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  1. hi Peter yes that is exactly where I am up to, they found the chamber but the Egyptian authorities for some reason refused to give the go ahead. though they've found the chamber still have not found the actual entrance, if Edgar Cayce is to believed it will be some time soon, its all very fascinating, i actually believe it will reveal far more than the what we have been taught world history will be upturned upon it head. And hopefully the lies and deceit will come out.
  2. hydrogen peroxide it airs the skin with a bit of epsom salts add to your bath. the oxygene in the hydrogen peroxide also softens and removes hard skin. this works for me no problems
  3. https://www.thegraphenecouncil.org/page/ElectronicsJUL15 good place to start i feel
  4. thanks @Weedo for others interested here is a link to audio well some of them listed on internet archive I've downloaded to listen later on hope this helps https://archive.org/search.php?query=subject%3A"the+fall+of+the+spirits+of+darkness"
  5. some great points coming up in here, but my personal opinion is almost everything wrote above has a valid stance. add in the dimming of sunlight from 70s onward by a third I believe, which will naturally create more virulent strains of bacteria virus fungi etc. also add in the chem spraying which also added to the dimming effect dropping goodness knows what upon us barium strontium aluminum upon other things, now vaccination's from cradle to grave food which is not really food poisoned with chemicals pesticides, plus all YOUR furniture and chemicals in your home, now also add in the Environmental factors also car pollution I can carry on . so really some people have become toxic overloaded. add that to the powers that be pushing more and more people into more of a crowded space, add terror stress fear, and people not knowing how to defend themselves. i.e. balanced eating detoxing chelating or what NATURAL substances to turn to so they may balance themselves, mask wearing and deprivation of sunlight and lack of constant contact has blown there psyche apart they have disconnected from the natural spiritual selves. this is what we are seeing all around us and this has been in a drip drip mode for a long long time, its only just lately its been ramped up to gain maximum control. pure greed everywhere pharma DRS multinational corporation politicians the whole lot of them are whores. as for overpopulation I honestly cant fathom that as you could fit the whole world populous in Australia and still have plenty of room there as the rest of the planet lies empty. and I agree almost completely that its better to go outside and be amongst mother nature and in the muck and dirt and air borne pathogens THAT builds immunity. if you try to disconnect from that your dead or soon will be. I choose life even if there are no safe spaces, rather than fear which is half way to your grave. my tuppence worth
  6. oh and Edgar Casey he was supposed to be very adapt at the Akashic records. funny you mentioned the pyramids' as Casey believes man will find our true history under the sphinx and as for Tesla he was in my opinion a true genius but got had by the elite.
  7. he wouldn't GRUMPY OWL tbh, as to give transaction key out would be stupid move. I feel if there is any merit in this story there would have to be another or others with access to his crypto keys for it all to be revealed. if there is anything at all to reveal. But I would caution trying to open any NFT,S crypto links etc. as could well be embedded with malicious code. that is why I did not go having a look. now I did go have a look at the official John Mcafee twitter account, it all seems smoke and mirrors to me. so with that in mind and I honestly don't know much about the guy, my guesstimate is its a distraction, but from what?
  8. I am actually in the mind as that's exactly what they are trying to do, closing miners down in china for not being eco? and its hitting the crypto market big time everything is tumbling so I wonder
  9. hi I think you will find that anything written on a crypto blockchain as this seems to be, cannot be removed, I haven't checked any further yet. now I know loads of Hong Kong companies doing the same to stop China taking them out and losing there stuff and papers, it was actually reported in one of the crypto feeds I read this week or so. will try find it again
  10. indeed @tetra @spideysensi seaweed mushrooms algae almond milk or marmite yeast extract
  11. pmpl @ basket case that had me hooting, but very true how's ya bro?
  12. now I am actually half way to were you seem to be, I am not a great meat eater never have been, actually hated it as a child but was forced to eat it in the family set up. I am actually withdrawing my diary use bit by bit. starting to use almond milk more another user on here gave me a big hand up with my eating habits @Messenger . I also regularly fast 3-4 days just water or lemon, or apple cider vinegar in water nothing else. I will also do a detox that I use by Dr Hula Clarke . and believe me when you've done that the mental fog and any aches pains or whatever disappears and I feel rather lighter in my spiritual self and obviously body weight also. now my question for you, do you feel lighter more mentally alert now that you eat healthier? or have you always had this outlook thank you in return for any reply.
