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  1. Do you know what country this chap is referring to that is 60% white? as far as i can see the uk is 84-85% white if the official figures are to be believed
  2. They are waddling along like zombies its like left 4 dead on TV right now They are not human they are the undead boomer zombie in the crowd They look so sinister shifty and spellbound
  3. i popped out some moments ago hardly any people anywhere and virtually no cars on the road why are people not celebrating made me think of Bjork Its oh so quiet today did someone die again
  4. Can you add religious zealots & The woke to that list of brainwashed bootlickers please :)
  5. Yup he has been affectionately known as sausage fingers for years he also has sausage feet
  6. He is famous for his sausage fingers shown by a quick google image search he is the first result
  7. she has to look away out of shame she knows what an insufferable retard he is if these things are true like his servant putting 1 inch of toothpaste on his toothbrush and having his shoelaces ironed it's no wonder he is so low functioning
  8. I like the hand gestures he uses to indicate to his servant that he demands service
  9. i read that Putin and Lizzy are crypto-cousins? if that is true Putin most likely is pretty sad to lose a family member
  10. Has anyone noticed how incredibly close to each other Charlies eyes are so much so i can't recall another face like it is this some genetic trait of inbreeding over many generations?
  11. The masked cult of covid meets the creepy cult of mind control ... eyes like black holes in the sky
  12. I notice that most people seem to want to follow someone granting them "guru" like status perhaps its because they don't have to think for themselves and make decisions that could be wrong if they just follow a leader i notice that people following the alternative media with the same level of trust & lack of critical thinking as vaccine enthusiasts follow MSM propaganda MSM & alternative media are selling "fear" rather than solutions and the plandemic has been financially profitable for many of them what was surprising to me is that those following alternative media throw their toys out of the pram with more force than those following MSM if i suggest the latest video they posted of someone being arrested in a supermarket for not wearing a mask was nothing more than a staged event with crisis actors they often get hostile and accuse me of being a vaccine enthusiast rather than working through the evidence they think in black & white they have been divided and conquered "you are either with us or against us" George bush do you remember the video of the boy in Australia in a video game arcade who was strangled unconscious and thrown to the ground for not wearing a mask? his limp mannequin like body and dangling limbs? the majority of "awake" followers of alternative media believed this video to be true with emotional cries of "if that fat security guard tried that on me i would've knocked him out" many truthers get upset when i suggest that some of the alternative heros are actually controlled opposition this includes the really obvious ones too so this has left me with the working conclusion to keep my friends close and my non thinking enemies even closer ALL alternative media is controlled opposition until proven otherwise
  13. i think these ideas are "morally" right and i agree with them i have also witnessed so many people fail when going down this road because the system doesn't allow many of these arguments to even be herd in their courts although it can delay things and lead to cries of abandoned ship! if the judge runs away i agree that we all have natural rights we were all born with and no fucker should be able to take them away but unfortunately the corrupt do take them away from those who don't have the numbers to fight back and enforce their beliefs whoever controls the most numbers controls what is right and what is wrong rather than using the correct words in court its kind of like a catch 22 enough people are required to make up the numbers to ENFORCE whatever they believe to be true the common law chaps say the can arrest people once 100 people have signed a document and the barons can send for the arrest of judges when the judges start getting arrested by the common law knights and barons ill have more faith in the movement governments do not believe in natural rights they believe in statute and privileges they hand down as rights im sorry if i am coming across negative or defeatist about this that's not my intention i'm very cautious where i place my trust
  14. council tax is what i am talking about connected with freeman on the land and common law vs statute its based on the exact same concept you are talking about but surly you know this? do you "understand"?
  15. from the letterhead ABN 90 196 565 019 23 ALDI STORES Current details for ABN 90 196 565 019 23 Entity name:ALDI STORES (A LIMITED PARTNERSHIP) ABN status:Active from 04 May 2000 Entity type:Limited Partnership Goods & Services Tax (GST):Registered from 01 Jul 2000 Main business location: NSW 2770 State: New South Wales (capital: Sydney
  16. Anyone is free to give it a try stop paying all tax, including road tax take a camera to court and film it "lawfully" and post the results here "lawfully" should be entertaining common law Malcolm on the markwindows show is very true to life from my experience of it all
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