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  1. On 12/8/2020 at 12:53 AM, magu said:

    The coming power outages and internet crashes will be the ''wipe the slate clean'' event they are looking to use to install the crypto of their choice/s...plus the total debasement of bitcoin and every other non state sanctioned and controlled crypto.....as an aside...thunder snow in edinburgh and atmospheric explosions in new york state and elsewhere recently 23 miles up.....perfect emp  height....maybe a trial run ? smh

    regards to the crypto aspect if your foolish enough to leave your coins on the exchange rather than cold wallet yeah could well be, but they cannot touch it with all the power downs lost internet if its in a cold storage like say the nano x wallet

  2. On 12/7/2020 at 11:17 PM, Illmatic said:


    Haha never heard of that but would be an interesting little fact.


    It could give them a chance to cause a little bit of havoc but it doesn't change the fact that they can't fuck with bitcoin in the same way as they can regular currency, short of bringing down the internet which of course you couldn't rule out. Enough to make it a decent investment IMO

    actually bro they can mess with bitcoin every single transaction is registered it aint decentralised like people believe it is oops, why do you think people who wised up tumbled and mixed there coins and sent them to an undisclosed wallet. cos otherwise every bitcoin transaction can be followed off the block chain. i do invest in crypto and i actually learnt this from the forums stay safe 

  3. 17 hours ago, Orange Alert said:


    I hope she is careful and on the lookout for the escaped prisoner, as reported in the Worthing Herald, with a 2 foot wide head.

    Inmate on the run from Ford Prison - Dial 999 immediately if you see him



    According to Sussex Police, Clayton McCalman left HMP Ford between 5am and midday on Monday (November 2), and his 'direction of travel is unknown'.

    The 32-year-old is heavily linked to the London area, police said, and anyone who sees him is asked not to approach him 'but to dial 999 immediately'.

    A police spokesperson added: "If you have any information about where he could be, you can report it online or call 101, quoting serial 0607 of 02/11.


    oh dear 13 again 0607 + 02/11 

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  4. Hmm how very odd, personally i would aim it straight at 10 downing street and the prime minister to boot, lets see how they wrangle that one.

    just might open old Boris eyes to the scam, if he aint already involved. either way they will have to answer or will put you in touch with the correct department. now personally i would of thought it was P.H.E but there you go could be a dismissal tactic all the same.

  5. well i have read ALL of your comments,  and i believe you are ALL right in regards to the weather modification Geo-engineering.

    I when a bit younger used to sit watching thunderstorms as i found it very meditative, and it wasn't that long ago i stopped.

    But the storms that blew in where NOT natural in any way i told my lady the same thing.

    As for the high humidity YES that is totally correct but NOT right the natural way.

    you can tell a natural storm as it cools down by many degrees and lightning doesn't arc across the skies the way these storms did, and yes totally un-natural explosions not cracks.

    BUT funny enough its mentioned in the bible that the skies hold the danger from revelations, they TPTB are trying hard in my belief to crash the eco-system.

    reason drought  diseases and of course food decimation, end goal depopulation by billions of souls, lets NOT forget these feckers have seed banks and underground safe houses.

    Do you think its not odd that the royals and other top celebs have vanished out of sight? ITS GAME ON FOLKS its either we wake the frig up or we perish.

    my tuppence worth.

  6. All i know on this monument is that some years back, the time team i think did an xray of the surrounding area and found more artifacts buried in a bigger circle than stonehenge.

    but the kicker here is that these other artifacts where made of wood. they could not i believe do a full survey one land permissions and two theirs a bloody road running through the site.

    but the actual site is far far bigger than just these stones. thats about all i know lol

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  7. 1 hour ago, Someone2630 said:

    In the good old days, we had NO central heating. Many of us had to go outside and dig through snow to get to the shit house. We ate LOTS of fat, streaky bacon, bacon fat, lard, butter (NEVER eat margarine), potatoes, bread, jam, cheese and milk. We lived on a fatty diet because we had to WORK and not sit on our arses talking to our ten million 'followers' on face book. We didn't really need a gym, because we had to work hard. Now if you want to get ready for the bad times, fatty foods and resistance training. Forget about cardio.