  13. AND that my friend is exactly what is needed SELF DISCPLINE good analogy also, but on the topic of McDonalds my teacher many years ago asked his students if they've actually took the time to read what ingredients where in there food stuffs, would you be surprised if I told you sand is one ingredient and yeah heaps of hypo children how many E- colours hidden . if you value your health stay well away from them. now I agree with you yet again to many people deflecting their own stuff on other people rather than take responsibility FOR THEMSELVES easier to attack others hides their own insecurities bro. i salute you top post in my opinion.
  14. yeah I understand that, I keep coins offline on a cold wallet which I can move around to where I want or carry with me, especially if you need to uproot and move quickly. I honestly wouldn't leave any money in banks only to cover your bills nothing more. so you will need to turn any spare cash to work for you. i am not sure real estate would be a good idea, but not sure to be honest. only reason I say that is the 2030 thing . now try crossing a border or two with a whole heap of gold, you aint doing it as it will be confiscated. so that's not an option, unless you can sort some way of moving it to say Mauritius the tax haven of the elites who don't want to pay taxes just my thinking lol
  15. I actually don't buy the ethos of bitcoin to many oddities unknown creator? easily spooked ? owned buy a few big corporations? that's like a about 85percent, now think about this from a level point of view . I am a crypto whale, I want to make large money. so I dump tons of bitcoin whilst its high so get top dollar., price will crash down so now I buy a bigger stake back in at a much lower price but cause nervousness within market so loads jump ship at same time so I buy up their coins to. now I am an even bigger whale and on it goes with silly tweets from those in the same club. MUSK TRUMP etc. all to the same end. now take china closing down mines what? oh not eco enough gtf, as if china ever gave a toss about the environment, a load of smoke and mirrors from start till now. to me its another stock market game. nar bitcoin not for me I am afraid. now your definitely on the right tracks in my mind with privacy, remember these power hungry shits want to own everything by 2030. so do not give them any chance of taking any of YOUR assets.
  16. Truthspoon please read this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MetaMask also click on the consensys link in the wiki page, gives you everything you need to know about Metamask. on a personal note try if your investing in any crypto use a cold wallet for large amount of coins. easily moved or hidden. never and I mean never reveal your seed phrase to any one EVER . a good place to poke around and learn is the bank less nation, Medium have good write ups, every body has advice on crypto but do you know what really nobody knows for sure. only thing I would say is what I actually do READ the white papers of any coins also there road maps, this will help you weed out the scams. I buy low Always so now is a good time to buy but please do your research diversify meaning don't put all your eggs in one basket buy many coins. i wish you well for your future follow your gut instinct. @spideysensei great write up .
  17. I got the feeling he might of been disabled?? very odd behaviour indeed from a constable almost rabid
  18. hi yeah I saw that on here think its in the mega thread, I believe it was a nurse too
  19. yeah also point out its a experimental inoculation and you would prefer to take a more cautious approach and wait till the trial is over to make a more informed choice.
  20. https://www.wirralglobe.co.uk/news/19379498.woman-spots-ufo-hoylake-beach/ ooh like this
  21. Do you know what Nobby, if what I learnt as a kid is anything to go by I would totally agree with that bro. I was brought up in England learnt what English schools taught about History. Now we went to Ireland as school was out here and had to do an extra week there, I learnt a little Irish history and how I was shocked at the blatant differences. I asked how this could be and was told by the Brother teaching me, well History is written by the winners of any conquests, I did not understand that at the time till later in life and it does indeed make a lot of sense now. just my tuppence worth.
  22. https://archive.org/details/firstenberg-arthur-the-invisible-rainbow thank you have a good day
  23. thanks for that bro that's cleared that up obviously misinfo within them comments cheers
  24. tut tut Simon, I suggested the invisible rainbow for an understanding of how and why people will link radio frequencies 5g radar etc. to covid I can see their points of view, and I suggested that you keep an open mind. so why the hostility? once again it was not meant as a poke or disrespect, please keep it civil kind regards
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