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  1. 1 minute ago, Oakwise said:


    I was thinking that. I mean, it's an extraordinary claim: We flew to the moon, fucked around for a bit, did a live stream and then flew all the way back. 


    Surely anyone in their right mind would be sceptical about such an outlandish claim. I know I am. When someone claims to have flown to the moon and back, they better have some extraordinary proof. Especially when it comes from the same establishment that drafted the Operation Northwoods proposal. Deceit and trickery was very much a strategic reality in those days (still is, obviously). 



    1960's technology looks shockingly cumbersome 

    i find it very hard to believe mankind managed to travel to the moon in that awful looking tin can of a spaceship 

    and wearing that goldfish bowl helmet spacesuit for radiation protection too makes me laugh 





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  2. 1 hour ago, Shining-one said:

    I believe the erosion of free education sent us backwards

    i worry that "free" things are not as good quality as things that are "paid" for 


    what knowledge and information are the extremely wealthy young folk who attend 200 grand per year private schools receiving that FREE education doesn't teach "free" students




  3. 1 hour ago, Orange Alert said:


    That is the best news I have heard for a while.  With Toxic Tony's endorsement it will ensure a lower take up.

    Tony was such a phoney

    Blair Bush and the WMD lies spring to mind

    also that awful phrase "New labour"  he kept repeating to change the image away from Neil Kinnock



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  4. 12 hours ago, Golden Retriever said:


    As pointed out before, no gloves worn by medic for Netanyahu which is not standard practice


    not all people notice the same things  


    Did "they" forget to add gloves into the script

    perhaps the script writers have short term memory loss problems 


    if they had been wearing gloves how would this impact the credibility of the video


  5. 12 hours ago, rideforever said:

    The F****ng Sheep


    Many people do not live, they live from the BBC they rely on it for a brain.  They have nothing inside themselves that is their, that comes from them. 


    They are automatons of the culture, of the collective.   They do not exist as indiividuals.


    They serve the matrix, they represent the hive, they are the machine.


    There is nothing else there.


    In short, they have no soul and do not exist as people.


    Normally you do not have to witness that fact.  Today it is obvious who is who.


    A soul is he who separates from the herd, who lives as himself, who does not betray himself.  A soul is eternal as himself.


    A sheep is just a sheep, it is a collective being in many bodies.  It is a seed that did not germinate and is recycled into a mass.


    There is a narrow gate, and as the pressure grows ... you see how narrow the gate actually is.


    The narrow Gate to life means the Life of an Individual, the Life of a separate self-owning soul.


    The sheep are a dangerous tool that the enemy has assimilated into an army of non thinking robots

    these robots are now the enemy too they can't be saved 


    which reminds me of this historical event 


    The Attack on Mers-el-Kébir on 3 July 1940, during the Second World War, was a British naval attack on French Navy ships at the naval base at Mers El Kébir, at Oran, on the coast of French Algeria. The attack was part of Operation Catapult, a British plan to neutralise or destroy French ships to prevent them falling into German hands in the aftermath of the Allied defeat in the Battle of France.




  6. 1 hour ago, Liberty said:

    Brian rose. Don’t get me started on that peacock!  Typical Americanisms like dressing to appeal and this commercial mindfulness bollox. Again just my view! 

    Off the top of my head some reasons below why psychopath merchant banker Brian Rose will make an excellent mayor of London 


    Delusions of grandeur 

    creepy staring eyes 

    several oil paintings of himself

    email harvesting 

    Zen philosophy

    mad breakdancing skills

    carefree shirtless antics 


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  7. 1 minute ago, Beaujangles said:


    In London UK?  Is Tesco in your face for no mask?


    In Kent UK Tesco give out sunflower hidden disability badges and lanyards


    i have never had any staff or strangers get cheeky to me in Tesco

    although around may this year an old lady jumped back out of my way 

    she even knocked over some items as she stumbled backwards

    it was an unpleasant experience 


    if you are having difficulties i recommend getting some sunflower gear it's the shit

    i have lanyards badges keyrings wallets all manor of sunflower items 


    and if the worst comes to the worst you can use the sunflower lanyard to strangle them with

    in self defense of course :)  




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  8. 3 minutes ago, Beaujangles said:



    Maybe you can tell us where you go shopping and maybe a few can go there knowing its safe to de-mask? Some of us tell how it is for us and then say how we deal with it. Maybe knowing how we deal with it is helpful too. I think its a great idea to tell where we are shopping and what reactions we get - good suggestion!


  9. 2 hours ago, epsom said:

    Updated version of my  previous  post.


    There has been NO ONE that has isolated any SarsCov2....


