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  1. 1 hour ago, Ethel said:

    Call me a conspiracy theorist but I find it striking and incredibly coincidental that only seconds after an attempt was made to blow this man's head off they just 'happen to' manage to construct an iconic and highly memorable photo. How fortuitous for the photographer and everyone in the photo! 😆

    No just healthy critical thinking!

    I am also going to keep an eye on what is happening with Trump and Musk are they secret little bum buddies?


    So far they have kind of avoided each other


    Musk declaring he voted Democrat previously 

    He restored Trump to X after he was banned Trump didn't come back yet


    Now Elon Musk publicly declares his support for Trump after the assassination event 

    This might very well help more Democratically inclined voters to feel more comfortable switching to Trump if Musk endorses him

    But what will Musk get in return for sucking up when trump wins a huge Landslide



  2. 7 hours ago, Mr H said:

    To be fair, you often here of miracles in relation to gun incidents. How many times you hear, if the bullet had been a millimeter to the left they would have died etc?


    For me it's more the blood around the ear, and convenient camera angles that arises my suspicion the most here. And the secret service behaviors.

    That's interesting I agree the blood doesn't look genuine it doesn't drip or run and it's not on his collar no splatters it's quite odd 


    But the whole thing just looks ridiculous the way the security prance around on the stage after the gunshots looks like something from a low budget movie

    the way trump stands up he don't know if there's another shooter but Trump exposes himself to further attempts he's more concerned with the fist or defiance photo opportunity the security act like extras they do nothing that would've protected him after the first attempt


    The very fact that Trump is alive is mostly enough for me


    it's kind of like believing a suicide attempt that fails how can someone genuinely fail it's just a cry for help or something else something staged


    How could he miss it's just inconceivable if there was a serious plan to assassinate him they wouldn't miss

    If it were real trump would be dead it's as simple as that for me 


    The fact that all these supposed negatives trump suffered that should have ended up with unpleasant consequences end up in the biggest positive trump could imagine is the greatest luck in the universe divine intervention or a staged event 




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  3. 8 hours ago, webtrekker said:






    I'm not a Trump Right winger says mr Geordie 

    BUT ... What a hero what a brave man 💪


    The Martyr narrative has begun 

    The MSM have received their scripts they know what to say 


    Trump like him or hate him such a hero

    can dodge bullets but may I reiterate I'm not right wing did you hear that I'm not right wing just to be sure that you heard that right I'm not right-wing but Trump is a hero

    is he superman

    is he Jesus or neo

    Remo unarmed and dangerous would be impressed by those bullet dodging skills


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  4. 11 hours ago, BornFreeNowAgain said:

    I just listened to Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) says exactly this; that it was God's will, well something like that, it was said within what seemed like a 3 minute romanticised soliloquy that was pretty nauseating to listen to. It might be yet another angle they will use though, that Trump is God's Chosen Child so you should vote for him. I seem to recall some saying Trump is the 'Antichrist' which these latest developments might add to that theory. 

    Yes it seems that they will harness the Christian support which is huge for trump and turn him into a martyr almost the second coming of Christ

    that image the fist of defiance in the air looks very choreographed to me


    the best is yet to come they are going to milk this until the cows come home


    Maybe they are trying to take the moral high ground after all that insurrection nonsense this will become the new insurrection that they can use to play the victim card


    they will use this in many ways for their own advantage which is so awfully convenient

    Either Donald trump is the most lucky man in the world or he played a blinder

    Surviving this so-called assassination attempt will increase his popularity and likelyhood of staying in power for a long time 


    The republicans heavily promoted the idea that they lost the last election because of vote rigging cheating and hacking of machines therefore this is the playing field Donald trump believes he's playing on so cheating is all part of the game

    I also think Elon musk coming out and declaring his support for trump after this event "fishy timing" is this another coincidence or part of a bigger plan that hasn't been fully revealed yet

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  5. On 7/14/2024 at 2:42 AM, Mazthehobo said:

    My hunch is that whoever is truly responsible got the outcome they wanted.

    If ‘they’ wanted him dead I think he would be dead. 
    Can’t ask the shooter now, he’s dead, so no doubt they will raid his home and ‘find’ something they can use to control the narrative. 


