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  1. never heard that rubber bullets yes i know of but not live rounds? can you link to it please very curious thanks for reply
  2. tbh and in my own opinion, it will go tits up when one of those in power fire on the crowd with live ammo, that will be there downfall. it will spark an uprising of gigantic momentum. even those going along with this at present will boil.
  3. ya forgot to tell him twice ziggy, and when he fecks off over there to feckoff some more. but sweetly put bro
  4. very astute, yes look inward and learn to use your third eye NOT the two eyes which gaze on the unreal
  5. i am going off what was told to my lady a little over 3 years ago by the health team in the UK.
  6. as far as i know, it IS AN OPTION, well it was a few years back, don't think they allow it for first born check with the local mid wife team, all the best for the new arrival.
  7. that would make a good magnetic card, to stick about the place, it does two things. one lists the lies outright, you would have to be in total la la land not to see and understand. two it will also draw attention to the fact conspiracy theorists sorry (truth provers) have been correct and will start more questioning in there minds as why us crazy batshit feckers got it so right yet they were told NOT to listen, it will sow many seeds of doubt. it will fracture the understanding they held dear
  8. fully agree but we also must be careful of the double game yes dark shadow and the light shadow, both just as detrimental to our true self. great post thank you
  9. or they maybe classing these women unvaccinated if they are not up to date with the shots, just a thought
  10. you just reminded me of this song Franky how apt.
  11. hmm clarity bro no worries, new age no bro. to straddle two worlds, am looking for an analogy to clear this. think Essene culture within the country culture, they took great effort to NOT be part of their society but still walked among them traded only when necessary. yet they did not indulge or submerse themselves in the society fully, and got today's term radicalized like us no vaxed. so it means you know and see feel things are not right and refuse to take part in it. only when YOUR needs dictated say for life essentials do you endure any of there quackery. otherwise you watch learn and avoid as necessary. forewarned is forearmed and all that. hope that clears it bro
  12. the term fringe dweller comes to mind , i am a fringe dweller and glad i am, to be a fringe dweller you see and participate in it but are not part of it. one foot on the earth the other in another space so to speak
  13. yet again robinj perfect description , our tasks have NOT been set yet, we have to wait till the people our brothers and sisters are ready and willing to accept what we have to say and they will. almost everyone on here and other like-minded forums and other walks of life will come together,this is why the rush from TPB they know this and it will start as a little thing and expand greatly. yes many will be lost the price we pay for false trust and gullibility. you have your head well straight on your shoulders, bluesky also guardian bro if you can accept your anger you too will be much stronger. anger arises from a loss perceived or an actual thing. so to play devils advocate here what have you lost if its all not real an illusion? its the ego its always wining bitching complaining, you give it what it wants and next thing you know its at it again over and over no end to it. here is how i put my ego in check i fast minimum 3 days water only, amazing how the more you fast the quieter the ego becomes. now the moment of truth in the stillness shall ye know me, quieten your mind and let it be alright with you then you will know that i walk with you. key here is to go within yourself, everything on the outside is DRAMA Shakespeare said THE WHOLE WORLD IS A STAGE. indeed it is. i honestly value what you say guardian and i have so many similarities in life as you. find your peace brother and then you will be a formidable opponent, if you go into battle enraged you will lose, its the clear mind that will win. peace to all excellent thread and i am for one enjoying the different viewpoints
  14. its not my idea tbh it was what my late teacher taught us to do, go check out his website if your interested www.stuartwilde.com loads of very good stuff on there. now if you think about it they wish to instill FEAR, so you show love and blow it at them they cant get what they want to feed off your energy. hence they know now youve got a handle on them and leave you be.
  15. and that is it in a nut shell gentle observation and acceptance, without the influance of mind or ego
  16. do you know what bro Ive just been reading some of your posts on other threads, and can honestly say i understand you a lot very similar life experience to boot, like i don't know some kind of connection how amazing you see this female entity how amazing you see the shadow people know things without being told see the astral lights etc its as if we are walking same path so to speak, keep plugging away bro oh don't try concentrate on things if you try to put your awareness on it you bring in mind, gentle observation is key. on the aya subject also to many likenesses return to innocence periodically plays in my mind quite frequent to be honest. i am going to stick my neck out here and say research the aya culture and shamans as aya is the female spirit of the jungle. and is the teacher of teachers. i feel yes feel there is something you may uncover in doing so, i honestly salute your tenacity and determination. As for aya why do you think the powers that be have banned it? DMT? the stuff you produce naturally when your born and die. and all there chemical shit kills the penal glands fluoride for one. there is nothing to fear from aya only yourself if that makes sense its a completely natural substance, but don't do it as the tourists do it adding what they call the light, only ever take the banistoperis caapi not the light using psychotria viridis, that's how the true shamans start off then many many journeys later they might if they wish use the light part. the healing and teacher is the vine banistoperis caapi. now if you can excuse my spelling mistakes i am exhausted. but please go gentle on yourself, i can generally feel you are a well natured person but beat yourself up a lot. now you do know DI did aya and he wasn't long after given his mission don't you? And as for the dark ones they cannot touch you if you go within bro, just blow love at them they get the hell away from you double pronto, its actually fun try it. just think of the most happiest moment you can embrace that and with all your being feel it smile and gently blow it towards them that's how you keep them away from you . i actually learnt that from my later teacher Stuart Wilde may you find your answers my friend and peace to you bro safe journeys.