    FOIA requests to all UK Gov Depts have been made and the replies back were "we cannot provide the answers you require" ( not word for word, but substance is the same).

    It's the same in about 40 other FOIA requests in other countries to their Governments.


    THIS says that it HAS been isolated........ https://fullfact.org/health/Covid-isolated-virus/

    What is the truth in that?. There IS none.... The WHOLE genome has to be sequenced and isolated--it has not.


    From OFFICIAL SOURCES inc the CDC in USA and the ONS in UK, it shows there are NO excess deaths anywhere in the world that differ from the normal yearly average. Any excess deaths that they show as "covid" are re-diagnosed from other causes such as flu etc. Flu has all but disappeared and other common causes of death are falling like a stone. The most interesting chart is that which shows a large increase in deaths just after the first lockdowns..in other words, lockdowns were a MAJOR cause of death itself.


    The "cases" are rising because they are TESTING more with RNA PCR tests which are shown to produce 90% plus positives (the test should NOT be used to test for virus/ pathogens--according to it's inventor, Karry Mullis).

    If the tests were done using an amplification of up to 10, then that would be as accurate as you would get--and MOST, if not all, would test negative. The UK is using up to 45 cycles! That means that everyone (if they so desire) will test positive, because the test will pick up genetic material such as dead coronavirus cells (which is in all of us) and therefore creates a false positive. The test does NOT differentiate between living and dead cells.


    The "vaccines" (no vaccine has EVER been created for a coronavirus--and they have been with us since time immemorial) which have been blasted out at the speed of light have an efficacy of between about 90% and 97%. The human immune system has a 99% efficacy!!

    WHY would ANYONE take a "vaccine" that has a lower efficacy rate (PLUS side effects) than their own immune system?.


    Wherever you look, those involved in this scam are involved with Gates, the pharmaceutical industry, on the boards of major pharmaceutical companies and/ or have conflicting interests. This goes for Chief medical halfwit Chris Whitty in UK and others in the UK Gov who are manipulating the scam. In other words, although people like Dark Journalist and others who are aware of the scam, they still come out and say there is SOMETHING killing people. Well, look at the stats etc, the empty hospitals and you will find NO DIFFERENCE in deaths than for any other year.


    The pharmaceutical industry is a multi billion dollar industry.... think about it. Do they WANT a healthy population?... of course not. It would ruin them.

    That is why they are holding back on real cures for cancer and other diseases. They cannot patent a natural product, ie, a plant--many of which are cures for diseases.


    There is no science behind mask wearing. If you can breathe through one and blow smoke through one--that tells you something. The only type of mask that would stop any "virus" or bacteria is one which has NO holes and has a filter.

    The same with "social" distancing--no science behind it. It was an arbitrary number (2 metres) plucked out the air.

    Social "distancing" was a favourite form of torture by the CIA in the 1950's.

    We have a "behavioral insights team", called SAGE, in the UK Gov ( I wonder WHY?).


    There ARE GOING to be a huge amount of excess deaths in the months and years ahead due to those in care homes not being allowed hospital treatment and dying in the homes, people who have not been able to get appointments for cancer, heart disease etc.


    There are now so many medical professionals coming out and saying what nonsense this all is--and I feel that I am living in some kind of lunatic asylum where it it SO OBVIOUS from the OFFICIAL stats that this is no more than a normal flu (if that)---yet the BBC continue with its propaganda for the couch potatoes and older generation who are scared shitless ( I don't blame the older ones).


    I am 66 and trying to find some semblance of sanity in everyday living---but I cant concentrate on what I want to do, ie, hobbies etc etc, knowing without doubt that this is a monumental scam and that the propaganda is working very well on the masses.


    This IS about CONTROL and depopulation. It's an agenda which goes back many decades and in fact starts with 13 families (in Royal families in Europe) centuries ago who feel they are the elite and are entitled to rule us commoners.

    The World Economic Forum is a major part of this. It is a long and complicated story, but I recommend one book in particular to get an excellent overall picture.... it is:






    2 hours ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


    Shame this can't be printed onto leaflets and put through every letterbox in the UK.

    On second thoughts, 90% of the twats would bin it after reading the first dozen lines or so.


    it would be wonderful if the state education system

    over a decade of (brainwashing) could be overcome by a letter with some information on it 


    computers can't think they have to be programed

    the brainwashed people can't think for themselves it is a skill they do not have


    trying to turn people by "information"  relies on the idea that the brainwashed 

    have the ability to think for themselves 

    the actions of the obedient ones show they do not have the ability to think for themselves


    The npc robot creatures may take on a similar human like appearance to myself they may appear human

    but they are not human

    humans have human rights 

    the unidentified masked creatures have the right to get out of my way they are the enemy

    they have the value of zero to M.E :)











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  10. 5 hours ago, truther79 said:

    Two bits of news I've heard today...


