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  1. After firmly rejecting the main steam media's accusations of an indian variant of covid, the indian government has again stated there is no indian delta covid, they never reported an indian covid and they have no idea why there is so much concern about an indian covid that certainly does not exist and has never existed. Now can you please get that into your brains and stop all this indian covid talk. To firmly rub salt into the wounds the western government have returned with a though out reply: Guess what people, the indian covid is so bad, it is worse than we thought, there is now an in
  2. Right. But farms have been forcibly closed, land plouged up destroying all the crops, entire livestock slaughtered by the government stating: Your farm has been infected with coronavirus, you must shut down. Farms are being refused the right to live. How long before we are similarly refused the right to grow food on our land, refused to keep animals. Restirction after restriction.
  3. Definetly. Construction has already started. Bj and hand cock don't care about disasters, people dying, illness spreading because of cramped living condition, poor sanatation, we are just animals to be used and slaughtered. If you look at the number of country folk whose farms are closing down because of increases in taxes, increases in the cost of fertiliser, gas, electricity, everything they need to continue in business, these people are being forced off the land they used to own and out into the cities. Small independent businesses are being destroyed on a massive scale. My brothe
  4. BJ has been urged to stop reforms and not allow the total and utter destruction of London The new moves and shake-up are moving at break neck speed will deny local residents a vital say in the mass small flats that are going up in their area. Some MPs are picking up on the doorstep that people don’t want suburban London destroyed by huge numbers of blocks of going up in the London there is relentless pressure for more and more flats to be built. We do not understand why suburban areas are being destroyed and replaced with tiny bedsits and flats. planning applications is goi
  5. It's okay for the americans with their right to bear arms and all that, they could possibly take care of their home and family a lot better than us. I do believe the food supply will get shut off with the EU okaying the consumption of rats inscets and cockroaches as a food source, while the elite will no doubt dine on champagne and caviar and laugh their power hungry heads. With the predicted assault on people's homes and rioting on the streets, food and fear are certainly going to be a form of control at reshaping the world for the coming of the anti-christ. Damn you israel.
  6. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/other/piers-corbyn-filmed-participating-in-the-most-bizarre-anti-lockdown-protest-yet/ar-AALbTJu?ocid=mailsignout https://www.thegrocer.co.uk/wholesalers/driver-shortage-leading-to-availability-issues-in-convenience-stores/655558.article Food will not reach shops logistics organisations have warned, due to a lack of drivers and production workers. With BJ and hand cock enforcing laws on social distancing, testing and vaccination, more and more drivers and workers are seeking other forms of employment as they are facing problem after problem
  7. Thanks! Anything else worth taking apart from vitamins, nothing expensive, cheap and cheerful stuff only please. Exercise is supposed to be pretty good for sweating out toxins, and is free. Fasting once a week is well known. Turmeric is rated. Iodine as well. All good well known and cheap. Any thoughts on anything else.
  8. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/boris-johnson-people-european-union-matt-hancock-keir-starmer-b936147.html More carrots for the donkeys. Matt hand cock and B.J. blowjob boris johnson have stated you can go on holiday but only if you comply to full vaccination, no one else can go anywhere. If you are fully vaxxed then red and amber countries will become green for you, but the side effects are a possible slow and agonzing death, crippled for life, as this may well be the last holiday of your life. Bj and cocky hand said: "We have commenced the role of vaccinations in shaping
  9. is there anything we can take to flush out all the crap in our systems from all the poisioned water, poisioned food and posioned air around us. I am taking a multivitamin, and that's about it.
  10. Is there anything we can do to protect ourselves from the 5G. David icke spoke about trees being cut down so the 5G can get a clear shot at us. Is there something about trees that blocks the 5G. Should we be planting trees bushes vegetation in our front garden. And is there anything we can take to flush out all the crap in our systems from all the poisioned water, poisioned food and posioned air around us.
  11. I know a lot of these intellectuals and they look up to bill gates and other successful people like ophera winfrey, these were their role models as they were growing up, their fellow intellectuals and success stories the influential people whom they aspire to be like, and after years of daydreaming and masterbating over bill gates' face, spunking over ophera winfrey and jon bon jovi, all cabal members, they want to be like their heroes and will not hear a bad word against them. These are their gods. The more qualified they are, the more willing to be sucked into the system, becasue the ha
  12. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/health/covid-jabs-care-home-staff-mandatory-england-b940833.html Nick hand cock and B.J. blowjob boris johnson have announced that the vaxx is mandatory for all care home staff, this comes just after bj and hand cock did the same to nhs staff by changing the law to make the jab of slow death compulsory. The measure set up by bj and hand cock are going to cause a battle with staff in both services and could see the government sued under European human rights law or equalities legislation for breaching the freedom of people. Bj and hand cock
  13. Video unavailable, has been strangely labelled as hate, whereas most would say it is very informative.
  14. The way i feel this way is because of something i find interesting. In this universe we live in there are several hundreds of billion of stars in our galaxy, hundreds of billions of galaxies in the universe, and 150 planets already in the immediate vicinity of the sun. Today we know of over 3850 planets around other stars and thousands of planet possiblities. These planets have conditions that would support life, but what kind of life. Experts feel that the chances there has never been another civilization out there are as low as one in ten billion trillion. And this is just this universe. The
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