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  1. An immune system overreaction causes food allergies. For egg allergy, the immune system mistakenly identifies certain egg proteins as harmful. When you or your child comes in contact with egg proteins, immune system cells (antibodies) recognize them and signal the immune system to release histamine and other chemicals that cause allergic signs and symptoms. Both egg yolks and egg whites contain proteins that can cause allergies, but allergy to egg whites is most common. It's possible for breast-fed infants to have an allergic reaction to egg proteins in breast milk if the mother consumes eggs. Egg allergy reactions vary from person to person and usually occur soon after exposure to egg. Egg allergy symptoms can include Skin inflammation or hives — the most common egg allergy reaction Nasal congestion, runny nose and sneezing (allergic rhinitis) Digestive symptoms, such as cramps, nausea and vomiting Asthma signs and symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, chest tightness or shortness of breath A severe allergic reaction can lead to anaphylaxis, a life-threatening emergency that requires an immediate epinephrine (adrenaline) shot and a trip to the emergency room. Anaphylaxis signs and symptoms include Constriction of airways, including a swollen throat or a lump in your throat that makes it difficult to breathe Abdominal pain and cramping Rapid pulse Shock, with a severe drop in blood pressure felt as dizziness, lightheadedness or loss of consciousness
  2. Coronavirus | ‘Covishield’ vaccine volunteer sues Serum Institute of India, Oxford Group over ‘adverse reaction’ https://www.thehindu.com/sci-tech/health/coronavirus-covishield-vaccine-volunteer-sues-serum-institute-of-india-oxford-group-over-adverse-reaction/article33201686.ece
  3. Covid vaccine cards rolled out as UK to get 4,000,000 doses by end of year https://metro.co.uk/2020/12/07/covid-vaccine-cards-rolled-out-as-uk-to-get-4000000-doses-by-end-of-year-13711295/?ico=related-posts
  4. Scotch eggs aren't vegan compatible What's the alternative for these types?
  5. signed life insurance policy before taking the vaccine
  6. i found it interesting to discover that medical scales only weigh in metric doctors can be a bit stupid paying attention to which unit of measurement they are using easy mistake i guess :) in the past doctors using medical scales that weigh in both imperial and metric have confused metric and imperial systems taking a patients weight in one unit then giving a dosage of medication in another unit a patient was weighed to be 250lb then is given medication for someone weighing 250kg resulting in (overdose)
  7. Allow Year 5 child the reasonable adjustment to wear his mask to school during COVID https://www.change.org/p/st-matthew-s-cofe-primary-school-allow-year-5-child-the-reasonable-adjustment-to-wear-his-mask-to-school-during-covid
  8. Whenever i think of the evil NHS the angel of death herself nurse Beverley Alitt pops into my mind she represents what is wrong with the NHS screening process imo perhaps she was a one off or perhaps she is the tip of the iceberg
  9. is it just me or does that Scottish accent cut through your soul like a hot knife through butter like music to my ears so it is
  10. Punch and Judy show You can't wake up sycophants & followers they're the enemy of free thinking non worshipping individuals :) some folk hold the notion that the correct information will wake up the masses to provoke a revolution of people power this is a fairytale belief imo let the show continue
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