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  1. On 3/20/2021 at 2:36 PM, Freeman said:

    Thanks. My imagination gives me this question: how long will it take for the mutagen to be transformed in the body so that noone else can get infected from that someone's bloodstream or savila (or any other way)? Is there any specialist here to answer this question or is there any reliable source of information on the internet?

    there are so many unknows surrounding the whole plandemic, best I can advise keep your vitamins high eat fresh wholesome foods no junk food plenty of fresh water etc. do not give in to fear or stress yourself out as that believe it or not lowers your immunity I wish you well

  2. On 3/19/2021 at 4:47 PM, Mikheil said:

    If you actually believe in virii, then think of the following. I have already written about this in one of the threads. We go back to Parvo Virus as it was called


    If a dog had a high antibody titer and got vaccinated, the antibodies actually DECREASED, not increased. Let's call this Group A) . If the dog did NOT have any real antibody titer, the vaccination INCREASED the titer. Let's call this Group B. Even having a high antibody titer wasn't 100% effective against Parvo.


    Now when they took Vaccine #2 if the dog belonged to Group A, the antibody titer dropped yet again, so you just went from having high immunity to having very little immunity. If the dog belonged to Group B, the second vaccine made no real difference, but here comes the rub. 


    Vaccine #3 in both groups reduced the antibody titer to around ZERO. Some actually got Parvo, but almost every one of their offspring died of Parvo. 


    Again, if you think humans are different to animals, explain why no animal trials were done before forcing this Covid injection onto a gullible population. I'll tell you why, BECAUSE THEY KNOW THE ANSWER FROM THE PARVO VIRUS MALADY THAT THEY DELIBERATELY INFLICTED ON DOGS WORLD-WIDE.


    THAT was the fucking TRIAL that's why and they KNOW the results.


    Oh, BTW, soon after Parvo, came HIV. Coincidence?


    How can you get infected? If you believe what they are telling you, all of the above. How do you protect yourself? Good question, back to Parvo :


    Dogs that had been in constant contact with the Parvo virus, (Police dogs, security dogs, Military dogs etc.,), obviously (to me) developed antibodies slowly before the real dog pandemic came. Very few got Parvo.


    Dogs, kept at home and rarely taken outside, died by the hundreds. The twist was that even dogs that had never been outside of their own garden and never been in contact with another dog, got Parvo (similar to a Naval ship with sailors that hadn't been ashore for weeks, getting Covid-19). Vaccinations had just about no effect on the spread, over the years dogs developed herd immunity, BUT THEY STILL VACCINATE THE POOR BUGGERS EVEN TODAY. 


    As I haven't been a vet since the late 1970's when I decided it was unfit for purpose. I have no idea at all if dogs still get PV. I know vaccination in general has caused a massive problem in dog diseases that never existed before. CDM (Canine Degenerative Myelopathy) being one of them, now almost always diagnosed as Hip Dysplasia, but there is a HUGE difference in symptoms, but todays vets are drug dealers for Pharma, just like doctors, so they couldn't diagnose, Demodectic mange from Ringworms (yep, I have proof of that one!!!)


    Mange is also on the increase, but they banned the only drug that can actually CURE it - Ivermectin.


    indeed they did even with Rabbits, they released a disease in plain sight supposedly to eradicate wild rabbits but killed far more domesticated Rabbits, not sure if it was the 50:s 60:s in the UK.

    I only know about this as my uncle had two snowy white Rabbits which succumb to it and died.

    he was still very upset many years later as he told me the story sad but true. 

  3. On thoughts themselves to many thoughts do indeed leave an over bearing, and one thought does indeed lead to many more, now on the other hand lack of thoughts ( vacancy) ( meditation etc. ) leads to mental psychical and spiritual calm. still your unruly thoughts and let it be alright with you and in the quietness so shall you know me, and that I have walked with you all of your life. now thoughts are like our body cells they split and divide and multiply more and more which can lead to mental exhaustion. but also can lead to many self discoveries as well. the trick in my limited understanding is to balance a period of thought and a period of quietness. ( part of the middle path)but you cannot have one without the other, it would be like trying to separate night from day they both have there period. for every season there is a reason. everything is CIRCULAR the dragon chasing its tail. you obviously broke the circle and its my belief entered a reality which through an OBE

    now can I ask one question please when you thought about moving lets say to the right did you go right or did you go left, and the reason I ask this is if you thought to go one way and went the opposite you where in the mirror worlds. where up is down and right is left and visa versa. I do unexpectedly and not all the time OBE .

    I usually feel a sensation best I can describe it as pins and needles effect over my whole being then a vibration which becomes very strong and boom I am off, I have done this on and off as a child and throughout my life no thoughts ever needed, it can and does overwhelm you at times but there is always a reason for the happenstance. what you wrote about above there obviously was some form of communication for you which you must try decipher. usually not written but pictures the scene etc. 

    I would  try reflect in meditation or the like (quietness) ask what am I being shown always think in pictures symbols that's  the key bro

  4. 1 hour ago, ink said:

    I think Stuart Wilde said that the closest realm was about an arms length away at 90 degrees?


    Anyway .... another 'old thought' .... and I like the title :)



    The Dragons mind creates the circle of its life here, as it wanders in a Hell it can't remember entering


    Maybe I'm stuck in my own shadow?

    The mind needs no time or space to be. A dream or meditation creates its own time and will have any space it needs.

    A being is bigger on the inside than all of the macrocosm that which the being perceives. Close your eyes and all you wish is there.

    If you can picture the Multi-verse side by side with a pea, the Multi-verse being the inside of the person and the pea (Uni-verse or single-verse?) being where the being is located, then would the exterior of the being, the body itself, be the shadow of the Multi-verse reflected by the body within the pea or single-verse?

