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  1. 1 hour ago, Messenger said:

    People in Florida voicing their opinion about masks, and they are not happy.


    I was watching a motorcycle documentary last night and it reminded me of racers who have wrecked and broke bones, they used a hyperbaric chamber to heal quickly. A hyperbaric chamber is pressurized with pure oxygen.


    This youtube channel sucks the way they portray "anti-maskers" as "melting". :classic_rolleyes: I don't get these people who want to wear masks and muzzle themselves. It just goes to show you how dumb people have become that they would actually defend restricting oxygen supply to their body. Hey, that's fine if people want to slowly go brain-dead from lack of oxygen, do your thing, but don't push it on me. Really, restricting oxygen while eating acid "food" while taking big pharma meds like so many of these senior citizens, they will be dead in no time.


    To the youth out there who are unsure, please do your own research and stop buying into the fear. Your body NEEDS oxygen to heal and stay healthy.


    These people are way over the top, I'm wondering if they were put up to this. Looks like there's not many people in the room. :classic_laugh:






    "A common treatment among injured racers is use of a hyperbaric chamber. This involves sitting in a pressurised chamber containing 100% oxygen. Air we breathe normally is made up of around 21% oxygen. Breathing in pure oxygen combined with the high pressures in the chamber increases the amount of oxygen that dissolves into the bloodstream. This allows tissue cells inside muscles and bones to reproduce much more efficiently, consequently speeding up the healing process."


    Another source:




    "At 2.0 ATA, the blood oxygen content is increased 2.5% and sufficient oxygen becomes dissolved in plasma to meet tissue needs in the absence of haemoglobin-bound oxygen, increasing tissue oxygen tensions 10-fold (1000%) [Staples and Clement, 1996]. HBO is remarkably free of untoward side effects."



    I've been thinking for a while now that the masks are a bit of a distraction from the real issue

    people focusing attention on the masks understandably but the real issue is the vaccine

    are the masks just a calculated red herring to tire people out so they put up less of a fight against the vaccine?

    softening people up to put up less resistance to the vaccine to shift their focus away from the vaccine 


    the vaccine will take DNA and hurt people

    will alter DNA and possibly chip people too

    the mask will do very little harm in comparison


    i think it would be wise to save most of our energy for the real fight against the deadly vaccine

    following the money and the power leads to the vaccine


  2. 10 hours ago, Beachcomber said:

    Man pepper sprayed and arrested for not wearing a mask; 


    and so it begins.. 


    Everyone on the train citizens arrest the mug British transport police are nothing they have no authority 

    this person needs to be sued


  3. 36 minutes ago, Kala Namak said:

    See that's the thing, the controllers have almost unlimited resources and are able to fool most of the people most of the time. They have professional levels of deception, they own the media and the government and use them as their tools to control us. 

    Of course some of us can see that but unfortunately the majority have been programmed not to, and those are the ones that we need on our side if we're to get any traction.


    Unfortunately sheep need to be led with sound bites fear and basic information from authority figures that's how they function

    that's why authority figures communicate with sheep in this fashion its been proven to be effective at control  

    sheeple are unable to process information and make decisions that might put them in a minority opinion

    they need an authority to issue them a command to feel safe 

    when they see others following the command peer pressure and the need to conform will make them follow

    they are bound by the overwhelming desire to be part of a majority 


    personally i think its a great mistake to believe that presenting factual information to sheep will make them wake up

    even though they have been denied the facts and only receive information from a very narrow pipe 

    they would dismiss the truth because they can't process the actual information they can only process the "rank" or pecking order of the person giving the information  


    sheep must be treated like members of a religious cult that has programed their minds to only accept information from government sources


    if the sheeple were android smart phones 

    they need to be put into developer mode and allow apps to be installed from outside the google bubble before they can even begin 

    on the road of truth and enlightenment

    i'm not even certain if they can be cured they may even be beyond help


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  4. 10 hours ago, Number6 said:


    That is disturbing, hope David see's that. 


