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  1. i have been trying to remember/find this tune (salsa house) for about a week this one always reminded me of 808 pacific state and strings of life rhythm is rhythm all 3 were part of the trinity of essential instrumental house tracks from the 80s :)
  2. Doing a little more duck duck going you can see the general view is movies can be made in a time frame of a few months to a few years it's technically possible to churn b grade films out very quickly and its getting quicker 3-6 months is possible technically to conclude this movie couldn't have been made after the plandemic was declared because of how long it takes to make a "typical" Hollywood movie in 2016 is a false conclusion
  3. Where did you get the idea it takes years to make a movie? from the trailer the film looks like typical B grade dog shit that is so plentiful today I'm more surprised Steven Seagal isn't in it
  4. if it were dangerous there wouldn't be exemptions for "severe distress" or a 99% survival rate the list of inconsistences is a large one if it were dangerous people would require a real mask not one made from a piece of t-shirt or toilet roll
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