    A reflected shadow may show the inverse of the reality.
    1: reflection - a likeness in which left and right are reversed; similarity in appearance or character or nature between persons or things; "man created God in his own likeness"
    2: shadow - An area that is not or is only partially irradiated or illuminated because of the interception of radiation by an opaque object between the area and the source of radiation.
    3: inverse - something of a contrary nature or quality

    The Ouroboros (symbol of the dragon eating its own tail) was described by Plato as “a self-eating, circular being, as the first living thing in the universe....an immortal, mythologically constructed entity”

    Hades is of course the god of the underworld or hell (his brothers having be given the sky and the sea....which seems to only leave the ground?). Well in the Sibylline oracles Hades also appears as the abode of the dead, and by way of folk etymology, it even derives Hades from the name Adam (the first man), saying it is because he was the first to enter there.


    Ok so could we see this pea, as being hell, with Earth as a place within it?

    I know I can as:
    No one said hell wasn't beautiful but then what reference point do most people have?
    In other words, who said this world is / was / maybe of beauty?
    Most people remember no being to refer to as a point of beauty in an existence here.
    So they cannot determine if this place is of beauty or not!
    They are only told it is and they accept this.

    All things in this place require another to live from. Everything uses everything else. You cannot stay long here and not “do harm”.
    If you eat, you consume the life’s harm of another being as it is held in each cell, the same as water, which is the record keeper of all things here.
    If you partake of water, you ingest the multiplied feelings embedded in that liquid.
    If you cleanse your physical form, then you remove from this place multiple millions of bacteria which have the same right to 'life' as you feel you have.
    If you act in the manner of a vegetarian, then you still do harm, as all plants have emotions and feel when life is ripped from them.

    Beings cannot “Do No Harm” in this world!
    This is hell as far as i can see!

    Isn't it funny how the gods, back in heaven or Multi-verse, don't need to deal with money but you have to use money when going to hell by paying the ferry man on the river Styx or you have to wait on the Banks of Sorrow!!

    Now Gaia was the Grand-mother of Hades and Hades didn't really like existence back home with the other gods, so mainly he just stayed in hell after getting the job.

    All the other gods wouldn't go to hell as on the whole NO ONE left after traveling through the lake of Lethe, where souls flocked to erase all memory .......so the god Hermes got the job of transitions, boundaries and as messenger of the gods of the upper and lower worlds.....maybe so granny could keep in touch with Hades?
    Also the first region of Hades comprised the Fields of Asphodel, where the shades of heroes wander despondently among lesser spirits, who twitter around them like bats!
    Not really a place you would book to visit even if family live there. (bit like going to Birmingham lol)

    Hermes carried a staff called The Caduceus. This is a short staff entwined by two serpents, surmounted by wings.
    Hold on, Hermes could travel freely between heaven and hell or to put it another way....between the Multi-verse and this single-verse?


    So maybe the Ouroboros and the Caduceus have a connection?

    The Ouroboros being the first constructed entity in this single-verse and the Caduceus being a method to freely leave once you have entered this single-verse?

    Now we know that most of our lives here deal with fictions whether in law, commerce, day to day living etc and I'm sure that you have the same type of coincidences and synchronicity that I do, where it would seem that you are creating the life you have as you go along?

    Well what if you are and this is shown by the Ouroboros?

    The Dragons mind creates the circle of its life here, as it wanders in a Hell it can't remember entering, becoming the shadowed refection of that which it is, having daily to consume (live through) that which it created.

    And the circle NEVER ends.
    The end becomes the beginning.

    You were a Dragon. Time and space being but trivial play things for you.
    You lost your wings and became a snake. Time and space being all you have.

    The (239 BCE) Lüshi Chunqiu quotes Confucius comparing Dragons, one-footed dragons, and fish.
    “The Dragon eats and swims in clear water; the one-footed dragon eats in clean water but swims in muddy water; fish eat and swim in muddy water. Now, I have not ascended to the level of a dragon but I have not descended to that of fish. I am perhaps a one-footed dragon!"
    Well what can we do? Maybe the Caduceus shows the way?

    Two snakes climbing a staff to regain their wings.
    A staff would be held on the ground.
    The ground was given to Hades and is Hell.

    Hermes didn't have to 'die' to leave Hell, as say Hercules had to. Even though Hercules was a demi-god, fathered by Zeus, when he died his body remained in Hell but his being went to Olympus to become a God.

    Very few have been said to have 'left Hell once they entered' and it seems to me that the Caduceus does show the way.

    One snake is knowledge. Knowing where you are and what truly you are.
    The other snake is the energy with which you force the creation of the staff, thus giving you the ladder to climb back to your wings and become whole (one with one ) again.

    So it would seem to me that the necessary energy is either Kundalini energy or Qi energy?
    They may of course be the same thing??
    Chi energy....well actually is all about Dragons!

    There be Dragons here....LOL

    I think Stuart Wilde said that the closest realm was about an arms length away at 90 degrees.

    yes it was Stuart Wilde who said that, And that Ink was my teacher whom I studied under and am very grateful that I had the chance.

    the Caduceus, I believe is a symbol of balance, balance the left and the right and ground yourself and walk the middle path.

    which is the hardest path of them all. those who are predominately left side of the brain are deep analytical thinkers, yet those who are predominately right side of brain creative . now society teaches (FORCES) use to the left we have to learn ( l EARN ) YOUR CERTIFICATES from schools etc. . you've been certified.

    yet very little is done for the right side why? the powers that be do not wish for creative people.

    hence why very little is taught = tort . legally. 

    they do show us many examples in plain sight for example politics. ( pole ticks) split the poles I.E. RIGHT AND LEFT against one another, which causes conflicts. DI raised this as a way of dividing the general populous against itself and has become more so in todays world and the ensuing madness that has set in. we are being fractured broken, and severed from our true nature. just my tuppence worth

  5. 5 hours ago, Nikolai Anichkin said:

    Рукопись Войнича.

