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  1. They do not process information locally using their own individual processing abilities because in most cases they do not have this ability they trust authority and allow authority to calculate their answers for them if they are presented with conflicting information they will believe the authority which holds the highest rank they are unable to make decisions themselves based on a personal understanding of the data they do not process all information equally and make personal local informed judgements based on their own knowledge of a subject they restrict data sources to government approved "credible sources" meaning they exist on propaganda their evidence gathering abilities are flawed they need to make a huge leap to "think" independently to form their own opinion rather than hiding among the crowd of non questioning obedience i think it's beyond most of them because they need and want an authority to think for them it makes them feel safe they believe the government are the good guys anyone that questions the government are the bad guys almost impossible to get them to admit they got it 100% wrong it would take a huge amount of courage for them to make that admission i can't help but pity them but with both eyes open as i know most of them are informants too i think they are doomed they will follow the pied piper wherever he chooses to lead them they are powerless to question his authority
  2. Corona throw pillow https://www.redbubble.com/i/throw-pillow/Coronavirus-by-nataleedesotell/45659493.5X2YF
  3. i really hope that is a chicken shish kebab those brown meat things are disgusting
  4. Cancer can provoke hilarious scenarios the bizarre things folk say and do while slowly dying on their prescribed morphine overdose i think problems can arise when folk "think" they are being laughed at instead of enjoying the opportunity of joining in and laughing together with someone
  5. i find street security cameras intrusive imo they will be used to control people a great deal more than zoom or skype i expect to enjoy the same human rights wherever i am the location shouldn't matter i have avoided social media since its conception myspace facebook twitter etc i always held the view that folk that use that kind of media are not computer literate that is why they are posting their real identity all over the net on facebook thinking its a great idea for me i don't see the point hiding from zoom or skype when i will walk down the street and be identified by multiple street cameras that could place me at the scene of an event that i have nothing to do with and could be used as circumstantial evidence against me zoom on the other hand most likely will sell my search habits so i can be better targeted with advertising
  6. How will you deal with the facial recognition cameras in the streets up and down the country do you have a strategy that will enable you to hide your identity from these cameras?
  7. 1960's technology looks shockingly cumbersome i find it very hard to believe mankind managed to travel to the moon in that awful looking tin can of a spaceship and wearing that goldfish bowl helmet spacesuit for radiation protection too makes me laugh
  8. i worry that "free" things are not as good quality as things that are "paid" for what knowledge and information are the extremely wealthy young folk who attend 200 grand per year private schools receiving that FREE education doesn't teach "free" students
  9. Tony was such a phoney Blair Bush and the WMD lies spring to mind also that awful phrase "New labour" he kept repeating to change the image away from Neil Kinnock
  10. not all people notice the same things Did "they" forget to add gloves into the script perhaps the script writers have short term memory loss problems or if they had been wearing gloves how would this impact the credibility of the video
  11. Listen to what the baked potato say, it's really that simple 12.mp4
  12. The sheep are a dangerous tool that the enemy has assimilated into an army of non thinking robots these robots are now the enemy too they can't be saved which reminds me of this historical event The Attack on Mers-el-Kébir on 3 July 1940, during the Second World War, was a British naval attack on French Navy ships at the naval base at Mers El Kébir, at Oran, on the coast of French Algeria. The attack was part of Operation Catapult, a British plan to neutralise or destroy French ships to prevent them falling into German hands in the aftermath of the Allied defeat in the Battle of France.
  13. Off the top of my head some reasons below why psychopath merchant banker Brian Rose will make an excellent mayor of London Delusions of grandeur creepy staring eyes several oil paintings of himself email harvesting Zen philosophy mad breakdancing skills carefree shirtless antics
  14. Now that is funny ^^ Die now die die die! you cunts my condolences to all those cunts that died
  15. The infamous JEW star will not work in this situation
  16. In Kent UK Tesco give out sunflower hidden disability badges and lanyards i have never had any staff or strangers get cheeky to me in Tesco although around may this year an old lady jumped back out of my way she even knocked over some items as she stumbled backwards it was an unpleasant experience if you are having difficulties i recommend getting some sunflower gear it's the shit i have lanyards badges keyrings wallets all manor of sunflower items and if the worst comes to the worst you can use the sunflower lanyard to strangle them with in self defense of course :)
  17. it would be wonderful if the state education system over a decade of (brainwashing) could be overcome by a letter with some information on it computers can't think they have to be programed the brainwashed people can't think for themselves it is a skill they do not have trying to turn people by "information" relies on the idea that the brainwashed have the ability to think for themselves the actions of the obedient ones show they do not have the ability to think for themselves The npc robot creatures may take on a similar human like appearance to myself they may appear human but they are not human humans have human rights the unidentified masked creatures have the right to get out of my way they are the enemy they have the value of zero to M.E :)
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