    In our gym over here, there are women so thin that they are almost translucent, yet they come to "stay fit"which means running for hours on a treadmill. On the other side of the coin we had a fat woman who came and cycled for hours, she would burn 3 or 4 hundred calories and leave munching Mars Bars! Then she would wonder why she never lost weight.


    If you eat more calories than you burn, you will get FATTER, if you burn more calories than you eat you will get thinner, really simple. If you are serious about your weight,  visit https://fitnessassistant.net/ it's the ONLY program that I've found which takes ALL foods and translates the American shit like fluid ounces of peanuts or half a cup of something into GRAMS. It's not free. You can add your own recipes, your training schedule, even the calories burned cutting the lawn. We weigh EVERYTHING. Works like a charm.

    ah my friend, your body will use the crud you have stored in your bowels first hence forth why i do a liver detox weeks before i do just a water fast bro. i will use lemon and Cayenne pepper drinks only. which keeps body in a cleanse state. then gradually go on to my fast, which the lemon helps burn off any fats stored also and helps release any toxins stored in fat tissue. and aids with the healing crisis you will go through which is very unpleasant for some depending on how toxic there body mass is. i have never put weight on( not saying you havent) i always lose loads of weight and feel absolutely wonderful afterwards. but when i go back onto my food i always use fruit juiced NO solids and build up using high VIT C to help body recover its vitality and its why i use lemon and cayenne before hand keeps the system high in vit C to aid your recovery. 

  8. 13 hours ago, oz93666 said:

    Great minds foresaw these times and this  problem arising many decades ago ...


    They concluded the  solution is not to grow (for city dwellers) 


    The time expense you put in for meager returns does not warrant it  and guaranteed hungry people will steal it all in the night while you sleep....


     By now you should have a large stockpile of tins , dried food , dried bread with long shelf life (rivita type?)... but you need food which is alive ..has some chlorophyll , living enzymes ...and sprouts are the answer ....


    Sunflower(with hulls) and alfalfa  provide chlorophyll ... mung , pea , chick pea and others ..... when sprouted these are the ultimate energy and health food  ..Start experimenting now  to find out what you might need to make them more delicious...


    Sprouted seeds should make up the core of your diet because they are the best possible food , are by far the cheapest  and compact and the seeds  have long shelf life ... 


    Let's not forget fasting ... Fasting is recognized by most religions as the thing to do ... Christ went off to the desert to fast for 40 days ... Buddha fasted often ... and the practice is still alive today in Ramadan when 100's of millions of Muslims stop eating for a month ( but only during daylight hours)  ...


    I've done a lot of this , and the spiritual effects are noticeable...that is to say the chattering of the mind slows , probably due to reduced sugar in the blood stream you enter a very centered and wonderful place  ... And the benefits for health are well known ...1 or 3 days without food is best ....


    This is the fasters bible , very inspiring reading and important to get .... Bragg died at 99 in a water skying accident




    The great paradox is  , the controllers attempts to starve us out only give us a great opportunity to improve our diet and fast ...brilliant!


    hi OZ yes i fast regularly to and can definitely state it does absolute wonders to quieten the mind/ego. i only take water 3-5 days.

    i also use Dr hula Clarke cleanse for the liver, and can tell you it works amazingly ooh the wonders of Epsom salts which i do this twice yearly releases an awful lot of daily toxins that has accumulated . so bro i fully agree from experience that this is definitely the way to go. great post OZ

  9. well it seems like the WIRRAL is under threat of lock down, ooh how thoughtful of these parasites.

    and i can tell you only reason is people are waking up to the crap.

    we had a counselor last week emailing the general public basically full on fear mongering .

    And now this week the lock down over peoples heads and you all saw the guy on the train with the over zealous police officer.

    they are ramping up the fear here no end. it will end in tears as compliant as people are it will pop but i feel thats  exactly what these cretins want. full on civil disturbances.

    i honestly hope it doesn't happen ,but hope they start taking to the streets peacefully  in a large number and show enough is enough.

    but we will see.

  10. On 9/5/2020 at 10:16 PM, Problem child said:

    this vid might be useful for those with kids going back to school


    Thank you for that link to video. @Problem child

    for anyone else here is the letter for the schools to print off and hand to the headteacher.