    Самую загадочную книгу можно расшифровать.


    За последние несколько десятилетий было предпринято много попыток расшифровать рукопись Войнича. Причем делали это не только любители различных областей знаний, но и профессиональные криптологи, в том числе такие авторитетные организации, как ЦРУ и АНБ США. Следует отметить, что в свое время им удавалось взламывать самые сложные шифры. Не остались в стороне и специалисты в других областях знания, и даже специалисты по оккультным теориям. Использовались современные вычислительные возможности. Проведен анализ многих языков на предмет их возможного использования при написании рукописи. В результате этой кропотливой работы на сегодняшний день получен единственный результат - рукопись Войнича представляет собой реальный документ, представляющий собой семантический текст, написанный на неизвестном языке. Хотя есть и другое мнение. Так, совсем недавно ученый из Кильского университета в Великобритании Гордон Рагг, который занимается расшифровкой рукописи Войнича с 2003 года, заявил, что это искусная подделка. Нетрудно заметить, что на такую шутку пришлось приложить слишком много усилий. А пергамент в то время стоил очень дорого. Химический и радиоуглеродный анализы показали, что рукопись была написана не ранее 1438 года.

    Оставляя в данной работе вопросы истории происхождения и дальнейших "путешествий" этого артефакта, имеет смысл остановиться на возможности его перевода и возможного содержания.

    Анализ методов подхода специалистов к расшифровке рукописи Войнича показал, что все они имели один и тот же метод расшифровки. Все они пытались увидеть буквы алфавита любого языка, и языка Европы, в знаках, используемых для написания рукописи Войнича. Такой подход не дал положительных результатов. Поэтому необходимо изменить метод подхода к декодированию. А именно, необходимо найти язык, алфавитная структура которого соответствует структуре системы знаков, используемой при написании рукописи Войнича. возьмем за основу не один знак, а всю систему знаков в целом.

    Теперь необходимо найти систему в многообразии знаков, используемых для написания рукописи Войнича. Проанализировав знаки, использованные в рукописи, мы смогли найти такую систему. Теперь вопрос в том, чтобы найти язык, формат алфавита которого соответствовал бы формату символов в рукописи. Поиски увенчались успехом. Мы нашли древний язык, алфавитный формат (или структура) которого совпадал с форматом (или структурой) символов, используемых в тексте. Но потом все пошло не так гладко. Структура набора знаков и алфавит предполагаемого языка идентичны, но количество букв оказалось чуть больше. Мне пришлось вернуться к тексту. В результате в самом тексте была обнаружена числовая метка. Используя эту метку как подсказку и прикрепляя две буквы к определенному количеству символов, все встало на свои места. В дальнейшем, при переводе некоторых коротких слов, это закрепление знаков за буквами подтвердилось. Это второй уровень шифрования рукописи Войнича. Далее, проанализировав текст с имеющимися данными, оказалось, что в словах, начинающихся с гласных, эти гласные опущены. Более того, даже внутри слов гласные используются редко. Это можно считать третьим уровнем шифрования. Эти два обстоятельства еще более исключают использование компьютерных программ для перевода текста рукописи Войнича. "Ручной" перевод тоже труден. Например, если слово в тексте состоит из 4 символов, то этому предполагаемому слову будет соответствовать 8 букв, 4 из которых необходимо удалить. Таким образом, практически невозможно обойтись без совершенного знания этого исконного языка. При переводе коротких слов я использовал сведения, полученные в Интернете, а они, как известно, ограничены и пользуются только общепринятым употреблением. И в этом случае мы имеем конкретные темы и древний язык.

          В настоящее время есть специалисты, которые в совершенстве владеют этим языком.

    И, наверное, самое главное. В манускрипте Войнича есть сведения о знаменитом Святом Граале с указанием места, где он находится. И не только он.

    The Voynich manuscript.

    The most mysterious book can be deciphered.


    Over the past few decades, there have been many attempts to decipher the Voynich manuscript. Moreover, this was done not only by amateurs of various fields of knowledge, but also by professional cryptologists, including such authoritative organizations as the CIA and the US NSA. It should be noted that at one time they managed to break the most complex ciphers. Specialists in other fields of knowledge and even specialists in occult theories did not stand aside. Modern computing capabilities were used. The analysis of many languages for their possible use in writing a manuscript is carried out. As a result of this painstaking work, to date, the only result has been obtained - the Voynich manuscript is a real document, which is a semantic text written in an unknown language. Although there is another opinion. So, more recently, a scientist from the University of Keele in the UK, Gordon Rugg, who has been deciphering the Voynich manuscript since 2003, said that it was a clever forgery. It’s easy to see that it took too much effort to make such a joke. And parchment at that time was very expensive. Chemical and radiocarbon analyzes showed that the manuscript was not written earlier than 1438.

    Leaving in this work the questions of the history of the origin and further "travels" of this artifact, it makes sense to dwell on the possibility of its translation and possible content.

    An analysis of the methods of specialists' approach to decoding the Voynich manuscript showed that they all had the same decryption method. They all tried to see the letters of the alphabet of any language, and the language of Europe, in the signs used to write the Voynich manuscript. This approach has not yielded positive results. Therefore, it is necessary to change the method of approach to decoding. Namely, it is necessary to find a language, the alphabetical structure of which corresponds to the structure of the system of signs used in writing the Voynich manuscript. we will take as a basis not one sign, but the whole system of signs as a whole.