    Looking at it from the outcome as the focus can provide some interesting insights rather than focusing on what happened but the result of what happened and who benefits the most from the outcome


    A multitude of supposed blunders coincidences divine intervention and security failures resulted in perhaps the greatest advert for Donald Trump ever 

    I'm surprised Alex Jones isn't selling t-shirts yet

    of the "fist of defiance"


    Every cloud has a silver lining perhaps 


    Why was the assassin such a bad shot

    if it was that easy to miss him it would be equally easy to not miss him it's ridiculous that he missed

    If it's that easy to get past his security he would have been killed a thousand times over on many occasions if there was any real intention to kill him

    so the idea that an attempt to assassinate him resulted in a failure is preposterous because now the security will be 100 times more secure


    But then again maybe it was divine intervention that he just moved his head at the right moment I'm sure the Christians supporting trump will be happy with that idea 


    it all just randomly fell into place for Donald trump to become an even more powerful martyr in the eyes of his supporters 


    On the balance of probabilities I would favour the idea that this is too many coincidences too many blunders to be just random acts all of these seemingly unconnected events have led to a positive outcome for Donald trump 


    Like a magician doing a magic trick we might not know how the trick is done that's the point of the trick

    however we still know that it's a trick nothing more



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  6. 6 minutes ago, Mr Crabtree said:

    My dear old grandad once gave me some very important advice I'd like to share with any males who want it!


    1/ you need to find a woman who is able to cook, and clever enough to manage on the housekeeping money.

    2/ you need a woman who is working so that she can slip you a few quid occasionally.

    3/ you also need a woman who's not a munter you'd be ashamed to be seen out and about with!

    4/ You also need a woman who's willing to try anything sexual if it pleases you!

    Now this 5th piece of info is the most important one,



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  7. 7 hours ago, Mr Crabtree said:

    Go around to a neighbour's or a friends's house really late at night,, knock the door and when they say 'who is it'? stick a large cucumber  part way through the letter box and shout out 'it's only me, the Jolly Green Giant, I think I love you'!🤭


    This one is going to be right up your street I'm sure 



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  8. 15 hours ago, webtrekker said:


    Damn! You were let of lightly!


    Many years ago I was caught counterfeiting Green Shield Stamps (remember those anyone?). I got 6 months and an electric kettle! 😋





    More corny than the jolly green giant!





  9. 14 hours ago, - TZC - said:

    Stretching humor there, but hopefully I can steer it back. I was out with Sheila and her kid one day in the park. Me and "Teeluck" as I called him (andrew) strayed a bit far toward the woods and we heard "COME BACK" yelled from the path.

    When we got back, Sheila told us "stay away from the woods, there's glue sniffers in there"


    I immediately shouted "BLUE SNIFFERS!"  at the trees, and Sheila nearly had a heart attack on the spot. We never saw any though.


  10. 4 minutes ago, Mr Crabtree said:

    Poor guy, fancy a young lad being stuck with a problem like that, I had a similar problem when I was his age, but now fifty odd years later I can look back and laugh about it!

    I'm embarrassed to say that I used to sniff leather saddles on fat girls bikes, and then I started stealing the saddles and hiding them in my fridge for sniffing later on when I was alone in my room! However, I was eventually caught when I went to my local cottage hospital with a badly swollen left wrist and sores on my nostrils!


    The Magistrates were very sympathetic and asked if I'd ever stolen anything else? I admitted that I had stolen a front gate and asked for four other fences to be taken into consideration! I ended up doing three months in Holloway Prison, the uniforms were weird, but the showers were fun!👍 The prison was full of rough, tough, hardcases, and some of the prisoners were a bit strange too!






  11. On 11/9/2022 at 9:16 AM, Macnamara said:

     Which whites do you mean?


    Do you mean poor whites living in sink estates or do you mean billionaire whites flying around above humanity in private jets or do you mean the whites living under countless different circumstances in between those?


    What i do know is that the ten most safe countries in the world have white demographic majorities (plus japan) so i suppose for the majority of the people in those countries life means working hard, raising families, not doing harm to others and generally minding your own business



    Black albino whites! 

    Black albino model accused of white privilege - BBC News 


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