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  1. 3 minutes ago, Maddmoo said:

    Had an encounter with a delightful 70 odd year old woman at Bond Street station this morning heading into work. Saw her eyeing up my maskless mush, still allowed her enough space to depart the train but she was insistent on saying something.


    ”You’re supposed to be wearing a mask”


    I responded: If you and the rest of these people are wearing them you’ll be fine my love.


    She then raised her voice and changed her tone:




    Me: We’ve been absolutely fine throughout, but thank you for your concern.


    She then decided to get back on the tube and call me an “Inconsiderate twat”.


    All this before 9am.



    Perhaps they wear masks and virtue signal out of guilt because they know deep down

    what filthy creatures they are both inside and out

    the virtue signalling is another type of mask to attempt to cover up how vile they are


    i don't converse with them at all i find them unpleasant

    they are non thinking robots or npc


    they gave up their self identity and value when they put the mask on and assimilated





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  2. 13 hours ago, Liberty said:

    So there is a feel good reward system going on there.

    Exactly ^^


    The feel good is the dopamine release and the "pride" felt when

    an obedient creature follows instructions correctly

    "pleasing" the authority that created the instructions


    the authority will reward the creature with a treat or an actual or proverbial pat on the head

    this processes is repeated

    repetition is the mother of retention


    this is pretty much how dogs are trained to do tricks too


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  3. Australia Ends COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Due To HIV Antibody Positives


    Melbourne: Australia on Friday stopped the further development of a COVID-19 vaccine candidate as several participants in the early-stage trials generated antibodies for HIV after receiving the potential therapeutic.

    There were no serious adverse events or safety concerns reported in the 216 participants of the phase 1 trial of the v451 COVID-19 vaccine candidate being developed by the University of Queensland (UQ) in collaboration with biotech company CSL, according to a statement.

    However, data showed that some patients developed antibodies towards fragments of a HIV protein (gp41), which was used to stabilise the vaccine, it said.



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  4. 10 minutes ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:

    Please consider editing this post so it's not 2 miles long.

    I just nearly broke my wrist trying to scroll it for 10 minutes.

    PgDn button (page down) will scroll at a variable speed depending on how long its pressed

    much less effort than a mouse wheel :)

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