    Now it is necessary to find a system in the variety of signs used to write the Voynich manuscript. After analyzing the signs used in the manuscript, we were able to find such a system. Now the question is to find a language, the alphabet format of which would correspond to the character format in the manuscript. The search was crowned with success. We found an ancient language whose alphabetical format (or structure) matched the format (or structure) of the characters used in the text. But then things didn't go so smoothly. The structure of the set of characters and the alphabet of the proposed language are identical, but the number of letters turned out to be slightly higher. I had to go back to the text. As a result, a numeric label was found in the text itself. Using this mark as a clue and attaching two letters to a certain number of characters, everything fell into place. Later, when translating some short words, this assignment of characters to letters was confirmed. This is the second level of encryption of the Voynich manuscript. Further, after analyzing the text with the available data, it turned out that in words starting with vowels, these vowels are omitted. Moreover, even within words, vowels are rarely used. This can be considered the third level of encryption. These two circumstances even more exclude the use of computer programs to translate the text of the Voynich manuscript. "Manual" translation is also difficult. For example, if a word in the text consists of 4 characters, then this supposed word will correspond to 8 letters, 4 of which must be deleted. Thus, it is almost impossible to do without perfect knowledge of this original language. When translating short words, I used information obtained on the Internet, and they, as you know, are limited and use only generally accepted use. And in this case we have specific themes and ancient language.

          Currently, there are specialists who are fluent in this language.

    And, probably, the most important thing. The Voynich manuscript contains information about the famous Holy Grail, indicating the place where it is located. And not only him.

  6. which showed me everything was inter-connected on every plane, we are the micro-cosmos and at the same time macro-cosmos. everything is energy nothing is good nothing is bad, it just is what it is. what we do with ourselves is our responsibility, though it commendable for those that can walk a mile in his brothers shoes and understand his trials and tribulations, but you cannot and should not try and FORCE his own choices, even if you can see it will end in a train wreck.

    That's their choice, just be there to give a helping hand when they ask for your help. my teacher said to me the way out of here is no emotion, no reaction, ( that is not to be uncaring) just let it be. and the celestial doorway is 90 degrees to the right, if you remember the old proverbial saying the devil sits on the left shoulder whispering in your ear the celestial on the right ear, so which ear are we to listen to that's our choices. I could go on forever with regards to this bro and honestly trying to find the right way to put it across is a pure mission. words fail me to put it in a clear and concise way. and i honestly thank you for putting that piece up, its left me with so much food for thought.

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  7. On 5/31/2021 at 6:30 PM, ink said:

    Note: Written 7 years ago, by me, but I require it for a discussion regarding another thread.


    Can I justify my own existence?

    I am within a place....where to have or continue existence I must utilize another being for my own gain.

    I cannot prove otherwise.......even though I have considered every option or opinion which I can become aware of.

    My physical form dictates that I consume another being, animal or plant.......even water has its own awareness.
    The spoken word here....decides a hierarchy which within is an exchange of energy and belief.
    This exchange is seldom equal.......it is a use of another to further the self....yes the same as this post. (lol.......in fact by replying to this post you 'give' energy to me....and by NOT replying to this post, you still give energy to me as I then can consider your 'voice' of no value even though you did read it and this is shown)

    To allow the use of another species or in fact the planet without trying to change things is an incorrect nature.
    But.......to change things within another....is also wrong as it will use their being and turn it to your own.

    How can I change things.......I cannot as this means that I remove responsibility from others, and I become responsible for them and their , now mine, action into a future.

    How can one 'be'....by using others?

    But if I do not change things for the better....then I become less and fail.......but what is better? And who's better would that encompass?

    I am connected to others actions by my non action by becoming complicit to that which they have done and I have then allowed through my knowledge of the act.
    This then would be enough.......to limit my being once again. (so a 'return')

    I know that you find this very hard and harsh to understand but....


    IF I DO NOT ACT, THEN OTHERS ACTIONS OF WHICH I HAVE KNOWLEDGE BECOME MINE by my non action and then being complicit to the act.

    But I cannot 'leave'....as through my own administration of being, I decided or volunteered to become here.......as a physical form....unless I am 'trapped' here?

    There must be a reasoning to this existence....else there is NO POINT.

    Live, procreate,die.......continue en mass to further a NOTHING....for NO REASON.

    If you state that your reasoning for being is children.......then you are an IMBECILE, this point of view is not of a considered nature and you are indoctrinated.
    Their is NO valid point of reference you can post which will, nor can support your stupidity in further allowing all else to suffer by your personal need to have sex and bring more souled beings here.

    No just nor loving GOD would create this place.......as NO being of a self considered nature....and regarding all else.......would create this.

    Really....take a step back and CONSIDER THIS

    NO god would create this place, who IS a 'loving' god

    Everything has to use or/and consume everything else to just 'be'

    To live....to have awareness.......to have consciousness

    No LOVING GOD would make you consume each other

    nor would a loving god....make EVERYTHING upon this earth.......EAT everything else

    But in hell....this could be the truth?

    I am not attempting to make you 'believe' this post (understand....it makes you my responsibility)

    I am trying to get you to consider what you are....and WHERE you are

    Look around your world.......look and see the 'true' interactions within the beauty you perceive and consume through the energy your physical form requires.

    So can I say that this post is correct for you.......NO

    it is your responsibility and your designed fate....it is also YOUR prison and it is structured so that you fail.......multiple times


    wow Ink you have given so much food for thought with that piece, some of the sentiments I actually grasp, but others I will have to have deep reflection on.

    some of what you wrote about I often thought about as a young child, I.E why are we here? what's our purpose? why would a creator create death or atrophy? why do I remember past lives others cannot? ETC. now reading into that piece more I feel its down to our choices conscious or other wise.

    Its my belief we are in a lower plane heavy dense over bearing and can become hell if left to the status quo. you have to in my mind reduce your consumption on many levels , as you rightly point out a demanding and needy person will drain your energy, so what do you do you don't attack them, you gently move away from there demands.

    you do it with grace and understanding. so as far as my understanding goes, and i had an intense learning curve with AYA

  8. 53 minutes ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


    Oh dear.....look how many days it says.



