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  1. 5 hours ago, truther79 said:

    Two bits of news I've heard today...


    Brian Rose is running for Mayor of London in 2021.


    Everton FC are making tests for the 'ol Miley Cyrus mandatory before entry for fans.


    Make of this what you will.

    He has been running for a while i did notice this Ad below on the youtube app today

    i find him interesting to watch


    Brians unrestricted self love breakdancing skills and Email harvesting won me over



  2. 1 hour ago, Beaujangles said:

    My day today:


    2 pm - Enter bank without mask. Stand in line. Very young bank employee male appears from a cubicle and says "Do you need a mask?"  Me: " No thank you" Him: Do you have asthma?  Me: (looking at him cockled and stifling a giggle) No, I don't have asthma, do you?  Him: Then you need a mask to come in.  Me: No actually I don't need to as I have health issues about that.  Him: Oh OK if you have health issues you are OK.

    I walk away and go to teller wondering what planet I am on.


    3pm -  Enter Staples to get ink for my printer. I see the ink section and walk over, asked the 6' 6' Italian mafia looking guy to look up the exact ink I need for my printer, as I forgot which ink but remembered my printer type.  Him:  I'm going to get you a mask.   Me: Oh no thank you, not necessary - so if you can look up that ink for me please.  Him: You have to wear a mask.  Me: No, I don't need to wear one, thank you all the same.   Him: You have to be exempt.  Me: Did you ask me if I was exempt before you said you were going to get a mask?   Him: No.  Me: Well if you had, I would have told you I have health issues regarding the mask.  Him: OK but you didn't say. Me: That's because you didn't ask...and you're not supposed to challenge people who don't wear a mask as that is harassment and suggests that you are discriminating.  


    He looks at me with fuming eyes...not sure about his mouth as I could only see the fabric going back and forth. He finds details of the ink I need and promptly walks over to find it..he rudely tells me to move to my right ( social distance)   

    Me: You are wearing a mask and I'm not, so why are you worried about me if that mask works?  Him: I'm following social distancing rules.  Me: Do you share the same washroom with your work colleagues?  Him: Yes.   Me:  Do you have to clean the taps, toilet, toilet flush  and door handle after every use? Him: No.  Me: Oh dear! ....I make a disapproving face and walk to check out. He proceeds to ring in my purchase.  Tells me I can use the 'tap' feature.  I tell him I prefer to put my fingertips on his keypad. By now he is ready to explode. He says " I'm just trying to keep everyone safe!!!!!"   Me: "Well lets be realistic... even God hasn't been able to save everyone - I'd lower your expectations a bit if I were you -  maybe start by taking that muzzle off seeing as you use a multi person washroom and then flush after using and touch taps without washing your hands first. That flush and taps not to mention the door handle must be a disease waiting to happen."

      He glares at me and says the customary " Thank you for shopping at Staples"  but not meaning it.   Me:  Have a nice day, if its the wrong ink I'll be back.

    ( I was determined to make him feel as uncomfortable as he clearly made all non mask wearers. ) Sorry but I was in no mood for anyone's bullshit today.


    3.45 pm - Enter a store to look for a few presents.  Walk over to get a shopping cart(trolley UK).  Woman says " Do you need a mask"?  Me: No I do not thank you. (Getting irritated now) Her: Oh you must have a health condition.  Me: Yes I need copious amounts of air.  Her: Oh OK. I continue shopping  I reach the third aisle and another woman approaches  rubbing sanitizer into her hands and up her arms.... " Would you like me to get you a mask?"   Me: No, I have already told someone I don't need one thank you and you are the second person... a third could be termed as harassment ( smiling sweetly and trying not to appear hostile). Her: OK I'm sorry to bother you. 


    All in all it was a draining day but also satisfying... I didnt give in lol.


    I will add...everyone would look at me as if I had three heads. They would turn and walk the other way or try to stare me down to make me notice them.   The trick is not to make eye contact and carry on like you are invisible. If someone comes around the corner out of the blue and looks like theyve ran into a Sasquatch...make out you are both doing the two step, smile sweetly and keep going.

    Sunflower lanyards work a treat i got a little sunflower badge too tesco give them out

    or you can buy them online from the hidden disabilities website 


    if any of the robots come near me i point to the badge and look at them attempting to convey disappointment

    they immediately realise their mistake and apologise 

    i personally feel there would be nothing for me to gain by conversing with them



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  3. 3 minutes ago, Maddmoo said:

    Had an encounter with a delightful 70 odd year old woman at Bond Street station this morning heading into work. Saw her eyeing up my maskless mush, still allowed her enough space to depart the train but she was insistent on saying something.


    ”You’re supposed to be wearing a mask”


    I responded: If you and the rest of these people are wearing them you’ll be fine my love.


    She then raised her voice and changed her tone:




    Me: We’ve been absolutely fine throughout, but thank you for your concern.


    She then decided to get back on the tube and call me an “Inconsiderate twat”.


    All this before 9am.



    Perhaps they wear masks and virtue signal out of guilt because they know deep down

    what filthy creatures they are both inside and out

    the virtue signalling is another type of mask to attempt to cover up how vile they are


    i don't converse with them at all i find them unpleasant

    they are non thinking robots or npc


    they gave up their self identity and value when they put the mask on and assimilated





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  4. 13 hours ago, Liberty said:

    So there is a feel good reward system going on there.

    Exactly ^^


    The feel good is the dopamine release and the "pride" felt when

    an obedient creature follows instructions correctly

    "pleasing" the authority that created the instructions


    the authority will reward the creature with a treat or an actual or proverbial pat on the head

    this processes is repeated

    repetition is the mother of retention


    this is pretty much how dogs are trained to do tricks too


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