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  1. No just healthy critical thinking! I am also going to keep an eye on what is happening with Trump and Musk are they secret little bum buddies? So far they have kind of avoided each other Musk declaring he voted Democrat previously He restored Trump to X after he was banned Trump didn't come back yet Now Elon Musk publicly declares his support for Trump after the assassination event This might very well help more Democratically inclined voters to feel more comfortable switching to Trump if Musk endorses him But what will Musk get in return for sucking up when trump wins a huge Landslide
  2. That's interesting I agree the blood doesn't look genuine it doesn't drip or run and it's not on his collar no splatters it's quite odd But the whole thing just looks ridiculous the way the security prance around on the stage after the gunshots looks like something from a low budget movie the way trump stands up he don't know if there's another shooter but Trump exposes himself to further attempts he's more concerned with the fist or defiance photo opportunity the security act like extras they do nothing that would've protected him after the first attempt The very fact that Trump is alive is mostly enough for me it's kind of like believing a suicide attempt that fails how can someone genuinely fail it's just a cry for help or something else something staged How could he miss it's just inconceivable if there was a serious plan to assassinate him they wouldn't miss If it were real trump would be dead it's as simple as that for me The fact that all these supposed negatives trump suffered that should have ended up with unpleasant consequences end up in the biggest positive trump could imagine is the greatest luck in the universe divine intervention or a staged event
  3. I'm not a Trump Right winger says mr Geordie BUT ... What a hero what a brave man ! The Martyr narrative has begun The MSM have received their scripts they know what to say Trump like him or hate him such a hero can dodge bullets but may I reiterate I'm not right wing did you hear that I'm not right wing just to be sure that you heard that right I'm not right-wing but Trump is a hero is he superman is he Jesus or neo Remo unarmed and dangerous would be impressed by those bullet dodging skills
  4. Yes it seems that they will harness the Christian support which is huge for trump and turn him into a martyr almost the second coming of Christ that image the fist of defiance in the air looks very choreographed to me the best is yet to come they are going to milk this until the cows come home Maybe they are trying to take the moral high ground after all that insurrection nonsense this will become the new insurrection that they can use to play the victim card they will use this in many ways for their own advantage which is so awfully convenient Either Donald trump is the most lucky man in the world or he played a blinder Surviving this so-called assassination attempt will increase his popularity and likelyhood of staying in power for a long time The republicans heavily promoted the idea that they lost the last election because of vote rigging cheating and hacking of machines therefore this is the playing field Donald trump believes he's playing on so cheating is all part of the game I also think Elon musk coming out and declaring his support for trump after this event "fishy timing" is this another coincidence or part of a bigger plan that hasn't been fully revealed yet
  5. Looking at it from the outcome as the focus can provide some interesting insights rather than focusing on what happened but the result of what happened and who benefits the most from the outcome A multitude of supposed blunders coincidences divine intervention and security failures resulted in perhaps the greatest advert for Donald Trump ever I'm surprised Alex Jones isn't selling t-shirts yet of the "fist of defiance" Every cloud has a silver lining perhaps Why was the assassin such a bad shot if it was that easy to miss him it would be equally easy to not miss him it's ridiculous that he missed If it's that easy to get past his security he would have been killed a thousand times over on many occasions if there was any real intention to kill him so the idea that an attempt to assassinate him resulted in a failure is preposterous because now the security will be 100 times more secure But then again maybe it was divine intervention that he just moved his head at the right moment I'm sure the Christians supporting trump will be happy with that idea it all just randomly fell into place for Donald trump to become an even more powerful martyr in the eyes of his supporters On the balance of probabilities I would favour the idea that this is too many coincidences too many blunders to be just random acts all of these seemingly unconnected events have led to a positive outcome for Donald trump Like a magician doing a magic trick we might not know how the trick is done that's the point of the trick however we still know that it's a trick nothing more
  6. This one is going to be right up your street I'm sure
  7. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMFHEbJpP/
  8. More corny than the jolly green giant!
  9. Black albino whites! Black albino model accused of white privilege - BBC News
  10. Asian baby Mr T ain't shook by the two-faced nature of humanity
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