    "Shrewsbury Town manager Steve Cotterill has been readmitted to hospital as he is suffering from Covid-pneumonia.

    Cotterill, 56, spent 33 days in hospital after being admitted with Covid-19 symptoms on 15 January"


    good spot that bro 

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  9. 4 minutes ago, Avoiceinthecrowd said:



    And insuring repeat business for the doc. Its not like doctors are not in conflict of interest promoting stuff that will make them more wealthy. Get the little tykes subscribed early.

    to be honest my friend that is well put, you would have to be crazy not to see it, but people dont see it. 

    I have stood my ground with DRS and nurses for my children, and will do so till my last dying breath. hat-tip 

  10. 59 minutes ago, Ethel said:


    This is patronizing. D'you know what's worse than feeling hatred? Suppressing hatred and then shaming yourself for feeling it in the first place.

    no its not patronising  nor my intention to do that, and I actually know how destructive hatred can be, do you? so try to help my fellow forum user and you come in all indignated trying to belittle what I said. hatred eats and rots the soul dude.

    every soul on this planet is an aspect of the universe, so to hate another is to hate yourself! though I do not like what's happening I try to show understanding and compassion. so if you are honestly coming in good intentions try at least to quote all what I said not a little bit of it please. and in all honesty if FLUKE  felt it was patronising I am sure he would tell me to be honest. I think you may have mis-read my intention bro and I wish you well kind regards

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  11. 57 minutes ago, Fluke said:

    I've felt an impending doom last few days. Perhaps I am coming to the realisation of the full magnitude and that I might not make this out. I have no resources and I'm not taking a vaccine. That sense of powerlessness isn't an easy feeling. 


    Maybe it's the full moon this weekend. Perhaps others feel the darkness shift. A drop in morale. 


    Its soul destroying seeing so many get more paranoid this year. Almost like the majority seem possessed. And I am intimidated by what the elite plan to do next. The passports and surveillance is enough to make me feel sick for the future. 


    I hate the people that have gone along with this. 


    That's just how I feel. Hatred at the moment. Weak spineless retards. 

    bro I feel you don't, hate nothing ever, its self destructive to your soul. major dislike okay. now I find if I meditate concentrate on my breathing it helps immensely, if you look at history you can see a pattern cause as much fracturing as possible, by creating fear amongst the general populace. analogy create a war kill millions completely trash society. install your ideologies, turn people against each other with the us or them mentality. that's exactly what these fuckers are doing now to the whole planet. when you walk in the dark (depression) believe it or not you are learning pain and suffering which if use correctly will teach compassion. I am NOT giving you sound bites I've been there and understand full well, and periodically experience my down mode ( I am bipolar) so know full well the pit falls. yes you are right they are crippled with fear, try not to hate them bro they need compassion and understanding. they are walking their path you are walking yours, and all paths lead to the same place my friend.


  12. 9 hours ago, alexa said:


    Decapitations for the end of days are mentioned in the Bible, in the book of Revelation.

    yeah and you know they are using that book to the hilt, trying hard to bring it to their reality. just wait for the manmade famine diseases and pestilence. the dimming of the Earth is a major factor here (chem trails) and add in the chemical poisoning on everything below, no sun light no antiseptic properties no or poor plant growth keeping everything a lot warmer pestilence as the winters are not as severe so the pests run out of control, as no mass die offs as nature intended.

    and now the blatant assault on the general populous with their poisons. ill take my chances with the creator, I refuse to live in fear as I know not believe that their out come will be far worse than anything we endure. and yes they will turn there hands to murder openly this time rather than orchestrated like now. is it not also said in the bible that each generation is getting worse? and it also mentions the quest for immortal life and in the end times they will seek death but it will evade them, they will live in torment 

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  13. On 2/26/2021 at 6:52 PM, Mitochondrial Eve said:

    Thanks for reviving this thread @DarianF - I appreciate it. 👍


    Around Christmas time, I emailed information to a relative about PCR testing issues that I had accumulated up until that point. Some of the info I sent may duplicate what is already in this thread but I will post it all nevertheless.



    PCR Test Issues
    • PCR Unable to Distinguish if Infectious Virus is Present

    The PCR test cannot detect if infectious virus is present and should therefore not be used as a diagnostic tool – the test can only detect viral genetic material.
    Kary Mullis invented the PCR test and died last year. But he himself said that the PCR test doesn't tell you if you are sick. The link below includes a video where he explains this. Until this video emerged, there had been considerable disagreement as to whether Kary Mullis had even said this but the video has now settled the issue as far as I am aware.
    NHS Guidance on 'Understanding Cycle Threshold in SARS-Cov-2 RT PCR' also confirms, on page 6, the inability of the test to identify if infectious virus is present:

    Similar can be said of CDC instructions.




    Pages 36-37 of the CDC instructions - under the heading 'Limitations' - for the use of the RT-PCR test include the following two points.

    • Detection of viral RNA may not indicate the presence of infectious virus or that 2019-nCoV is the causative agent for clinical symptoms.”

    • This test cannot rule out diseases caused by other bacterial or viral pathogens.”

    This suggests that people could be diagnosed with Covid-19 whereas they are, in reality, infected with other viruses or even bacteria.


    The final paragraph of page 39 also appears to confirm that SARS-CoV-2 has not been properly isolated. The matter of whether the virus has even been isolated is controversial to say the least.

    • Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, assays designed for the detection of the 2019 n-CoV RNA were tested with characterised stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA of known titer spiked into a diluent consisting of a suspension of human A549 cells and viral transport medium to mimic clinical specimen.”


