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  1. Seems to be one of the current tactics i saw a segment on "The one show" recently where a reporter went out into the streets and asked "random covid street actors" which favourite HERO celebrity would be best placed to convince them to take the vaccine David Beckham & Adele were among the suggestions
  2. The dark one died today age 85 https://news.sky.com/story/david-prowse-darth-vader-actor-and-green-cross-code-man-dies-aged-85-12145735
  3. John sweeney is that you? i'll have a flaming sambuca!
  4. yes I find so many people appear to lack the insight to see how much pleasure a bootlicker can get from licking his masters boots people may wrongly assume “I wouldn’t want to be so subservient myself” reaching the false conclusion “these people must be controlled under duress” MOST people get a number of psychological payoffs from conformity and being the recipient of praise/reward from an authority figure dogs are trained (positive reinforcement) in the same manner desired behaviour is rewarded and repeated this causes a dopamine release people are trained to respond just like dogs within a hierarchical system of command within this system to be correct isn’t to know the true information to be correct is to follow authority without question
  5. Grown ups! 3 word/phrase commands/statements NLP building back better flatten the curve etc stop look listen!
  6. They just want me to buy a subscription but my will is strong personally I do not subscribe to your Satan and demon talk but I do watch Alex Jones he is entertaining
  7. Spotify is trying to break my resolve by bombarding me with this cunt every 30 minutes going on about “avin der covid” in his fake “mockney” accent he really does convey a look of worry quite well though
  8. It’s hard to say for sure the video isn’t great quality to me The arm looks too limp even for an unconscious person Guard picks up the body too easy it’s too light when he picks up the body both arms are dangling in an unusual way falling on his head and arm like that would be serious could break an arm and cause head injury but there is no concern he is taken out like a bag of trash I think it’s a dummy made of latex or rubber and doesn’t have any bones :)
  9. Watching the cops march in formation like a bunch of robots getting the better of the crowd continuously is boring to watch a million people you say :) It would be wonderful to see so many people encircling them with them trapped in the middle like a scorpion trapped in a ring of fire if only they would all sting themselves to death
  10. is covid racist? In this hard-hitting investigation, an A&E medic asks why so many Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic NHS workers have died from Covid-19. Will frontline staff be better protected in the second wave? https://www.channel4.com/programmes/is-covid-racist/on-demand/71573-001
  11. What are those strange Jew hats all about they look like car air filters
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