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  1. He has been running for a while i did notice this Ad below on the youtube app today i find him interesting to watch Brians unrestricted self love breakdancing skills and Email harvesting won me over
  2. Sunflower lanyards work a treat i got a little sunflower badge too tesco give them out or you can buy them online from the hidden disabilities website if any of the robots come near me i point to the badge and look at them attempting to convey disappointment they immediately realise their mistake and apologise i personally feel there would be nothing for me to gain by conversing with them
  3. No shit sherlock BUT He is pointing at something
  4. Perhaps they wear masks and virtue signal out of guilt because they know deep down what filthy creatures they are both inside and out the virtue signalling is another type of mask to attempt to cover up how vile they are i don't converse with them at all i find them unpleasant they are non thinking robots or npc they gave up their self identity and value when they put the mask on and assimilated
  5. Exactly ^^ The feel good is the dopamine release and the "pride" felt when an obedient creature follows instructions correctly "pleasing" the authority that created the instructions the authority will reward the creature with a treat or an actual or proverbial pat on the head this processes is repeated repetition is the mother of retention this is pretty much how dogs are trained to do tricks too
  6. YouTube is dead https://downdetector.com/status/youtube/
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