    Brian Rose is running for Mayor of London in 2021.


    Everton FC are making tests for the 'ol Miley Cyrus mandatory before entry for fans.


    Make of this what you will.

    He has been running for a while i did notice this Ad below on the youtube app today

    i find him interesting to watch


    Brians unrestricted self love breakdancing skills and Email harvesting won me over



  11. 1 hour ago, Beaujangles said:

    My day today:


    2 pm - Enter bank without mask. Stand in line. Very young bank employee male appears from a cubicle and says "Do you need a mask?"  Me: " No thank you" Him: Do you have asthma?  Me: (looking at him cockled and stifling a giggle) No, I don't have asthma, do you?  Him: Then you need a mask to come in.  Me: No actually I don't need to as I have health issues about that.  Him: Oh OK if you have health issues you are OK.

    I walk away and go to teller wondering what planet I am on.


    3pm -  Enter Staples to get ink for my printer. I see the ink section and walk over, asked the 6' 6' Italian mafia looking guy to look up the exact ink I need for my printer, as I forgot which ink but remembered my printer type.  Him:  I'm going to get you a mask.   Me: Oh no thank you, not necessary - so if you can look up that ink for me please.  Him: You have to wear a mask.  Me: No, I don't need to wear one, thank you all the same.   Him: You have to be exempt.  Me: Did you ask me if I was exempt before you said you were going to get a mask?   Him: No.  Me: Well if you had, I would have told you I have health issues regarding the mask.  Him: OK but you didn't say. Me: That's because you didn't ask...and you're not supposed to challenge people who don't wear a mask as that is harassment and suggests that you are discriminating.  


    He looks at me with fuming eyes...not sure about his mouth as I could only see the fabric going back and forth. He finds details of the ink I need and promptly walks over to find it..he rudely tells me to move to my right ( social distance)   

    Me: You are wearing a mask and I'm not, so why are you worried about me if that mask works?  Him: I'm following social distancing rules.  Me: Do you share the same washroom with your work colleagues?  Him: Yes.   Me:  Do you have to clean the taps, toilet, toilet flush  and door handle after every use? Him: No.  Me: Oh dear! ....I make a disapproving face and walk to check out. He proceeds to ring in my purchase.  Tells me I can use the 'tap' feature.  I tell him I prefer to put my fingertips on his keypad. By now he is ready to explode. He says " I'm just trying to keep everyone safe!!!!!"   Me: "Well lets be realistic... even God hasn't been able to save everyone - I'd lower your expectations a bit if I were you -  maybe start by taking that muzzle off seeing as you use a multi person washroom and then flush after using and touch taps without washing your hands first. That flush and taps not to mention the door handle must be a disease waiting to happen."

      He glares at me and says the customary " Thank you for shopping at Staples"  but not meaning it.   Me:  Have a nice day, if its the wrong ink I'll be back.

    ( I was determined to make him feel as uncomfortable as he clearly made all non mask wearers. ) Sorry but I was in no mood for anyone's bullshit today.


    3.45 pm - Enter a store to look for a few presents.  Walk over to get a shopping cart(trolley UK).  Woman says " Do you need a mask"?  Me: No I do not thank you. (Getting irritated now) Her: Oh you must have a health condition.  Me: Yes I need copious amounts of air.  Her: Oh OK. I continue shopping  I reach the third aisle and another woman approaches  rubbing sanitizer into her hands and up her arms.... " Would you like me to get you a mask?"   Me: No, I have already told someone I don't need one thank you and you are the second person... a third could be termed as harassment ( smiling sweetly and trying not to appear hostile). Her: OK I'm sorry to bother you. 


    All in all it was a draining day but also satisfying... I didnt give in lol.


    I will add...everyone would look at me as if I had three heads. They would turn and walk the other way or try to stare me down to make me notice them.   The trick is not to make eye contact and carry on like you are invisible. If someone comes around the corner out of the blue and looks like theyve ran into a Sasquatch...make out you are both doing the two step, smile sweetly and keep going.

    Sunflower lanyards work a treat i got a little sunflower badge too tesco give them out

    or you can buy them online from the hidden disabilities website 


    if any of the robots come near me i point to the badge and look at them attempting to convey disappointment

    they immediately realise their mistake and apologise 

    i personally feel there would be nothing for me to gain by conversing with them



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