    That's a laughable attempt at propaganda from a pitiful creature still saddened by brexit 

    "anti-lockdown, anti-Vaxxer, anti-mask movement"

    peter forgot to mention the anti-pedo movement on his list of things with the prefix "anti"


    i wonder why 









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  5. 8 minutes ago, Golden Retriever said:



    And the MSM  hate to report Robert Kennedy Junior, the nephew of JFK stood up and said Governments worldwide are corrupted by BIG PHARMA.




    In 1963 JFK was in Berlin and gave a freedom speech also.





    Why does Robert sound like a Dalek on a bumpy road?

  6. 1 hour ago, Mitochondrial Eve said:

    Some photos of the Berlin protest. It looks huge!


    I came across a rumour on social media yesterday that up to 5 million protestors were expected and that they will not leave until the government resigns. Even if this isn't entirely true, hats off to the Germans for leading the way in terms of civil disobedience.













    Germans know better than anyone what evil dictators are capable of 

    they don't want to make the same mistake again they're still apologising for the last one 

  7. 16 hours ago, Illmatic said:


    I'm far from a virology or immunology expert so I'm more than happy for someone to educate me on this or direct me to some helpful sources, but from what I understand I think we have to be a bit cautious about the whole "they haven't even isolated the virus/used Koch's postulate to prove it exist" argument and the likes of Andrew Kaufman claiming it's just exosomes and Covid isn't real.


    From what I've seen (again, very happy to be corrected) there's a school of thought within virology that all viruses are actually exosomes and just a way of the body detoxifying itself, not actually an infectious organism. If that's the case, I find the idea of this proving Covid is a hoax a little disingenuous, given if the theory has some weight it would apply to viruses in general, not just this one.#


    There seem to be some very legitimate questions to be asked about the field of virology in general, but from what I understand there hasn't really been much done out of the ordinary, apart from the rushed through testing which has very questionable accuracy. With that in mind it might be more appropriate to ask what we actually really know about any virus and how much of it is assumption, but to make the leap from there to a deliberate invention of a virus and subsequent cover-up seems to be going a little bit too far for me.




    With all the false positives AND false negatives that have occurred  the test is inaccurate and unreliable  

    i do not trust the test to give accurate results


    COVID-19 alert
    Common question

    How accurate is the coronavirus test?

    "The test is not 100% accurate; at present it is thought to detect approximately 70% of coronavirus infections. A negative test does not mean that you stop self-isolating if you have coronavirus symptoms. Tests are completely voluntary"


    A claim of 70% accuracy has been made this is unsatisfactory

    i require an accuracy of 99.8% or grater for me to take any kind of test seriously


    no authority can convince me 70% is an acceptable standard 









  8. How long until this becomes standard in the UK?

    The Face Mask Detection application developed by Hanwha Techwin’s technology partner, a2 Technology, runs on open-platform Wisenet X Series cameras and uses innovative video analytics to detect if a person entering an area is not wearing a mask. This will trigger the playing of a customisable audio message such as  ‘please wear a face mask’.

    The audio message is generated via an audio support feature built into Wisenet X cameras, negating the need for a PC or a separate audio storage device to be installed nearby. A short cable is all that is required to connect a speaker to the camera.

    An Alarm Out feature can also be used to turn on a device such as a warning beacon.

    The application, which simultaneously detects and analyses up to 4 people and can detect people at a distance up to 5 metres from a camera, is not affected by glasses, hats or scarfs, is also able to detect if a mask is not being correctly worn.

    A digital zoom-in function, which is designed to be used with fixed lens cameras, assists installers to configure the application so that it focuses on a specific region of a camera’s field of view if it is considered to be too wide.




  9. 8 hours ago, Fluke said:

    Sorry for not putting this in the video section not sure what thread to put it in but this was hilarious and sad at the same time. 



    A bit sweary and a bit of filth. He had an encounter with a branch covidion whole shopping due to no mask. 


    Really miss hardy bucks Eddy durkan never working and the viper 🙂

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