    Dear Re: corona-virus protocols  I am writing to you regarding my son/daughter, NAME who is due to return to year X ON DATE NAME has been very happy at SCHOOL NAME and is looking forward to returning to see his friends. However, both he and I have some serious concerns that we would like to address in writing before term commences. In the interests of being succinct I will list these as follows: 1. I do not consent to NAME using hand sanitiser. Hand sanitisers contain powerful chemicals that permeate the skin and enter the bloodstream, as well as being implicated in causing dermatitis and destroying vital beneficial bacteria on the skin - essential for maintaining a strong immune system. I only consent to him washing his hands with conventional soap and water. I also do not consent to him using antibacterial chemicals to clean his desk and equipment for the same reason. 2. I do not give our consent to participating in the NHS track and trace scheme, and do not want our contact details passed over to the NHS or any other agency for the purposes of tracking and tracing.  Any agency having or using our data without our consent is in breach of the GDPR and therefore illegal. 3. I do not know what the school's policy will be on mask-wearing but I wish to make clear the legal position on masks, which is that those suffering hidden disabilities are exempt, and under the Equalities Act 2010 and Disabilities Discrimination Act, it is illegal to ask someone if they have a hidden disability or what it is. Therefore, were the school to mandate masks, it would be illegal for them to ask any pupil why they were not wearing one. It would also be incumbent on the school to instruct all pupils and staff on the law regarding masks and exemptions, to ensure anyone without a mask is not discriminated against. 4. I do not feel that schools are the place for medical processes to take place, and I only allow trusted healthcare professionals to conduct medical procedures on my son. Therefore, I do not consent to NAME receiving any corona-virus testing or any other medical procedure at school. If he develops symptoms of illness, I will keep him at home as I would with any other illness, and arrange any treatment myself. 5. I do not consent to any detainment of NAME on school premises or elsewhere for any reason. I expect him to return home at the usual time every day unless I have given my express permission otherwise. Finally I would like to address the use of Vanoquat. I’m sure you are aware that this contains the chemical Di-methyl Benzyl Ammonium Chloride as its active ingredient. This is a Quaternary ammonium compound that causes lung damage, the development of asthma and can and does cause skin rashes. Animal studies have also shown that it produces poor sperm count, impaired fertility, and birth defects. Although I am aware that this will not be applied until the end of the day and only in empty classrooms, Quaternary ammonium compounds do not dissipate from a surface. They remain on hard surfaces, creating opportunities for exposure many times until the substance is actively removed. However this product won’t be actively removed and instead will be layered continuously, multiple times and, due to the nature of the fogger, will literally contaminate everything.  This, in tandem with the frankly OCD use of sanitizers and toxic cleaning products is hugely concerning to me. Firstly a bio hazardous poison is literally being sprayed all over the children's environment. The second reason is that in wiping out all bacteria and all microbes we are actually depriving our bodies of the complex interactive environment that we require in order to thrive. Human beings possess and require more bacteria in our bodies than the number of cells we have, and when we strip our environment of the microbial complexity that humans need in order to support the diversity and the balance of our microbiome we become extremely vulnerable to illness. If we sterilise our environment we will be sterilising our own microbiome with serious repercussions for the health and well-being of the children. Not even mentioning the psychological ramifications of this. I understand very well that you are between a rock and a hard place, but the evidence is very clear that children are not at risk from COVID and all epidemiological studies to date show they are not transmitting the virus either to adults or the wider community.  Therefore could you also please furnish me with the risk analysis that was carried out before these protocols were devised and let me know who is liable for any potential long term adverse health effects as a result?   ‘This kind of insanity has no logical or scientific basis and therefore to indulge in these ‘known to be health damaging protocols’ is surely pandering to the lowest common denominator in terms of common sense‘ Kindest regards
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  11. Showroom Dummies kraftwerk
    the robots      kraftwerk
    numbers   kraftwerk
    the inmates  gary numan
    this wreckage  gary numan
    i die you die  gary numan
    remind me to smile gary numan
    new anger gary numan
    dream corrosion  gary numan
    the seed of a lie gary numan
    statues  omd
    a heros death  fontaines dc
    televised mind fontaines dc
    ceremony     new order
    thieves like us  new order
    murder    new order
    transmission  joy division
    fractured box  joy division

  12. 16 hours ago, brandyeff88 said:

    hello everyone ,, 


    I'm new here .. 


