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  1. if it were dangerous there wouldn't be exemptions for "severe distress" or a 99% survival rate the list of inconsistences is a large one if it were dangerous people would require a real mask not one made from a piece of t-shirt or toilet roll
  2. I think its the exact opposite the reason why it's still going on is because people are wearing masks and complying without reason common sense and any questioning blind obedience if people stopped complying (wearing masks) is a start and quit believing in the government propaganda that creates fear and paranoia the fiction would end
  3. Instantly on opening Google play app store I am bombarded with a pop up inviting me to install the NHS spy app I haven't seen this kind of promotion by Google before even of its own apps
  4. Many British nans would salivate with anticipation of the ensuing culinary delights if presented with this plate of dog shit below grate some cheese on it and throw some corned beef in there for good measure said nan!
  5. Argos have changed the colour scheme of their app icon to match the colours of rastamouses hat this isn't in anyway patronising ARGOS are PROUD they even say it TWICE i have selected the new icon in the preferences to show my solidarity i am sure rastamouse would approve "ev rea ting gwanna be eye rea"
  6. Speaking of Argos When I opened their app the other day I was confronted by some hideous virtue signalling
  7. I hear ladies in jail roll their own welcome to the new world order
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