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  1. I get a very strong sense of “pride” coming from many COVID enthusiasts I personally believe the dopamine pay off enthusiasts are receiving for their compliance and obedience is often overlooked these types of people are unable to process information from sources outside their perceived authority bubble when the average person is given an order or command and they successfully complete the command they are rewarded by a sense of achievement and belonging they are rewarded for following instructions correctly by a sense of achievement (the warm fuzzy feeling of self righteous winning! They instantly recognise authority figures and process the information given without question authority is the definition of correct in their mindsets authority CANNOT be wrong to free COVID enthusiasts from their controlled mindset would be similar in difficulty to getting a Christian to become atheist or another persons dog to obey my commands but ignore the commands of its owner/master or to convince a member of the armed services to disobey an order i don’t think it’s impossible but an intensive program of retraining and reprogramming would be necessary to remove all the “hooks” that are installed in their minds to replace them with new hooks from a new authority perhaps these obedient creatures can be taught to abandon their sycophantic ways and think for themselves for many I fear this isn’t possible and the best outcome would be for them to be renowned by a new authority I read a post today from an elderly lady requesting that fellow co-op users wear their masks over their noses correctly Virus particles can escape via the nose! She gleefully informed Her post reeked of virtue signaling Saving people like these virtue signalling self righteous types is a very hard task IMO they need a replacement authority to worship this current authority has been responsible for giving them the feelings of self worth the pat on the head they require in acknowledgment of their compliance is essential to their functioning imo you can’t reprogram slaves with information because by definition slaves are oblivious to information slaves must be reprogrammed by installing a new authority and by removing all the hooks from the previous authority
  2. Reality tunnels Sounds very much like schema therapy The Schema-Focused model was developed by Dr. Jeff Young, who originally worked closely with Dr. Aaron Beck, the founder of Cognitive Therapy. While treating clients at the Center for Cognitive Therapy at the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Young and his colleagues identified a segment of people who had difficulty in benefiting from the standard approach. He discovered that these people typically had long-standing patterns or themes in thinking, feeling and behaving/coping that required a different means of intervention. Dr. Young's attention turned to ways of helping patients to address and modify these deeper patterns or themes, also known as "schemas" or "lifetraps. http://www.schematherapy-nola.com/what-is-schema-therapy
  3. AI Doctors https://www.doctorlink.com/ Doctorlink is the UK’s leading health technology solutions provider offering healthtech solutions like patients online triage platform to assess patients’s symptoms and direct them to the appropriate healthcare pathway, giving the patients 24/7 access to their doctors. Doctorlink provides patient-centric healthcare technology solutions for the NHS in the UK covering more than 12 million NHS patients in 1,500 GP clinics. Through its clinical decision algorithm, Doctorlink is transforming the industry, enabling insurers and healthcare providers to save cost, improve efficiencies, and increase the accessibility of healthcare. Doctorlink’s algorithms are medico-legal compliant and indemnified with rigorous clinical governance and licensed independent peer review. Built by a team of doctors, healthcare experts and technology visionaries, the algorithms combine Bayesian logic to ensure robust clinical safety and AI learning to drive continuous improvement methodology.
  4. i like to call these creatures "lickspittles" they will do anything they're told without question fawning themselves to authority to win favor
  5. That is interesting i've never heard this before although i am not sure folk back then were as kind to pets children or wives as people are today it was kind of common in those olden days for people to take their dog out to "get it lost" i am sure this happens today too but back then it was an acceptable practice so folk would take their dog out on the false pretense of a regular walk and then abandon the poor fellow in a location too far away for doggy to know the route home :(
  6. interesting clip i have watched it a few times its very clear to see that the actual pusher is mr ginger face beard cop the other cop who did have a hand placed on the piper that the crowd mainly focus their anger on was trying to catch or steady the piper this is clear if the video is watched a few times might as well focus the attention on the true perpetrator of the crime mr ginger beard cop can be clearly seen using a pushing action with force which could have resulted in serious head injury to the piper
  7. London shops are mostly owned by "privileged" people aka white devils do the right thing get on your knees and shop here https://shopblack.uk/
  8. Interestingly Mr turn on tune in and drop out Leary was 46 when he gave his most famous speech in 1966 he must have seen himself as rather "hip" and not like his "45" year old peers from the same generation Coincidentally I am 46 too like Mr Leary was I agree that these old gits are the enemy I also think they are victims too and have been programmed with obedience and fear This victim status could cause free thinkers with empathy to have sympathetic feelings towards these old "victims" Personally I feel this is a mistake having sympathy for someone that wouldn't return the gesture is a very short step from being betrayed these old fools are highly likely to be "informants" so they're actually dangerous I think they're best avoided when workable Not all old folk are slave minded and unable to learn new things When I was young some old people could even program thier own video recorder (VCR) although this was extremely rare it's very refreshing to see groups of elderly blue haired ladies gossiping together in my local town centre with no regard for masks or social distancing whatsoever I don't know if they're just rebels or extra clued up on worldly events but it's nice to see A few months ago an old lady around 70-75 jumped out the way when I was looking for something in Tesco she threw herself into the shelf behind her knocking items onto the floor "please stay back" she mumbled out of her I'll fitting mask that was exposing her nose Was a rather unpleasant experience
  9. i agree but i also think it's not just fear of the novel deadly virus it's fear of "disobedience" fear of being in a minority (peer pressure) the older generation were conditioned to be obedient authority worshiping conformists he most likely feels proud of himself for following commands correctly and would point out anyone not doing so to the nearest authority figure "everyone must follow the rules" is his mantra no acceptation this man was trained the same way as a dog when dogs returns a ball or stick successfully they get a dopamine release repeat the process (repetition is the mother of retention) and a new routine is established this old man is an old dog that belongs to the state he is government property like a police dog or horse sadly he is most likely too old to learn any new tricks like thinking for himself
  10. i felt that way too when i found out about all the mean things folk say about Norris Mcwhirter
  11. i also like the scenario from the movie inglourious basterds small groups of guerrilla soldiers proactively taking the fight to the enemy 100 government scalps would be a nice start
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