    • Number of Cycles

    It is well established that anything above 35 cycles of the PCR test is useless as too many false positives are generated. The more cycles used, the more risk of generating a false positive result. Some even think that no more than 25 cycles should be used.
    Unfortunately, NHS documents confirm that anything up to 45 cycles is being used – see page 16.
    Even Dr Anthony Fauci, the equivalent of Chris Whitty (Chief Medical Officer) in the UK, has publicly admitted that PCR thresholds over 35 are useless.
    Because there is no standardised worldwide cut off point for the PCR test cycle threshold, there is a danger with the cycle threshold that this can be abused for political reasons. For example, should the authorities wish to generate more positive cases, the cycle threshold would be at the higher end. But then, should authorities wish to have less positive cases (for example, if they wish to prove that a vaccine or other measures work), they can lower the cycle threshold.
    • Unreliability of the Test

    The evidence is mounting against the reliability of the PCR test.


    Samples from Non-Human Sources


    Even in the early days of the pandemic, the Tanzanian President had the foresight to test samples of random things meaning that a goat, a sheep and a paw paw tested positive for Covid.




    Many others have followed this idea and there are so many anecdotal reports of people testing dogs, puddles or not even swabbing at all and getting positive results – there are quite a few videos demonstrations of this. Also, there have been a number of reports of people abandoning the long queues at testing facilities but later receiving an alert that they had tested positive even when they have not even had the test.




    Cambridge University routinely test their students and then re-test the samples. In one week, the re-testing found that 100% of samples had been false positives.



    Authorities Admitting PCR Test Flaws


    More and more authorities are now starting to admit that there are issues with the test.


    The Portuguese Court has ruled that PCR is unreliable and it was therefore unlawful to quarantine people on the basis of the test. Despite the massive importance of this ruling, there has been silence from the UK mainstream media.




    There is a link to the full judgment translated to English here:




    According to this article below, apparently even the Australian government website admits that the tests are totally unreliable.




    And even the WHO has been doing a U-turn on the reliability of the PCR test.



    • Criticism of Professor Christian Drosten and the PCR Testing Protocol

    Scientific Dissent


    For a more scientific examination of the issues with the test, you may wish to look at the following report completed by 22 experts as an external peer review of the Corman-Drosten paper upon which the PCR testing protocol has been based. This report has identified 10 major flaws with the Corman-Drosten paper which was published within a day of submission (!) on 23rd January 2020.


    Professor Christian Drosten is a leading virologist in Germany and is the equivalent of Chris Whitty in the UK. He has advocated strongly for lockdown measures on the basis of supposed asymptomatic transmission of Covid.


    The 22 authors have called for the urgent withdrawal of the Corman-Drosten paper.




    The full report is here:




    Legal Action in Germany


    Legal action is being taken against Prof Christian Drosten in Germany. Cease and desist papers have been issued against him recently and allegations of scientific fraud have been made in that he has been deliberately misleading politicians and the public.


    An unofficial English translation of the papers can be found here:




    You may have gathered that I am very sceptical about the pandemic. The testing for the virus is crucial because it is the basis for case numbers, mortality rates and the need for lockdowns and other restrictive measures. If it is flawed (which I am in no doubt that it is), then the entire justification for restrictive measures collapses.

    thanks eve i  have the portugese pdf in English and was struggling to find a way to up load thumbs up👍

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  14. 40 minutes ago, Anti Facts Sir said:

    I'm pretty sure there are some articles around here that might force your employers to back down. So much info that I lose track, I'll see if I can find it. This sort of attitude really gets my goat. It breaches various laws and rights.


    actually I believe its called high risk and as a result if you cannot work from home then the employer must furlong and keep the job open as to when the risk subsides. they cannot dismiss any employee, for not wearing a mask ever its mandatory NOT law and if they get medical evidence and pass to employer and employer does NOT act in the best interest of employee, its discrimination FULLSTOP hope this helps

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  15. On 12/26/2020 at 11:27 PM, 78ast78dgyad said:

    my electric razor went off in the middle of the night for no reason at all, it sits on a table so the sound is amplified by about 10 times


    scared the hell out of me


    literally thought someone was breaking in my room with a chainsaw.

    I have experienced many strange coincidences in my life to the point I now keep a coincidence diary, I suggest others do the same




    pmpl I have had a similar experience I was on my synthesiser and was called for dinner. left machine on whilst we ALL ate I would say about half way through dinner we heard it going off, now we all knew everybody was at the table and its physically impossible for it to sound itself without any programming. but it was sounding loud as you like pure whirring noise up and down in a oscillating pattern, so I went to investigate, just as I got to the door were it was it stopped .

    I dismissed it as a glitch or some kind of malfunction. returned to finish my dinner and again it started up again I goes to room it stops before I can get a glimpse, this time I checked machine nothing wrong no keys depressed stuck no program in memory running nothing totally blank. back to finish my dinner again it went off yet again I go check this time it stayed on as I stood in the door way watching in utter disbelief I called the family to come see they could obviously hear it, they where dumbfounded as to its antics as was I, what ever was happening it was triggering  through a port on top of the machine which is used to add colour through hand expressions or can be programmed to quickly kick in any sound or beat so the artist can quickly kick in any sound programmed whilst on stage by use of your hand. but no one was within 20 foot of it and that port faces upwards, I've never been able to explain that.

  16. On 2/8/2021 at 4:46 PM, THESTRONG-THEVALIANT said:

    This happened about 10 years ago. Quite some time ago now. Anyway the story is that I was intoxicated and so was the two other with me. The location was a small house and it was night-time. I was standing and ranting, and the two others were sitting, so I was talking and gesturing with my hands and telling stories about yadda yadda and conversing with the two, and eventually I ended up saying in my rant "and they are Hellhounds" ( I was talking about the celtic knots and the animals at the end of the knots (although I later learned by myself that the dogs are pasture dogs, but maybe there's more than one type ) ). For some reason I was quite wild, however when I said the word "Hellhound" the other guy looked at me cold and said. I saw one today. And suddenly the vibe changed. The other guy said and pointed on me "You look like you have aims all over" (Like someone is aiming with lasers).