    I just finally got around to reading The Biggest Secret after all these years .. and I am looking for some book recommendations - I want to do some serious reading on Princess Diana's death/murder , and, although obviously The Biggest Secret covers quite a bit, I want more .. does Icke have any more material on Diana? .. what exactly are the best books relating to her life/her death?  ...... and, obviously, of course, I want the truth - books in the vein of Icke's various works; authors not afraid and that do not hold back. 

    if you are not offended by the odd swear word, go here this is a bloody good start and has links to other articles you should read first good luck


  13. On 8/11/2020 at 10:03 AM, sickofallthebollocks said:

    Great post thread,  myself and just about everything you guys say is spot on.  It's beena great year weatherwise since March, especially March to end of June when there were no planes in the sky.  Funny that?

    This week it's been a bit of a heatwave here in the UK, I've been watching the skys with particular interest this last week, and, following a perfect blue sky morning, once I see the 'contrails' from the planes in the sky (obviously chemtrails not contrails which evaporate usually within 30 seconds) .......   once I see the long white contrails in the sky, they 'foam up' and become clouds, which then seem to mysteriously move toward the sun and make what was a beautiful perfectly sunny morning into a typical british 'quite-sunny' HAZY day (sunwise)

    This happens without fail - I point it out to people and they say "yeah?"  "actually - yeah?  I noticed that too?"   although they can't explain why, and quickly lose interest when you start mentioning that they are actually chemtrails and not water evaporation of jet fuel.  (contrails)

    It's so plain to see isn't it, as soon as you see the kriss-krossing of whitelines in the sky that don't disappear with a few minutes - then the weather gets cloudier.


    a little thing i learnt was most modern jets in this day and age do not leave vapour trails, as the engines are of a bypass design. but years ago they did like 70s 80s so very very few jets in the sky actually leave a vapour trail. just an odd fact i learnt years ago

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  14. 48 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    'Pre-hack', we had a topic "Coronavirus: The Musical", that was great fun 🙂


    A few obvious ones you missed:


    The Police: "Don't Stand So Close To Me"

    Joy Division: "Isolation"

    Thin Lizzy: "Don't Believe A Word"



    OMD genetic engineering

    OMD messages

    Chris Rea fool if you think its over

    LADY GAGA paparazzi

    THE JAM going underground

    OMD radio waves

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  15. 4 hours ago, callmenuts said:

    So we've had a lockdown mid march, no planes in the sky but all of a sudden as if by magic record numbers of blue skies and high temperatures. I have counted around 7 days in total during this period that it has rained, but not even for the majority of the day, just here and there. 


    Week after week of relentless bright sunny weather with intense heatwaves that always seem to begin around the weekend. 


    It's like a pressure cooker with the temperature gauge getting cranked up more and more. I can remember hot summers in my time but from the middle of March, no way. Not in this country (UK). 


    I keep a diary of the weather and have done daily for years and something isn't right here. I guess first guess is lack of flights and chemtrails. Second guess just a freak summer. Third guess is my increasing paranoia. 


    Fourth guess and most probable, I'm just a miserable bastard who hates this sodding heat. 

    no my friend, this heat is deliberate, they have been spraying away north west England regularly. Now think on it heavy heat? now what could that cause arh yes breathing difficulties and heavy perspiration add masks, brilliant for bacteria fungi etc to grow, it will impact the elderly for sure but not only them now this is a full on assault. people will become breathless quickly and you will start seeing people falling over ill and those others will be making there body ill just in time for the onset of flu season, you really couldnt make it up. bas++++s

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  16. 14 minutes ago, kj35 said:

    Am struggling to connect everything sluggish and getting browser errors again.

    yes @kj35 i tried a few times got as far as cloud browser then wouldn't load, so i turned on VPN NO PROBLEMS. and i am UK as i think you are too. wondering if they are blocking this site or another attack.

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