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  1. 7 hours ago, Orange Alert said:


    If you feel that you don't want to go near a doctor, that is your rightful decision.


    However, it would only require for a doctor to look inside your ears with an otoscope to see if there was something like impacted wax, which could be as you are a regular user of ear plugs. It is a standard, low tech, 10 second inspection.  And is the standard thing on the tinnitus checklist. 


    With some people, caffine, alcohol can increase tinnitus, if you are stressed out or not getting enough sleep are all things to consider or to discount.  It is all of a case of monitoring, as you say.




    i would totally agree with all that, and may i add if you can get hold of an EMF meter turn off all power around you and anything electrical phones etc test the area for frequencies are you still hearing it now if so test area if its EMF it will show up. i know that by me there turning frequencies up down and off, because i actually hear it as does my baby daughter

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  2. On 7/29/2020 at 5:09 PM, Seeker said:

    I think some of us lead lives which aren’t the same so your everyday person, maybe your upbringing or an event in your life made you begin to question things, and then you go down the rabbit hole. As for everyday people who live life fully locked in the matrix; get married, have kids, 9-5 job, watch tv etc, I think the only thing that can wake them up is vibrations/ frequencies or their intuition screaming at them to become curious and question things. The problem is is that so many people are so heavily brainwashed and dumbed down that they can’t recognise something is wrong even when it’s in their face, I’ve shown someone a video of bill gates saying he want some to reduce the worlds population with new vaccines, all the deliberate damage he caused with them, articles on how he funds geoengineering and all the problems with that, has shares in Monsanto and all the destruction their gmos cause etc. And they still think bill gates is a nice man about to save the world. When it’s right in front of their eyes, watching bill gates say he wants to basically kill us all and make us infertile, and they can’t figure out something isn’t right in all this, then do they have any hope? It’s breaking the conditioning and mind control that’s the big problem for people. TV is such a great mind control device because within 1 min of watching it, your brain waves change to alpha waves so you’re in a more suggestible state, that’s how millions of people can watch the news, and believe every single word of it without ever questioning it, because the brains being manipulated. Obviously with recent events more people are watching the news and getting programmed very deeply, I guess we can pray for them

    bro we hear you all to well, it will take sorry to say some more of the populace to be destroyed as that's how its supposed to happen. before a huge push back occurs.

    but they are inheriting some really bad destruction of there souls, every life that's forfeited. will be paid back in full.

    every human will have there day.

    there are some absolutely loathsome individuals dishing out all this. but they will rule for a time on this earth and there deeds will be paid back in the next. that i know.

    every time they pull a stunt they are exposing themselves more and more, tic toc tic toc, they know there's limited time left henceforth why there now becoming wreck-less.

    the great awaking will happen when human suffering has hit saturation point, and i honestly pray its sooner rather than later

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  3. On 7/29/2020 at 8:52 AM, 2020member said:

    If you don’t mind. Would you be able to expand on your ayahuasca experience? I ask because I’m extremely sensitive to any kind of intoxicant. If I have cannabis it’s enough to basically have me crawling on the floor crying out for god to save me. It’s a wormhole into how terrifyingly f*cked up this world is.  I’ve actually still not recovered from a cannabis hit I had two years ago. It physically moved me into a different reality. I lived through heaven, hell and everything in between from that joint. If I have ayahuasca I’m scared i’d never recover from that ‘high’. In your opinion do you think I would not benifit me? In that too much soul searching can be dangerous and cause irreparable damage. 

