal fact, ever since i stopped drinking the tap water about 10 years ago i have never been ill again. I used to catch several colds and flus every year in winter time, ruuny nose, upset stomach, etc. All gone now, every since i stopped drinking the tap water, now everything about me is better, stronger, fitter, healthier, fresh face, healthy skin, i can think faster than anyone else. My suspicion is they want a dumbed down population, who are weak, ill, in hospitall all the time, not capable of critcal thinking - makes us easier to rule over
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