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  1. no I think its called an inquiring mind. and is perfectly normal. just some of us need more information than others. I am the same have to settle it in my mind before I can move on. and in every walk of life on the internet there are trouble makers liars cheats thieves good kind respectful also I always keep that in mind then no surprises. I will only give 1 reply when I feel its negative and don't carryon the debate conversation. I always be respectful and never ever allow myself to get caught up in the drama. now I have noticed people have changed no patience cold and calculative almost as if the ego has run rampant. the ME MYSELF AND I syndrome. and it started at the beginning of this pandemic and has spread greatly. greed hatred virtue signaling etc. has run rampant, you only got to see the price scalping going on to see all this. everyone is ripping everybody off eBay amazon multinational companies now the little players are at it, they feel invincible and can do as they like. loads of sergeant major types like to tell people what to do but very rarely respectful.
  2. bro that's exactly what they are trying to achieve , country after country will turn nationalistic the right wing will rise brother against brother nation against nation, and death will follow its course. but then again it is written in biblical texts. I'm just waiting for the Vatican to fall along with Israel being attacked, that's when the whole world will realize its been conned not good for anyone tbh
  3. ffs mate that looks like a squidy from the matrix that was a metal thing, i just said that to my lady and within a minute that dr guy said same thing. question what will activate this? 5g maybe .
  4. you can get specialist paint so its specially formulated I believe, you use it on the bear materials and obviously cover it with you chosen decoration so either paint over with your desired colour or paper over etc. cant leave any gaps anywhere or signal will enter. but yes you are right lead is an obnoxious substance. so if you use it cover it up. take care
  5. dude if you try give up tea for just 24 hours after drinking it habitually for years guess what? you will get full on withdrawal symptoms and I do mean very uncomfortable your head will pound the fuck out badly to move it will cause a feeling of a really severe hangover. how do I know this cos I did it with my lady and that's exactly what happened to us. once the first days over you are clear headed and alert. and yeah me too 20+ cuppers a day with probably 2-3 coffees in between. and tbh I do tend to jack it for a bit then sink into a cuppa . but you do know also mixing milk or cream with tea or coffee is very very bad for the human system. this was brought up by Edgar Casey he told everyone never add milk cream to tea or coffee. best wishes bro
  6. use lead paint on all your floors ceilings walls and screen your windows etc costs a rocket, bet after you do that your phone or nowt else works. could also go commando buy a old shipping container convert to accommodate your living space now am not sure if that will work but have a good inkling it will. can I ask on the material and spacing of the faraday you used? did you use copper? was it fine meshed the tighter the mesh the more it screens out. as for your phone wrap it in 3 layers of tin foil should not receive anything lol
  7. agent smiths of the matrix mate
  8. agreed so then also take @Macnamara points on board as he in his right points out the pitfalls, balance definitely the key. the Dao teaches this does it not? perpetual balance with nature. as you point out your stance, yet I am in-between you both and can see both side of this. does not make any of us correct or does it make us all correct?
  9. yes but its also foolhardy to ignore danger signs but again suffering teaches compassion
  10. I quite agree, if people also drop their egos/ personas and just actually be themselves no add ons no competiveness just accept everyone as they are warts and all. because how I see it none of us have the right over another ever/ don't matter creed colour sex religion age its all derisive bullshit from through the ages. truth be known there are no boundaries or country lines that's a man made construct. the universe put us here and sure as hell didn't make any of the you live there and your above them and etc. etc. that's man with an over inflated ego running wild. so yes do know harm be it actual or deed thought. we have been programmed from generation to generation to be like this constant divide and conquer techniques. rather than the most fundamental principle gentle acceptance.
  11. for all your needs try here bro https://www.thespiceworks.co.uk/ free delivery to boot hope this helps anyone source products kind regards
  12. reminds me of an apt record by dead or alive called you spin me right round
  13. is it also not said blessed are they that lay down their lives to save another i will put this up as it gives me strength, hope it helps others also
  14. I watched and watched again when some of you raised doubts on the authenticity of this video, I noticed the black ruck sacks remember London bombings and Boston bombings same ruck sacks I can see. but what struck me more these are supposed to be para militaries get the fuck they would of gone through plod no problems, plus they all march on a block of flats not the real target yeah as yeah do, this was a propaganda story nothing more showing the anti-vaxed as dangerous, sorry pro-life as dangerous. sorry I call psy-ops. am i imagining things or is there a guy orchestrating events from front middle of crowd seems it to me just my tuppence worth
  15. tbh I love the thought of this a great idea , but to be honest how are they going to achieve it? all the gateways the phones satellite's cables are owned by the tptb. they shut down you aint connecting. I honestly feel you would have more chance of communication with CB radio or Ham radio, but then they could use frequency blockers and stop that too. I honestly need to see proof of concept before I could believe this, though I do wish they could/ can it would be a fatal blow to the tptb kind regards
  16. https://twitter.com/laralogan/status/1424224793302388737/photo/1
  17. one thing the life has taught me, and even now is they always reverse everything. so how about this for a thought those that are vaxed end up getting royally screwed by a reversal of policy. you took the vax its turned out your deadly , sorry we got to lock the vaxed down and those that have not took it held onto there natural state are not. could happen you never know with these pyschos. any way know your doing right thing hold fire keep the chin up its a daily grind and you aint alone.
  18. nah m8 did ya not listen to the sex pistols
  19. you may or may not be right but am no chemist but I have found loads reputing this and obviously the usual's saying you cant. https://www.nutritruth.org/single-post/home-recipe-for-hydroxychloroquine-hcq https://ourgreaterdestiny.org/2020/08/home-recipe-for-hydroxychloroquine-hcq/ this was a quick search with duck duck saying its true. next time I am on nexus I will ask there if its true or not loads of lab people on there. i found it on bitchute and added it will check into this a little deeper kind regards
  20. @DaleP I would seriously NOT recommend that you will make yourself very poorly, this was a thing many years ago and I followed a very fit healthy guy who under took this in his quest, his name was Steve pavolina. and he warned about how it made him feel. hydrogen peroxide in a bath yes to consume NO if you have a hot bath with hydrogen peroxide one cup off add Epsom salts 2 cups of stay in bath for at least 30 mins all doors windows shut you will naturally inhale the hydrogen and at same time the Epsom salts with pull out any toxins from your largest organ the skin. repeat every day for as long as you feel the need, use full strength hydrogen and medical grade to boot. do a liver and kidney cleanse search out DR Hula Clarke. then you have detoxed 3 organs which do your bodies filtration . as for the rest of the body I am in unknown territory as its not a phenomena any of us have encountered I am sure some kind of chelation would assist . or you could actually put hydrogen peroxided into hot water towel over your head and breathe vapor's that way but please do not try ingest bro kind regards
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