    HI sorry for the delay in answering you, i could not honestly advise you on ayahuasca as its not for everyone. tread carefully on this one. if a joint has done that to you, i would advise stay clear. it was my path i was lead into it, my experience was the hardest of my entire life as i faced myself and all my add ons and demons. but i also saw how literally mad we have become.

    how we are nothing more than ego driven automatic response units.

    i was allowed to see all this and the pain hurt we push on to others, i was allowed to see other peoples reactions feelings and there pain but i would of never of learnt otherwise.

    i was then shown with utter amazement how soft and gentle nature can be, and was enveloped in pure love the depth i have never experienced ever before or since.

    i was shown how small i was and how huge i was, and that every action thought or deed has an impact on the universe we except it or not.

    it was the most humbling experience Ive ever had, and there is no words to explain how you see every person as a fractal code all emanating pure light and how the strands interweave  with everyone we come in contact with hope Ive given you enough of an insight

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  4. 2 minutes ago, Jaquiby said:

    Thankyou, I just have to toughen up and take control of my thoughts. We are all going through this, I suppose it's how we handle it. Like my hubby said today, if I go into a shop and they don't let me in I'll tell them to f##k off, theyve lost my custom forever doesn't bother me. 

    yes indeed your hubby is right, do you accept aliveness even if there are no safe spaces, or do you chose to be dead in ignorance? rise above such things allow no-one to have control of your self thoughts body etc. YOU are YOU and always will be YOU, allow no person to desecrate that you are a spiritual being, in such time i find doing a meditation helps me shuts down all the outside distractions, and stills my own unruly thoughts and puts me into a total calm sense of being , i dont know if it will work for you but you may want to try. good luck

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  5. 6 minutes ago, Chef said:

    I knocked the caffeine on the head a few weeks ago it has helped.


    So many people left in the lurch right now.

    yes my friend so many millions thrown to the shredder of selfishness greed and dishonesty, but they have power now but there is a much bigger force that will pay back every deed they've done, i dont just believe that i actually know it. stay strong know you are doing the right thing, by not following the crowd. did not even the sages of time gone by say the same. 

  6. 8 minutes ago, Jaquiby said:

    Seen this topic on mental health, and thought I'd post what's going on with me. I'm well aware of what's going on, and what's to come. Been trying to keep my vibrations high, and ignore all the masked sheeple walking about. I know about frequency and vibrations and how they affect us, also known about staying present and looking inside ourselves, meditalon etc, but last couple of days I've been rock bottom, honestly didn't feel like I want to be on this planet anymore, just wanted to go and haven't got anything left in me to fight all the bullshit there throwing at us. I'm a loving person love being tactile and hugging people, I don't judge people because we are all different, but life is just ridiculous now, went to a hairdressers other day,  didn't wear mask because I have sinus complications she was very nice and respected that, but it was awful, no nice cup of coffee and biscuit or any magazines allowed to read because of the convirus, wrapped from neck to foot in a plastic sheet, no music allowed, I was stuck in a corner because I didn't have a mask, and the others, we're talking about how pretty their masks were and complimenting each other on the patterns. I've been very low and I know that's what they want, but it's really hard when your the odd one out trying to get through this. I was brought up as a Jehovers witness and got out as soon as could at 16, so I know about Armagedon,  the book of revelation etc, all I had growing up was doom and gloom, and then when my family left my father got into info wars I think that's Alex Jones,  he couldn't stop talking about fluoride in the water, chem trails,  and how the bas####ds are trying to kill us. So I thought knowing all this would make me stronger, but I've been on the bottom. I don't know if its because those things have gone up in my area lately, counted 9 in my town, ive had headaches and been feeling dizzy, ive now got tinnitus,  I'm 54 and never ever had it before, ive got shungite and emf protectors, but I've realised there's only so much we can do to protect ourselves. Had a big cry today, actually got a big cuddle off the hubby, not like him, think he's worried about me, ive lost a bit weight with the stress and not talking so much now, I think it's the talking that's got him worried, he usually tells me to shut up. Lol. But thanks everybody on here, I feel I have people that will understand. Xx

    indeed we do understand some more than you probably think. its a long hard road we chose to travel, because if it wasn't you would be swallowing the guff like the others around you.

    remember you are among like minded people here and its all of us in it together we are ALL EYES OPEN sorry to say the others are not. chin up sweet heart it will be okay.