  17. i learnt how to get out of my body as a child know things i should not of known feel presences. now the veil tumbled for me quite a few years back on a trip to Holland where i did full on ayahuasca, i saw many many things which i cannot translate to words, but to simplify it it was a very deep steep learning curve, i could see peoples feelings in their auras i could feel there emotions, i saw how we humans have become nothing more than automatic response units always feeding the ego it became to much taking everyone's feelings emotions i had to go outside. i went out in to nature and boy did the universe teach me how to become soft and gentle and then out of no where this tree bent its branch down towards me as i offered my hand up as soon as it touched an instant calm came upon me with the words not spoken telepathic be still and know me. at that moment all my suppressed emotions rose up and i had the most intense healing i was shown my errors and i cried like a CHILD uncontrollable sobbing. i could not stop but it was a cleansing of my soul. and no i was Not wiped out under the influence of aya at that moment. the best way i can describe some of it was if you saw the matrix where NEO had his realization moment after folding in on himself and then vomiting violently. that was pretty much a good analogy but for me no vomiting lol. i was shown how big i actually am and also how frigging insignificant small i am at the same time we are micro and macro at same time. what i endured that week was to resolve deep seated and rooted childhood pain, things i didn't even have a clue about. till i got back home and asked my older family members, one family member exclaimed to me when i revealed what i remembered Christ you where 15 months old how do you recall ALL the details down to the last. never did tell them how. now tbh i would not recommend that level of intensity, to anyone but i would do aya again as it was so liberating to my soul and i even after many months walking on air so to speak very light most of all a peaceful resolve and i know i have to do it again to help resolve more stuff but not going to be any time soon damn covid. hope this helps bro. now you know why i said above be as a child. i did return to innocence and if you listen to that song aya aya return to innocence.
  18. yes bro i know we or even walls are not solid, what i meant was i could not see through her and she entered into my reality as a whole solid form. i have seen through the veil many times since bro. but wont clog up the thread with that kind regards.
  19. sorry for the delay in replying but you will find what i was trying to say ROBINJ has answered, i kept it simple because you can over complicate thing with long drawn out statements bro. but if it helps i had a day after work probably about 15 year ago my life was in turmoil and shattered. i was catnapping on my bed but NOT asleep and i saw a woman actually pop her head out of the wall above me where my feet would of been, and her essence and radiance, beauty was remarkable it startled me and i found it a very peaceful experience tbh, she lay a calm over me and as quickly as she came she was gone. so yeah i know where your coming from as it left me with loads of questions, and also a level of self doubt, was my mind playing tricks kind of thing. but to be honest she was as solid as you or i, never did she her again. and i am male by the way, kind regards.
  20. i think something big will happen on 06-06-2022 =666 been on my mind for weeks. i agree they will do it, but when?
  21. hey my friend keep the chin up, i know your feelings well. you got a garden you got freedom others have not like myself. i take myself away from these situations get in my car with family and do our own thing by ourselves. plan out garden use it for YOUR own personal paradise. now for aches pains skin eruptions, are you by any chance using wheat stuff like breads etc.? as i tend to comfort eat if my mood drops which actually causes severe joint pain for myself. i would if you can check your eating habits it may help did with myself any way, and i am not advising you in any way, just i see a similar pattern in what you wrote in what i endured. much respect stay strong you are you and as unique as every blade of grass or every bird creature that enters your garden. nature heals take care
  22. bang on the nail robss perfect and imo correct, spiritual i am religion no not no more but i accept others beliefs they are walking there paths as we are walking ours, all paths lead to the same place
  23. may I suggest a weekly fast maybe in order, water distill it bro food grow as much as ya can. eat very little that has been through human hands
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