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  1. i would totally agree with all that, and may i add if you can get hold of an EMF meter turn off all power around you and anything electrical phones etc test the area for frequencies are you still hearing it now if so test area if its EMF it will show up. i know that by me there turning frequencies up down and off, because i actually hear it as does my baby daughter
  2. bro we hear you all to well, it will take sorry to say some more of the populace to be destroyed as that's how its supposed to happen. before a huge push back occurs. but they are inheriting some really bad destruction of there souls, every life that's forfeited. will be paid back in full. every human will have there day. there are some absolutely loathsome individuals dishing out all this. but they will rule for a time on this earth and there deeds will be paid back in the next. that i know. every time they pull a stunt they are exposing themselves more and more, tic toc tic toc, they know there's limited time left henceforth why there now becoming wreck-less. the great awaking will happen when human suffering has hit saturation point, and i honestly pray its sooner rather than later
  3. HI sorry for the delay in answering you, i could not honestly advise you on ayahuasca as its not for everyone. tread carefully on this one. if a joint has done that to you, i would advise stay clear. it was my path i was lead into it, my experience was the hardest of my entire life as i faced myself and all my add ons and demons. but i also saw how literally mad we have become. how we are nothing more than ego driven automatic response units. i was allowed to see all this and the pain hurt we push on to others, i was allowed to see other peoples reactions feelings and there pain but i would of never of learnt otherwise. i was then shown with utter amazement how soft and gentle nature can be, and was enveloped in pure love the depth i have never experienced ever before or since. i was shown how small i was and how huge i was, and that every action thought or deed has an impact on the universe we except it or not. it was the most humbling experience Ive ever had, and there is no words to explain how you see every person as a fractal code all emanating pure light and how the strands interweave with everyone we come in contact with hope Ive given you enough of an insight
  4. yes indeed your hubby is right, do you accept aliveness even if there are no safe spaces, or do you chose to be dead in ignorance? rise above such things allow no-one to have control of your self thoughts body etc. YOU are YOU and always will be YOU, allow no person to desecrate that you are a spiritual being, in such time i find doing a meditation helps me shuts down all the outside distractions, and stills my own unruly thoughts and puts me into a total calm sense of being , i dont know if it will work for you but you may want to try. good luck
  5. yeah doing the occult shit, making people aware of it which they need to do, but discredit it so people think were lunatics pmpl gets tedious and predictable
  6. yes my friend so many millions thrown to the shredder of selfishness greed and dishonesty, but they have power now but there is a much bigger force that will pay back every deed they've done, i dont just believe that i actually know it. stay strong know you are doing the right thing, by not following the crowd. did not even the sages of time gone by say the same.
  7. indeed we do understand some more than you probably think. its a long hard road we chose to travel, because if it wasn't you would be swallowing the guff like the others around you. remember you are among like minded people here and its all of us in it together we are ALL EYES OPEN sorry to say the others are not. chin up sweet heart it will be okay.
  8. try keep your chin up bro, there are many others in same situation as you. this is what the PTB want, people in self turmoil and desperation. as for your depression i used to drink chamomile tea no coffee or tea and it calmed my moods quite well maybe try it. good luck my friend. just reach out if we may help you, at least your not on your own here dude
  9. well for me i sort of always knew things didn't tally realised this as a child, i have always been a fringe dweller so to speak, but more so now. what catapulted me head long was my fathers death, NHS misdiagnosed him. i started a quest of serious seeking starting with religous material bible sacred texts kaballa you name it probably read it. on that path led to my now deceased teacher and DI then i got the courage and blew the doors off my mind i did 4 days of ayahuasca i learnt more in them 4 days than the whole of my life, and healed a very deep trauma. and that i thank my lucky stars for, so my aim is to be around like minded people hopefully help in some way and carry on my learning.
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    actually STORM that is of its self a bloody good strategy and extremely viable thank you
  11. karmaxxxx


    hi @chocomel i have been thinking pretty much along the same lines as you, i do feel there should be a thread were others on here can help others along there spiritual path. I see so many people on here whos knowledge has me totally bowled over, if all this could be put together and each contribute to it with stuff that works not new age crud. i feel we could help open more minds and raise the vibration just a thought bro
  12. bro i have a theory on this kind of on going crap in the skies, This is how i believe they have mass medicated the general population into compliance. this is how they also distribute anything they want the population to encounter example measles respiratory infections and the like. as far as i know and i aint no expert either ALL EUROPE AND USA get hit with this stuff , i think AUS to but last i heard middle east and RUSSIA do not and if that still holds true then its part of the agenda of wiping out most of the WHITE populations around the world. It seems to me they want Europe USA AUS clear of people or decimated any how to a level they can easily control.