  7. 5 minutes ago, Chef said:

    My mental health has plummeted the last few weeks.


    I've for the most part managed my anxiety and depression for the last 15 years since it bagan around 18yo. 


    Losing my contract I work over the summer has left me on universal credit which has meant coming up to 5 months of austerity and debts mounting up.


    The worst thing for me is that my wages for this summer were going to set me up in self employment and now I'm back in the financial pit I got myself out of last year. I wish I could say I gambled my money away or went on a massive bender but no a questionable virus put me back in my place. 


    I wish I could persuade my partner to drop out the system with me today, I think she will if they roll out mandatory vaccines.

    try keep your chin up bro, there are many others in same situation as you. this is what the PTB want, people in self turmoil and desperation.

    as for your depression i used to drink chamomile tea no coffee or tea and it calmed my moods quite well maybe try it. good luck my friend.

    just reach out if we may help you, at least your not on your own here dude 

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  8. well for me i sort of always knew things didn't tally realised this as a child, i have always been a fringe dweller so to speak, but more so now.

    what catapulted me head long was my fathers death, NHS misdiagnosed him. i  started a quest of serious seeking starting with religous material bible sacred texts kaballa you name it probably read it. on that path led to my now deceased teacher and DI then i got the courage and blew the doors off my mind i did 4 days of ayahuasca i learnt more in them 4 days than the whole of my life, and healed a very deep trauma. and that i thank my lucky stars for, so my aim is to be around like minded people hopefully help in some way and carry on my learning.


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  9. 16 hours ago, Storm in the garden said:


    For some reason I had forgotten about this thread, maybe because it's buried in 'General Chat' when it should really have it's own section?

    Anyways, on to your question...

    I had a look in my trusty "Practical Self Sufficiency" (a book I'd highly recommend that has some great ideas and tips) but at first glance it seems like there's little or nothing that can be sown in Autumn for Winter harvest. Most of the veg that we associate with winter like turnips, parsnips, brussels sprouts etc. seem to require sowing much earlier. Also, the "no sun" aspect of your garden wouldn't help either.


    However there's something else I'd consider as a possible alternative.....dehydrating?

    I'm just after getting a decent dehydrator and I plan to use it to preserve any excess I might hopefully have in Autumn. They're not mad expensive to buy (£230 for a ten tray) and cheap to run, and any excess fruit or veg you may have can be dehydrated for use over winter. Even if you don't have excess to preserve, you could buy fruit/veg while it's plentiful?


    Because I had forgotten about this thread I re-read practically the whole thing and there were some things I had missed first time around. I think it was Brad the Lad who posted a great video that shows how to vacuum seal by simply using a bucket of water. Dehydrated vacuum sealed bags of fruit/veg would be easy to store, take up little space and can be easily rehydrated. I know it doesn't really answer your question but that's the route I'll be taking.

    actually STORM that is of its self a bloody good strategy and extremely viable thank you

  10. On 7/11/2020 at 2:13 PM, chocomel said:


    OK, this was rather negative aspect of the situation BUT one needs to realise that you have everything in your hand to change this circumstance which doesn't cost anything.

    You have helpers waiting your instruction but you need to perk them up as well. The problem is.....people are sleep that they don't recognise there is a door that can be opened. There are so much you can do which hasn't been talked about in the forum at all.

    hi @chocomel i have been thinking pretty much along the same lines as you, i do feel there should be a thread were others on here can help others along there spiritual path.

    I see so many people on here whos knowledge has me totally bowled over, if all this could be put together and each contribute to it with stuff that works not new age crud.

    i feel we could help open more minds and raise the vibration just a thought bro 

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  11. 3 hours ago, Fluke said:

    Not into the whole chemtrails theory but today there seems to be lots and the sky looks bizarre. 


    Curious I had a dream last night that I was sitting in the garden and 6 planes flew past with black "exhaust" and it landed me. Like dirt. 


