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  1. I think I would take up milking cows by hand catch cow pox and have natural immunity
  2. look at the bottom picture, mouth downturned eyes blank
  3. my teacher always taught look at the mouth if its downturned then its cruel . and the eyes are the gateway to the soul, most people have a twinkle / spark in their eyes the demonic ones do not
  4. if that's what going to happen bro I think they will be in for a shock. the Zulus are not mugs they will fight to the death, i only know this as my best mate was from South Africa and he says they sit waiting for War to come. so who knows, maybe this is why theyve not gone after the Africaans YET. just thinking aloud.
  5. yeah ya right Ive confused the 2 addresses given cheers. and you bet ya bottom dollar they would all hell would let loose sirens lights and tonnes of them the surrounding streets would of been proper mayhem. there would probably in my mind cos its classed as a terrorist thing brought police in from Wirral and other areas to. and where you was outside the pub ya defo would of saw heard something or others coming in an out of the area. the news of whats just happened would as ya know be the talk of town there and then within minutes. there's tonnes of traffic ppl around it would of been chatted.you would know more than me thanks for reply.
  6. that's devastating bro i feel for you dude and i for one am glad your part of this forum as i find so much stuff from what you link so hat-tip where its due. i do have a question though the island off New Zealand the one the navy went to drop the vax did the Islanders cave in , i think it was you that brought it to the forum and thanks again for all your research
  7. do you know what by now you can guarantee the video footage of this taxi journey would of been released? i mean ffs there cameras everywhere from town onward. and the police press and every other agency would have it out in the public domain but nothing the security cameras on and around the Women's hospital nothing. this is bugging me why choose the Women's the Royal was closer. if he was intent on hitting a hospital. i honestly don't know.
  8. i actually didn't twig that or the circle either with the crescent shape inside it
  9. nope it is not cctv in my opinion slow the footage down play from beginning watch as it follows taxi in, taxi is going quite quickly too, probably to quick. 7 seconds mark the explosion looks to be in front of vehicle passenger side not the back. its almost as if it was planned as you can clearly see before car enters it takes in the window wall then pans in and follows car. i would like to know what the guy in red car was up to, taxi combusts explodes he don't flinch not one iota, now correct me if i am thinking to deep here but loud noises startle you if your not expecting it, you would jump out your skin.
  10. 9= fetus look at its shape head torso curled as in the womb, also anything can be used for good or bad intentions and yes transformational but which way progressive or destructive. also tip 9 upside down 6 depends how you view it
  11. now if you where to speak scouse hes mad la haven't had a go of last word yet probably wheel-man so my thinking hes mad wheel-man la. taxi driver?
  12. whose any good with anagrams, probably needs checking, you never know.
  13. 3 minutes early bro and the date breaks down to 3 as well. what i find sus is the grainy video showing no identifiable marks i.e number plates police insignia and there car marking numbers and divisions. i know this hospital well my daughter was born there. now we also have 3 Muslims 3+3+3=9 nine looks like an unborn baby in the womb. oh yeah i have never ever in my time ever seen a police land rover like they use in northern Eire either. though this is my thoughts i am not convinced what throws up more dust the use of DELTA taxis like delta variant. i am no expert but that looks like fireworks or weedkiller explosives. or something similar . i could be totally wrong but i call bullshit. why go to a hospital if your intended to go to a remembrance service, you would of had it all worked out planned to finest detail i cant get my head around that. but then again i could be totally wrong we will see. one more thing KENSINGTON the royal connection.
  14. its both now look imitation (of God or enemy), circle.the number nineteen. Divine order, judgment, truth revealed or concealed. notice link to women? the child bearers. now look whats happened link to covid vaccine = DIVOC imitation (of God or enemy. AND it will be a circle closed NO birthing. make of it what you will number 9 does it not look like a unborn child in the womb? that's my theory at minute still digging on this one. but how strange a explosive @ womens hospital 14\11\20= 3 1+4=5 1=1=2 total 7 2+0=2 2=1=3 total5 7+5=12 1+2=3 that number 3 again
  15. Nineteen tsha esre (f) tish’a asar (m) 10+9=19, meanings of ten and nine will inform the number nineteen. Divine order, judgment, truth revealed or concealed. Nineteen is the 8th prime number, which also indicates links to the number eight. Nineteenth Hebrew Letter: Koof Numerical value of one hundred. Pictographic meaning sun on the horizon, time, imitation (of God or enemy), circle. Chavah or Eve has a Gematria value of 19. (See how the woman is associated with the number nine here.) The Jewish calendar follows a 19 year (Metonic) Cycle. 19 solar years are equivalent to 235 lunar months. https://graceintorah.net/2015/09/27/hebrew-numbers-11-30/
  16. well my friend my teacher actually told us this many years ago, and yet before my eyes I see its becoming more and more the reality. create dependence on system then you control everything. that's a very good call bro and bang on the nail.
  17. and reading the comments section to the article you posted(thank you) I would say there's a lot more awake to the scam and that's the reason
  18. lemon juice sprayed on your windows and doors keeps pesky ladybirds away. wasps are notorious for tunneling check seals and brickwork for tiny holes. also airbricks they do like to build nests in them.
  19. didn't know vinyl's a record players are deemed old hat, geez only just got my limited edition coloured vinyl's 180 gram cut and remastered at half speed. well thunderbirds space1999 button moon Mr. ben sesame street ooh I could keep going lol
  20. no I think its called an inquiring mind. and is perfectly normal. just some of us need more information than others. I am the same have to settle it in my mind before I can move on. and in every walk of life on the internet there are trouble makers liars cheats thieves good kind respectful also I always keep that in mind then no surprises. I will only give 1 reply when I feel its negative and don't carryon the debate conversation. I always be respectful and never ever allow myself to get caught up in the drama. now I have noticed people have changed no patience cold and calculative almost as if the ego has run rampant. the ME MYSELF AND I syndrome. and it started at the beginning of this pandemic and has spread greatly. greed hatred virtue signaling etc. has run rampant, you only got to see the price scalping going on to see all this. everyone is ripping everybody off eBay amazon multinational companies now the little players are at it, they feel invincible and can do as they like. loads of sergeant major types like to tell people what to do but very rarely respectful.
  21. bro that's exactly what they are trying to achieve , country after country will turn nationalistic the right wing will rise brother against brother nation against nation, and death will follow its course. but then again it is written in biblical texts. I'm just waiting for the Vatican to fall along with Israel being attacked, that's when the whole world will realize its been conned not good for anyone tbh
  22. ffs mate that looks like a squidy from the matrix that was a metal thing, i just said that to my lady and within a minute that dr guy said same thing. question what will activate this? 5g maybe .
  23. you can get specialist paint so its specially formulated I believe, you use it on the bear materials and obviously cover it with you chosen decoration so either paint over with your desired colour or paper over etc. cant leave any gaps anywhere or signal will enter. but yes you are right lead is an obnoxious substance. so if you use it cover it up. take care
  24. dude if you try give up tea for just 24 hours after drinking it habitually for years guess what? you will get full on withdrawal symptoms and I do mean very uncomfortable your head will pound the fuck out badly to move it will cause a feeling of a really severe hangover. how do I know this cos I did it with my lady and that's exactly what happened to us. once the first days over you are clear headed and alert. and yeah me too 20+ cuppers a day with probably 2-3 coffees in between. and tbh I do tend to jack it for a bit then sink into a cuppa . but you do know also mixing milk or cream with tea or coffee is very very bad for the human system. this was brought up by Edgar Casey he told everyone never add milk cream to tea or coffee. best wishes bro
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