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  1. 8 minutes ago, Sexpistol50 said:

    Why is she a shill ?


    When the live feed started and anna brees started taking dozens of people in the chat

    were calling her out as a shill so i don't know what they know but she seems

    to be attracting a lot of negative attention people don't trust her


    i have only just found her so i am only just finding out her shill ways so far

    my opinion is

    she comes across as disingenuous she doesn't report what matters

    she is in one breath saying she agrees with david icke and then in the next breath

    she is suggesting her mum warned her to stay away from "nutters"


  2. 12 minutes ago, greatdayforfreedom said:


    Yes, please make another thread for that. When it goes off topic like that, I wonder if it's deliberate.


    "Deliberate" could you elaborate on that?


  3. 1 minute ago, bamboozooka said:

    2000 was the start of all the x factor, pop idol, big brother snot

    therefore new millenium is when it all started to go down hill


    a few musings 

    the 80s and 90s were shite too they gave us Margaret thatcher and tony blair perhaps

    two of the most disgusting evil people that have ever lived 


    I recall a change in the 90s with the criminal justice act this made it a crime for a certain number of people to gather

    together for any reason without permission from the state

    the government claimed at the time this was to stop folk having a rave in a farmers field without permission

    before this there was no law stopping folk gathering together for whatever reason they like


    technology allowed for better control and enslavement of the population

    the i phone created a whole new level of stupid non thinking consumers 

    the education system killed the idea of the individual in favour of group think 


    police were given tasers and cs gas

    in the 90s they only had a stick

    this made the population more compliant


    it's not fair to blame the current generations anymore than the previous they are only experiencing the increased indoctrination and brainwashing of the current times





  4. 3 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    Agreed, but I'm not getting into that can of worms because I will get in trouble, even if just say what Jews say like Melissa.




    jews were made into bars of soap and lampshades i hear them cry!

    interesting article

    i remember seeing footage of a table of horrors including the infamous

    jew skinned lampshade

    some  government/army people got together a table of interesting articles made from jews to scare the locals


    i doubt that will be needed today

    bars of soap and lampshades made from conspiracy theorists!


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  5. 7 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:


    What if their concerns about red terror were right though? I'm not condoning Adolf's actions, I'm talking about the regular people back then in Germany and their concerns. Anyway this is another topic for another thread I guess.


    Edit: How was the average man on the street supposed to react when people were saying "Germany must perish"?


    in some ways i have made an unfair comparison because the German people didn't have david icke

    or an alternative media/ internet were they could find an alternative view to what was happening

    they had some resistance but it wasn't what we have now


    however surely the people must know sending jews to the gas chamber simply because they are a jew is wrong?

    having a moral compass that is stronger than the desire to follow authority is the answer as far as i can see

    emotional empathy must overrule the delicate cognitive empathy the majority of humans have which authority can manipulate with ease


  6. 10 minutes ago, EnigmaticWorld said:

    When I was a nipper I wondered why we only seemed to hear about nazis. I began to think that those that perished because of communists didn't matter in English classrooms. Now I look at the Tories acting like Marxists and it all makes sense.


    yes its very interesting what the state considers important history to teach to children

    i don't recall learning very much about the Russian point of view either

    i do recall spending a great deal of time learning about the roman empire

    but hardly a mention of egypt


    moving forward to current generations but not only restricted to history

    sports day and competition between children is banned mostly or frowned upon and taught to be dangerous


    i can remember laughing as all the children including my son crossed the finish line

    of the egg and spoon race at the exactly the same time alas all were winners!


    all the children are only allowed to drink water plain water

    couldn't be flavoured in any way 

    this isn't for health it's because all children must be the same

    if each child had their own individual drink some would be different to others



  7. Just now, EnigmaticWorld said:


    The fear of Bolshevism was legitimate. A master orator definitely helped sway people though.


    People need to be beyond sway

    those that can be talked into something with fancy talk are dangerous and corruptible


    Why did you jump out of the window?

    because johnny told me to convincingly his oratory skills were impeccable i just couldn't refuse 😄


  8. 14 hours ago, Morpheus said:



    Fear and negatively improves your coping mechanism. 


    Just think about that statement for minute. First of all that's insane thinking, and why would anyone subject themselves to fear and negativity just to improve their resilience? 


    It's like saying, go and see a load of dead bodies and murder victims just to desensitise yourself to the psychological trauma of seeing someone dead. That's just crazy and right there should indicate to people that this is a war of the mind. Silent weapons in silent wars. 


    This is an attempt to create a society without emotion, without compassion for their fellow humans. It's sickens me that we allow this to carry on. Unfortunately it will take a large number of people to push back and make this stop. Will it happen? It remains to be seen, we live and we hope that we all wake up to this shit show. 


    This covid event has shown me how the holocaust worked in world war 2

    when i was a nipper around 6 or 7 learning history at the end of the 1970s i was taught

    that the reason people voted for Hitler and went along with the treatment of jews was because Hitler

    was so mesmerising when speaking he hypnotised the poor innocent people into believing his every word

    Hitler was used as a scapegoat for human acquiescence 


    from what i can see the majority of the humans are extremely dangerous since they are just one good speech away from voting for holocaust again and again


    this means humans have no loyalty no ethics only a desire to follow and conform and be part of a majority

    peer pressure is everything

    it has long been known that humans will accept incorrect answers and knowingly go along with falsehoods to be part of a majority


    if we were to win this war this time how do we stop it happening again how do we stop the humans being corrupted again and again

    how do we teach people to always do the right thing not the popular thing

    people have been programmed to believe doing the right thing means following orders without question


    90% or more of the human population are corruptible how do we make them safe and resilient to corruption


     i find it illogical and hypocritical that many of the people who are able to see what this covid nonsense as about

    are also the people crying that their children are losing out by not going to school


    state school is perhaps the biggest tool the cult has in its arsenal 

    using to program and shape this and future generations

    creating the kind of worker ants they require for the current political climate


    home schooling or community schooling needs to take away this tool of brainwashing from the cult








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  9. 23 minutes ago, Lady Baynham said:

    The name of the enemy is coming out.We are at war with the Phoneticians,we have been at war the last three resets,maybe forever.To understand this I recommend Martin Liedkte




    I admire her confidence and i would like some of what she is smoking 

  10. 24 minutes ago, Beaujangles said:



    Anna Brees keeps trying to blame the media for everything...she seems to steer the conversation away from the politicians and those behind them. The media is undoubtedly in bed with the official story...but as part of a collective, along with the governments and shadow government behind it all.. She seems to get very bothered when Jeff Wyatt keeps bringing it back to politicians. Something about her stinks... its a shame he was interviewed by her and not David Icke. 



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