    Could be the phsychic energy from the forced wearing of masks, there was thunder in some parts of the UK last night.



    bro i have a theory on this kind of on going crap in the skies, This is how i believe they have mass medicated the general population into compliance. this is how they also distribute anything they want the population to encounter example measles respiratory infections and the like. as far as i know and i aint no expert either ALL EUROPE AND USA get hit with this stuff , i think AUS to but last i heard middle east and RUSSIA do not and if that still holds true then its part of the agenda of wiping out most of the WHITE populations around the world.

    It seems to me they want Europe USA AUS clear of people or decimated any how to a level they can easily control. 

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  12. 29 minutes ago, GarethIcke said:

    I have been talking to Dwayne today, and we've decided the best course of action is that we run the two side by side. We will spend tomorrow updating and reopening this particular forum, and it will be run by the current moderators. I will be a silent admin, as for me to walk away, take my dads name off the forum and move servers etc, is a complete data protection horror show. We couldn't just hand over everyone details and so we'd basically just be binning off the forum. While I was a tad cheesed off last night, that would be a complete dick move and I'm not willing to do that. 


    So this will go back to normal but with updates, and I will simply have a foot in the door should it be required. 


    Once the new social is glitch and bug free, we'll open that along side it and hopefully they'll work in unison. We don't spend all night in the same pub after all. 


    No emails and automatic move to the social will happen. It will just be there if people want to use it. I'll let folks know when that is. 


    People should absolutely join different forums, and set up ones of their own though. I stand by that. More the merrier. 


    Anyway, we'll have this back open to new members and everything by end of play tomorrow. I just want to be sat at the same desk going over everything so it's not just a phone conversation. 


    As for the original DIF. We have it and it is on a server. We know which one, but believe it or not, we've not had access to it. I've never been in a position of management or organisation before recently, and things were run in a crazy way at times. I was always reliant on hassling someone else to do something so I could report back, which is where the perception of ignorance has come from. That isn't how it will be from now on in, so touch wood, everything can run a tad more smoothly from now on. 


    Not fishing for any form of sympathy, but we are a small team, that covers all the different aspects of what my Dad does, and in the last few months, we've been deleted by facebook, YouTube, mail chimp (whole email database deleted by them), Paypal, Vimeo (both Dads and Ickonic), Waterstones, and our two book fulfilment warehouses have refused to continue to stock our books and have given us a months notice to clear out stock. Then there is the hack of the forum, and the week long massive DDOS attacks on both David Icke.com and Ickonic. 


    These are crazy times and with us trying to fix all these issues, the forum fell into the cracks at times. 

    Hi Gareth, i for one find what you have decided on brilliant and i feel this whole sorry episode can be laid to rest now THANK YOU hat-tip bro.

    i feel its the way forward for this forum takes all the pressure off yourself, and leaves you the time hopefully to do what you need to do.

    We have a good balanced MOD team here and i am sure they will keep this forum within the realms of what it was intended to do.

    yes we are aware of the pressures you've been under only to well and understand its been a total nightmare.

    since the hack on here devastated the whole community, there has been utter disbelief everything has gone, which has led to a lot of discontent and understandable frustrations.

    i have not been around as long as some on here and i was gutted, so i really do understand there frustrations, and for that matter yours also.

    in my mind its time for ALL of us to pull together and get this back up the way it was but better, what has been lost is our own identity of who and what we stand for no need to let the ptb divide and conquer, they have the battle we will win the war.

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  13. 19 minutes ago, GarethIcke said:

    We've brought in a new pair of webmasters, on staff rather than paying outside companies. They've completely rebuilt everything so it's all integrated together. Thats the main site, ickonic, the shop, and the forum. 


    The social aspect was a webmasters idea and he has spent a while building it. We were hoping that we could build up a community aswell as a forum for debate. We get tonnes of emails daily from people that feel alone and disconnected from friends and family when it comes to their views. They avoid posting on FB about their beliefs as it comes back and they get abused for it etc. They ask if there is a community that we know of. Hence trying to set up something that would assist that. 


