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  1. if you have time search out statues by omd dedicated to Ian Curtis both bands where on the Factory label, and the untimely death left a big impact on omd very moving song
  2. to be honest bro looking at photos from the Metro article. full grained? photographer needs sacking how can they claim to be professional? unless they have deliberately made them noisy. then question would be why? is it they are hiding something, photoshop maybe? i take photos and i reassure you, you do not make that error being grainy unless it very low light, ie concert hall. but these dudes have the best of the best equipment wise, so i call bullshit on them pics something is a miss here for sure.
  3. do you know what? there is both good and evil all around be it black white yellow brown red skins, religion creed sexism. but i know most definitely MOST people are genuinely good at heart. now the younger generation have had there head mind twisted by the powers that be and its showing, even the older generation with this fake virus. i know growing up i had an axe to grind and was a very violent individual, cos that was the norm dog eat dog on the street. does that make me soulless because i figured it wrong way back, and changed my whole outlook, and try as much as i can to actually make a difference to peoples lives. that is why i became a youth worker to help the younger people to NOT follow the wrongful path i chose as well as my so called friends. it was the area i got raised in that was the norm, if you were weak you were crushed.and NO i am not an apologist. people know inherently right from wrong. just take some of the younger ones time to GROW up and mature and know what there doing is wrong. ffs we ALL make mistakes. and do we not learn from mistakes? Its up to us to help those who are in err not give up on them, you will find its the egg on culture they live in or if you like peer pressure to act and perform the way they do. All handed to them from the ptb they do not understand there being played. wait till they figure it out, trust me it will go right back up in the face of those that played them. And that is my heart felt honesty. kindest regards
  4. we all bleed the same blood, we all need the same love. we are universal
  5. and i found this on vaccines from 1800s being ineffective with graphs so they knew back then it was bullshit even with forced vaccines https://archive.org/details/b2136140x
  6. no bro you are actually spot on that occurred to me when it all kicked off, getting public to be subservient clapping kneeling masks full on brain wash control
  7. hi i found that video informative, so much so i am reading the zodiac and the salts of salvation, very interesting stuff got the tree of life and also the poison needle after that to read all from that video
  8. thanks my friend off that i found this how damning https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2020/05/29/german-official-leaks-report-denouncing-corona-as-global-false-alarm/
  9. well they havent stopped here in NW England heavier some days than others though.
  10. well i hope the sun knocks out all electronic devices, call it divine intervention. everyone will wake up near instantly ha ha can only dream. a Karmic head fook for the elites
  11. bro your one in a million thank you, so much valuable info there hat-tip bro.
  12. do you know, scratching my head on this can this site not be mirrored? makes it much harder to take down especially if multiple mirrors world wide, just a thought. or if the ickes allow could they not allow the forum section to be cloned say using httrack or something. so everything is intact so if hacked its saved and as a added backup one of the senior mods goes to the wayback machine and runs a backup there regularly say every month . now let the fuckers take it down just saying. nice site INK can i copy the info please.
  13. its a fake its a video board out of an old video recorder check out video again can you spot the scart connector
  14. in your dreams cowboy, go now bed time mammas calling
  15. has anyone tried to change there password? i have 3 times and totally refuses to allow me to do it??? i thought i will give the little feckers something to chew on like a 265 character password. i would suggest though that everyone on here changes there loggin details, we dont know how much has been compromised. whats the point of site being fixed if they can regain control through one of our account. i used this site to change my password https://passwordsgenerator.net/
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