  13. Hi Gareth, i for one find what you have decided on brilliant and i feel this whole sorry episode can be laid to rest now THANK YOU hat-tip bro. i feel its the way forward for this forum takes all the pressure off yourself, and leaves you the time hopefully to do what you need to do. We have a good balanced MOD team here and i am sure they will keep this forum within the realms of what it was intended to do. yes we are aware of the pressures you've been under only to well and understand its been a total nightmare. since the hack on here devastated the whole community, there has been utter disbelief everything has gone, which has led to a lot of discontent and understandable frustrations. i have not been around as long as some on here and i was gutted, so i really do understand there frustrations, and for that matter yours also. in my mind its time for ALL of us to pull together and get this back up the way it was but better, what has been lost is our own identity of who and what we stand for no need to let the ptb divide and conquer, they have the battle we will win the war.
  14. hi Gareth, could you not take the pressure off yourself and allow the current MODS here to fix this forum and run it were they can back it up and deal with any glitches, problems as they arise. NO-ONE here wants any of this to go pear-shaped. We all owe a lot to your dad for our awaking and feel this is the least we could do to keep all integrity and at least honour our teacher so to speak. It would free up your time and resources, and the MODS here know everyone and have a hands on approach for the greater good for ALL parties
  15. @ink could you please delete my profile completely i want no part of this new forum. i thank everybody here for ALL your hard work and perseverence and wish each and everyone of you well. take care all
  16. INK bro thank you for that, i am of the same opinion no frigging way i will have ANYTHING to do with facebook tracebook definately not. if that happens i will NOT be staying around. thats the facist enemy right there at the door now we join them sorry not this dude
  17. ooh the ducks could represent one third going down, possibly humanity?
  18. well i have a few PDFs but unfortunately cant load sorry ?
  19. my thoughts its about time the ARMY deposed of this government they've proved incompetent and install martial law, before it transcends into civil war. enough is enough but this is what they are wanting mass violence. looking at a site a user on here posted up other day UK population 66 million in less than 4 AND HALF YEARS 15 MILLION, USA 310 MILLION DOWN BELOW 100 MILL. how are they going to achieve that? its game on folks fight or flight, they were not lying calling it a war, a war on US all.
  20. if you have time search out statues by omd dedicated to Ian Curtis both bands where on the Factory label, and the untimely death left a big impact on omd very moving song
  21. to be honest bro looking at photos from the Metro article. full grained? photographer needs sacking how can they claim to be professional? unless they have deliberately made them noisy. then question would be why? is it they are hiding something, photoshop maybe? i take photos and i reassure you, you do not make that error being grainy unless it very low light, ie concert hall. but these dudes have the best of the best equipment wise, so i call bullshit on them pics something is a miss here for sure.
  22. do you know what? there is both good and evil all around be it black white yellow brown red skins, religion creed sexism. but i know most definitely MOST people are genuinely good at heart. now the younger generation have had there head mind twisted by the powers that be and its showing, even the older generation with this fake virus. i know growing up i had an axe to grind and was a very violent individual, cos that was the norm dog eat dog on the street. does that make me soulless because i figured it wrong way back, and changed my whole outlook, and try as much as i can to actually make a difference to peoples lives. that is why i became a youth worker to help the younger people to NOT follow the wrongful path i chose as well as my so called friends. it was the area i got raised in that was the norm, if you were weak you were crushed.and NO i am not an apologist. people know inherently right from wrong. just take some of the younger ones time to GROW up and mature and know what there doing is wrong. ffs we ALL make mistakes. and do we not learn from mistakes? Its up to us to help those who are in err not give up on them, you will find its the egg on culture they live in or if you like peer pressure to act and perform the way they do. All handed to them from the ptb they do not understand there being played. wait till they figure it out, trust me it will go right back up in the face of those that played them. And that is my heart felt honesty. kindest regards
  23. we all bleed the same blood, we all need the same love. we are universal
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