    Unfortunately in the list of things, the forum isn't at the top so when major issues have come up with the site, or ickonic, the forum gets knocked down the list. That's not ideal, and its frustrating for me too, as I'm hassling to get stuff done, and then I get shirty posts and shirty emails about things not being fixed on time. 


    A few have messaged and commented about them not wanting the new social aspect and I have sent all of them across to the webmaster. 


    My Dad wanted to keep the forum as a free place that people can interact and share ideas, but obviously he is insanely busy and so isn't involved hands on. I saw a comment saying we wanted to move everything behind a paywall. That's absolutely not true and the forum will, as always, be completely free. 


    There were a lot of bugs in the new forum and they are being fixed. I got access to the forum at exactly the same time as the other mods, so I was also going in blind. I would have liked a while to go through it myself but it has dragged on so much that I was desperate to get it sorted. 


    I understand that some people won't like the new set up and I understand that they might want to set up their own forum. I would absolutely encourage them to do that. The more places with people talking about what's happening, the better. 


    I am genuinely sorry that it's taken as long as it has. I have been hassling and prodding for weeks, but we're a small team and everything has multiple jobs, which is why I started work at 6 am and am still here at 10pm. I have spoken to the webmaster today and will be getting an update first thing. 


    We'll keep both forums running along side each other, and if people would prefer, we could simply let people sign up if they wish, and not have them set up automatically. 

    hi Gareth, could you not take the pressure off yourself and allow the current MODS here to fix this forum and run it were they can back it up and deal with any glitches, problems as they arise. NO-ONE here wants any of this to go pear-shaped. We all owe a lot to your dad for our awaking and feel this is the least we could do to keep all integrity and at least honour our teacher so to speak. It would free up your time and resources, and the MODS here know everyone and have a hands on approach for the greater good for ALL parties

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  14. 58 minutes ago, ink said:


    Because during 10 hours of discussion, I am sure that 'case' knew the way I felt!

    I am posting because as 'Eve' has said .... I do get 'some' contact back from Gareth.


    Not enough by any consideration though .... you need an admin who is active on a forum.


    So .... Currently Gareth intends to go ahead with the move on Monday.

    I hope you like facebook?

    I am also posting as .... if this forum is to end on Monday .... I will not be posting on the 'new facebook'. I never have had social media accounts and I do not want one.

    I definitely do not wish to be given no option to join or not.

    I know what the new site software is and the plugins being used.

    It is not a forum .... it is facebook social media first and incorporates a forum.

    I only want a forum .... I don't need any 'followers' and I don't 'follow' anyone.


    Some may 'like' it .... I think many will say .... wtf!


    I have expressed my concerns to Gareth .... but have had no reply yet.


    I have asked for this forum NOT to be closed and the posts not moved to the 'facebook' .... If people wish to join the new site, then they can have that option.

    I have asked that this current forum is correctly defined with sections (thus the threads can be moved accordingly) and that it is backed up every day.


    *** I did type a lot more and then this shit fucking lost it all :(


    Look .... If you 'like' facebook, then you will be happy with the new site .... if like me you just want a forum to discuss concepts, ideas and events .... then you won't!


    INK bro thank you for that, i am of the same opinion no frigging way i will have ANYTHING to do with facebook tracebook definately not. if that happens i will NOT be staying around. thats the facist enemy right there at the door now we join them sorry not this dude

  15. 1 minute ago, Tinfoil Hat said:


    If ever there was provocation deserving of police action...not brutality, but throw the little punks in jail,and no need to be overly gentle about it. 

    my thoughts its about time the ARMY  deposed of this government they've proved incompetent and install martial law, before it transcends into civil war. enough is enough but this is what they are wanting mass violence. looking at a site a user on here posted up other day UK population 66 million in less than 4 AND HALF YEARS 15 MILLION, USA 310 MILLION DOWN BELOW 100 MILL. 

    how are they going to achieve that? its game on folks fight or flight, they were not lying calling it a war, a war on US all.