    Now I started growling for some reason. It is hard to write in text what happened and while writing now it partly feels just silly to write this but also it was scary, and intense. It took me many years for this experience to fade away. Continuing with the story - So now I was for some reason thinking in my intoxication (or connecting "for real") with the Hellhound, I thought it was somewhere around the house. I started growling, and my arms became tense and for a split second I thought I was going to get the Logan blades out of my arms LOL. Talk about being intoxicated eh?. It started beeping, like some high pitch frequency sounds (I think someone had a mention of that sound on this thread?) and that's when it became scary beacuse now I started to feel fangs. Thinking about it now I was so filled with adrealine just because I thought there was a hellhound about, but the feeling of the fangs and the claws creeping was what made me afraid suddenly, and I was about to counter the feeling with singing a melody that I thought would ward off bad vibes but the song failed quickly and miserably it sounded false and horrible with a beastly tone, that is what made the other guy jump up from the stool and tried to flee (the other one had already left the room), and this fleeing person I overwhelmed him with a loving hug instead of something horrible. And that is where the "transformation" stopped. Then I tried to go after a sword and then go out to meet and slay the Hellhound, but the two stopped me, and we stood in a circle hands on eachothers backs. I shouted for protection and they went "Shhhh"... then I just went laying on the floor and the situation calmed down... next day no one talked about what happened. Never. It just was one of those moments that definitely match the title of this topic: "Strange unexplained stuff that has happened to you". In my life the only strange unexplained incident. Eventhough I tried to explain it now it remains strange. The feeling was so horrible. I was never told how I looked, and I never asked how I looked, but It just all felt so bad.


    So was there a hellhound walking about? probably not, right? But why did the other guy say he saw one out of sudden with a cold & concerned facial expression - that's what made me flip. And why did I think it was outside? And is it really possible to turn into a werewolf, and do they exist? My answer is: No, you'll have to show me one before I believe.

    So in conclusion I'm still a question mark to as what really happened. But I believe it was just intoxication playing tricks, but it was so weird that it left mental scars for a long time for me.


    I've heard people say when they've taken ayahuasca that they've turned into Jaugar or Anaconda. Does anyone know how they look when they've had that experience?



    I have taken aya a few times, yes I have heard the stories of people taking on the character not the embodiment of said animals they've taken on the spirit of mother nature through the aya experience which uses animals as a tool to teach the dreamer of the essence of the jungle and its female spirit which is the caapi plant (the teacher).

    what I can tell you from my experiences it can and does over power your psyche, throws your EGO under a bus. you ask how people look under the influence of aya I can honestly tell you they are nothing more than automatic response units pre-programmed. I saw every person on my journey as pure fractural beings of pure light  of differing colours and shapes but in human form. I was blessed to see this to be honest as I was given the gift to see as the shaman see US.

    I could see peoples darkness there predatory natures their goodness etc. if you watch the matrix when NEO folds in on himself that is what happened to myself and guess what straight after that experience just like NEO I threw up just as he did in the film. you instantly realise the outside world is a fake. people are fake. nothing more the illusion masks to be honest. I could feel all the anguish pain hurt and emotional garbage ALL people carry it got to much 30+ people I had to go outside. alone and into nature I sat contemplating what had happened and a bush caught my eye, I was enthralled by its beauty and how soft and gentle it looked I put my hand up to touch it, and believe it or not it moved itself into my hand before I could actually touch it first. it lowered its branch into my hand as I was reaching for it pure magical moment, instantly I felt relief and it silently spoke a telepathic knowing everything will be all right. and as a result I became a lot lighter like heaps of crud had been lifted off my shoulders and its true mother nature knows best. got to ask what where you intoxicated on alcohol? mushrooms as in muscara don't think I spelt that right 

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  17. On 8/6/2020 at 1:33 PM, Beaujangles said:

    Ive had two occasions where a black silhouette type thing was sitting on me as I was trying to sleep.  It was a few years ago now...but I still remember well.  The first time it was on my arm near my chest and I felt the slight weight. I thought it was my cat which was also black. I tried to move so as to get it to move and it wouldn't. So I spoke to it thinking it was the cat - as I turned around I saw this black silhouette thing slither towards the floor and disappear. My son came in as he heard me speaking to what I thought was the cat. He asked if I was ok...and I said what I saw and that that I had thought it was the cat. My son told me to come to his room where the cat was sleeping soundly on his bed and had been for the past hour as my son was watching TV.   Then a few months later I was in bed again lying on my left side and I felt the same weight on the outside of my right thigh. I turned and saw a black outline of a thing. It was looking towards the ceiling and had sort of yellowy eyes. ( I could only see the left one from the side.) I looked to the ceiling where it was looking and saw a light...it was like a mini sparkler, like the sparks from a sparkler but the size of a small butterfly. This light went across the corner of the ceiling and I kept focused on it.  After what seemed to be a full minute the black thing slithered to the floor like the last time. As soon as it was gone the light sparkler went out.  Sounds odd I know.... but  over my life there have been a few strange occurrences.....

    actually I have heard a very similar story bro from my old spiritual teacher Stuart Wilde and what you saw and felt was an other world being, the lights are what's known as the MORPH. that being can be attached for a few reasons it can suck your energy. I have a feeling you are a strong ESP character. and maybe it was attracted to your light. interesting that you can see the MORPH . that usually comes with great deal of practice. I can see, feel and sense presences. it becomes tiring if I pay to much attention, so try I do to ignore them as much as I can.

