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  1. nope Simon I think not, try reading the invisible rainbow. then you will see why others link this to covid 19. I can see it could very well be a link. and again i see the 5g as a weapon to crowd control. just keep open mind bro kind regards
  2. reading comments bro they are saying video is 4 years old? I don't know
  3. just a added point please try be as inclusive as you can, remember there are deaf people like myself so scrolling subtitles or a interpreter or both actually.
  4. hi INK I don't mind uploading anything you All put together as a torrent, would get a very big audience i actually think you all on on to something here,
  5. https://twitter.com/MontagueTerrie/status/1403871335034540033 FOUND THIS ON TWITTER saying Germany advising people not to get vaccinated
  6. you can obviously take a lower risk by mining without the rigs and expenses that they involve forget mining bitcoin I know of one that is not yet gone main-net which is on course to do so end of this year. you can mine coins from your phone or computer and does not use your power, you will have to verify your email and phone number though. Its an eco friendly system they say. if any one wants to take a look in box me I will send you a link and referral code. but please read everything make sure your happy with it. kind regards
  7. personally I think the op is portraying I am alright jack, pull the ladder up attitude. that's divisive not inclusive..
  8. yes you are quite correct, lets look at the Knights Templar setup etc. we will mind your gold here is a promissory note off you go. sometime later FIAT currency. and do the Americans need reminding that their assets were taken from them in recent past by there own Goverment.
  9. in my opinion he is correct on ether, also try low investment like AMP,CELO OXT buy them whilst they are establishing sit on them forget them for good few years and you should in my estimation gain considerably. read coinmarketcap and medium get clued up first good luck for the future
  10. use metamask for software wallet can be used on computer or phone. tip is buy low sell high if you can afford to sit on it even better my tip of the day would be AMP priced low going mainstream fast, ether is a good hedge it will in my estimation take off there's major updates coming this year which will bring the gas prices down. read all you can on coinmarketcap and medium.com. hope that helps no I am no expert but watch those that are
  11. everything is self correcting at the moment, it will / is still in a bull pattern and will go crazy in the coming months buy low sell high or buy never to sell that's the object they've spooked the market with stupid tweets from Musk and Trump. take a breathe I believe its going to rocket taking most of the market up in an upward swing. Ethereum is being proper hampered at moment with crazy stupid gas prices, but they are releasing a series of major updates which I believe will reel in bitcoin and at some stage overtake it. so that's my tuppence worth. ADVICE DO NOT INVEST WHAT YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO LOSE I wish you all well.
  12. yes you are right if your not savvy, you can buy from a private seller you can also tumble your coins and drop them into your private cold key wallet. if you use big exchanges like uphold binance coinbase etc. then full records got to be smarter than the average bear boo boo.
  13. yes I can relate to that, as you will also ingest their pain fear and any antibiotics growth hormones. You are what You eat and you become what you eat!
  14. I do dabble in crypto, and I honestly agree with you that bitcoin definitely is a red herring. now here's why I say that came out of nowhere, by a un-named programmer, no-one still to this day knows who it was. most of bitcoin is in the hands of a few corporate entities. and most of the other blockchains suffer when bitcoin drops prices. why? if they are truly NOT linked to bitcoins. I only hold crypto if I have to move country to country etc. but its not going to be an end all solution for the reasons you've already stated. and I am in full agreement there is something not right about it.
  15. I am sure these deviants already know that but wouldn't surprise me to use this a a tactic to add pressure on those that haven't received it to be honest
  16. That is a bloody good question, and obviously one we cannot know as of yet. pure speculation now but if they thin out the herd, a lot of ones relatives friends Neighbours will be gone. there will be wide spread unrest but lack of support to anyone left. so take away cash make dependent on state and guess they think they can say who eats and who don't . any social unrest they will probably send in the henchmen to murder everyone in the area. but I honestly don't know
  17. yes bro that was my exact thoughts, shows complete disregard for humanity. and also shows/proves these b+stards have long long planned this. i do need someone who is in France to help check this out though
  18. hi people, I've just come across this excerpt, haven't yet fact checked it but will post it up here.
  19. maybe not bro ive just come across this havent had time to fact check yet.
  20. And according to Edgar Casey it wont be long before the truth outs, his texts say all the information man needs is under the spinx waiting to be discovered
  21. and there my friend you have hit the proverbial nail on the head, I do a bit of crypto and there are numerous ubi,s springing up good dollar and pi are two of them off the top off my head
  22. they are practically telling the truth but its a half truth there are many many variants of corona-virus, but they inter change it with covid and visa versa its all to sow confusion and obviously to exert more and more control and away go our freedoms. and yes I fully expect another round of bullshit after 21 of this month. its all about the money control and bringing the general population right down sad state of affairs
  23. actually bro di did tell the general populous about how the spraying from planes will cause many diseases, he showed many pictures with the title ( here you go humanity more diseases for you) now he also has been relaying how they have been taking away our freedoms for many many years now, as for the quarantine bit I honestly do not know if he has mentioned that bit or not, but he did with interment camps, hope this helps
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