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  1. Australia Ends COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Due To HIV Antibody Positives Melbourne: Australia on Friday stopped the further development of a COVID-19 vaccine candidate as several participants in the early-stage trials generated antibodies for HIV after receiving the potential therapeutic. There were no serious adverse events or safety concerns reported in the 216 participants of the phase 1 trial of the v451 COVID-19 vaccine candidate being developed by the University of Queensland (UQ) in collaboration with biotech company CSL, according to a statement. However, data showed that some patients developed antibodies towards fragments of a HIV protein (gp41), which was used to stabilise the vaccine, it said. https://www.ndtv.com/world-news/australia-ends-covid-19-vaccine-trials-due-to-hiv-antibody-positives-2337285
  2. "If you were my husband I would poison your food" if i were your husband I'd eat it
  3. PgDn button (page down) will scroll at a variable speed depending on how long its pressed much less effort than a mouse wheel :)
  4. What is Jesus doing at the moment that is keeping him occupied, is he unable to multi task?
  5. Thousands of experts are putting their careers, incomes, reputations and their very lives at risk to speak out against the COVID / Corona Hoax - especially against the experimental vaccine technology which is being rolled out worldwide. https://www.bitchute.com/video/EU5b9cR4BE6D/
  6. Kary Mullis "Fauci he doesn't know anything about anything"
  7. Perhaps some of the vaccines that some people receive are extra special Perhaps all sorts of different experiments could be conducted on different groups of people all thinking they're taking the same vaccines If they can't be held accountable legally they are free to play god with genetic manipulation Some folk maybe part of secret experimental trails of genetic modification unsuspectingly helping the globalists to perfect their biological genetic control weapons and super soilders
  8. Maybe the breakdancing email harvesting Mr rose can save us
  9. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/science-and-disease/coronavirus-news-vaccine-pfizer-nhs-oxford-covid-uk-cases/ Two NHS workers have allergic reaction
  10. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/940565/Information_for_Healthcare_Professionals_on_Pfizer_BioNTech_COVID-19_vaccine.pdf
  11. The genetic modification will make them grow a tail where their backbone should be good riddance
  12. "It's a fact generally agreed" Making generalisations based on blurry pictures of a pair of hands and forming a conclusion based on this alone isn't something i would promote myself as an effective method of truth discovery
  13. He cant keep a straight face he is a terrible actor the step grandfather dying of covid routine was just as pathetic the sheer preposterousness of the whole facade is too much for him in the moment "william shakespeare" is the final straw he must be thinking how can these cunts seriously be believing all this nonsense if we told them all to wear mickey mouse ears they would do so
  14. its like a badly written b grade sci-fi movie i am expecting Flash Gordon to come save us but the damage has already been done imo the fact i now know 95% or more of the population are brainwashed zombies with zero empathy only blind obedience they will cue up with a smile on their face to take the vaccine how can we ever get back from that realization? i only thought about 80% of them were like that so now we also know that this has happened every other generation some lie was created to change society and all the history books only tell us what the majority were brainwashed to think at the time the people are just a herd of tired old horses that are going to be replaced by shiny new tractors that is inevitable imo finding a way to live outside the smart grid will be the saving grace of the thinking few
  15. it will be interesting to follow how the evil scientists will fix the problem or if a fix is even possible will they create something for folk with AIDS and overly active immune systems or will they allow the egg intolerant to wear lanyards declaring their immune disability so they may avoid restrictions folk with AIDS have a weak immune system so the Vaccine could kill them quicker than intended folk with egg allergy are at the opposite end of the spectrum and have an overly sensitive immune system that could cause the body to attack the proteins in the vaccine and cause a dangerous immune response that could result in serious complications too early than intended at this stage of the show i am unsure how difficult the covid security will be to circumvent if we take the intelligence of the sheep that will follow anything it's not unreasonable to think that avoiding or bypassing covid security systems will be reasonably easy since they're only intended to control sheep that can't think for themselves looking at the egg allergy symptoms it is very possible many folk unknowingly have mild symptoms of egg allergy without even knowing it which would result in them not being "allowed" to take the vaccine imo it would be wise for folk to reconsider their relationship with eggs
  16. Prepare for side effects! "Side effects expected to be mild BUT could really impact your daily life" "Crummy"
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