    But sometimes they will not leave me be usually for a reason I.E. if someone I know is going to pass over I will have an overwhelming feeling, don't know how but I just know. I can see the morph usually the lights are sparkly and would have a milky appearance with a light mist surrounding it/ them. now to get that little blighter to leave you alone, my teacher said use lavender oil pure in a spray bottle spray it in each corner of your room obviously add the lavender to water. as with regards to the MORPH you can actually stick your hand into it and your hand will disappear and you feel a tingly sensation and that's no shit. he did have a name for this being but I honestly cannot remember what its called sorry.

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  18. 28 minutes ago, Made in Wales said:

    I must admit although I'm not a royalist I didn't mind The Queen as I thought she was a dignified and diplomatic lady that was harmless but seeing her endorse this disgusting and dangerous fraudulent "vaccine" and encouraging others to follow suit I have changed my mind and she has really disappointed me. 


    I can't accept that she is innocent and oblivious to the true nature of what that "vaccine" will cause to the health and well-being of the millions that take it. 


    She should of remained neutral and silent but by appearing in this video she has shown her true elite piece of scum character by aiding and abetting in this whole NWO propaganda. Shame on her. 

    bro I don't know if you know this but there is a whole heap of missing children surrounding these royals 14 from Canadian home springs to mind never to be seen again. all hush hush mind

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  19. 8 hours ago, pete675 said:



    Cross reference against Deagel 2025 would be interesting as I do remember that Netherlands and Italy didn't do too badly in the depopulation stakes..very sinister.

    yeah bro i also have been thinking about that loads, interesting that Europe and Canada aus and USA take the most of the hits on population, now I actually think this is a multi facet approach. think chem trails vaccinations weather modifications.

    the chem trailing can administer whole areas with anything they like whilst darkening the skies (uv is needed to kill pathogens) crops don't grow to full potential pestilence will run wild as will human sickness. now if you know the agenda 21 and agenda 30 you will know everything is zoned humans will not be able to moved out of there zones (bit like now) getting the cattle ready and the vaccination programs to weaken the human system further. WE all have a choice fight them and stand a chance of living or give in and die a horrible death.

    let me put it this way if some dude come at you with a weapon what do you do? FIGHT maybe stand a chance or give in then your dead or forever dictated to . I remember ALL those that sacrificed their lives to give us our freedoms and I am saddened that most of the human race have become spineless jelly fish quivering because of a so called virus. can you imagine if this happened say 150 year ago, nothing would of shut down, people would clan together and defeat what was ailing them. but now sorry most people are cowards. TIMES magazine cover flock of geese actually 3 one of them facing down as in falling meaning one third of humanity to fall.

  20. 24 minutes ago, Brad the lad said:


    I hope he is on side as well. Then again I could say the same for Boris.

    He's holding a big party on the 4th March.



    It's being held in a forest and fancy dress so get your thinking cap on as to what your going to go as.......





    arh i see the numerology is in full swing here  04-03-2021. 04 +03 =7 20+21=5  add 7+5 =12 add 1+2= 3 that number 3 again 

  21. On 10/1/2020 at 2:32 AM, theo102 said:


    British armed forces attest allegiance by oath or affirmation. Attestation by oath implies recognition of natural rights, and these rights are unaffected by legislation of human government. The coronation oath also implies recognition of natural rights, so their attestation by affirmation has the same effect because of the allegiance to the armed forces sovereign.


    "Those rights then which God and nature have established, and are therefore called natural rights, such as are life and liberty, need not the aid of human laws to be more effectually invested in every man than they are; neither do they receive any additional strength when declared by the municipal laws to be inviolable. On the contrary, no human legislature has power to abridge or destroy them, unless the owner shall himself commit some act that amounts to a forfeiture." ~ Blackstone.


    yes you are totally correct in your observations, plus do they really want to be up for crimes against humanity i honestly do not think so

  22. 5 hours ago, DarknessIsAbsenceOfLight said:

    Hello guys!


    This is my first post here, I have my own theory regarding the vaccines and I am sorry if this has already been discussed on other posts.


    So here it is:


    What if the vaccines are meant to destroy us, the anti-vaxxers?

    So you roll out the "vaccines" that do....nothing, because there is nothing to treat you for... so they give you a jab with saline solution and that`s all, bang! Placebo! You`re good! Go Home! See you next year!


    So they will start slowly, small amounts administrated, as everyone is all eyes on them, especially the people who are willing to take the vaccine and will wait a little bit to see if there are any side effects (let the neighbors die first ).

    This will go for months till there will be massive vaccinations. Meantime the so called "vaccine" will do no harm, massive propaganda on that, happy people, re-united, hugs...etc

    Let`s say at some point next autumn we will have 70% -80% vaccinated or even more, which leaves outside the rest of us...

    "We won`t take it! We won`t take it!"... and I won`t! on principle and it`s enough for me to not take it.

    But here is where I see the trick part, we will die on our feet's, we will lose our jobs, we will go hungry, we will be put outside of society as everything will be banned for us.

    As far as I understand these vaccines will take place every fkn year, I guess they know how long we will last...some of us 1 year, others maybe 2, the lucky ones for the rest of their lives maybe, if they go completely off the grid (but eventually they will get to them as well).

    And after they will get rid of us they will roll out the real Kraken vaccine and do what they want to do, with opposition near to nule , AI...microchips, all their plan roll out.

    So what can we do? If we don`t fight now, all of us, we won`t have a future unfortunately the time is not working for us and there will be no real people left to fight!


    Do you think the vaccine is their only option? It`s not possible for them to do it by other means, like water or food,etc?


    Please let me know your thoughts.


    Good day to you people and sorry for my bad english!

    you do have rights bro, under the nuremberg code and the human rights act , they cannot i repeat cannot restrict you in anything be it travel food or force vacinate.

    they are using word play to catch people out to go along with there plans, the term hoodwinked comes into play. always a spin to make you THINK you have no choice read both them articles and get your self informed. as they say i was only following orders NOPE still guilty of crimes against humanity its NOT a viable defence.

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