  16. On 6/4/2020 at 5:28 PM, kj35 said:


    if you have time search out statues by omd dedicated to Ian Curtis both bands where on the Factory label, and the untimely death left a big impact on omd very moving song 

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  17. 3 hours ago, Grumpy Owl said:

    This is all starting to sound strangely familiar:


    Reading park stabbings: What we know so far

    Three people are dead and at least three others have been injured after stabbings in a park in Reading.

    Police have said they are treating the attack as a "terrorist incident".

    What happened?

    Police were called to Forbury Gardens at about 19:00 BST following reports that a number of people had been stabbed.

    Thames Valley Police said a suspect was apprehended and arrested within five minutes of the call.

    That man is now known to be Khairi Saadallah, who remains in custody.

    There are reports that a police officer "rugby tackled" the suspect to the ground, according to the Sunday Mirror.

    The head of counter terrorism policing, Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, thanked "unarmed and incredibly brave" officers for detaining the suspect.

    He added that the attack was unrelated to a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest held hours earlier in the park, and that members of the public had provided emergency first aid to victims in the immediate aftermath.


    From: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53124359


    It is interesting to note that the 'suspect' was apprehended almost immediately, yet hours later officers raided a block of flats. What was the 'bang' heard at 00:30 after the officers gained entry to the apartment? And whose apartment was it? What exactly were they looking for?


    Here's a giveaway:


    So they've got "their man" now, now the narrative can start to be formed.


    And here's another giveaway, this time from PM Boris Johnson, and once again so predictable:


    Whenever I hear the phrase "lessons to be learned" I can't help but feel like its a brush off, as lessons never seem to be learned as the same things keep happening over and over again.


    It's almost like a brush off, all they're interested in is are "changes to be made", the opportunity to further the 'agenda'.




    ooh there that 33 again 3 dead 3 injured what?

  18. 21 hours ago, Ziggy Sawdust said:


    Out  of likes.

    Surely not another FF?

    to be honest bro looking at photos from the Metro article. full grained? photographer needs sacking how can they claim to be professional? unless they have deliberately made them noisy. then question would be why? is it they are hiding something, photoshop maybe? i take photos and i reassure you,  you do not make that error being grainy unless it very low light, ie concert hall. but these dudes have the best of the best equipment wise, so i call bullshit on them pics something is a miss here for sure.

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  19. 50 minutes ago, Tinfoil Hat said:


    The more I see these days, the more sure I am that we are not all the same under the skin. There are too many who are quick to inflict acts of cruelty. They must not have empathy, and I'm not even convinced everyone has a soul.

    do you know what? there is both good and evil all around be it black white yellow brown red skins, religion creed sexism. but i know most definitely MOST people are genuinely good at heart. now the younger generation have had there head mind twisted by the powers that be and its showing, even the older generation with this fake virus. i know growing up i had an axe to grind and was a very violent individual, cos that was the norm dog eat dog on the street. does that make me soulless because i figured it wrong way back, and changed my whole outlook, and try as much as i can to actually make a difference to peoples lives.

    that is  why i became a youth worker to help the younger people to NOT follow the wrongful path i chose as well as my so called friends. it was the area i got raised in that was the norm, if you were weak you were crushed.and NO i am not an  apologist. people know inherently right from wrong. just take some of the younger ones time to GROW up and mature and know what there doing is wrong. ffs we ALL make mistakes. and do we not learn from mistakes?

    Its up to us to help those who are in err not give up on them, you will find its the egg on culture they live in or if you like peer pressure to act and perform the way they do.

    All handed to them from the ptb they do not understand there being played. wait till they figure it out, trust me it will go right back up in the face of those that played them.

    And that is my heart felt honesty. kindest regards

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